Symbiotic Boots
Epilogue (Part 9): Rebirth
by Boofka

Three weeks after the attack on the Oscorp building...

Jake stood in front of a table filled with board members and military officials. He cleared his throat.

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for allowing me the chance to speak about the recovery of the symbiote research aspect of our Military Sciences Department. Obviously, for many of us, this part of our company will bring back memories of the botched experiments, the escape of one of our subjects, and the attack on this very building that followed. However, as bad as those issues are, there is still an opportunity to sell to the US military symbiotic suits that would render our soldiers on the field practically into superhumans, with skills and abilities that would far surpass even the enemy's best soldier. This," Jake held up a vial of a pink liquid. "This is a substance we call 'V Plus.' V Plus can give our soldiers a symbiote suit with the powers and abilities of the symbiote known as Venom, with none of the drawbacks, such as full possession of the host by the symbiote. The symbiote would be based in articles of clothing that can be easily taken off, and..."

Mr. Denzen, his arm in a sling after the attack, raised his non-broken arm. "Jake, I know you very well. And I trusted you. I'm not saying I don't trust you anymore, but I'm more... skeptical than I was before all this business started. Tell me, have you begun human experimentation?"

Jake gulped. "Not at this time, Mr. Denzen. Our first experiments were on the symbiotic fluid that we used to make the Symbi-Shirts, Symbi-Pants, and umm... the boots. We initially gave the fluid Substance V, the serum that gave the symbiote the powers and abilities of Venom, but then added V Plus to cancel out any of the negative side effects, which meant that it killed the personality of Venom, as well prevent it from achieving full possession of its host. Our first studies were on rats and pigs, and the results have been extremely promising, without symbiotic possession of any of the animals..."

Denzen laughed. "Rats and pigs?! Jake, a human being is a much different animal than a rat or a pig. We have a mind. A mind that can be, and was just recently possessed by one of these... extraterrestrial entities. We have no assurance that this could work, and no defense of suddenly, hundreds of thousands of trained soldiers were to turn on us. But this is, of course, just my opinion. If my colleagues wish to state anything to the contrary, they may!"

Jake looked around the table. The other members of the board of Oscorp were shaking their heads. Jake's gaze then went to the two uniformed representatives of the Pentagon.

One of them spoke. "I'm sorry, Mr. Thompson. Your proposal is very promising. And maybe one day, you can work out the kinks and truly deliver a product that delivers the way you say it does. But until then, it is simply too big of a risk to take, especially considering the recent events that took place at this very building. I'm sorry, Mr. Thompson, but the US Department of Defense says no."

Jake placed all of his supplies in his briefcase, thanked the board for their time, and walked out. He walked over to elevator, rode down, and walked over to his office. Under his desk was a safe. He did the combination, and the door opened. He opened his briefcase, and pulled out the vial of pink liquid. He placed it in the safe, next to two tall, black rubber rain boots with a white spider logo on the front of them. He closed the safe, put on his coat, grabbed his suitcase, and walked out of the office for the day.

Jake had not spotted the cleaning lady vacuuming around his desk, for she was none other than Mary Jane Watson, wearing a hoodie to disguise her red hair. She had bribed the janitor who was responsible for this floor of the Oscorp building to take his job for the day, and had been waiting around Jake's desk, hoping to discover where he had hidden her boots and the substance she so desperately wanted. She had planned on inconspicuously following him, but lucky for her, Jake did not need following. The safe that contained everything MJ wanted was located right under his desk. Now that she had the information she wanted, MJ put the vacuum in the janitor's closet and left the Oscorp building. When she was outside, she made a call on her cell phone.

"Hello? Felicia? It's MJ. Listen, I know where it is. It's underneath his desk on the 29th floor, in a safe. We still good for tonight? Super. See you then."

MJ then shut the cell phone and hailed a taxi to take her home.

Felicia Hardy, also known as the Black Cat, ducked underneath a checkpoint with a guard in it reading the newspaper. She then ducked behind a corner, and continued to make her way further down the parking garage, unnoticed. Her iconic black latex catsuit had a perfect way of blending into the shadows of the night. Finally, she got to an area where there were a lot of Oscorp vans, and knew she was in the right place.

She went over to the wall, and pressed a keypad. The wall opened up, revealing an elevator.

"Going up?" she said in a humorous tone to herself.

She got in, and the elevator began ascending the Oscorp building. Felicia quietly thanked Mary Jane for telling her about this secret elevator, otherwise breaking into Oscorp would have been much more difficult.

The bell dinged for the 29th floor. The elevator door opened, and Felicia saw that the elevator opened up in the middle of what looked like a janitor's closet. The opened the door to the janitor's closet. Then, checking to see if the coast was clear, made her way to the rows cubicles on this floor, checking under the desks for a safe. She had to be quick to avoid the security cameras placed throughout the floor. Because of this, her search took a while, and just as Felicia began to believe MJ had sent her on a wild goose chase, she found the desk with the safe underneath.

"MeOW!" Felicia whispered to herself. She put her ear next to the safe, and begin to listen for the clicks. After she think she got the combination, Felicia turned the numbers the way she thought they were ordered, and the safe door opened. Felicia looked inside. Much like MJ had described, inside the safe were nothing but a vial of pink liquid and two tall black rubber rain boots.

"Jeez, I know MJ loved fashion, but this is crazy..." Felicia said to herself. Just then, she heard voices of security guards, and ducked under the desk. However, they were soon gone, and she heard their steps going down the stairs, checking the other floors of the building.

Putting the boots and the vial in a small knapsack on her back, Felicia made her way back to the elevator in the janitor's closet, pressed that she wanted to go to the ground floor, and entered. The elevator descended and opened up in the parking garage. Making her way back up to the street level, Felicia didn't even had to duck to avoid the security guard, because he had fallen asleep.

"Typical." she whispered to herself.

After waiting and being impatient, tapping her fingers and watching TV to be distracted, MJ finally heard the buzzer for her apartment ring. She jumped out of her seat, and opened the door. There stood Felicia, in normal clothes again, holding a knapsack.

"Here you go, princess. Hope it's worth it." She handed the knapsack to MJ, and MJ squealed with glee.

"Thank you, Felicia! You have no idea what this means to me!"

Felicia cleared her throat, indicating that she wanted something. MJ then pulled a large amount of cash out of her pocket and handed it over.

"Say, where's Peter?" Felicia asked.

"Out fighting crime. You want anything to drink or eat?" MJ asked.

"Naw, I gotta get going. I need to do more than provide designer boots to rich princesses." Felicia waved goodbye, and shut the door behind her. As she did, she thought that something about those boots struck her as familiar. She knew she had seen them, but couldn't remember from where... they couldn't be... the Booted Beauty?

Felicia laughed to herself. The day she saw Mary Jane Watson as the Booted Beauty would be the day pigs had wings. Besides, everyone knew that whoever she was died in the Oscorp building attack. They were probably a fashion designer's attempt to cash into the Booted Beauty phenomenon, Felicia thought to herself as she left MJ and Peter's apartment. Then again, the fact that she had to break into the Oscorp building instead of Saks Fifth Avenue to get them was pretty strange, Felicia thought as she walked away from the apartment.

As soon as Felicia left, MJ excitedly ran over to her room, stripped down naked, and poured the V-Plus substance into a syringe she had hidden under her bed.

"Let's hope this works..." she said, putting the boots on her bare feet. Without willing them to form her symbiote suit, the boots immediately dissolved into the black symbiotic goo the minute they were secure on her feet. Tendrils began climbing up her thighs again, quicker than before. Once again, MJ fell over because of the tremendous pleasure she felt when the goo covered her ass and her private parts, dropping the syringe on the floor in the process. Then, something unexpected happened.

MJ looked down at her groin and saw the symbiote being sucked into her pussy, and instantly felt like she was being sexually penetrated. At the same time, she felt what she assumed was another symbiotic tendril go into her ass and wiggled around. The pleasure was so good and so intense she started screaming instead of her typical orgasmic moan. This was because of the incredible pleasure it was giving her, but as she opened her eyes and looked down at her body, she realized something wasn't right.

"It's trying... ahh... to... uhh... distract me..."

The symbiote, when it reached her breasts, began to massage and caress her nipples, adding even more pleasure to everything MJ was feeling. By the time MJ came close to climaxing, her body was shaking because this never-before-experienced pleasure of being deeply penetrated in two places by a symbiote, she didn't even notice the symbiote covering her face.

As she orgasmed, could feel liquid gush out of her pussy, and felt a strange licking sensation in her crotch as if the symbiote was licking it up. When the orgasm was done, MJ opened her eyes, looked down at her body and saw her feet again turning into the monstrous talons that signified a pull possession by Venom. Her arm and leg muscles began to change again, and she realized she didn't have much time.

"Shit, I knew it would try to distract me!" she thought to herself as she reached for the syringe. The hand she reached for it with was slowly changing into long, talon like claws. Grabbing the syringe as best as she could with her long, awkward claws, she jabbed the syringe into her upper thigh.

The entire suit began to ripple and vibrate. MJ quickly stood up and finished injecting all of the fluid in the syringe. By now, the suit was vibrating violently. MJ ran to the mirror to see what was happening, and it looked much like she thought it would. The symbiote was more liquid-like, and was jumping around her body.

Finally, her mask and the top part of her suit that covered her upper body detached, and began to form a shape that towered over MJ. She looked in the mirror and saw that the black liquid that towered had formed the shape of Venom's face and body, and it let out a monstrous roar, as if it were in great pain. The face and towering structure then began to dissolve, letting out audible yelps of pain as it did, and briefly returned to being on MJ's body before it dissolved into the boots. Soon, the entire symbiote was dissolved, and MJ was once again naked, in front of her mirror, wearing the boots.

"That looked like a good sign..."

Ever since Jake had told her about his plan to make an antidote to negate the effects of Venom's personality, she had dreamed about this moment, wearing the boots but knowing she was in full control.

"Okay, boots, looks like it's just you and me. No more Venom. No more chance of being possessed. Just you and me, fighting crime and saving New York. What'dya got for me?"

Nothing happened.

"Oh, right. Venom!" Mary Jane shouted. Again, nothing happened.

"Oh God, please, don't tell me I ruined it..." she whispered to herself. But then, two words formed in MJ's head, the two words that represented that Venom's personality was truly dead in the symbiote, and that MJ did indeed have full control.

"Oh, right, okay... Booted Beauty!" MJ shouted. In an instant, the boots again began to dissolve on her feet, and crawled up her legs and her thighs. It began to work on her ass and pussy, but considering her recent orgasm, she willed them to move on ahead. She had enough sexual pleasures from the symbiote for one night. It then began to coat her back, her torso, her breasts, and her arms. Then it reached her face, and MJ felt in completely in control of the symbiote that hugged every part of her body.

She looked in the mirror. The last thing that formed were her iconic boots formed over her feet, a finishing touch to the costume. She looked the way the Booted Beauty had always looked. She sighed because of how happy she was, knowing the symbiote was back and she could continue fighting crime as the Booted Beauty.

Walking to the window and the fire escape, MJ looked down at her body, admiring it. Then she looked out to the city.

"Look out, world. The Booted Beauty is back!"

She spun a web to a nearby building, and flew off of the fire escape, turning on her enhanced hearing to be on the lookout for crime or people who needed rescuing.

She heard the comments of the people on the ground she had heard last time. Comments about her tits, her ass, the way she looked. She knew Venom was gone for good from the symbiote when those comments didn't bother her anymore. In fact, she was glad she looked this sexy and that people noticed. It's not like people knew who she was... well, except for Jake. Maybe she'd explain to him why she did what she did one day, but for now, swinging above the streets of New York felt too good, too empowering to think about much else.

The next morning...

As Jake walked into the office, one his colleagues came up to him.

"They say there was a break-in last night. Security cameras picked up someone sneaking around this floor. Check to make sure you have everything! Apparently they used the secret elevator to get in..."

Jake gulped. He had shown somebody the secret elevator recently. Hurrying over to his desk, he bent down and did the combination for the safe. The door to the safe opened, and Jake discovered there were no boots and no V Plus vial.

Closing the door to the safe and then sitting down in his chair, Jake put his hands in his face. He knew immediately who was responsible as he whispered "Oh Mary Jane, what have you done...?"

Mr. Denzen then walked up to Jake's desk. He was holding a newspaper under his arm. "I guess you've heard the news about the break-in. Everything in your department accounted for?"

Panicking, Jake lied and said yes, and that's when Denzen laid a copy of The Daily Bugle on Jake's desk. On the front page was a clear shot of the Booted Beauty, swinging above New York. The headline read: THE BOOTED BEAUTY RETURNS: BACK FROM THE DEAD OR ANOTHER OSCORP EXPERIMENT GONE WRONG?

"Really? Then how the hell do you explain THIS!?"

Spider-Man landed on the fire escape outside Peter and MJ's apartment. He opened the window and walked into their bedroom to find a sleeping MJ still under the covers. He walked over, took off his mask, and kissed her on the forehead. She began stirring, her eyes opening.

"Hi." she whispered quietly.

"Hi, beautiful." he whispered back.

"How was fighting crime?"

"Oh, you know, the same. These punks today. You beat them up to stop them from robbing a convenience store, and then when they regain consciousness, they want to take a picture with you for their Facebook profiles. It's beyond weird."

MJ laughed.

"Oh, and there's another thing. Last night, this Booted Beauty character I completely missed during my time in DC returned or something..."

Peter tossed MJ that day's copy of the Bugle. MJ took a look, admiring what a much clearer and better photo it was than the previous pictures of the Booted Beauty in the newspaper and on TV.

"I didn't see her last night, but everybody's making a big deal about her return. You were here when everything with her went down. Do you have any idea about who she is? What she's doing? What to make of her? Anything?" Peter asked.

It was then that out of the corner of her eye, MJ saw a pair of tall, black rubber rain boots, hiding in her closet. The spider-symbol had vanished to avoid Peter discovering her secret.

"I haven't the foggiest," MJ replied.