Chapter 10- The Final

Teen Titans/ City Hall:

The strange man turned towards the Titans and Thantos.

"Oh, Daniel. I came to congratulate you."

Thantos growled. Robin held his hand out to stop the Titans; this fight was between this man and Thantos. Thantos can explain later.

"Vlad, how did you find me? Why are you here?"

"Oh please. That news paper had a photo of you. And while I didn't recognize you, I did recognize that symbol. As for why I am here, this is your last chance. It was easy to capture this worthless shit. All I had to do was find her. Now, Join me or I will destroy this worthless mistake," Vlad sneered then smirked, "besides with you, The new king, at my side, I will be unstoppable!"

The Titans looked confused, King?

Thantos looked at the girl in the cage.

They look related, Raven thought.

Thantos looked at Vlad. "I will never join you fruitloop. And you won't hurt my sister!"

Beastboy chuckled at the word fruitloop but quickly sobered when he saw Thantos. He was glaring at Vlad. His eyes were now red and his white hair turned to flames, the look of absolute hate on his face.

The Titans flinched, including Raven, That look can make Trigon tremble. The Titans then looked at the sky, as did everyone else but Thantos. The sky had turned black and there was lightening flashing. Thantos held out his hand and lightening stuck down and hit Vlad.

"Titans, while their fighting, go release the girl!" Robin ordered. The Titans quickly flew up, except Robin and Cyborg they climbed, to the cage. The girl kept watching Thantos. Robin and Cy got the cage upon by hacking the system of the electronic lock. The girl slowly flew out and looked at the Titans, "Thanks. My name is Lili. I'm Thantos' little sister. We have to stop him."

"Uh," Beastboy said, "I think Thantos can handle that guy."

Lili shook her head and looked at the Titans with fear in her eyes, "It's not that. We have to stop Thantos. He is really mad, and I don't want him to do something he will regret."

The Titans were a bit shocked. They looked back at Thantos. He opened his mouth and screamed at Vlad. Green sonic-waves flew from Thantos' mouth. It hit Vlad and knocked him unconscious. The sound of the scream made the Titan's ears ring.

Whoa, Beastboy though, that guy sure is powerful. Especially with that sonic scream thing.

Lili looked concerned, "We are lucky that he didn't use the ghostly wail to full power. Come on! This is our chance to calm Thantos down, if we don't then something bad could happen."

The Titans, and Lili, went to where Thantos was still glaring at the unconscious form of Vlad. The look of pure hate still on his face. He clenched and threw his fist. Lili quickly went to him and caught the fist, "Thantos," she said quietly, "Danny. You gotta calm down."

Thantos glared. "I can't calm down while this monster is still alive."

That shocked the Titans.

Lili back away shocked, she moved towards Raven. "Raven, you like my older brother don't you?"

Raven blushed, "I don't know."

Lili sighed, "You might be the only one who can stop him…" Lili whispered something in Raven's ear. The Titans didn't hear, but whatever she said made Raven's blush ten times as red.

"Fine." Raven said. She walked toward Thantos and tapped him on the shoulder. Thantos turned around and looked at Raven, his eyes still red and his hair still in flames. Thantos opened his mouth to say something, and Raven took her opportunity. She kissed him.

She grabbed his head and she kissed him. Thantos' eyes were big and he closed his eyes and kissed her back. He transformed back into his human half. Somewhere in the distance, a light pole lighted in black energy and blew up.

They finally let go of each other, Ryan had a goofy grin on his face. Raven had a very big blush and a slight smile.

The Titans stood there in shock, frozen. Beastboy fainted. Cyborg's systems shut down. Robin and Lili had big smiles. Starfire ran up to the Ryan and Raven.

"Epp! Friend Raven, Friend Ryan-Thantos! Does this mean that the two of you will do the dating?"

Ryan looked at Raven and smiled. Raven smiled back, and both of them said just one word, "Yes."

Robin chuckled, as did Lili. "Ryan," Robin said, "I think it's time we all went to the tower for some answers. Could you give me a hand with Cy and BB?"

Ryan chuckled.

Teen Titans Tower/half an hour later:

Ryan refused to answer any questions until Cyborg and Beastboy were up. Beastboy sat at the table with a puddle of drool around his mouth, and Cyborg was standing up hooked up to a battery. Raven explained to Ryan about her past and her father as they sat on the couch. Lili play video games. Starfire was cooking a 'meal of love.' Robin was helping Star.

After five minutes, Cyborg's eyes blinked open and Beastboy woke up.

"Uhhh," Beastboy moaned, "what time is it?"

Ryan looked at Beastboy and with a very serious look said, "Finally. You've been asleep for a whole month."

Beastboy shot awake, but realized it was a joke when Ryan started to laugh.

Cyborg chuckled, "Nice." Cy unplugged the battery and walked over to the couch, as did BB, Star, Robin. Lili continued with her game.

"So," Robin said, "I think it's time for some answers."

"Yeah," Beastboy said, "what was with the whole red eyes and flaming hair?"

Ryan sighed, "First things first. My name is not Ryan. It's Danny. Danny Fenton. I come from Amity Park. When I said my parents and friends died, I never said how. In the future, their deaths led me to become evil. And destroy the world."

The Titans looked shocked. Raven's eyes widen, He really is like me.

Danny then explained everything about him to The Titans. How his future self came back in time and posed as him to secure the future, he told them about Sam and Tucker. He told them how he was trapped in the future and how he returned back to defeat his older self. But he was too late. When his story was done he looked at the floor in shame. By then, Lili had finished her video game and hugged her brother for support. Raven clenched his hand to let him know that it was okay. Tears slid down Starfire's face. Beastboy and Cyborg were breathless and in shock. Robin looked sad and thoughtful.

"Danny," Robin said, "why did Vlad call you a king?"

Danny looked up at Robin and sighed. "Because, I defeat Pariah Dark. Making me the new king. King of The Ghost Zone."

Starfire gasped, as did BB and Cy. Raven hid her surprise, and Robin looked even more thoughtful.

"Danny," Robin said as he slowly stood up, "I need to talk to the Titans. Alone."

Danny flinched. He slowly stood up. Lili and Raven glared at Robin. Then Lili left the room with Danny.


"I hope that everything works out." Danny said as he sighed sadly. Dani gave him a hug, "I'm sure everything's going to be okay."

Danny smiled at Dani and hugged her tightly. After about five minutes Robin called them back into the room. Danny looked at the Titans. They were all behind Robin, except Raven. She came to stand beside Danny. All the Titans had smiles on their faces. Robin stepped towards Danny and had something clenched in his hand.

"Danny, we talked about it. And we would like to ask you something." Robin held out his hand to Danny and unclenched it. Revealing a Titan communicator. "Would you like join the Titans?"

Danny smiled and Raven kissed his cheek. Danny took the communicator. Robin slightly coughed, "Lili is welcome to join us once she is old enough."

Danny looked at Lili, "Ya know, since I'm a titan now, there's no one to watch the house or look after Cujo."

Dani looked a bit confused, then realization dawned on her face, "Do you mean it?"

Danny nodded his head as Dani hugged him saying thank you. Then she phased out of Titan Tower and flew towards her new home.

Well, Danny thought as he looked at all his new team mates and his girlfriend, this is it. My new life.

Author Note:

Good ending? Did ya like it? I'm sure you did. Sorry if there's mistakes. And in case you didn't understand, Dani will now be living in Danny's old house since he would be staying at Titan Tower. And I have a new poll up on my profile, please take the poll! Its important!