Hey everyone! This is a crossover between two awesome shows, Jessie and Big Time Rush! So when Morgan Ross cast Big Time Rush in his new movie, how far will their biggest fan, Emma Ross, go just to meet them? How far will her nanny, Jessie, go not to get fired? And when they all wind up together, you won't believe where they end up! Just one action can result to another and another and if Big Time Rush doesn't get back to the set to film in time, their reputation could be ruined forever. So read to find out! Enjoy!

Jessie Goes BIG TIME Rush

Chapter 1: Big Time Who?


"BA-RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!" My alarm clock went off. Ugh, time to wake up and make the kid's lunch. I turned my alarm clock off and got up out of bed. I can make their lunch in my PJ's right? I'm gonna do it anyway. I headed downstairs and stopped at the middle of the stairs to see Emma and Zuri in their pajamas attacking Luke.

"Ugh, guys!" I yelled, "It's too early for this!"

"Luke, give us back the magazine!" yelled Emma. As Emma and Zuri hastily chased Luke, Bertram walked in with a bowl of whipped cream.

"Bertram, do something!" I yelled. Bertram looked at Luke, Emma, and Zuri.

"Luke, stop," said Bertram.

"Let me think," said Luke, "Nope!"

"Well, I tried." I rolled my eyes and Bertram sat on the couch. I walked down the rest of the stairs. Let's end this shall we?

"Get over here!" I yelled as I chased the little rascal.

"If I do, will you give me a kiss?" asked Luke.

"Gross! Just stop running and get over here!" Luke ran out of the living room and out to the terrace. He dangled a magazine over the edge.

"I'll drop it!"

"Don't even think about it!" I ran towards the balcony. Emma and Zuri followed. "I did not wake up this early to chase kids around!"

"Jessie, don't let him do it!" yelled Zuri.

"You drop the magazine and I'll throw you off that balcony!" threatened Emma. We got to the terrace and Luke started taking fingers off the magazine.

"Emma, Zuri!" said Luke, "It's James! Save me, save me, I don't want my pretty face to get smashed! Meh!"

"Who the heck is James?" I asked.

"Never mind that, just don't let him drop it!" said Zuri.

"Luke get over here!"

"Ya know what, I'll take care of this!" said Emma. Emma stomped over to Luke and grabbed him by the leg.

"Whoa!" yelled Luke. She snatched the magazine from him and hung him upside down over the balcony.

"I'll drop you!" said Emma.

"Jessie!" Luke exclaimed, "Help!"

"Jessie, Jessie! It's Luke!" mimicked Emma, "Save me, save me! Don't let pretty Emma, smash my ugly face!"

"I would never say that!" said Luke. I walked over to Emma.

"Emma, put your brother down," I said. Emma sighed and threw him back on the floor.

"Fine," said Emma, "But I'll get back at you for this, Luke!"

"Okay, everyone inside! You gotta get ready for school! I'll make you breakfast while I make your lunches!" Everyone walked inside. This nanny stuff was a piece of cake…sometimes.

I got showered and dressed and headed downstairs with my laptop to make the kid's lunches. Okay, I think Luke wants to buy lunch, Zuri likes her sandwiches cut in angels, Emma specifically asked for pizza, and Ravi wants me to pack something extra for Mr. Kipling for what reason, I really don't know. I walked into the kitchen to see Bertram reading the newspaper and eating another bowl of whipped cream.

"Uh, Bertram, why are you eating another bowl of whipped cream?" I asked.

"'Cause it's good, mind your business, Bessie."

"Bertram, it's Jessie. Leave that to Ms. Chesterfield."

"And I'd care because….?" I rolled my eyes. Bertram is just doing that on purpose. I've been here for a while now, he knows my name. I started making breakfast and turned on my laptop. I turned on my Pandora Radio app. "I've got them moves like Jagger, I got them moves like Jagger," my favorite song started playing.

"Yeah! This is my jam!" I yelled. I started dancing to the song. "I don't need to try to control you," it played, "Look into my eyes and I'll own you

With them moves like Jagger

I've got them moves like Jagger

I've got them mooooooves... like Jagger." As the song played, I jammed and I didn't care! The kids walked into the kitchen and just stared at me.

"What?" I said as I danced, "C'mon, dance! How do you not like this song?!"

"I used to," said Ravi, "But your dancing just ruined it." I stopped dancing and gave them a look.

"C'mon, breakfast is almost ready. While you're waiting, just enjoy the music!" The kids sat down. My dancing isn't that bad right? Zuri and Emma sat next to each other and gazed over their magazine.

"Girls," I said, "What is so great about that magazine anyway?"

"What's so great about it?" said Zuri, "What's so great about it? Emma I can't believe I'm hearing this."

"I know right, Zuri," said Emma, "Jessie this magazine is the ultimate guide to the awesomest, most cutest band in the world, Big Time Rush!"

"Emma, first of all, I'm pretty sure awesomest isn't a word, "I said, "Second, is Big Time Rush one of those bands that girls are always gawking about these days?"

"Jessie, you obviously don't understand how amazing BTR is!" said Zuri.

"Zuri, really, you love them, too?"

"I like their music and Carlos has an awesome helmet!"

"Oh, now I know what you're talking about! That band with the guy with the blond hair, the guy that is obsessed with himself, helmet dude, and the one who is supposed to be freakishly smart."

"James is not obsessed with himself!" said Emma, "He is just very aware that he is extremely hot!"

"If you ask me," said Ravi, "I think it's extremely annoying how almost every girl I meet is obsessed with that band. You seem to be the only normal one, Jessie."

"I'm with ya Ravi!" I said. I gave him a high five.

"I don't like 'em either!" said Luke.

"Well than a high five for you, too!"

"How about a kiss, too?!"


"A hug?"

"One more question and you lose your high five!"

"Fine!" I gave him his high five and then gave them their breakfast. I made waffles and bacon. I would have put whipped cream on top of the waffles but Bertram ate it all. I sat down and began eating with the kids.

"So," I said, "Is anyone looking forward to anything today?"

"I'm bringing Mr. Kipling to school today," said Ravi, "My teacher wants us to bring something that is part of our culture. I raised Mr. Kipling in India so I decided I'll bring him."

"Ravi, I don't think your teacher would approve of you bringing a 7-foot lizard to school," said Emma.

"They'll be too scared to tell me that. I'm the one with the 7-foot lizard." Zuri and I laughed at that.

Suddenly my cell phone started ringing. I looked at my phone. "Hey guys, it's your mom!" I answered the phone.

"Hi, Mrs. Ross!" I said.

"Jessie, call me Christina!" she said.

"Gotcha, Christina!"

"Gotcha, Jessie!"

"Okay…so what's up?"

"So, Jessie, Morgan and I will not be able to stop by and see you and the kids. Morgan is going to be directing a new movie, Selective Crime Fighter."

"Oh cool! What about?"

"Your average action film, with a little comedy threw in it. Explosions, romance, flipping cars, we're trying to throw a little bit of everything in there."

"Nice, I can do some action!"

"Well actually I don't know, it might be mainly a comedy…they're always changing things but you'll find out soon! So, we'll be doing some last minute casting for that as soon as Morgan is finished directing Selena Gomez's music video."

"Okay, I'll tell the kids. I'm sure they'll miss you."

"We will only be gone for at least 2 weeks. Most characters are already cast. Let's just hope Morgan doesn't change his mind again."

"Good luck casting!"

"Thank you! Tell the kids I love them, you will get your paycheck when I come back, bye Jessie!"

"Bye, Christina!" I hung up the phone.

"What'd mommy say?" asked Zuri.

"They will not be home as soon as expected; your father is casting for a n

ew movie."

"Dad told me that he was having meetings about that movie!" said Luke, "I just thought he was trying to keep from telling me what he's really up to."

"Its fine," said Emma, "Mom said that as soon as she makes free time, she'll set up a private BTR concert for Zuri and I!"

"Yeah and since when does mom keep her promises?" said Ravi. "That breakfast was great, Jessie! Oh, guys, the bus is gonna be here soon!"

"We gotta bounce!" said Zuri, "Bye Jessie!"

"Bye guys! Have a great day!" I said. The kids walked out of the kitchen and into the elevator.

"Good kids, good kids," I said to myself. Then I turned around and saw their lunches on the counter. Uh-oh. "Wait guys, your lunches!" I yelled. I used the elevator and went to the lobby. They were almost out the door. "Guys!" I threw their lunches at them. "Sorry kids, there's an ice pack in Zuri's lunchox!"

"Thanks, Jessie!" they said. They went onto the bus. I smiled and waved. That is the second time I've done that. I better go hit those nannying books.

So tell me what you think? I really want to know! I know where the story is going so far and it's going to be in different POVs. I tend to do make cheesy titles for chapters sometimes so please excuse that! Please tell me what you think! Chapter 2 is coming soon! Thanks for reading!