Chapter 1: Harry Koopa (The Escape)

Bowser Koopa, King of the Koopa Kingdom was plotting his next evil plan to kidnap Princess Peach from the Mushroom Kingdom. Why you might ask, was a turtle like beast interested in a human princess? Well...I think the answer should be obvious. He had tried several times to get her to return his affections for her but she refused him every single time. So he turned to the other ways of romance. Kidnapping her. Repeatedly and repeatedly he had been beaten by those damned plumbers Mario and Luigi.

He heard something he had not heard since his Koopalings and Bowser Junior, also known as "BJ" where infants. A baby's cry.

"Do you hear what I hear? A baby cry." Bowser smirked and he, instead of ordering one of his servants or perhaps his Court Mage to do it, went to the entrance of his castle. Perhaps some Koopa couple had not wanted their infant and thought he the migty Bowser would take him in. Perhaps make him a soldier. When we find a baby there's milk nearby...damn now I have that song in my head! He was referring to a song from a movie from the plumber's world that his only daughter absolutely loved. Lady and the Tramp. Oh how I wish I only had sons. Her normal girlish obsessions drove all the boys, including himself, absolutely crazy. Like the time she demanded a personal concert from that duet from the plumbers world. Good lord he had spoiled her too much. If she thought she could demand things of HIM! The King of Koopas! Even if she was his daughter she had another thing coming. Good thing he had threatened her with the dungeon or she would still be pining over them.

He opened the doors. It was late at night so most where asleep. Even his foolish guards where snoozing on the job. He made a mental note to throw them in the dungeon for a few days. He looked left, then right. I don't see anyone watching. He looked down and gasped. This...isn't a koopa child. He was HUMAN! But why would a human leave their child in the Koopa Kingdom? Most humans in the kingdom where either soldiers, some highly decorated, or servants. Few where free and had their own business but those who did where very well respected in the Koopa community.

There was something different about this child. For one, he was scratched up and bruised. And he had a cut on his forehead. A fresh gash it was. In the most oddest shape too. like a lightning bolt. He also residuated power. Where it came from he did not know. But he knew the child was special.

"No orphanage for you little guy." Against all thoughts Bowser loved kids. Especially babies. He took care of all his children after his wife passed on. Changing their diapers, feeding them, burping them. All the normal things a mother normally did in the Koopa community. "Come on. There's plenty of milk for you. And also some for me..." He sweardropped after he said that. "Remind me to burn Wendy's Lady and the Tramp video." He cooed to the infant who was no longer crying despite everything that had happened.

Nine Years Later...

Harry Koopa sat in his bedroom in one of the towers of Koopa Castle. Luckily he had a window in his tower so he could get fresh air and sunshine. But he was always confined to his room. His papa not wanting him to be seen by the people of their kingdom yet as accoreding to his papa, King Bowser, the Koopa's might not take a human in the royal family kindly. Papa wanted him to be safe and secure. But in doing so Harry was basically a prisoner. Confined to a tower in hopes of the day coming where he would be free to play soccer with other Koopa children. it was not all bad though. His brothers and sister came by to visit him all the time and sometimes brought presents! And his papa came by to visit at least once a week. Twice if he was lucky! His favorite brother though, was Bowser Junior. "B.J." He didn't treat him like a delicate little flower as his other siblings did and oftenw hen he came to visit they sparred. And every time they did Harry seemed to get stronger.

His siblings weren't his only visitors. Many in the castle came to visit the human child that their King Bowser had adopted. From servants, to the Hammer Brothers, even the Court Mage! Though he mainly came to teach Harry more magic. When the Mage discovered Harry had magical abilities, he started teaching Harry in secret. And Harry was getting good even though the lessons stopped when he was eight after the Mage had taught him the basics of element conjuring. So he expanded his elemental prowess whenever he got. He could conjure fire, water, earth and air. He could even use a sub element now! Ice. Just like the Court Mage could!

"Your father will be up to visit shortly Prince Harry." One of his guards said to him in the doorway. Even though he was not born into the Koopa royal family, the employees and guards still called him "Prince Harry" or "My Prince."

Harry brightened up. This would be his father's second visit this week! Yay!

"Tell papa I'm eagerly awaiting his visit."

"Yes My Prince."

The guard then closed the door. Harry awaited for the usual "Click." of the lock to make sure he wouldn't be seen by the community. Not just yet his father always told him when he would ask if he could play outside with his siblings. He waited...NO CLICK! Daring to believe it, Harry crept over to the door and pulled the handle before opening the door. The guard forgot to lock the door! This was his chance! For the first time in eight years, he stepped outside the door of his tower.

"Harry?!" His papa's voice came and Harry eeped after he had turned a corner. He turned to see his father, King Bowser, standing in the hallway across from him. "WHO LET YOU OUT?!"

Harry started shaking. He had never heard his papa mad before. "The guard forgot to lock the door." Harry said simply. Then, his bravery returned. He loved his papa. He did. But he wanted to feel the sun from OUTSIDE. Not inside through a window. He did something he had never done before next. He ran. Away from his papa.

"GUARDS!" He heard his papa bellow as he turned the corner. "GUARDS! The youngest Prince has escaped! GUARDS!"

Harry heard thunderous poundings and knew a lot of guards had come running. Several Koopa Troopas, even the Hammer brothers where behind the Troopas. Using the skills gained from sparring with his favorite brother, Harry manuevered his body in between the troopas as they all tried to grab him to stop him. When he was on the other side of all twenty, they had all fallen to the floor. Moaning and groaning. Some holding their stomachs in pain.

"Not bad Prince Harry." He heard behind him and he "Eeped." Turning his head around and looking up he saw the Hammer Brothers glaring down at him. "But its time to back to your room now." They where twins so it was often hard to tell who was who but the one who visited Harry was often the kinder one. The one who spoke to Harry was the kinder one.

"He just took out twenty Koopa Troopas." Bowser said to himself in shock as he came around the corner and saw his soldiers in pain. "He's just a child. How in the world?"

Bowser then heard the Hammers groaning. He looked over to them and saw Harry. His little human. Standing over them. He heard "Sorry." And he started running again. He called for more guards and even the Mages. Hopefully they could restrain Harry enough to get him back up to his tower.

Harry stopped in his tracks. He had already escaped to several floors below. Defeating any Koopa Troopa guards along the way. But this was different. Six Mages stood before him. Luckily, they wore robes with colors representing their respective elements. Normally a Mage would focus on the element they where best at and Harry could use that to his advantage. Red. Harry thought as he saw two Red robed Mage Koopas among the "Wall of Koopas." Blue. White. Two Air Mages, Two Fire Mages and Two Water Mages. The Court Mage, like Harry, didn't limit himself to one element. So if he came across Merlin he had to be cautious. But for now. He got down on one knee and started preparing mentally for using Earth.

"What's he doing?" One of the Fire Mages demanded of the others. He was inexperienced but still a Fire Mage.

"I don't know. Is he surrendering?" One of the Water Mages asked his partner Water Mage who studied Harry's movements carefully.

"Oh no." The Water Mage said as he realized the stance Harry was in. Too late. Harry suddenly brought up his arms and a wall of rock appeared in front of and behind all six Koopa Mages.

"Prepare to jump!" An Air mage ordered.

"Don't think so." Harry grinned and spread his hands in the air before bringing them together from right to left and a ceiling appeared on the rock prison he created. He giggled. "None of you is an Earth Mage. There's a reason to work on your other elements you know. So just sit tight until the Court Mage comes to save you. See ya." He grinned cheekily He jumped onto the wall and used the prison he created to jump from right to left before jumping over the prison as the Mages glared at him from the free area he had left so they would have light.

"Who taught him how to conjure elements?" Demanded an angry and curious Bowser at the trapped Mages who suddenly looked terrified.

"None of us King Bowser. We didn't even know he had Mage abilities." The leader of the group assured their King.

"I'll be sure the Court Mage frees you." Bowser said before jumping over the rock prison and continuing his track to make sure his son didn't escape the castle.

Now Harry was in the Entrance Hall. And only one other stood in his way. His teacher. the Court Mage Merlin himself.

"I saw what you did to my other students. I am very impressed with your progress My Prince." Merlin told Harry in honesty. "I understand your need to go out. But your father-" He didn't get to finish as Harry had already conjured flames from his hands and was sending the now blue colored flames at his teacher.

Court Koopa Mage Merlin used the water from the "Falling Wall" behind him to block the flames which produced steam. When the steam cleared Merlin sent Ice shards flying at Harry. The human boy ducked and dodged but knew this wouldn't be enough. With enough water Merlin could tire him out and he'd be back in his tower before the next hour. So, when one came flying at him again, he punched it and it shattered around his fist.

This went on for a while. Harry was tiring. But Merlin wasn't. Then Harry saw an opening. A window to be exact. He brought his fist up and heaved it out. A long rectangle of rock from the castle crashed into the window breaking it. Harry ran for it. Merlin close behind him. He jumped through the window and rolled out onto the grass as he landed outside. "I'm out!" He said excitedly.

"GUARDS!" He heard his papa bellow again.

Harry ran down the vast lawn of his home and stopped briefly to take a look back. Then he started running away from the castle that had been his home for nine years. "Sorry papa." He said with a tear running down his cheek.

To Be Continued...

There will be Yu Yu Hakusho elements. Harry will be the descendant of a Raizen and go through the transformation of the Mazoku before he thinks about going home.

Bowser may love Harry just as much as his other children, but he is very over protective of him as he is human in a Koopa kingdom. Which is why he kept him in a tower all his life. Not to imprison him. But protect him.

I know it was Kootie Pie in the Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoon that kidnapped the singing duet but I don't like her name. So Wendy is replacing Kootie Pie.

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