Chapter 3: Bond of Brothers Part 1

It was school time in the Koopa Kingdom. The new school year was starting and BJ had a lot of make up to get through as his little travels took the last half of the school year. But he got the work done. Harry had been introduced to the Kingdom as Bowser's adopted child and was welomed by most. Especially the Human residents. But some...

"I dare you to say that again." Harry said in a dangerous tone that made even BJ nervous. They had been playing soccer at recess when some bullies had said that Harry was a stray toy that their dad would soon tire of.

"Your just a stray that Lord Bowser keeps around for amusement. When you outlive your amusement he'll probably use you as a sex toy." The older teen sneered not noticing obliviously that Harry was furious.

BAM! Harry's knee found itself bashing in the turtle creature's nose.

"BY DOSE!" The bully cried out in pain. Harry then let out a barrage of punches all over his body bruising and leaving it covered with welts, cuts and scrapes. He then kicked the bastard in the ass, literally. And sent him flying. Harry looked into the sky covering his eyes lightly with his hand to block the sun. The bully was seen as a twinkle.

"HARRY KOOPA. What is going on here?" Demanded the "Overseer" as students, human and koopa alike, called him. A large older male koopa lumbered onto the scene with Prince BJ looking ready to fight two other students who looked ready to attack the youngest human student.

"Just taking care of some trash Mr. T." Harry said casually to the older male as an "AAAHHhhhhh!" Could be heard coming down from the sky. The bully landed right next to Harry. A small crater formed and the bully had dizzy eyes.

"I've told you Mr. Koopa my name is Mr. Takanaka." The turtle said with dangerous eyes. "And Mr. Grungy here comes from one of the noble families. If anyone is trash here it is you. You fucking stray."

BJ growled dangerously at the older koopa. "This is cutting very close to treason against the Royal Family Takanaka."

"So your the one who started that rumor." Harry said with a glare at the teacher. "According to Father's laws I have every right to kick your ass if I wanted right now because of that."

"Takanaka." Said the Principal of the school in a serious tone.

Takanaka suddenly got nervous. "Mr. Browner." He said nervously.

"Can I at least kick him in the nuts sir?" Harry asked Mr. Browner with a pleading tone.

"Not today Mr. Koopa." Browner said. "But your father will be informed of this attack on your standing in his family. You can count on that."

Takanaka started sweating. He would get at least five years in the dungeons at LEAST for this. He started running away from the grounds but found Harry's foot in the back of his head. "God I've wanted to do that since I met him." Harry said with a satisfied smirk.

To Be Continued...

Part 2 Coming Soon

Sorry, I've been procrastinating with this and I have to get off soon. The rest will be in Part 2.