Author's note: This is now on AO3 (almost completely up-to-date with my fic over there finally). I have combined Thermodynamics and Spankies into a sole fic for better ease of reading.


He says good bye to Dave and wonders whether he'll go home and jerk off. He's definitely going to, because he's learnt a lot this evening, and none of it is going to be asked in a test at school. So, chest hair. And biceps he needs both hands to span them. He still hasn't asked Dave what he does to get those. He must do something, because he'd felt weightless when Dave had lifted him up effortlessly. Weight lifting in the garage doesn't exactly seem like something Dave would do, but then again he's friends with Azimio Adams, whose sheer size is intimidating. Maybe Dave trains with him occasionally? He knows he'll remember to ask one day, when he's not actually distracted by the body under his fingers.

His previous thoughts and er, masturbatory sessions, regarding what he might like were definitely bearing fruit. He likes Dave manhandling him a bit, especially knowing that he's strong and stubborn and sweet and gentle… he lets out a soft puff of laughter when he realizes he sounds like Rachel when she first started dating Finn and he'd had to listen to her go on and on about him. He'd simply replied with a 'sounds like you're in love' and now… yeah. He's pretty sure he's in love.

"Everything okay Kurt?"

"Hmm? Yeah… everything is perfect."

"Good. I'm glad. You still think you need Dave tutoring you? No conflict of interest there now?"

"Dad, really, Dave is the epitome of a professional. I meant it before, he really was going to leave if I didn't study."

"Knew I liked that boy for a reason," his dad murmurs, humming in approval and Kurt rolls his eyes, because he imagines his Dad might end up liking Dave a little too much.

He has after school practice the next day, out on the field if it's fine, and today definitely qualifies, even if it's still briskly cold. The football team are running drills and he wonders what Dave would look like all done up in pads. The idea has him chewing on his lip and he wonders if maybe Dave would be interested in roleplaying… he laughs when he realizes that Dave is definitely into role playing and in fact does it around a table with a bunch of his friends on a regular basis. Sexual role playing would be completely different of course, at least he hopes so. He likes how easily they can talk…

"Dollface! You with us?"

He snaps his head around and nods, stripping off his warming up jacket. He doesn't envy the short skirts the girls are wearing, although the spankies they have on underneath are definitely thick enough to give some modicum of warmth. He knows they have to practice outside sometimes, otherwise they'd all be completely unprepared come game days, but it doesn't mean he has to enjoy it. Even though he does.

He likes pushing his body to its limits, twisting and jumping to the beat of music or clapping. He likes teaming with Mike to toss the smaller girls in the air. If it weren't for a couple of people in the team he'd love it all the time, but he guesses no one can have everything, although right now he feels like his high school life just got pretty damn perfect with Dave as his boyfriend. Sure Dave's not a jock, fulfilling the clichéd head cheerleader and quarterback, but given that the quarterback is Finn, who is pretty much his brother in everything but name, he's more than content with the status quo.

For some reason Coach Sylvester moves practice inside after an hour, and when he sees Lucy and Mercedes with the rest of the glee club getting ridiculed while he cools down and stretches he wonders where the vitriol comes from. It's not like the glee club ever did anything to Coach. That he knows of anyway. He looks at them apologetically, knowing he's not responsible for what she's saying, but it can be hurtful, and he knows because he's been in the receiving end a few times, and he's one of her favorite people.

He doesn't change, avoiding the locker rooms with all the football players, despite the fact that they wouldn't give him any trouble he can't close his ears to the mutterings under the breath or his eyes to the way they shift to hide their bodies from his gaze. As if he wants to look anyway. He'll shower at home like he always does. Waving to the others he packs his bag and leaves, heading for his car quickly to get out of the increasing chill before stopping and looking around as he hears his name being called.

"Kurt… hi. Good practice?"

He stands stock still as Dave kisses him in the parking lot outside the school. It's his first kiss in public, with his boyfriend, anyone could see them and he feels both elated and embarrassed, not to mention the fact a little bit gross.

"Dave! I'm all gross and sweaty!"


"Oh… you don't mind?"

"Pfft. Not likely. And you're not sweaty at all. Actually, I was meaning to ask earlier, but do you want to come around for dinner? Tonight I mean? Not tomorrow night with everyone else, because it doesn't count when all my friends are there, but tonight?"

"What doesn't count?"

"Uh, dates?"

"Oh," he smiles slowly. "Yeah. Sure. I have homework I need to do, but I'll try and get it done super fast okay?"

"Bring it with you. I'll help out. I'm sure I can offer some really good incentives."

"Oh, now you're going to distract me?"

"I always distract you don't I?"

"Yeah, you do."

Dave looks surprised by his admission and then grins shyly, giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

"See you later?"

"Yeah. I have to check with my dad, but he loves you, so I don't think it will be a problem."

"All parents love me. I'm a good influence. Sad but true…"

"I rather think you're a bad influence on me Mr Karofsky."

"Okay, no, you can't call me that, that makes me think of my dad, and that's just… gross."

"Professor Karofsky?"

"Even worse!"



"Oh… you like that one huh?"

"I think we can just stick with our own names?"

"Mmm… okay. I'll see you later. Going to go home and change. I'll text you okay?"

Dave nods, looking a little flushed and Kurt knows it's probably not all due to the cold.