March 20, 2589

Sometime before Simba was born, around the time Mufasa and his mate Sarabi were first married, when his father had passed and Mufasa assumed the throne. At that time, Pride Rock received some unexpected visitors. The meeting went like this….

Mufasa was sitting on the top of Pride Rock, surveying his new, vast kingdom. His mate, Sarabi, came and sat next to him. He nuzzled her and she gave him a lick in reply. As he turned to look over the kingdom again, Mufasa noticed something falling from the sky. Normally this would have been passed by as nothing but a meteor but the problem was it was nearly mid- day. Mufasa stared at it for a few seconds, puzzled. He turned to his wife and said, "Sarabi, what do you think that is, falling from the sky?" "What do you mean?" she replied. Mufasa raised his paw and pointed at the object that was steadily getting bigger. "Hmm…" Sarabi mumble as she pondered this for a moment. Finally, she looked at Mufasa and said, "Why don't we just watch and see what it is."

So that's what they did, they sat and waited. Twenty minutes passed and the object had steadily gotten larger than anything the couple had ever seen. As the object got bigger, Mufasa noticed that it was shiny, very shiny. He also noticed that it was not in fact falling, but was somehow flying like a bird. A huge shiny bird, but flying like one non-the-less. Why does this look so familiar? Mufasa thought. He thought back to when he was a kid and racked his brain for any story, mythical or true, his father had told him. As he pondered it, he thought about a story his father had once told him and his brother as cubs. At the time, Mufasa had thought that his father had only told them the story to scare them to go to sleep. Now that he thought about it though, it started to make sense.

The story went that when Mufasa's father was a cub, Pride Rock had been visited by strange creatures. The creatures had gone to Mufasa's grandfather and told him that trouble was afoot and that they were there to protect the pride. It took some convincing but his grandfather had finally accepted their offer. Over time though, the Protectors sort of just vanished. When asked about how and why they vanished, Mufasa's father simply told them that one day they had just suddenly left in a giant metal thing they called a ship that flew like a bird. As Mufasa thought about this last part, he was startled by a thump that seemed to shake the entire savannah. He looked up and noticed the metal thing or 'ship' had landed a short distance from Pride Rock. Mufasa turned to tell Sarabi to stay where she was, when she said, "I'm coming with you." Mufasa simply shrugged and started to run down the path from the top of the rock. When he got to the bottom, he called for Zazu, one of his advisors.

As the bird flew to him, Mufasa told everyone to stay calm. Then he, Sarabi, and Zazu started off for the 'ship'. When they got to it, they stopped about fifteen feet from the ship as the hatch on the bottom lowered. "Oh my!" exclaimed Zazu as he landed and hid underneath Mufasa. Sarabi simply leaned closer to her mate for comfort. As the hatched opened completely, they heard footsteps coming from inside. As they descended from the ramp, all three present gasped. The visitors had stepped out of the ramp when Mufasa said, "I know what you are. My father told me stories of when your people came to protect us before. You are what the legends call 'wolves'." The two wolves, both slightly smaller than the lions, looked at each other and chuckled. "Yes, right now we are wolves but we ourselves are not wolves" said the slightly larger one to the left. At this point, the two started to change into two legged creatures wearing all black clothes. So the legends ARE real thought Mufasa. "Let me introduce myself: I am Skylar Vestar and this is my nephew" said the tall one on the left.

Mufasa looked at the shorter one on the right and asked, "And what is your name, young one?" The shorter one looked at the two lions and bird. That's when Mufasa noticed that the two strangers had black cloth over their eyes. "My name is Colton Diego Aldetorez" said the short one with confidence. After that and the next two hours, the visitors explained that there was danger coming to Pride Rock but they did not know what kind. So to help, Colton was to be stationed here at Pride Rock to help thwart the danger when it came. It was decided that while Colton stayed to protect, he would stay in a tree that once belonged to a monkey named Rafieky, an advisor to the kings. Mysteriously though, he had disappeared around the same time as the Protectors did. It was also decided that Colton would only be able to revert back to his regular form in his home. He would have to be in wolf form the rest of the time unless in dire emergency.

The last thing that was decided that day was that Colton would not reveal himself for at least four months. The reason for this was so Colton could be established as a myth first before actually revealing himself. So he would have to protect in secret until then. As the meeting came to a close, and Colton's uncle prepared to leave, Mufasa came over to Colt as he was getting his things. Mufasa looked over all of Colton's things and asked, "How long do you think you'll be here? The last Protectors who came left within three seasons." Colton turned to Mufasa and said, "Honestly, judging by what I had to pack, probably long enough to see your grand kids." Neither Colton nor Mufasa knew how true that statement was.

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