"Yay!" Aoyama squealed as he jumped into the cool water. Most of the Raimon team was having fun under sun on the beaches of Okinawa except for a few. You see, after their match against Oumihara, Tenma received a gift through his mail from his dad. A victory prize for the team's win; a free, all-expense paid trip for everyone in Raimon except Tsurugi who, as according to the letter, was not allowed to go with them unless he swam there. It was a no brainer. He stayed behind, albeit, a little grudgingly.

Tenma felt a bit bad that his friend, whom he had grown close to over the last few days, had to stay behind alone so he offered to stay back against Tsurugi's wishes. Little did he know, Tsurugi wouldn't have been alone because Hikaru had to stay behind as well thanks to his responsibility to a certain rodent. It has been a few days now and things were as they were. Coach Endou was still off doing who knows what but lately, it seemed to be a normal thing, him not being around as much.

"Tenma and Hikaru don't know what they're missing!" Kariya yelled but Shinsuke scowled at him. "Don't say that! I already feel that they aren't here with us!"

Tsurugi sighed tiredly to himself as wandered around without any particular destination in mind. Thanks to his quick actions, they won against Oumihara and for that, he was let off cleaning duty. Problem was, the team was leaving right after practice and as the oldest one of the three left behind, he still had the obligation of cleaning the whole place upagain, something he was very unhappy about. It didn't help that just after their match with Oumihara, he lost his phone! His phone of all things! And now he was stuck with this stupid, cheap disposable one!

And there was something else, that idiot, Tenma, who decided to help him clean the clubroom, left his squeaky toy for that mutt of his behind and now he went off and broke into the school by himself to get it just because he couldn't wait until tomorrow! And to think, for once, he decided to do what was right which was NOT to go and break into private property and now look at the mess he was in! But not as much as Tenma!

He dialled Tenma's phone again but after two minutes, there was no answer. He grumbled and tried again and this time he'd better answer because it was getting late. Well, he didn't answer again but there was something else that was almost as good, he heard Tenma's phone ringing nearby. He was frowned and looked to his right, realizing he was near the Steel Plaza.

"If this is because I decided not to help you get that stupid toy, stop being so childish and answer your phone!" he yelled angrily towards the park. And then, nothing and it worried Tsurugi a bit.

"Hey! Answer back, stupid!" he yelled but nothing again and now he was anxious and just went to the park but he realized the entire place was empty. He tried calling again and then he realized that it was coming from up at the stairs. Now something was really wrong.

He walked, asking out, "Hey! Is everything allright?"

…it wasn't.