Hey, this is my version of what happened in Mark of the Dragon Queen starting during Chapter 21 when the prophesy is revealed. It is better than what it sounds like. Eragon will appear later.

Arun POV

Everyone started to speak at once. I turned around and hugged Kira tightly. She let the tears flow unhindered down her cheeks. Then she stiffened. "Wait, there's something I need to do. Follow me." She slipped out the door, shoes in hand. I quickly put on my own and followed. I caught up to her by the gate. "Arun, can you cast an invisibility spell to cover the both of us?" I frowned and cast the spell. "Why?" I asked. "Never mind, let's go," she said. "Where?" "Into the forest, I need to talk to Florda."

Kira POV

We snuck past the guards with little trouble, and ran a long ways into the woods. Now though, I became nervous as I waited for Florda to come. I saw three dark shapes across the moon, and then, as I had asked, Florda glided down and picked us up in her claws. "What the heck!" Arun exclaimed. "Kira asked me to bring you two to my lair to speak. From what I understand, she wants to speak with me of a matter of the uttermost importance. Is that right?" She asked looking down at us. I nodded. Then she landed. "Now will you please explain to Arun and I." "I realized something," I started. "Father wasn't really marked by Haka. He was scarred. Also, the prophecy said that the source of victory would be the winged ones, not dragons, like it meant something different. There is a difference right?" I asked, suddenly unsure. "Yes, actually, there is," Florda replied. "There is a spell, that when used, can change a human into a creature that is half dragon, half human. We use it as a dragon blessing. You two together have all the qualities that the prophecy says. If you use my scales, then the prophecy could very well apply to you instead of your father." I glanced at Arun. "You would also be able to turn into a human or dragon at will, though your natural forms will be a mix of both and rozica will have no effect upon your spells." We nodded. "Let's do it," Arun said. Florda smiled sadly. "Very well, take a scale from my tail and place it upon the palm of your right hand." We did as she said, but nothing could have prepared us for what happened next, as she waved her tail.

Arun POV

I doubled over from the pain and dimly realized that Kira was doing the same. Then it was over. I looked over at Kira and started. "Kira, you, you..." What's wrong? She asked, looking up at me. Then she gasped. "You, you changed!" She managed to say as she stared at me. I compared our new selves to our old selves. Where our skin had been, there were now pitch black scales. I could see, hear, and smell better. I noticed that Kira had small, angular ears with pointed tips. Her eyes were smaller, and slanted, and her nose was smaller as well. Her hair had turned midnight black and sparkled like it had diamonds hidden throughout it. Leaning over a puddle, I saw that I had the same qualities as her. She flapped her wings and swung her tail. So that was the strange feeling behind me. I tried them out, and then tried to fly. Kira tried to at the same time, and crashed into me, both of us falling to the floor of the cave. "Try turning into a dragon," Florda said smiling. "How do we do that?" Kira asked. "Easy, just think of being one." As I did so, I felt a tickling sensation on my body. I swelled up into a shining dragon, then roared and flew out of the cave into the sky. I heard a slightly softer roar and turned around as a smaller black dragon crashed into me yet again, knocking me out of the sky. I grabbed her forelegs and pulled her closer towards me as we transformed into our natural form and plunged into the lake. We played around for a couple minutes before getting out. "We should be getting back," Kira sighed. "Yes, but listen first. Even when you are in human form, you will still have the senses of a dragon and your mark," Florda said. I looked at Kira confused. "Mark?" I asked. "Yes, on your right hand where you placed my scale." I looked. There was an onyx black dragon curled up into a ball on it.