Aite it's me Jordan and I have a challenge for you guys out there. You all know I like Tori on more of the guy side of the relationship with some slang her vocabulary, so here it is. I want a story in which Tori is a tomboy through and through and shes a little bit of a flirt, Jade is Becks best friend along with Cat. Andre and Robbie are Tori's boys. So Jade is the same so is everyone else and I want Tori to try and get with jade, but wait there is a twist, Tori is a futa :O ! I mean people make jade with the male part so I'm like why can't tori. That's about it make it believable on how tori has it, how they get together which I hope has a lot teasing, they can get in all they want doesn't matter to me up to you guys. But there should be some sort of plot twist but you my friend have to make it. Cabbie Candre Bat Brina Trandre Rina idc your choice. Happy Fangames and may the odds be in your favor !