Ariel set down her son and watched him waddle to his father on the beach. She laughed as the little black haired boy was picked up and spun around. Eric loved playing with him. It melted Ariel's heart and she rested her hand lightly on her stomach, which was round again.

"It's a girl," she heard a voice call from the waves.

Smiling, Ariel walked into the surf to see her sister. "And how do you know that?"

Adella looked at the trident in her hands and chuckled, "I've learned a thing or two."

Ariel rubbed her stomach and looked down at it, "Well, who am I to argue with the ruler of the sea?"

"A human queen." Adella said simply.

Ariel nodded, "That's true."

The baby kicked and she made a face that said she was happy, but slightly in pain.

"Alright, you've got about 30 seconds before my husband realizes I'm in the water and has a stroke."

Adella wrinkled her nose, "Is he always so silly?"

Ariel scoffed, "When a woman is pregnant men lose all their senses. When I was pregnant with Max I thought Eric would drive me insane. Do you know he made me walk with socks on, everywhere? I couldn't even get out of the tub before he'd come bounding over with a pair of shoes. Scared I'd trip or get a splinter."

Right on cue, they both heard, "Daddy, look it's aunt Adella!"

As Eric looked up his face fell, "Ariel! Are you insane?"

She sighed, but was smiling. He was by her side in two giant leaps and looked as if he would carry her out of the water if she didn't start walking with him.

As they were walking back on the sand, Adella whispered in Max's ear and he shouted, "Daddy you're being silly!"

Ariel laughed at him as he glared at his sister in law half heartedly.

"I think I'm allowed," he grumbled at his wife. She simply leaned in and kissed him before they turned back towards the water and watched Max chasing the bubbles Adella was making for him.

"So, what should we name her?" She asked.

Eric looked at her in surprise. "How do you know it's a girl?"

She shrugged, "A little mermaid told me."