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Chapter 1: Memories.

Akihiko's POV:

"Starting now, we'll never be apart"

Those were the last words I'd said to her, Minako Arisato. The girl I cared for other than Miki. On May 3th 2009, I was holding her tight in my arms letting her fall asleep while the rest of SEES comes up to the roof top to celebrate. I'd remember everything. The shadows, the fighting, Tartarus, but most importantly I'd remember how special is she to me. The field leader of SEES means so much to me. Heck... she even looks beautiful in her sleep.

I was relieved until after a few months before March 31st 2010. Minako was sleeping soundly in the hospital for months. We were starting to get worried but the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with her. So we waited patiently until one day Mitsuru called a meeting with the members of SEES.

"Senpai? You've summon us?" asked Yukari.
"Yes. I have... news," said Mitsuru in a undertone manner.

When I heard Mitsuru's way of talking, I can tell that it was not good news. I was getting worried if the worst would happen.

"This better be quick! I ain't have time for this shit again," grunted Shinjiro.
"Actually, Aigis, would you mind excorting Akihiko out for awhile," said Mitsuru looking at the humanoid andriod.

I was shocked when I heard this.

"Hey? Don't I have the right to know what's going on too?" I said in an impatient manner.
"I no... I'll have Aragaki to explain everything to you later. For now Aigis. Please do as I say," said Mitsuru as she started to sound strict.
"What? Why the hell should I do that shit?" scolded Shinjiro.
"Understood. Akihiko-san, please follow me," said the humanoid andriod as she leads me outside to the first floor lounge.

I was reluctant but I have to do it since Mitsuru will execute me if I don't do what she says. I sigh deeply and start to wander what is it they're talking about. Aigis might know something since she was sent to escort me out. I asked her about it but all she said was that she is not obligated to say a word under Mitsuru's order. After a few minutes of silences, I hear footsteps coming downstairs. Shinjiro, my best friend comes up to me and leads me to the rooftop.

"So what was that all about? Mitsuru sounded like it was not a good news," I said while crossing my hands waiting for his answer.
"Damn it! Of all people why does she have to pick me?!" said Shinjiro in a moody manner.
"Just tell me what's going on already?!" I said impatiently.
"... Before I said this, Aki! You have to promise that you ain't going to overeact like a baby!" grunted Shinjiro.
"Can't you just tell me already?" I'm getting even more impatient. I can feel that he's stalling.

"It's about Minako. She died. Mitsuru told us that she recieve the report from the doctors this morning," said Shinjiro while he covered his teary eyes with his beanie.

I was shock to hear that. Minako... she... died?! No way, she was just sleeping peacefully yesterday. How can she?! Damn it.

Questions has been running through my head and before I know it, my eyes started feeling teary. I crouch down on the ground and punches the ground with my fist. It's not like me to cry but I can't hold back any tears. The one that I promise to protect, to make her happy, to be together forever just passed away? How can anyone hold back any tears?! That was until... Shinjiro punches me in the face.

"H...Hey?!" I said wanting to punch him back.
"I thought I told you to not act like a baby! Damn it! Think about how Minako would have felt seeing you like this!" scolded Shinjiro.

Those words stoped me. Minako... If she saw us fighting again, she would definately get in the way stoping us. I'm sure she wouldn't want to see me nor anyone like this. I'm pathetic. Shinji is more stronger than me. He knows how she would have felt after all, he used to loved her as well. I stand up and wipe off my tears.

"For her sake. I will get stronger. I will do what ever it takes to increase my abilities!" I said out loud.
"Tch... do what ever you want! I ain't have time to babysit yer everytime," said Shinjiro as he goes to the lounge to join everyone else.

Months went by and on March 31st 2010, we've finally know the real meaning about her death. She sacrifice her soul to be the great seal to keep Erebus, the death wishes from everyone in the world away from the maternal being, Nyx. She saved humanity by sacrificing herself. This made me more determine to look for the future and to get stronger. I promised myself that I would not love anyone other than her. No one can ever replace her after all.

Months turn into years as after that incident, I'd travel all around the world looking for enemies to fight, to train, to get stronger. My clothes has been in the way too much lately so I'd decided to wear pants and a cape carrying my evoker around while looking for oponents. Sometimes kids know me as hero as I fight crime. I don't really care bout it actually. It's just seem the right thing to do. I'm tired of loseing what's important anymore.

On August 2012, I never thought I'd heard from anyone soon but Mitsuru sent me a mission in Inaba to enter into a TV and retrive the so call 'stolen' humanoid andriod machine also known as Labrys. I accepted that mission instantly and enter an arena in the TV world also known as 'P-1 Grand Prix'. It was a hell lots of experience. I get to meet new persona users from Inaba. They were just kids but they can do a hell lot of pack a punch. We sucessfully retrieve Labrys and I was sent back to my house that I bought before I travel overseas.

The house was a fully furnish house. Fitted for a new family. The place is dusty since no one was staying here during my travels. I'd decided to clean up the place. Dust after dust, junk after junk, it was hard work but thanks to my training, cleaning up isn't a problem anymore. I suddenly remember that Officer Kurosawa left me a offer letter to be part of the police division. I need some serious training from him but, I guess it's a good offer. I can protect the citizens from harm and keep peace. Just as what Minako would have want. I took my bag and went to my study area to fill up the from. Before I reached for the from, I placed a stuffed toy bunny rabbit, a music box filled with jewelry I bought every year on Christmas and a photo frame of Minako and me during our high school year on the side of my study table arranging them neetly.

"We're home right now. I'd never thought I would bring you together during my travels, but I just can't leave you here alone after all," I chuckled.
"The music box is almost full. I'll get a new one for you and filled it in just like I promised," I said as if she was here listening to me. I can imagine her smiles and her giggles.

I started to feel depresed thinking about her. I really do missed her. I shooked my head and reach out for the form and fill it in to keep my mind distracted so that I won't feel so depresed. Hey since I got a new job, I should get new clothes. I mean, who would trust a policeman dressed half-naked with a cape right? I guess I can buy a few cans of protien on the way. It's hard to find that thing overseas. Damn it! I really need one now! Mitsuru and Aigis are no help at all! I got up from my desk and went to Paullownia Mall to do a little shoping.

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