Rated T

Four Part Story

Alternate Universe


Bella wasn't who she made herself out to be. She was Isabella Witherdale, envious of normality but knowing that was never what she was meant for.


... The End

I could see the man if front of me, stalking forward with a purpose. An evil smirk graced his beautiful face as I tripped backwards into the mirrored wall. This man, a hunter, was out for my life. Not just my life, but my family's too. Metaphorically; he didn't want their lives, just mine. He would take away the one thing that entertained them. Me.

"It's a shame that you are dying tonight Isabella," James laughed as he opened the video camera. "Why not film your final moments! You've always wanted to be an actress, yes?"

I nodded my head quickly, frowning when a few loose curls stuck to my lip gloss. James wrapped a long finger in a curl from the ponytail, causing me to pause. "A moving picture actress," I responded after a moment of hesitation.

James smiled and caressed my cheek with his thumb, before turning the camera to him. "She has always wanted to be a moving picture actress, so in order to finally fulfill her wishes; Isabella will be filmed in death. Enjoy," He turned the video camera to me, looking me straight in the eye.

"How bad is it?" I whispered softly.

James turned to me. "Not sure, darling. You've always wanted a slow death, yes?"

"No. I wanted to die in my sleep, with the man I loved. You." James' smirk faded into a ghost of a smile, before he grasped my head firmly in his hands. I knew the camera would get every angle of everything that happened. I knew that the Cullen's would be too late, and I would die. They would learn, after James and I were gone, a little of my past. James cursing me into this life, and hunting me down. He caught up with me and I could not escape.

I was only human, no stronger than the next. But I was immortal, in a sense. I didn't age, I had marble like skin, but I was still warm. I had a heartbeat, I ate. I slept. My reflexes weren't quicker, but I had more defined senses. I wasn't a hybrid- a half vampire. I was cursed by a witch that felt sympathy for James, so he could spend our days hunting me down. It killed me every morning because I knew that I never would be able to die old, or tell tales to my past to my grandchildren. The only tales I would tell them would be the fight between James and me.

My body was littered with scars from him, from Maria and the countless newborns I've encountered. I was different, so I attracted a crowd. "What would they say about your past, dear? Your scars, both physically and mentally?" I gave James an annoyed look. I titled my head up and my breath fanned across his face.

"So delicious," he whispered.

"I don't know, James." I didn't bother acknowledging his comments; I had heard them plenty across the years.

James stepped forward and I was now flush against him. It went against everything I've known, to let this man get any closer to me again. His nose was touching mine as he bent down to my height. Without warning, James kissed me. His tongue slipped into my mouth, grazing across my teeth and fighting for dominance. He kissed me with a passion that I had only experienced on our wedding night. His anger, love, lust, hunger and whatever else he had felt poured in to the damned kiss. Our lips molded together unhurriedly, but our bodies were in a hurry. I was slid up the wall and I wrapped my legs around James waist, not wanting to fall.

James whispered to me. It took me a minute to realize he was resisting his vows. How terribly ironic, I thought. "Isabella Josephine Watson, I promise to cherish you for as long as we shall walk this Earth. I promise to hold thy up when needed and help you in everything you shall need. I love you Isabella and I could never live without you. I take you to be my bride, my wife, my lover, and my confidant... and the mother of my children." He kissed me again, and intertwined his fingers with mine. He pulled away so I could breathe, but his lips never left my heated skin.

"James Witherdale, I too promise to cherish you as long as we shall both live. I promise to be the woman you need and want. To be your wife, lover, friend and the mother of your children. I love you too much to let you go." I lifted my lips to his in one last kiss and I turned to look straight into the camera. I inhaled sharply as James licked the vein on my neck.

"Goodbye Isabella Witherdale," he whispered before sinking his venom covered teeth into my neck.

My head rolled back and I let loose a small whimper. I felt James suck at my neck before pulling away. I was dazed and I squinted, trying to find my vision. I was no longer looking in the camera, but towards the window. James and I were still in the same intimate position as before, but I was much more relaxed; loose. My limbs were loose, and it scared me. I knew how close I was to dying, but I wasn't sure how far James was going to take it.

"I thought... you were going to... hurt me," I whispered as he laid me down on the floor like a doll. He didn't reply as he lay next to me, but instead ran his hands through my hair.

"I want you. Always. Never wanting to let you go. Grow old... and die. It was the perfect opportunity at the clearing, but we both know I love the chase." James did not give me the straight answer I desired. Instead I found comfort in the fact he would not turn me into a vampire.

James continued to comb my hair with his long fingers as I faded in and out from lack of blood. During the time we didn't speak and there was only silence, I watched the bright florescent lights as they glinted off of James's marble skin. The light seemed to cause his skin to glow from within. It was a wondrous sight. My eyes traced imaginary patterns along his face and neck until I could no longer keep my eyes open. I knew that I'd never forget his face; it was always burned into my memory. I'd always compare it to his rough human side; it was something I had always done.

"It's been twenty minutes, it's time." James whispered harshly into my ear.

Time, I whispered to myself. I had always wanted more. I knew, though, that my time was up. I made a promise, to myself, to keep living until I couldn't. I was running on borrowed time. Waiting. I never understood his way of chasing me and waiting. Keeping me awake at night, with the salty tears and the soft whimpers. The nightmares of my past I could hide from in the day, but not in the night.

My past, I had always wondered if I hadn't met James, where would I be. Surely, long gone. But I would've had children and grandchildren, maybe even great-grandchildren. I'd tell them of stories from faraway lands that they'd never get to know. They wouldn't have seen me as a young spirit, but a loving grandmother, that took care of them and loved them with everything she had.

I pried my eyes open and turned my neck to James. He wouldn't have that. James picked me up, by placing a hand on my back and another slightly around my neck. He wanted a kiss, and I gave him one. One that I poured my emotions into. I didn't love him anymore and it killed me to give myself over to him this way, but this is the way it was supposed to end for me. Always.

I closed my eyes as James reopened the wound on my neck. My life was fading, for once I was glad. I waited so long for this moment, the moment James would take my all. He had before, and he promised to do it again.

I didn't make a sound as he cold hands wrapped around my narrow waist. A horrific pop quieted all my pain. It took me a minute to realize James had broken my spine before tearing at my flesh.

James held me in his ice cold arms as my life slipped away once again. He whispered sweet nothings in my ear as my heartbeat slowed. "Take my life away, once as you did. You vowed to take it all. My all; everything I had in the world," I whispered. The James I knew and the one I had loved were very different. I was never I denial. I had known from the moment he came back and his whole demeanor was changed. He was a vile creature, and instead of choosing to be good, he chose the lesser side.

"They're coming, but they are too late."

"For me, James."

His brow furrowed in confusion. "I don't understand. What about me?"

I didn't answer, nor would I if I had the strength. I wasn't afraid of the death that was coming, in fact, I welcomed it. I had come to terms long ago that I would never get the life I wanted. I watched as someone flung the doors open, tearing the double doors off the hinges. Four vampires began their dance with my hunter and I watched what I could.

Carlisle flew over to me, frantically working on my broken and bloody body. "There is... nothing..." I mumbled to the direction of I hoped was him.

In wasn't him. It was Rosalie and Esme. I assumed they were trying to console me with little touches and whispers, but I was beyond that. My heart was dreadfully slow, my limbs were heavy and I could no longer feel my body. I was disconnected.

I could feel the anguish around me as the vampire doctor worked on me. Edward's refusal to turn me would be not only the finality of me, but of his family as well. I breathed ragged, almost as if I was trying to talk. I was.

"Let... go... my... video... watch..." I forces the words out of my mouth. I didn't want another chance. I had my chance, I had fulfilled my curse. My promise, the blessing placed upon my shoulders so many moons ago. I knew this day would come. My life hanging in the wind, and no one was going to stop me now.

I cast a blurred glance at the family around me. Everyone but Alice and Edward were there. I didn't mind. They were my family, and my family was working over my corpse. They just could not put Bella back together again.