Yu-Gi-Oh! Dissidia

Separating from Crow in the Forest, Kite searches for the Dimensional Temple, the location that marks his father's first transgression.

Despair drove his father there twice, and Kite journeys with the intent to rescue his father rather than defeat him. But try as he might, he cannot avoid the conflict to come…

Destiny Draw 42-V

The sound of Crow's Duel Runner faded as Kite peeled away from him into the thicker sections of the trees, while Crow curved away towards the cliffs, and the red glow of his Mark disappeared into the trees.

"All right, let's find your hidey-hole, father," Kite mused, and he eased through the trees, slowing down significantly so that he could spot a route through the foliage. Twigs and branches cracked under Orbital 7's wheels, and the underbrush around him rustled as the dimension's inhabitants fled; though Kite didn't know whether it was the unfamiliar noise or the presence of Galaxy-Eyes in his deck that had them on edge.

He came out into a wider clearing, with a heap of dirt in the centre. "Looks like the others were here a while ago, Orbital," Kite observed. "See if you can find their traces."

"Y-You got it, boss!" Orbital replied. "Initiating local scans."

Orbital 7's photoreceptors flashed red, and his scopes extended. The area was saturated with two views in each eye; green for night vision, and blues for the thermal, with the footprints of the individuals highlighted in yellow, and the broken branches painted yellow where the sap and inner flesh were exposed.

"I-It's this way, Master Kite!" Orbital declared, turning so that he aligned his wheels in the direction that the footprints led. "There are significant disturbances in that direction!"

"Then that's where the Dimensional Temple is," Kite noted. "Let's just hope that my father fixed it after Jaden wrecked it."

He gunned Orbital's engine, and they took off down the path that the others had taken to get to the ruins. Since it seemed it was the second time that Jaden had gone to the temple, the route was straightforward, with no need to lop around the trees, though Kite still kept his speed low.

"Stone walls d-detected!" Orbital declared.

Sure enough, Kite could see a dark mass rising in front of him, and he decelerated as he approached the walls. Stone littered the ground in front of him, but the entrance to the Dimensional Temple had indeed been repaired, and Kite braked, sliding sideways and drifting to a stop.

He dismounted, and Orbital transformed back into his robot form, looking around the area.

"N-No life s-signs detected in the immediate area!" Orbital informed Kite.

"Well, it's not like Faker's gonna make this straightforward," Kite muttered as he walked through the doorway. Having experienced the traps in Vector's former castle, and having heard from Quinton of the traps in this temple, he was wary of similar perils, and as soon as he entered he saw a thick slab of stone lying on the ground, having clearly fallen from a slat in the ceiling.

Kite shook his head, and he proceeded to the passageway. "Give us some light, Orbital," he ordered, and Orbital 7 sidled ahead of him, switching on a flashlight set in his photoreceptor, revealing a spiral staircase, with carvings on the passage walls.

As Orbital 7 moved down, Kite followed, running his hands over the carvings. Rings and stars, swirling vortexes, square-shaped portals with triangular arrows at the corners and along the edges, circular glyphs with star-like patterns within them, blazing altars, and most predominantly, twisting streams of energy entering a portal.

"An xyz summon," Kite mused. "Guess this is how he opened the portal to Barian World. Where he betrayed Chris and Yuma's fathers..." He closed his eyes and shook his head. "All for Hart…" he muttered as he continued down the stairway.

He came out into the long walkway, which had been fixed up with a metal frame bolted to the edges. Kite took hesitant steps, but his father's – or at least, I assume that's his, he thought – repairs held up well, and the walkway didn't shudder. With Orbital 7 trailing behind him, he crossed the walkway, and reached the long staircase.

"I'll see you later, Orbital," Kite said. "Thanks for the help…but this is my father, and my fight."

Orbital 7 saluted. "Y-You got this, boss!" he cried, before he faded away, and Kite shuffled his card into his deck, before heading up the steps.

After a few minutes of scaling the extensive staircase, Kite reached the top, the large pillar where Jaden had explained that he'd duelled Faker. Doctor Faker was standing on the other side of the pillar with his card zone floating in front of him and his hands clasped behind his back.

"It's good to see you again Kite," Faker said.

"Faker," Kite said coldly. "Spare me the pleasantries; I want answers. Why are you here, why are you fighting for Zorc, for the darkness that he wants to unleash?" he asked.

"I am sorry Kite, but you are under the assumption that any of us were given a choice," Faker replied. "Certainly, I agreed to participate, but we were made offers that we could not refuse, and so I decided to do my duty." He closed his eyes and bowed his head. "You must understand this from our perspective; we are trapped in our roles as you are, we are forced to do battle to decide the struggle of power and decide the fate of our world," he explained. "If we want to destroy our opponents, then it is best to duel them with our full power and skill in order to take them down. If we wish to aid the side of light, then we must fight them with our full strength as well, to allow them to prove the strength of their convictions."

Kite glared at his father angrily. "All right, fine," he replied. "But I know that you're not telling the full truth, Faker," he warned the scientist. "One way or another, I'll duel it out of you!" he declared. "Let's duel!" he yelled, taking up a ready stance.

"Yes, indeed! A clash of the soul!" Faker replied. His body glowed, and it swelled as his clothing burst into scraps, revealing the metal bodysuit as the plates slid out to cover most of his body and the left side of his face. Veins stood out on what could still be seen of his face.

"Go, Photon Transformation!" Kite called, and white light rippled up his body, changing the black portions of his coat to white. The blue tattoo rippled across his eye, changing the iris to red, and his duel disk expanded on his arm.

They drew their five cards as purple smoke began to waft around them, and the darkness of the room was saturated by blue and purple fog.

"I shall begin this duel, with this!" Faker called, drawing his card. "The tuner monster, Junk Synchron!" he declared, slapping the card down onto his card zone. A little orange-armoured monster with an engine on its back appeared. (3/1300/500)

"Then since I control a Junk monster, I can call forth Junk Servant from my hand!" Faker continued, and a taller man in a black bodysuit armoured in orange and red with an ovular helmet appeared beside Junk Synchron. (4/1500/1000)

"Now, Kite, here is the first hurdle that you must face!" Faker declared. "I tune my level three Junk Synchron with the level four Junk Servant!" he called, and Junk Synchron pulled its ripcord, dissolving into three motes of light. The motes quickly transformed into rings, encircling Junk Servant, and the Servant faded into the golden outline with four motes within it. They aligned, and a spear of light shot down them.

"I synchro summon Junk Berserker!" Faker declared, and a mechanical screech echoed through the Dimensional Temple as a powerful red and black armoured warrior appeared, brandishing a massive black club-like axe. (7/2700/1800)

"I place a card face-down, and end my turn," Faker declared, slotting a card into his card zone, which materialized in a rush of yellow squares between him and Junk Berserker.

Kite frowned. Yusei told me about this…, he thought. Faker's using synchro monsters as well now. That just means more problems for me to deal with.

He drew his card and looked at it. Photon Thrasher. Excellent!, he thought. "Since I don't have any monsters, I'm allowed to special summon my Photon Thrasher!" he called, and the blue and hardlight-armoured cyclopean warrior appeared, brandishing its large blade. (4/2100/0)

"Then I summon Galaxy Dragon!" Kite continued, and a smaller, more humanoid version of his Galaxy-Eyes materialized beside it with a roar. (4/2000/1200)

Faker smiled. "Two monsters with more than two-thousand attack points apiece," he commented. "Is it coming?"

"Now I overlay my level four Galaxy Dragon and Photon Thrasher!" Kite declared, much to Faker's surprise. The two monsters transfigured into yellow swirls of light, and they swirled into the air.

"I use these two light monsters to build the overlay network!" Kite continued as a red spiral portal opened beneath his feet, and the energy swirls twisted in. "I xyz summon Starliege Palydynamo!" he declared, and a white armoured monster with armoured wings and a glass sword appeared from the portal. (4/2000/1000)

"Ah, yes, of course," Faker mused. "A genius move, Kite."

"I activate Palydynamo's special ability!" Kite retorted. "I use two overlay units to negate your monster's effect and reduce his attack power to zero!" Palydynamo slashed through both overlay units, and gold dust exploded off Junk Berserker as it fell to zero attack points.

Faker applauded slowly. "Very smart, son. Galaxy-Eyes would have allowed you to dodge Junk Berserker, but not destroy it, whereas this attack will destroy my monster and inflict substantial damage!"

"Don't patronize me!" Kite snapped. "Starliege Palydynamo, attack Junk Berserker!"

Palydynamo launched a red ball of energy from its sword at Junk Berserker.

"It's a shame that your intelligence is so predictable!" Faker retorted. "I activate the Draining Shield trap card!"

The trap flipped up, surrounding Junk Berserker in an energy shield which absorbed the attack, channelling it into Faker.

"Your attack is cancelled and my life points increased by your monster's strength!" Faker laughed as he rose to 6000 life points.

Kite bit back a curse. "He was ready…" he growled.

"Of course I was ready," Faker commented. "Either you summoned Galaxy-Eyes – assuming that you even have it in your hand – and dodged the trap, but failed to destroy Junk Destroyer, or you summoned another monster that could defeat it, but was unable to avoid my trap," he explained. "You're facing a true genius, Kite, you need to be better prepared than that."

"Shut up!" Kite snapped, slotting a card into his duel disk. "I'll place this card face-down and end my turn!"

"Then it's my turn!" Faker declared, drawing his card. "Of course, your move did permanently debilitate my Junk Destroyer, so its work is done," he noted. "So, I'll tribute it in order to summon Junk Collector!" he declared. Junk Destroyer exploded into dust, and a spindly warrior that almost seemed mechanical appeared on the field, clad in a green trench coat and holding a strange hammer. (5/1000/2200)

"Then I shall send Garbage Ogre from my hand to the graveyard in order to add Garbage Lord from my deck to my hand," Faker continued, and Kite stiffened.

He's got a level five monster on his field already, and now he's got one of those Garbage monsters in his hand…, Kite thought. Could it be coming?, he wondered.

"I'll place one card face-down, and then end my turn!" Faker declared.

"What?" Kite asked in surprise. "What are you doing? You just left a weak monster in attack mode!"

"Then attack it Kite, and see if you can figure your way out of this one!" Faker replied with a smile.

"All right, fine!" Kite snapped, drawing his card. "My turn!" he called, and he smiled at the sight of Galaxy Wizard. Now it's time to play some mind games of my own, he thought. "I summon Galaxy Wizard!" Kite called, and the blue-skinned mage in white robes and hat appeared. (4/0/1800) "Then I tribute Galaxy Wizard and activate its special ability!" Kite continued. "I add a Galaxy card from my deck to my hand – my Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!" he declared, holding up his ace card.

Faker frowned.

"Then I'll attack your little scarecrow with Palydynamo!" Kite yelled, and Palydynamo charged up its blades again, releasing the red ball of energy.

"And in turn, I play the special ability of my Junk Collector!" Faker declared. "By banishing it, I can activate a trap card from the graveyard, and I think you know which one!"

"You can't be serious!" Kite groaned.

"I'm sorry, but Draining Shield will absorb your attack once again!" Faker commented, and as Junk Collector exploded into golden dust, the shield sprang up around Faker and absorbed the damage into Faker's life points, bringing them all the way up to 8000.

"Ah, Kite, you can't even touch me at this level," Faker noted.

"You're gonna run out of trap cards eventually," Kite warned his father.

"Well now that's up to you, isn't it my boy?" Faker commented. "Now it's my turn!" he declared, drawing his card. "And I shall draw again, with this – the Card of Adversity spell card!"

Faker drew two more cards, well aware that Kite knew the card's effect.

Kite frowned. What is he up to?, he wondered. I used quite a few of my cards that I used in my duel with Yuma, and now he's rolled out another one… He looked at his deck, which contained its own copy of Card of Adversity. No monsters while I control special summoned ones lets him use it…just as he planned. He's stringing me along like a fool!

"Next I shall summon the Junk Anchor tuner monster!" Faker declared, and a robot with spherical limbs and head appeared on the field, with a mirror in place of facial features. (2/0/0)

Another tuner monster…, Kite thought. He's summoning a synchro monster!

"I activate the special ability of Junk Anchor!" Faker declared. "I send a card from my hand to the graveyard, and then repurpose a Junk monster in the graveyard as a synchro material, but once I do, they will be banished!"

He held up a level six monster with a smile. "I shall discard and revive Junk Giant!" he declared, and a jade robot with short thighs and biceps appeared, with drill on stalks protruding from its shoulders. (6/2000/2400) "Then I immediately tune these two monsters in order to synchro summon!" Faker continued, and Junk Anchor's fists lit up, transforming into motes of light as the monster faded. The motes became green rings, surrounding Junk Giant and fading it into six motes of light. A spear of light shot down the rings.

"I synchro summon Junk Destroyer!" Faker declared, and the metal-armoured warrior appeared, with four powerful arms and four white glider wings, and the four blue orbs glowing around the red orb in its chest. (8/2600/2500)

Kite scowled. Yusei used that one in his last duel…, he thought grimly.

"Now I activate the special ability of Junk Destroyer!" Faker declared. "When it's synchro summoned, it destroys one card for each non-tuner monster that I used to synchro summon it!" he explained.

Junk Destroyer launched a blast of energy from its fist, shattering Starliege Palydynamo into gold dust.

Kite ducked behind his arm as the dust faded. "Thanks to Palydynamo's special ability, I can draw a card," he explained, and he drew from his deck.

"Junk Destroyer will now attack you directly!" Faker called, and Junk Destroyer charged forwards.

"I play the Lumenize trap card!" Kite called, and the trap card flipped up and release a blinding light, pushing Junk Berserker back. "Hope you liked the light show," Kite commented. "Now it's my turn!"

He drew his card and immediately slotted it into his duel disk. "I'll begin this turn with the Galaxy Zero equip spell!" he called, and the card materialized in a rush of yellow squares, depicting Galaxy-Eyes crawling from a fissure in the ground. "This card will summon Photon Thrasher from my graveyard!" he explained, and Photon Thrasher leapt out of a graveyard portal, planting its blade in the ground.

"Then I'll summon Photon Crusher!" Kite continued, and the green-armoured cyclopean warrior appeared, brandishing its club. (4/2000/0)

Faker laughed. "Ah, Kite, it's coming now. This time there is no ambiguity."

"If you want to see my ace, he's coming now!" Kite snapped. "My soul!" He plucked the two cards off his duel disk. "I tribute Photon Thrasher and Photon Crusher!" he called, and both monsters exploded into gold dust. "Here comes the monster more savage than a supernova!" Kite declared as a maroon cross materialized in his hand. "With the cataclysmic force of ten black holes put together!" he cried as the cross began to take in light. "A cosmic scourge that vaporizes anything in its path, appear to us, Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!"

The purple-armoured hardlight dragon materialized as the cross expanded. Beams of light made up the powerful wings, and the hardlight limbs stood out with muscle. The galaxy shone in its eyes as it bared its chest and roared, before the glow faded. (8/3000/2500)

"You're not escaping this time!" Kite warned. "I attack your Junk Destroyer with Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!" he yelled. "Go, Photon Stream of Destruction!"

Galaxy-Eyes lit up, powered up, and it blasted the stream of light from its jaws, shattering Junk Destroyer into gold dust. Faker shielded himself from the backlash with a grunt of pain as his life points fell to 7600.

Kite's eyes widened as he saw what he'd done. White cracks ran along his father's robotic bicep. Faker cast his eyes down at them and he closed his eyes with a faint smile.

"Yes, this is our fate," he commented. "They're not real wounds – think of them as what your Photon Transformation inflicted to your body. Weak points, stress fractures. When you lose life points, they will be inflicted. Gaining life points afterwards will heal them…but they are not dependent on our life point percentages. Even though I have seventy-six-hundred life points, I will suffer damage whenever they decrease," Faker explained.

"And you agreed to this, Faker?" Kite asked.

"I did," Faker said sadly. "And I would do it again." He drew his card. "It's my turn!" he declared. "And I shall first pay two-thousand life points in order to summon my Garbage Lord!" he called, and his life points fell to 5600 as the magenta and steel-robed monster appeared, brandishing its staff. (5/0/2400)

"Then I activate the Inferno Reckless Summon spell card!" Faker called. "Since I just special summoned a monster with less than fifteen-hundred attack points, I can call forth the other copies from my deck!" he explained. "Of course, the price to pay is that so can you, but you only have one Galaxy-Eyes!" he noted as the other two Garbage Lords materialized.

Kite gritted his teeth. "It's coming…" he mused.

"I overlay my three level five Garbage Lords!" Faker called, and the three monsters transformed into purple swirls of energy and twisted into the air. "And I'll use them to xyz summon a force that will need a huge supply of energy – Number 53: Heart-eartH!" he called.

A blue number "53" flashed in the air as the mechanical fiend materialized; blue cross-lattices and organic marron curves making up the fascicle of a torso. Orange eyespots burned on the creature as it brandished its powerful arms. (5/100/100)

"I shall set a card down, and end my turn there!" Faker declared.

Kite narrowed his eyes. "It's my turn. I draw!" he called, drawing his card. "You made a grave mistake, bringing that monster out in front of Galaxy-Eyes!" he warned Faker. "It's hunting time! So I'll attack Heart-eartH with Galaxy-Eyes! Photon Stream of Destruction!"

Galaxy-Eyes powered up again and attacked, blasting the light stream at Heart-eartH.

"And now of course, your Heart-eartH's special ability kicks in, raising its attack points by those of my Galaxy-Eyes," Kite commented, and sure enough, Heart-eartH had powered up to 3100 attack points.

Kite smiled, and splayed out his hand. "But I'll just use my Galaxy-Eyes' special ability! Both of our monsters are banished!" he called.

Galaxy-Eyes and Heart-eartH were suffused with light, and they lit up and vanished entirely.

"Now the battle ends, and our monsters return to the field," Kite commented, and Hearth-eartH rematerialized, its orbiting overlay units now absent, as did Galaxy-Eyes. "Then, Galaxy-Eyes gains five-hundred attack points for every overlay unit your monster had when it was banished!" he continued. A purple graveyard portal opened in the stone, and the three purple orbs rose out of it. Galaxy-Eyes absorbed them into the jewel on its chest, and it roared as it powered up to 4500 attack points.

"Since your monster's special ability only allows it to gain original attack strength, it won't be able to stand up to Galaxy-Eyes next turn!" Kite warned. "Even if it is a Number, I'll still deal you damage!" He slotted a card into his disk. "I'll end my turn with this face-down card, so go ahead and switch into defense mode," Kite replied.

"Very well," Faker commented, drawing his card. "I'm afraid that Galaxy-Eyes won't be doing any damage with those attack points however, Kite, because I'm summoning Junk Breaker!" Faker called, placing the monster down on his card zone.

A steel-armoured monster appeared on the field, swathed in a black cape with a red lining. Blonde hair emerged from a single spike on the helmet, and it clutched an oversized mace in its hands. (4/1800/1000)

"He might not seem like much, but by tributing him on the turn he was summoned, I can activate his special ability, and negate the effects of all face-up monsters on the field until the end of this turn!" Faker explained.

"What?!" Kite gasped. "But you'll be worse off than me if you do that!" he protested.

"Don't be short-sighted my boy!" Faker warned his son. "But first, watch as Junk Breaker uses his Hammer of Slumber!" he called, and Junk Breaker leapt into the air, raising his mace. Light erupted from it, and Heart-eartH's aura exploded, while Galaxy-Eyes faded to purple and shrank to 3000 attack points.

"Next I activate the Destruct Potion trap card!" Faker called, and the trap card flipped up and unleashed a surge of purple smoke. "Thanks to this trap, one of my monsters is destroyed, and I receive a bonus – life points equal to its attack points!" Faker explained.

Heart-eartH exploded into golden dust, and the dust flowed into Faker, increasing him to 5700 life points. One of the white lines on his chest glowed brightly and faded.

Kite scowled. "But since Heart-eartH had no overlay units, it triggers its last ability…" he muttered.

"I see that you've remembered well, Kite," Faker commented. "Now that it's been destroyed with no overlay units, Heart-eartH itself can be used as an overlay unit in order to call forth Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon!" he declared.

A magenta number "92" flashed in the air, energy coursing through it, as a column of blue energy erupted from the chasm behind Faker. With a thunderous roar, a glowing purple dragon rose from the depths, with a white belly, spiked, pterosaur-like wings, insectoid appendages that perched on the platform behind Faker, and a crest that resembled the wings of a bat atop its cruel head. Wicked, thick teeth filled its max, and its chest held a red, heart-like object, partially covered by the white, rib-like armour on its chest. (9/0/0)

"Junk Breaker's special ability only affects the monsters that were in play when it was summoned, so Heart-eartH Dragon can now unleash its full wrath against you!" Faker warned Kite. "Now attack Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, Heart-eartH Dragon! Dragon Cannon Blast! Use your special ability to inflict the battle damage to your opponent!"

Heart-eartH Dragon concentrated a massive ball of flaming energy in its jaws and breathed it towards Galaxy-Eyes.

"I activate the Battle Simulation trap card!" Kite retorted. "Thanks to this card, the monsters involved aren't destroyed, and their attack points are cut in half for the battle!"

Galaxy-Eyes fell to 1500 attack points as the orange flames bounced of its armour, smashing back into Heart-eartH Dragon. Heart-eartH Dragon glowed orange, and its sinister eyes glowed purple as it blasted another fireball at Kite.

When the fireball hit, blasting Kite backwards, he was barely able to maintain his footing. He felt the cracks open up and run through him, and as his life points fell to 2500, he looked down at his forearms, where he had shielded himself from the blast, to see white lines of light running across them.

"I shall end my turn there, Kite, and allow you a chance to fight back against Heart-eartH Dragon," Faker commented, and the attack points of Galaxy-Eyes rose to 3000 again.

"A chance?" Kite asked. "What do you take me for, Faker? Did you forget that I was the first one to destroy Heart-eartH Dragon when we faced it for the first time? Just like how you forgot what happened the last time you agreed to work for the forces of evil?" he asked angrily. "I know that you definitely didn't forget the pain I went through trying to rescue Hart, given the nature of this Shadow Game!"

He clenched his fist angrily. "It's my turn! I draw!" Kite yelled, drawing his card, and he smiled at the sight of Galaxy Knight.

"I activate my trap cards!" Faker called. "First is Battle Mania!" he explained, gesturing to an image of a man in a suit and glasses glaring at a wild-haired man in a gi. "Your monsters are forced to attack me this turn!" He indicated the other trap, depicting a white-skinned dragon with thick arms and a triangular head punching through existence. "Then the Breakthrough Skill trap card, which will negate Galaxy-Eyes' special ability for this turn!" he finished. "Now you have no choice but to battle Heart-eartH Dragon, even if you remove Galaxy-Eyes from the field!"

Kite smirked. "I beg to differ," he replied.

Faker raised his eyebrow, but he kept quiet.

"I summon Galaxy Knight!" Kite declared, and the monster surfed in on a blue, diamond-shaped board. Clad in steel, segmented armour over a black bodysuit with a mask-like helmet section attached to the bottom of the helmet, it brandished a longsword in one hand as it kept its balance with ease. (8/2800/2200)

"Since I have a Galaxy monster out, I can summon this card without tributing, but his attack points fall by a thousand for the turn," Kite explained. "Of course, it's not going to matter, because he isn't sticking around for long." He began glowing slightly blue, an aura of "smoking" energy roiling around him. "I overlay my level eight Galaxy Knight and Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!" he yelled, and both monsters transformed into yellow swirls of light, spiralling into the air. A galaxy spiral portal opened in the centre of the field as Heart-eartH Dragon sinuously twisted around the platform, and the energy spirals twisted into it.

"All the forces in the universe gather in this moment in time!" Kite chanted, and a blue sword appeared in his hand. He leapt into the air, throwing it into Within the portal, they could see Galaxy-Eyes' armour and claws shatter in an explosion of blue light. It rose out of the overlay network, particles collecting from the edge of the overlay network as a red number "62" flashed in the air.

"Appear, Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon!" Kite declared.

The new Galaxy-Eyes shrieked at Faker. Blue armour, rather than purple, covered its hardlight form. Black armour covered its forearms, studded with green jewels, and three tails twisted behind it. Blades sprouted from its wicked head and neck, and its wings were even larger than before. (8/4000/3000)

"Your Number is powerful Kite, but even Prime Photon Dragon cannot defeat Heart-eartH Dragon," Faker noted. "So just what are you up to?" he asked.

Kite smiled. "You'll see. Because I'm overlaying Prime Photon Dragon with its overlay units!" he declared.

The two yellow orbs surrounding Prime Photon Dragon spiralled into the air, and Prime Photon Dragon reverted into its sword form and began to glow. It enlarged into a thick maroon cross, and Kite threw it into the air, where it entered a blue overlay network. An explosion of light resounded from the overlay network.

"A new world opens at the end of the galaxy's light! Go, Armoured Xyz Summon! Come forth, Galaxy-Eyes Full Armour Photon Dragon!" Kite chanted.

With a titanic roar, a new Galaxy-Eyes appeared above Kite. It resembled the original Galaxy-Eyes, but it was more heavily armoured, with darker purple armour covering more hardlight skin. (8/4000/3500)

"Now I don't need to battle to get rid of Heart-eartH Dragon!" Kite snapped. "I activate Galaxy-Eyes Full Armour Photon Dragon's special ability!" he declared, and Galaxy-Eyes absorbed one of its overlay units into its wing. "By using one overlay unit, it can destroy a monster on your field! Galaxy Sidewinder!"

A blast of light erupted from the crystal on Galaxy-Eyes Full Armour Photon Dragon's wing, piercing Heart-eartH Dragon in the chest and through its coils. Heart-eartH Dragon roared before exploding, the shockwave shaking the platform.

"Now Heart-eartH Dragon activates its final special ability!" Faker declared. "When it's destroyed while it has overlay units, it can be revived from the graveyard!"

Purple light surged from beneath the platform, and Heart-eartH Dragon's massive head emerged from the depths with a snarl as its eyes glowed a nasty red.

"And when it's summoned in this manner, it gains one-thousand attack points for every card that is currently banished!" Faker reminded Kite.

Kite bit back a curse. "Galaxy-Eyes and Heart-eartH returned after they were banished, but he removed Junk Collector and that trap…and again, when he summoned Junk Destroyer…so that's four cards."

"That's correct, Kite! Four thousand attack points!" Faker declared, and Heart-eartH Dragon roared as it powered up. "And since Heart-eartH Dragon cannot be destroyed in battle, it will destroy your monster when it attacks!"

Sure enough, Galaxy-Eyes Full Armour Photon Dragon was powering up its light stream, and it let it loose with a snarl.

Heart-eartH Dragon let out an ugly roar, and it blasted a fireball from its jaws at Galaxy-Eyes. Both attacks landed, and Heart-eartH Dragon glowed blue before shaking the blast off. Galaxy-Eyes Full Armour Photon Dragon on the other hand, glowed orange as the fire spread before vanishing behind a cloud of flame.

Kite shielded himself from the backlash with a scowl. "I play a card face-down, and end my turn," he said grimly.

Faker drew his card. "Is this truly the best that you can do, Kite?" he asked.

"No," Kite snapped. "Of course it isn't. I'm still going, aren't I?"

Faker closed his eyes, and to Kite's surprise, tears began to stream from them. "Oh, Kite…I'm afraid that regardless of this duel's outcome, you won't have much longer left."

"So you believe that we're that lost to this conflict, is that it?" Kite asked. "Was our victory against Vector not enough, our fight against Don Thousand?! You think we're lost?!" He stepped forwards angrily, clenching his fist. "Faker…father…you created Heartland! A place where children could have fun, because you believed in them! And you think that it's all lost?!"

He raised his fist and he held it in front of his heart. "If that's the case, then you're right, it doesn't matter if we win or lose. Nothing's gonna change your outlook. Why even agree to participate in this conflict if that was the case?!"

"You assume that we were given a choice…" Faker noted. "But even so, I would have agreed…and now it falls to me to end this." He drew his card. "Heart-eartH Dragon, direct attack! Dragon Cannon Blast!"

Heart-eartH Dragon let loose another fireball, which arced towards Kite.

"Not yet," Kite said. He swiped his hand across his duel disk, and his trap card flipped up, bearing two dragons. "I activate the trap card Double Dragon Descent!" he snapped. "Now that you've made a direct attack, I call forth a light dragon xyz monster from my extra deck to defend me! And its attack points become equal to those of your Heart-eartH Dragon!"

His extra deck chamber slid open and disgorged a card. "Now, twin hopes of memory, become one and pierce through the darkness! Come forth and defend our memories, Number 38!" he chanted, and a red number "38" flashed in the air as a white cross materialized between Kite and the fireball. It unfolded into a massive dragon, but unlike a Galaxy-Eyes, instead of solid hardlight, energy coursed through the blue sections of the dragon's body. Blades of that material formed the dragon's wings, and dark blue blades served as hind limbs. Powerful armoured forearms were covered in white armour as it took up a menacing position. (8/3000/2500)

"Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy!" Kite declared. "Attack with Titanic Burst of Destruction!"

"It's pointless!" Faker snapped. "Just as Full Armour fell, so too shall your hope!"

Titanic Galaxy let off a blast of light, piercing through the fireball. It hit Heart-eartH Dragon in the heart, but even though the serpentine dragon flinched back, it didn't shatter. Titanic Galaxy on the other hand, was immolated in seconds, and the backlash of the attack pushed Kite back to the edge of the platform.

"I end my turn there," Faker said. "Kite…what hope is there?"

"The hope brought by Hope Harbinger Dragon," Kite replied. "The hope that this next draw holds a key to bringing you down!" He drew his card, holding it perpendicular to his arm, and he grinned. "Like this!" he yelled, slapping the card down. "Numeral Hunter, come to the field!"

The white glow of Kite's clothes faded as purple armour began to materialize around him, including a draconian visor. A purple crest materialized on his back, and hardlight wings shot out of it. (4/1600/1400)

"You became your monster?" Faker asked in surprise.

"I'm not just getting a new look to match yours," Kite warned Faker. "Numeral Hunter is a monster designed to be the ultimate Number Hunter, even stronger than Galaxy-Eyes," he explained. "It may have less attack points, but it balances it out with numerous special abilities – including the ability to return all Numbers on the field to the extra deck when it's summoned!"

"What?!" Faker gasped in shock.

Kite began to glow blue, and a wave of power rippled out from his body. Heart-eartH Dragon roared as the blue glow over took it, and the card jumped up off Faker's card zone. Faker caught it as Heart-eartH Dragon faded from the field. He looked up to see Kite charging towards him, and to his shock, Kite slugged him in the stomach.

"In addition, now that Numeral Hunter is in play, neither of us can summon any more Numbers," Kite commented as Faker fell to 4100 life points, and cracks spread from the impact point in his stomach. "And don't think of using another xyz monster to destroy Numeral Hunter either – they can't destroy me in battle, nor can their special abilities affect me." He turned away from his father and leapt back to his side of the field.

Faker bowed his head. "I see," he said. "Tell me…where did you get that card?" he asked. "It was not in the deck that we helped create for you all that time ago."

"Just admit it, father!" Kite snapped. "Tell me why you're here! Enough with the self-loathing, enough with the regret, just admit that you're here because you think I'm gone for good!"

Silence echoed through the Dimensional Temple as the two armoured duelists stared one another down.

"So, you know your fate…" Faker mused. "I'm…so sorry…and I know that you will go to it willingly."

"That's not my fate," Kite warned.

"You cannot change the past-" Faker begun.

"Yusei changed the future, so I'm fairly sure that I'd be safe even if I needed to deal with this," Kite retorted. "But I don't. Father…I did pass on that moon. I ran out of oxygen, and my suit shut down. And I listened to you mourn as I passed out…"

He clenched his fists as his hands trembled. "I passed into Astral World…and as it was attacked I helped Yuma and Shark take down Don Thousand, the Barian deity…and then I came back."

Faker's eyes widened. "W-What?" he asked. "Kite…you're…"

"Astral used the Numeron Code to bring me back, father!" Kite declared. "Our future is waiting for us! So let's stop this!"

Faker shook his head. "Kite…my son, you have made me possibly the happiest I have been since I met your mother." He stood straight and tall and he looked Kite dead in the eye. "But we must continue this duel! As per the rules of this conflict, you must prove your strength, display your will, and defeat me!"

"My proof stands before me, father," Kite replied. "All my life, I've fought for Hart…but now my purpose is to rescue you from Zorc!"

"Then face me, Kite, and prove that you can tackle my genius!" Faker replied. "And now I shall prove that I can tackle your Numeral Hunter!" he declared, drawing a card. "With this!" he yelled, placing the other card in his hand onto the field. "Junk Blader!"

A purple-armoured monster carrying a massive red triangular sword appeared on the field, caped in black, lined with purple. (4/1800/1000)

"I play Junk Blader's special ability!" Faker declared. "By banishing a Junk monster from my graveyard, it gains four-hundred attack points!"

Kite tried not to groan under his breath. Even if he banished Junk Anchor and Junk Giant to synchro summon Junk Destroyer, that's still four monsters in the graveyard, he thought.

The spectres of the fallen Junk monsters – Synchron, Servant, Berserker, and Destroyer – rose behind Junk Blader, and energy flowed from their outstretched hands into the massive blade. Junk Blader shouldered the massive weapon as it rose to 3400 attack points.

"Now attack, Junk Blader!" Faker cried. "Destroy Numeral Hunter!"

Junk Blader spun around, and it brought its blade low. It leapt into the air, and brought the sword down on Kite, shattering the armour of Numeral Hunter. The white glow of Kite's Photon Transformation was instantly restored as the fragments fell and exploded into gold dust. White lines traced their way down Kite's chest, following the path of the strike as his life points fell to 700.

"I shall end my turn there, and Junk Blader's attack points shall return to normal," Faker said as the glow around Junk Blader's sword faded.

Kite panted from the impact of the strike. "It's my turn now," he replied. "I draw!" he called, drawing his card. "First I place a monster face-down in defense mode!" he called. "Then I'll play one card face-down, and end my turn," he finished, and two backed images materialized in rushes of yellow squares.

"Then it's my turn again," Faker mused. He drew his card, and pointed it at Kite's monster. "I shall attack your face-down monster with Junk Blader!" he declared, and Junk Blader charged as Kite's monster flipped up, revealing a blue-robed mage with a white cloak and a mirrored shield.

"I play the flip effect of my Galaxy Mirror Sage!" Kite called. "I gain five-hundred life points for every Galaxy monster in my graveyard!" He held up his duel disk. "And with seven, that's enough to fully replenish my life points!" he said with a smirk. His life points rose to 4200 as the attack connected, dissolving Galaxy Mirror Sage.

"Then I'll use Galaxy Mirror Sage's other special ability since it was sent to the graveyard," Kite continued. "I can summon one level four or below Galaxy monster from my deck face-down in defense mode, but it's banished when it's sent to the graveyard!"

He slapped a card down, and the image formed in a rush of yellow squares.

"In that case, I shall conclude my turn with a face-down card," Faker declared, slotting it into his card zone, likewise formed in a rush of yellow squares. What did he summon…?, he wondered.

"Now it's my turn!" Kite yelled, drawing his card. "I'll flip summon Galaxy-Eyes Cloudragon!" he called, and the card flipped up, revealing a small dragon, similar to Galaxy-Eyes, but with no teeth or claws and with stubby proportions. (1/300/250)

"Now I play Cloudragon's ability!" Kite called, pointing into the sky. "By tributing it, I can revive Galaxy-Eyes!"

Cloudragon glowed brightly, and it began to expand. It limbs lengthened, and fangs and claws sprouted from its body. With a roar, Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon bared its chest as its glow faded.

Kite brought his hand down and pointed at Junk Blader. "Now, Galaxy-Eyes, attack Junk Blader! Go, Photon Stream of Destruction!"

Galaxy-Eyes powered up, blasting the stream of light at Junk Blader.

"I reveal the Scrap-Iron Scarecrow trap card, and put a stop to your attack!" Faker declared. The trap card flipped up, and a rusted metal scarecrow emerged from it, intercepting the light stream.

"After the battle, the Scarecrow is then reset on my field," Faker explained as the scarecrow vanished and the card flipped down.

Kite scowled. Another one of Yusei's cards…, he thought grimly. "Then I'll end my turn," he muttered.

Faker plucked a card from his card zone. "Now it's my turn! I draw!" he called. "And I summon Junk Synchron to the field!" he declared, and another of the orange-armoured little monsters appeared on his field.

"Now I shall tune the level three Junk Synchron with the level four Junk Blader!" Faker called, and Junk Synchron pulled its ripcord, firing up its engines and dissolving into the three light motes. They expanded into the green rings, surrounding the fading Junk Blader and shooting a spear of light down the rings through Blader's own motes.

"I synchro summon Junk Archer!" Faker called, and an orange, white and black armoured warrior appeared before him, with a steepled helmet and an aqua bow almost taller than he was. (7/2300/2000)

"I activate Junk Archer's special ability!" Faker declared. "Once per turn, it can banish a monster you control!"

"What?!" Kite gasped.

"Junk Archer, give Galaxy-Eyes a taste of its own medicine! Dimension Shot!" Faker ordered, and Junk Archer nocked an arrow and fired, striking Galaxy-Eyes in the jewel and causing it to vanish.

"And of course, that was merely my monster's special ability, not its attack, so you're wide open! Scrap Arrow!" Faker declared, and Junk Archer nocked another arrow and fired, striking Kite in the heart. Kite gasped as his life points fell to 1900, and white cracks spread from the impact point.

"I place one card face-down and end my turn!" Faker declared, slotting a card into his card zone, the matching image materializing before him in the yellow-squared rush. "And since I have, your Galaxy-Eyes returns to the field!" he declared, and Galaxy-Eyes rematerialized with a roar.

"Fine then," Kite commented. "It's my turn! I draw!" he declared, and he drew his card, a spell with the image of a glowing spear.

"I activate the Balance of Judgment trap card!" Faker called. "Since you control more cards than I do, I draw cards equal to the difference! We each control two cards…but since you have four cards in your hand and I have none, then I draw four cards!" He drew his cards all at the same time.

"Big deal – they can't help you now!" Kite retorted. He added the spell to his hand and selected another card. "I summon Photon Crusher!" Kite called, placing the card down, and another of the jade-armoured cyclopean appeared on the field, brandishing its club.

"Now I attack Junk Archer with Galaxy-Eyes! Photon Stream of Destruction!" Kite yelled, and Galaxy-Eyes powered up and blasted the stream of light at Junk Archer.

"I counter with Scrap-Iron Scarecrow, which will then be reset!" Faker retorted, and the trap card flipped up, disgorged the scarecrow, and intercepted the stream of light.

Kite grinned. "There goes your bonus," he commented. "Now, Photon Crusher attacks Junk Archer!"

Photon Crusher leapt up, bringing its club up above its head with one hand.

"Before you ask why I'm attacking your Junk Archer with a weaker monster, I'll play my Photon Trident quick-play spell!" Kite called, slotting the card that he'd drawn into his duel disk. "Photon Crusher gains seven-hundred attack points!"

A glowing white trident with golden points materialized in Photon Crusher's spare hand, and it brought both weapons down, striking Junk Archer at the base of the skull and shattering it into gold dust.

Faker crouched and gasped, white cracks spreading at the base of his neck as he fell to 3700 life points.

"Now since my Photon Crusher dealt you damage, my Photon Trident's special ability kicks in!" Kite yelled. "It destroys one of your spells or traps, and I've got the perfect one in mind!"

Faker drew back as Photon Crusher hefted the trident, piercing Scrap-Iron Scarecrow and dissolving them both.

"At the end of the battle, my Photon Crusher switches into defense mode," Kite said, and Photon Crusher returned to 2000 attack points as it knelt and took up a guarding stance. "That ends my turn," Kite said with a slight grin.

"Then I take my turn, and I draw!" Faker declared, drawing his card. He smirked, and slid it into his duel disk. "I activate the Soul Charge spell card!" he called. "I can now summon as many monsters from my graveyard as I please, but at the cost of attacking, and the cost of one-thousand life points for each!"

Faker's life points fell to 2700 as a massive graveyard portal opened in the depths of the Dimensional Temple.

"As you may have observed, I'm only bringing back one monster – Number 53: Heart-eartH!" Faker declared, and with a mechanical groan, the giant maroon and turquoise torso rose from the depths, its orange eyespots glowing angrily as the blue number "53" flashed in the air.

"Unfortunately…it won't be here for long," Faker commented. "Now I'll activate one of the most powerful spell cards in Duel Monsters…Dark Hole!"

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me!" Kite yelled as a miniature black hole materialized in the centre of the field. Photon Crusher, Galaxy-Eyes and Hear-eartH were drawn into the core, vanishing into the darkness.

"And now since Heart-eartH was destroyed with no overlay units, I can call out Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon by using Heart-eartH as its overlay unit!" Faker declared, and the energized number "92" flashed in the air as the twisted, sinuous form of Heart-eartH Dragon filled the chasm.

"I end my turn there, Kite," Faker said. "You can't avoid this conflict – if you destroy Heart-eartH Dragon now, with nine cards banished, it will have nine-thousand attack points!"

Kite closed his eyes, but there was little sadness on his face. "So, do you want to test me now, is that it?" he asked. "All right then. Here I come, father!" he called, and he drew his card. "I discard Photon Lizard from my hand!" he called. "Now that I've sent a light-attribute monster to my graveyard, I can summon Galaxy Soldier in defense mode!" he explained, and a white armoured soldier appeared on the field, crossing his fists. Gold joints overlapped the white, and gold, spiked knuckledusters were attached to his fists, while green orbs glowed in the chest and the golden crescent on its helmet. (5/2000/0)

"Now that Galaxy Soldier has been summoned, I can add a Galaxy monster from my deck to my hand, and I choose my second Galaxy Knight!" Kite explained. A card slid from his deck, and he held it up. "Then I'll play this card face-down, and end my turn," he declared.

Faker laughed. "Kite, did you forget about Heart-eartH Dragon's special ability?" he asked. "By using an overlay unit, it banishes all of the cards that you played on the field this turn!" Heart-eartH Dragon devoured its single overlay unit, and its bat wing-like crest glowed a bright purple, causing both "Galaxy Soldier" and Kite's face-down to dissolve into golden dust.

"Now you have no monsters left to protect you in this turn!" Faker declared.

"That doesn't matter; Heart-eartH Dragon might be almost invincible, but it still has zero attack points, so it won't be hurting me!" Kite replied.

"We shall see!" Faker declared, and he drew his card. "Now Kite, prepare to face the power of Barian!" he called, holding up the card that he had drawn. "I activate Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force!" he yelled.

"Barian's Force?!" Kite asked in surprise, recognizing the blue emblem with a magenta jewel at the centre.

"This card shall rank-up Heart-eartH Dragon into a chaos xyz monster!" Faker explained. "I use the rank nine Heart-eartH Dragon to rebuild the overlay network!" he called, and Heart-eartH Dragon transformed into a mass of magenta energy, twisting into the sky. It entered the blue portal in the sky, and black and green energy erupted out from the portal.

"Go, Chaos Xyz Evolution!" Faker declared, as a corrupted magenta number "92" flashed in the air. "Now come forth, Chaos Number 92: Heart-eartH Chaos Dragon!"

With a rasping snarl, a white serpentine dragon with a black belly emerged from the explosion of energy. Magenta energy coursed through its body, and the membranes of Heart-eartH Dragon had retracted, with twisted spikes sticking out of them. The head had a dead, skeletal look, perched on a purple neck, and the red "heart" had been replaced with a purple core. (10/1000/0)

"That's the Chaos Number that Number Ninety-Six used against Yuma and Astral!" Kite gasped.

"I activate the special ability of Heart-eartH Chaos Dragon!" Faker declared. "By using one chaos overlay unit, it negates the effects of all cards you control!"

Heart-eartH Chaos Dragon absorbed the diamond-shaped chaos overlay unit that sat in front of it, and it blasted a column of freezing energy at Kite.

"What are you up to – I don't have any cards on my field!" Kite snapped. "Heart-eartH Dragon already banished them!"

"It's simple Kite!" Faker replied. "I didn't care about negating your card effects, I merely wanted to send Heart-eartH Dragon to my graveyard, where I could use Monster Reborn to bring it back to the field!" he cried, holding up the crest-emblazoned card.

With a roar, Heart-eartH Dragon appeared on the field again, and the purple dragon and the white dragon both twisted through the air, intertwining behind Faker and clogging the space in the vast room.

"Now attack directly, Heart-eartH Chaos Dragon! Dragon Chaos Cannon Blast!" Faker yelled, and Heart-eartH Chaos Dragon blasted a surge of purple energy at Kite. The energy didn't discriminate, and Kite cried out in agony as his life points fell to 900 and white cracks appeared all over his body.

The energy surge faded, and Kite fell to his hands and knees.

Faker's eyes were closed as he raised his hand. "At the end of the battle, Heart-eartH Chaos Dragon's special ability restores my life points by the damage that you took," he explained, and his life points rose to 3700. Then he selected a card from his hand and slipped it into his card zone. "I now activate the Overlay Regeneration spell card," he declared. "I attach this card to Heart-eartH Dragon." The card image materialized in a surge of yellow squares, and it transformed into a purple surge of energy, coalescing into a sphere and falling into orbit around Heart-eartH Dragon.

"I place a card face-down and end my turn," Faker declared. "Now Kite, you have one final turn left," he warned. "Will you be able to surpass my two Heart-eartHs?" he asked. "If you cannot, know that you will lose – Heart-eartH Dragon's special ability will banish any cards you leave on your field, and Heart-eartH Chaos Dragon will wipe out your life points."

Kite struggled to his feet. "See, that's the thing, father," Kite replied. "I'm enough steps ahead of you to know that there is a way out, and every possibility that I can reach it!"

He placed his fingers on the top card of his deck. "Now it's my turn!" he yelled, drawing his card. "I activate Xyz Treasure from my hand!" he yelled, and he slotted the spell into his duel disk. "I can draw a card for each xyz monster on the field! So thanks to your two Heart-eartHs', I can draw two more cards!" He drew again, and immediately slotted another of the cards into his duel disk.

"I play Galaxy Rebirth!" Kite yelled. "I can now call forth a Galaxy monster from my graveyard, but its attack points are cut in half! So rise again, Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon!" He began to glow blue, the energy seeping off him as Prime Photon Dragon reappeared from a graveyard portal, falling to 2000 attack points.

"Now, since I have a Galaxy monster on my field, I can summon my second Galaxy Knight without tributing!" Kite explained, and a second knight surfed into play. "It loses one-thousand attack points, but now I can bring back Galaxy-Eyes from my graveyard in defense mode!" he declared. Galaxy Knight raised its sword and slashed through the air, leaving a graveyard portal in its wake. Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon emerged from the portal with a roar as its glow faded.

"Next I play the Galaxy Expedition spell card!" Kite declared, slotting it into his duel disk. The card image materialized, depicting the image of Galaxy Knight and Galaxy-Eyes. "Since I have a level five or higher Galaxy monster in play, I can summon another from my deck in defense mode!" A card slid from Kite deck, and he plucked it from his duel disk and slapped it down. "Galaxy Tyranno!" Kite declared, and the white-armoured, purple skinned tyrannosaur appeared and roared at Faker. (8/2000/0)

Faker drew back in surprise, but then he smiled proudly. "Three level eight monsters…but is it enough?" he wondered.

Kite's blue glow faded into a steadier red one, and he raised his hand. "Now I overlay my level eight Galaxy-Eyes, Galaxy Knight, and Galaxy Tyranno!" he yelled. Galaxy-Eyes transformed into a yellow energy wyrm, while Galaxy Knight and Galaxy Tyranno became yellow energy swirls, and they spiralled into the air around the transformed Galaxy-Eyes, entering a blue overlay network.

"Prepare to witness the mightiest of monsters!" Kite chanted as a massive dark blue two-pronged spear appeared in his hand. "With the power of this beast, the battle is over!" He hefted the spear through the air, and it entered the overlay network, which closed and released and explosion of light.

"Descend, my very soul!" Kite chanted. "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!"

An explosion of fire filled the room, and Faker and the two Heart-eartH Dragon's ducked away from it. A silhouette appeared in the flames, which slowly faded to reveal Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon – Galaxy-Eyes, but more powerful, with black armour on its forearms and the backs of its thighs. Rather than the pure blue, a clean magenta, in contrast to the pulsing energy of Heart-eartH Chaos Dragon, shaped the monster's hardlight limbs, each wing had a smaller head in place of a claw, and each head had miniature galaxies in the eye sockets. All three heads roared as it brought itself up to its full height behind Kite. (8/4500/3000)

"Now I activate Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon's special ability!" Kite called. "Photon Howling!" Neo Galaxy-Eyes roared, letting out a wave of magenta energy, and golden dust exploded off Heart-eartH Dragon and Heart-eartH Chaos Dragon.

"Since I summoned Neo Galaxy-Eyes using Galaxy-Eyes as one of its overlay units, the special abilities of all the cards you control are negated!" Kite reminded Faker.

"I activate the trap card, Barian's Battle Buster!" Faker declared, and the trap, bearing an image of a Barian emblem flipped up. "I activate it by removing Barian's Force from my graveyard, and now twice per turn, I can negate one of your attacks!" He smiled sadly. "Kite, I knew full well that Neo Galaxy-Eyes would be your trump card. Even if you use its special ability, you can only attack me twice this turn; once with Prime Photon, and once with Neo Galaxy-Eyes. I'm sorry."

"And once again, I'm two steps ahead of you," Kite replied evenly.

"What?" Faker asked.

"I overlay Prime Photon Dragon with Galaxy Rebirth!" Kite declared, and Prime Photon Dragon transformed into two swirls of yellow light that spiralled into the air.

"You're overlaying xyz monsters?" Faker asked.

"Not quite," Kite replied. "I'm ranking-up a monster of my own – Prime Photon Dragon will take on the darkness of eternity and the true power of the galaxy!" The energy swirls entered the overlay network, which closed and released an explosion of light, and a red number "95" flashed in the air.

"Now come forth, Number 95: Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon!" Kite yelled.

Black smoke seeped from the overlay network, and it took the form of a dragon with bladed wings and wispy forearms. (9/4000/0)

"Now Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon takes on the form of its overlay unit – Prime Photon Dragon!" Kite explained, and the smoke began to coalesce. Soon the bright blue of Prime Photon Dragon's hardlight substance began to shine through the smoke, and it roared harshly at Faker.

"Then I activate Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon's special ability!" Kite yelled. "By using one overlay unit, it can attack twice this turn!"

"It can attack twice?!" Faker gasped as Dark Matter Dragon devoured one of its overlay units and shadows began to rise around it.

"And finally, the special ability of Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!" Kite called. "By using one overlay unit, it absorbs all of your overlay units, and it gains five-hundred attack points for each!"

Neo Galaxy-Eyes devoured one of its orbiting overlay units, and then the purple energy sphere was slowly drawn away from Heart-eartH Dragon, passing into Neo Galaxy-Eyes' chest jewel as it powered up to 5000 attack points.

Faker watched proudly as the two dragons – one born from power from Barian World, and one from that of Astral World – stood before his two Heart-eartH Dragons.

"Now attack, Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon!" Kite yelled. "Attack both of his monsters with Eternity Photon Stream of Destruction!"

Powering up, Dark Matter Dragon blasted first one, and then another powerful stream of light from the seven green orbs that lined its body.

"I play the effect of Barian's Battle Buster, and negate both attacks!" Faker declared, and the trap card's aura deflected both attacks into the ceiling of the chamber. Rubble began to fall from the ceiling, and the room started to shake.

"Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!" Kite yelled. "Attack Heart-eartH Chaos Dragon with Ultimate Photon Stream of Destruction!"

All three heads of Neo Galaxy-Eyes opened their jaws, energy spheres expanding within their maws. As one, they let loose, blasting the two outside streams in a spiral around the massive central stream of red light, spearing through the air and impacting the core of Heart-eartH Chaos Dragon. The energy spread into the Chaos Number, and it detonated in a bright flash.

Doctor Faker cried out in agony as his life points fell to zero. He was blasted backwards, and the masses of white cracks in his body spread like spiderwebs, shattering his armour.

"Father!" Kite cried, reaching out for him.

"Leave me, Kite!" Faker called. "This place will be coming down at any moment! You at least must escape!"

"Don't you learn anything?!" Kite snapped. "I'm not leaving you behind!"

Run, Kite, the voice of Horakhty whispered.

Kite froze as he heard the Creator of Light speaking within his mind.

As per the rules of this conflict, your father will be returned to where he came, Horakhty reassured him, and as Kite squinted through the rubble, he could see his father falling into a curtain of light.

Survive, Kite, Horakhty whispered. Return to your friends. Find them, and support them in the way that the darkness cannot…

Kite would have closed his eyes, but such an action was suicide in the collapsing temple, so he turned and fled, the glow of his powers and Photon Transformation both fading. He sprinted down the stairs, but just as he got to the bottom, a massive chunk of debris smashed through the walkway ahead.

Without missing a beat, Kite leapt over the gap, but then he saw another gap ahead, one far larger.

He drew out the top card of his deck. "Orbital! I need you again!" he called, and Orbital 7 rematerialized beside him.

"Whoa! W-What's going on, Master Kite!" the little robot cried.

"We're flying out of here!" Kite snapped, and Orbital obliged, expanding his arms into his glider mode and strapping himself to Kite's back. Kite blasted into the air, but the debris storm was getting heavier as he got closer to the entrance.

This isn't gonna work, Kite thought, and then an idea came to him and he looked upwards, where glimmers were piercing through the darkness.

I hope this place isn't too thick!, Kite thought. "Orbital, adjust your course! We're taking this to the top!"

"Y-You got it boss!" Orbital declared, and he twisted upwards. Kite relied on his Duel Gazer tattoo to project the trajectories of the oncoming chunks, allowing him to adjust his course by rotating his body in correspondence with Orbital's wings.

The glimmers grew larger, and Kite began looking at them, but he quickly realized he couldn't search for a proper gap while dodging at the same time.

"Orbital, take over manoeuvring!" Kite ordered, and he quickly picked out a gap that was a fairly straight gash in the ceiling.

"Aim for that one…" Kite told Orbital, and he resisted the urge to correct the course as Orbital weaved through the falling rocks. It got easier as they got closer, and Kite held his breath as they entered the gap, sucking his stomach in and squinting as they passed through…

With a gasp, Kite and Orbital 7 burst out of the Dimensional Temple's crumbling remains. Smoke billowed in the sky as Kite cast his eyes around the wasteland of the dimension.

He could see several tell-tale signs of the other duels going on – the gigantic purple condor glyph, the far-off Seal of Orichalcos, and the angry magenta glow in the outskirts of the ruins of New Domino City.

What's that?, he wondered, and he banked around and glided towards the glow. Yuma, what on earth have you gotten yourself into this time?, he wondered, as flashes of light and shadow cut through the red murk above him.

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