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-Soccer Field-

"You know, I think I see why Tenma wanted to join them so badly." Toshiaki said to their captain. "I still can't believe it myself…" Mizushima mused to himself.

"J-Just a... little…longer…" Sangoku urged to himself desperately but he was at his limit. No, he was already far pass that and he couldn't hold out any longer. His arm finally failed him and the ball finally blew him back. "Oh yeah!" Toshiaki cheered.

The ball was just close to going when Tsurugi appeared out of nowhere, with his Keshin summoned no less. "Lost Angel!" And he kicked the already weakened ball away to a certain midfielder who was currently waiting. Shindou quickly summoned Sousha Maestro and turned just before as the passed him and he kicked the already intense shoot. "Harmonics!"

The shoot passed the defenses quickly but it wasn't getting to the goal thatwas the problem. The problem was the time limit.

"Power Edge!" the defender and goalkeeper as they kicked the ball to block it. If they could stall their shoot, if only for a few seconds, then their match would end with a draw. If they did, then the only way to settle it was with a penalty kick and in comparison, Oumihara's strikers were still in better shape. What's more, even if they decided to have Shinsuke as their replacement goalkeeper, it was obvious whose Keshin was more powerful. This shoot has to get in!



-Soccer Clubroom-

"And then, you should have seen it, Tenma!" Shinsuke jumped up and down excitedly as he was retelling the final seconds of their match again. Tenma thought for a minute that they lost until everyone else popped from behind the couch to surprise him. Tsurugi really knew how to scare someone. "It got in and we won!" Shinsuke laughed as he jumped up and down.

"Still, you could have told us there were Keshin users in the team. It would have helped out a lot." Shindou said but Tenma shook his head. "Can't. Dad said not to tell either side anything or he make me leave as well. He's very strict with rules."

Tsurugi looked away angrily, still unable to stand the mere mention of that man. "Where is your dad anyway? Shouldn't he be watching to see how it goes?" Tsurugi asked in a hostile tone.

"I'm sure he was but he doesn't really like interacting with people so he keeps away when he can. He's not exactly sociable." Tenma answered. "Huh. He sounds a lot like Tsurugi." Kariya said.

"Do not compare me to that guy!" he snapped. Tenma just gave him a surprised look. "You know…when I told dad that, he said the exact same thing." Tsurugi left quickly soon after, muttering angrily to himself.

-Raimon Junior High Gate-

"Phew! That was quite the match!" Tsunami said happily. "By the way, where's Endou?"

"He left to do something again." Kidou said. "I heard you helped him get the thing that brought Tenma's memories back when he lost it."

"Yeah." Tsunami nodded. "I was surprised when he called me up and told me about it. It was the first thing that popped into my mind but man…Tenma really hid it well! And all those puzzles weren't easy to solve either!"

"Puzzles?" Kidou asked with an eyebrow raised, his curiosity peeked. "Yup. Tenma is really crazy for those things, just as much about soccer. I guess it Was something he picked during his time abroad."

"Wait, he lived abroad?" Kidou asked in surprise. "I thought he moved here from Okinawa?"

"He did." Tsunami said as he scratched his hair. "But…it's sort of complicated. His father tends to shuffle him back and forth from Okinawa to some place else. Okinawa and some other country is just where he usually gets shipped off too."

"Oh. That does sound complicated." The commander said, wondering how Tenma managed to handle that. Moving around continuously can also mean that he might not have made many permanent friends. Tenma seemed so happy-go-lucky so he it was hard to imagine him living that sort of lifestyle.

"Lonely is what it is." Tsunami said. "Even is he is Tenma old man; I've never met him in person before. He just sends him to my house with a letter asking me to look after him and some money as pay then just takes him away without warning."

"Wait, you've never met him before?" Kidou asked, now very, very worried. "Tenma doesn't tell me so much so I'm as stumped as you. He seems pretty dotting by how Tenma describes him but I can't imagine it since he only every sends me written notes and none of them exactly fit the description…" Tsunami grumbled, clearly showing his abhorrence for the man, unlike his son whom he had grown close too.

"But if you don't know this man, why does he send Tenma to you?" Kidou asked, even more confused. "Well, back when things were normal, Tenma was my neighbor." Tsunami explained. "His mom always asked me to babysit when she was out."

"So where is she? How come she's not here taking care of Tenma?" Kidou asked. These were a lot of questions but Tsunami looked with his arms crossed. "I wish I knew. After the whole alien thing, when I returned, Tenma and his mom were already gone. A few years later, he suddenly just reappeared at my doorstep with a letter. It's crazy!"

Kidou frowned. This wasn't normal but who was he to complain over his parenting style? Tenma seems quite fond of him so it doesn't seem like anything is up but the whole thing just didn't sound right. What sort of father and mother just send their own child away to various places with only letters and money? It didn't sound like the best way to raise a child.


The man couldn't believe this he gave his word and those Raimon kids held their end of the bargain. He could only hope that his child would stay safe. He got up to leave when he heard someone calling his name. "Dad!"

"…Tenma." The man said as he turned. "Shouldn't you be with your little friends?"

"Yeah but I wanted to say goodbye." Tenma said as he handed him a box. "A snack for the trip!"

The man took it with a sigh and patted Tenma's head with his burly, muscular hand. "You need to stop making these things for me."

"Why not? Besides, it's not like we see each other with your job and all…" Tenma reasoned and the man smiled rare, warm smile. It was one strictly reserved for Tenma and only Tenma. "Just stay safe."

"Of course, dad!" Tenma said before seeing the man off. Once the man stepped inside the plane, he gave his suitcase to the young man in a suit in a trench coat. "So how your visit?"


"If anything, Tenma always seems to have the upper hand against you. I don't know how-"

"Just get to work." The man sighed and the other one just chuckled. "Of course mister Chief of Police."