-Tenma's POV-

"So, umm, how long exactly is Tsurugi's punishment?" I asked captain and he looked really angry all of a sudden. "When he learns his lesson so I'd say until his graduation or when he leaves this place…whichever comes first."

I sighed guiltily as I remembered my role in the whole thing. I felt really bad that Tsurugi took the fall for me instead of ratting me out. That's actually why I'm doing this in the first place! I want to help out Tsurugi as much as possible for what he did for me when I lost my memories! He won't let me tell anyone so this is the best I can do for him!

"You don't have to stay and help him." Shindou said as he was leaving. "You've just gotten your memories back so you need to rest."

"It's all right!" I said and Shindou sighed. "Fine. You're way too kind, Tenma. UNLIKE A CERTAIN SOMEONE."

"Get over it! You're acting like a baby and the crying is already annoying enough!" Tsurugi yelled. I sighed. Why can't they get along…?

"Excuse me!" Shindou snapped.

"I said, YOU'RE ACTING LIKE A BABY, BABY! Or are you deaf too?" Tsurugi sneered. Shindou was about to snap back when Kirino stopped him but he looked really, really angry. "I don't know how you stand him, Tenma."

They left but I wish I could tell them that it was partly my fault. Tsurugi wasn't so bad. I don't understand why he won't let me tell anyone the things he did for me like that time when let me sleep in his bed.

I was about to go back in when I spotted a cute little thing but it scurried off. "Oh wait! Come back!"

-Tsurugi's POV-

"Finally!" I sighed, having finally packed everything away. "Tenma, I'm leaving now." Normally he would reply back but there was no answer. "Tenma! Answer me!"

But there was only dead silence in the air. I looked around but he wasn't inside and when I checked out the field, it was empty. "Tenma! Tenma! This isn't funny!" I yelled as I recalled all the mayhem that child caused with his recurring habit of 'disappearing'.

I ran around until I ran to the back of the school where I finally found him, playing on the grass. "There you are!" I said as I walked over to him. "How many times have I told to not leave without telling someone! Don't keep scaring me like that!" I said as I pulled him up and firmly gripped his hands to keep him from wandering off…again!

"I swear, you need to start acting your age!"

"Um, Tsurugi…?"

"Is it so much to ask you to stay put? I mean, come on!"


"I can't keep my eye away from you for a second, can I?"


"What?" I finally snapped in annoyance to his constant interruption during my lecture. "It's just, I can see perfectly fine now. You don't have to hold my hand anymore."

I stopped and looked between us. Indeed, he was right. We were holding hands. Once I realized what I was doing I yelled and pushed him away, with my face red in embarrassment, I'm sure. I looked away, hoping that if it was he wouldn't see when I heard a sniffle. I turned to see Tenma who seems to have misunderstood my actions. "…Tsurugi?" he asked, confused and slightly hurt. Damn it! Why me?! All right, THINK!

"There was a bug." I said, not knowing where this was going. "I saw it on my hand. It's gone now."

Surprisingly, he bought it. "Really?" Tenma said, happy once more. "I didn't know you hated bugs!"

"Uh, yeah." I shrugged. "Come on. Let's just go back and cle-

"You're so gullible!" a voice behind us snickered and my body stiffened. Out of everyone…why him?

-Kariya's POV-

"I don't remember seeing any bug." I said. This was just too good to let go! I was just walking around when I heard Tsurugi ranting as usual. I just came to see if anything was up and there they were, holding hands like and old married couple and I nearly died when I saw Tsurugi panic over Tenma once he began tearing up. Luckily I managed to get a few shots and I know just what to do with them~

"What about you, Tenma? Did you see any bug?" I asked as I lung my arm around him to bring him closer so Tsurugi wouldn't try anything funny. I did my best to hold back a snicker once I saw him fuming. "Well, no but…"

"It was a tiny one." He angrily cut in. "And why are you here? Shouldn't you be at home or something?"

"So it's a crime to linger in school a bit longer?" I mused. "Come on? Was there a bug or not?"

"Hm…" Tenma fumbled. "Get outta here! We have work to do so-"

"I took a photo." I said as I brought my phone out and I saw his face snap from angry to murderous. "I keep looking at it but there's no bug!"

"BECAUSE IT WAS SMALL!" Tsurugi said, slightly red with embarrassment as Tenma flinched back. "Tenma! Get that phone!"

Tenma looked back and forth, confused but he tried for my phone but I stepped back with a chuckle and Tenma gasped a little. "Oh, be careful! Don't step on it!"

"Huh?" I asked. "Step on-Gyaaaaaah!"

-Hikaru's POV-

"Hikariiii-!" I called. I was looking around for her when I heard a scream. I ran to follow and I Kariya jumping and turning and yelling a bunch of things while Tenma seemed to be trying to calm him down and Tsurugi…he was just smiling with his phone on.

"Don't, Kariya! Stop moving! Ah!" Tenma bent down and picked something up. "Calm down! Look! See, he's off!"

I recognized who it was immediately and ran happily towars them in relief. "There you are, Hikari!"

"Hikari?" Tenma asked.

"You own that…that…THING?!" Kariya asked angrily and I pouted back. "She's not a thing!"

"IT'S A RAT!" he yelled and Tsurugi snickered behind. "Sooooo, you're not a fan of rats…?"

Kariya flinched a little a looked down. What did I miss? I took Hikari off Tenma's hands and he seemed happy. "She's soooo cute! I saw her and just followed here."

"You ran after a rat?" Tsurugi asked but I just smiled. "See? Tenma likes her!"

"WHO CARES?" Kariya muttered. "Come on! Let's go bring her back to the laboratory!"

"With that thing? No way!" he yelled but I just grabbed him and dragged him away. Tsurugi just chuckled while Tenma remained completely confused. "What just happened?" Tenma wondered.