... Unveiled

Charlie had given them enough time. It had been two days since Bella's funeral and now it was time to unveil the truth. He had gone through his manila folder and was still surprised. She left him several letters, just talking to him, as well as a few journals of hers. Those, she had wrote, were of her journeys and of what she had learned over the years. She left him a copy of her will, which Charlie inherited all of her money and they few modest houses she had around the globe. He felt like a lucky man, lucky and guilty.

His favorite letter though, was her last letter. It was short, but the most personal.

Dear Charlie,

I want to thank you. Thank you. Thank you for taking me in, believing my crazy and insane past, and being a wonderful father to me. I haven't been this close to someone in a very long time. I know I'll miss it.

I hope that you will have a child; whether it be a son or daughter. You still have time, you are only thirty-two. I know you love Sue, so please ask her out. Even if it ends sooner than later. For me, please.

When they read their letters, they will have questions. Answer them as best you can.

I love you Charlie. Thank you being the father I really have always wanted. Thank you for everything.

Bella Swan

Charlie loved that girl like his own. She may have been a great something or other, but she needed that father figure even if it had been for a short period. So now he was doing what she had asked him to. Deliver another manila folder to the Cullen's. It was a thick one, like his, but only held letters.

He assumed to tell them in different ways of who she really was.

Charlie stepped out of the cruiser on damp grass. He was in front of the Cullen house. Charlie realized now, that Bella wasn't really captivated by their richness but their sense of being an actual family.

"Charlie, what a surprise!" Esmé exclaimed when she opened the door. "Would you like to come in?"

"Sure," Charlie spoke gruffly. He really didn't want to talk. He just wanted to deliver the envelope and leave. That's all he wanted. He was a simple man.

"I, uh, have something for you all. It's from Bella."


Charlie motioned to the envelope and handed it over to Esmé. "She wrote some letters out to you all, maybe for closer. I'm not sure."

"Thank you Charlie. I'll pass them along." Esmé fell silent, not really knowing what to say to Charlie.

"I have to get going, but if you have any questions about her letters you can ask." Charlie stood up, ready to leave.

Esmé walked him out. As soon as his car left the drive, all the Cullens were in the dining room.

"She left us letters?" Alice spoke first. She wordlessly passed everyone their own smaller envelope and shooed them away.

"We can all talk about them later, if you want. If you have questions, Charlie said to come to him. "

Esmé walked with Carlisle to their room and curled up on the bed. She heard Carlisle open his and proceeded to open her own.


I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. Thank you for being so loving and understanding, and because you are so I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. Forgive me for not being completely honest with you and your family. I didn't intend that, but I had hoped I had time to tell everyone. I hope you understand...



Thank you for holding this family together. Really. I am so glad to have been apart of it, even for a short time. I really do love you all. There is something I must tell you. I do hope you will forgive me for it being to late. I had every intention of telling you when I was alive. That is awfully weird to write, now...



Hi Emmett. Thank you for being a big brother I had never had. It meant a lot learned to play Black Ops and Mario Kart with you and Jasper. Especially beating you at your own games. I loved it and I love you...



I know that you really did like me, in your own way. You were weary of me, and jealous. I don't really blame you. I am jealous of the normality too. Mostly because I haven't had it in a while. This is my story...



Oh Jasper. I am sorry for having to write all these letters. I can barely see with all the tears. You all have to know that I never got the chance to tell you my story. Even when you told me yours, and for that I'm sorry. You are my best friend, really. One who knew everything about me, except this. This, my past...



Alice. Alice. Alice. I'll miss you. I really will. All of you. You, your makeovers and shopping trips. I know you can't remember your past, but I can tell you a few things. Maybe you don't want to know, but it's better you know your past. Even mine.

You saw visions as a human, and one day saw one of your father killing your mother. You tried everything you could, but your parents put you in an asylum. They told your sister and their friend you ran away. They believed, all except Cynthia. I will brush over the torture you endured, because you shouldn't have to know. I have provided documents of your stay though, if you really want to know. A vampire called James took a special interest in you though. You are one of two that have escaped his clutches. Be proud. All because another vampire who helped out at the asylum took pity on you, I suppose, and turned you. He was defending you and disappeared during your change, I think he might have been killed. I am so sorry you woke alone.

Cynthia carried on the line and proceeded to have a daughter and a son. Mary died on her fiftieth birthday, of cancer. Charlie though, is still alive. You know him as my "father", he isn't really. Charlie Swan is a dear friend that helped me out. I will tell you why...



Oh Edward, I am so sorry I am leaving you behind. It's never something I had intended. I promise you. I wanted to tell you my past before something happened. But now it's too late. My past is not a happy story, but I will share it anyway.

I lived in Pennsylvania, and in 1805 I married a James Witherdale. You'll meet him. He had not always been a vampire. His personality before was what I had fallen in love with. I haven't loved him since 1806, that I promise you. He had married me, and then took things from me that I will never get back. He is an evil man.

He traded me for his vampire mate, Victoria. I was given to a witch, who then cursed me. I haven't aged, I can't bare children, I have numerous scars from run ins with a few newborns. I can only changed with a full venom bite. Not the bites used in fights.

I want you to destroy Victoria and him. They will not stop until they too are dead. I can only wish it is by the hands of those who know who they are.

I am sorry for not being able to tell you all in person, I can only hope you forgive me one day. I also hope that you move on. I know you love me, and I love you. Please, don't pine after me and don't kill yourself. Live for me, please.

I love you Edward.

Isabella Josephine Watson Swan.


Every letter held her story, and they all shared it with each other. Carlisle was suddenly glad for his order to kill off the nomads. He had felt remorse but he knew it was needed. Now he knew why.

They were all sad, especially Edward. They would all move on eventually. Isabella Swan would always be in their hearts and minds.