Rath of the Devil

Zoe prov

We were playing snap in playroom when in human form (Mrs Abbolt) came through the door with her sickly smile,

"What did you do today little girlies?" the devil said in sheep's clothing

"We did a.. um… painting… in sci..art" Selena stuttered looking at Me

"What did you paint?" She said leaning closer

"A.. um… you know.. pink and purple spotty…..uhh…flowers" Selena continued to Stutter

"Pink and purple spotty flowers don't exist!" She screeched

"They do exist in Romania" selena said finishing quickly just as the doorbell rang,

"I'll come back to the mad world of pink and purple spotty flowers after I see what the person at the door would like".

I heard a voice I know only too well the voice of an angry Headmaster,

"I'm the Headmaster of Spring valley High come to talk about Selena, and Zoe's behaviour in detention."

I looked at the door, then at Selena, then finally at the window in The Old Langue I whisper to selena

"Go, Jump, Run!" at the same time as she said

"Window looks like our best option".

We both used our powers and leaped at the window hitting the ground at bone braking sped in seconds we had ran in to the wood, when we heard to Voice,

"Selena, Zoe gets your fucking ass in here now!"

The Woods

Normal POV

Zoe and Selena ran around tree trunks and branches to get away from the voices

"Come with me little girls" in that sweet malicious tone you get from disguised baddies in films and fairy tales.

Darren soon caught up to them when selena tripped on her high heels why did I have to wear 5-inch heels today she thought to herself.

* "Hurry, friend, hurry I sense a presence"* Zoe urged her in Spanish, she had no idea why she called the bloodsucker friend but she liked saying that word to someone who was not pack.

However, it was a wasted effort Zoe's warning was too late Darren came up behind them and caught them in a net of wood and silver. They were trapped like a fish out of water and there was nothing they could do.

Cherub Van

They were suddenly woken up by the sound of a starting engine and they knew they were going somewhere.

"Woken up I see" said Darren.

*"Oh it's you"* said Zoe in Spanish disgusted

*"Oh yes it is me"* He replied in Spanish then began again "and I am not kidnapping you although it looks like it we are going to a place that you two belong in and place for special people", he continued in English.

"Hey, I'm not a retard" said Selena annoyed

"Not, that kind of special" replied Darren "a good special the original meaning of special".

"I thought retard was the original meaning of special" stated Selena

"No gifted is the original meaning of special" said Darren "here we are at cherub".