USS Hammond

The Hammond was now lit normally. The fires were out and the inertial dampeners were fixed. This meant that the crew were now walking normally as opposed to wandering about with a tilt to their gait.

Sam Carter grabbed a coffee and turned to face the rest of her command crew in the conference room. Daniel, fresh dressing on his head sat staring at the two vessels outside the port.

"Daedalus. Strange they have a ship named that. We may be looking at another race of displaced humans."

Ty Franklin nodded, sipping from a soda can. He gestured at the smaller vessel as it manoeuvred to begin the tow of the Hammond.

"She's a beauty as well. And moves like its on rails."

The shuttle from the Daedalus was due in ten minutes and Sam wanted information. She sat, placed the coffee cup on the table and, feeling a little like Hank Landry, stared at it before speaking.

"I spoke to Dave. The astrometrics are totally off. None of our star charts match. In short we are way off the pitch. If we can get anything from these guys the least we should aim for is our current location. Then we can work on a way home. Also Daniel, I want you to work on finding out if we can start some kind of diplomatic dialogue."

Daniel nodded, jotting things down on his pad. Franklin shifted in his chair.

"Boss, the ship is stable. I have Damage Control teams repairing the few breaches in the hull and the Chief is working on the reactor. We should be under tow very shortly so from that point we can relax."

Sam nodded.

"I'll be going across on the shuttle with Daniel, Ty, you can cope here?"

She got a grin and a nod from her XO and continued.

"Ok then, give me Pat Meyer and two marines that can be discreet. Side-arms only."

A bump in the ships hull signalled that the tow was under way, shortly followed by the ships comm booming;

"All hands secure from State One, ship is under tow. Minimise on all unnecessary EM emissions."

In the distance a small shape emerged from the Larger vessel. Again the comm crackled to life.

"Shuttle craft inbound. ETA seven minutes."

Standing Sam nodded to her friends

"Lets get it done. Hopefully we can get some answers."



Cam Mitchell sat on the edge of a trolley as the alien doctor with the unusual head tentacles attended to Teal'c. She had left him with a robot that now fussed with a plastic sheath wrapped around his broken arm. Bacta they'd called it and it was tingling as it repaired his bones.

"Neat trick doc."

The doctor smiled, keeping her eyes on Teal'c. In turn the Jaffa warrior stared stoically back.

"Your friend doesn't say much does he?"

Cam smirked again and shaking his head looked at the floor before looking back up. His gaze taking in the room as he did, all very sci fi and far in advance of anything they had on the Hammond, but still recognisable as a med bay. Doc Keller would be doing back flips over it! He turned back to the doctor.

"No Doc he doesn't, but when he does its classic!"

At this remark Teal'c looked up at Mitchell and raised an eyebrow. Ve'lik finished dressing the wound on Teal'c head and stood back. Teal'c turned back to face her and finally smiled at the Twilek and inclined his head sightly.

"My thanks Doctor."

The two guards, weapons holstered but alert, stood to one side. A beeping alerted one and he touched a panel.

"Captain's compliments Commander, he's on his way down. Can you take our...guests to the conference room?"

Ve'lik turned and nodded. Facing the 302 crew she sighed, pushing a lekku over her shoulder.

"Time for you to meet the boss then."


Fighter Bay One

The bay was brighter now, main power having been restored, than the rest of the ship. Sam stood with Daniel, Major Pat Meyer, now in a blue flight suit instead of her joggers, and two Marines, one male and one female, waiting for the arrival of the shuttle. Daniel whistled quietly as the small ship came into view outside the shielded bay. It was a three winged vessel with a drooping nose that seemed vaguely familiar to Jackson. It manoeuvred alongside and nestled up to a smaller airlock next to the bay door.

"I feel like I've seen that ship before. Somewhere before...Atlantis file I think."

He fell silent as the 1MC boomed.

"Shuttle now docked at airlock alpha. Vessel stable."

The Marines took up station either side of Sam and Daniel as two techs in blue flight suits equalized the pressure in the lock. Sam threw Daniel a glance and smiled. Pat Meyer shifted for foot to foot, clearly nervous about the mission. Sam felt this and looked at her trying to reassure her with a sympathetic look. Pat smiled back looking a little calmer. Perhaps it was just excitement?

"Have a look when we get back all the mission files are on the ships central core. For now though..."

She turned back to the lock as the inner door swung up. A young, very young, man wandered out. He wore an orange flight suit and a gunbelt and looked about the bay at the 302s, the techs and finally at Sam and Daniel. A grin crossed his face and he waved as he ambled over. Meyer and Daniel exchanged a look. Fighter pilot!

"Hi. Colonel Carter? I'm Lieutenant Bren Tarl. The Commander sends his greetings and asks that you join him on the Daedalus."

He stopped a few steps in front of the group and stuffed his hands in his pockets, rocking on his feet, grinning. Sam smiled back and put a hand out.

"Lieutenant. This is Dr Daniel Jackson and my escorts, Sgt Collins and Lance Corporal Degeneres."

Tarl quickly pulled his hands out and shook the proffered hand, colouring as he remembered that Sam was an officer far above his grade. Meyer stifled a giggle as the youngster visibly changed colour from red to pale to red again.

"Ahem, yes, sorry Colonel. I'm usually in a fighter cockpit, the boss wanted his best pilot to pick you up."

Sam glanced back at Daniel who in turn smiled, shook his head and rolled his eyes as they both realised the young man reminded them of Jack and Cam.

"Lets go then Mr Tarl."