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I still remember the day I received that letter. Those words haunted me every night up until today.


Snow here. You will come to the Capitol on November 16. 5 days from now. Remember Finnick? Yeah. That is your fate. No sense in arguing. Don't come? No problem. Send Peeta and Prim up here then. They are not safe unless you act selflessly. Don't pull any stunts either.


They will have to understand. I am doing this to save them. Snow sent me my schedule. I keep reading it over and over again. Flavius, one of the people of my prep team, is my first client.

Snow sent me my outfit then too. A purple bra with leopard print and lace around the edges. I put that on and the extremely short purple shorts. I slip my jacket over that, which is longer than my shorts.

I quickly tiptoe out of my room, so I don't wake my mother or Prim. My palms start to tremble and sweat. I wipe them on my shorts.

I have to tell somebody I am leaving. Peeta wouldn't let me go. Neither would mom nor Prim. That leaves Gale and Haymitch. Gale has been acting weird since I got back from the games, so I don't want to share any more awkward moments with him. That leaves Haymitch. He would let me go because he understands me. He knows how I think.

"Haymitch, I am leaving. Snow wants to make me like Finnick. If I don't go Prim and Peeta have to go. I am doing this to save them. Now please alert my mother and Prim that I will be back. Please tell Peeta that he needs to keep them safe and healthy, for me."

"Sweetheart, I do understand you. The Capitol has phones. You know my number. When you get the chance, call me."

I hug him, "Goodbye Haymitch."

"Goodbye sweetheart, but don't say goodbye like it will last forever."

I leave his warm embrace and enter the outside. The cold wind air wraps around me like a noose, choking me. I hear the gravel roads rustle around, the engine of a car buzzing. My ride.

The entire way there my hands feel like they are going to fall off, my mouth feels like it is going to die right then and there. I need water; my mouth is way too dry. There is this constant ringing noise. Someone needs to shut that off, or is it just me?

Once we arrive in the Capitol, Snow is there waiting for me. "Miss Everdeen, follow me to your room." It isn't a question, it isn't a suggestion, it is a command.

We get there and I go into the room and take off my jacket. I flop down onto the bed, which is as large as the wall. The door slowly creaks open and I look up to see Flavius shutting the door. I didn't know he was attracted to me. He was part of my prep team. He got me ready for Cinna. I suddenly feel bile rise in my throat as he walks over the bed and sits down on the edge. I look up at the ceiling.

"Katniss." I don't bother to look at him. If I did the pain of betrayal would be too much.

"Katniss." I ignore him and start counting the stars on the ceiling.

"Katniss, look at me." I do as he asked. "I am not attracted to you, so don't think that."

"Then why the heck did you buy me?" I whisper-yell.

"So I could keep as many other people from buying you. I don't want you to have to become like Finnick."

"Thank you." I try to say, but it comes out a whisper.

"Go to sleep. You'll need it because I can't promise that I will be able to buy all the spots tomorrow."

"You have all my spots today?"

He nods. I turn away from him and close my eyes, sleep overtaking me.

Prim stands before me. "I told you I am not a child anymore! You evil person! You need to stop doing things for me! I can take care of myself."

She doesn't understand. I'm not doing this because of her. I am doing this for her. I would never be able to live with myself if I let her do this or go into the games. I try telling her this but it seems as if my lips are glued together. I try moving closer to her, but I'm stuck.

"I hate you, Katniss." And with that, she disappears.

Next thing you know, Cato is in front of me with Peeta in a headlock. Me with my bow raised; arrow drawn, ready to fire. "Go on, shoot. Then we both go down and you win." I see Peeta tap Cato's hand. I gulp, take aim, and shoot. Cato falls down into the mutts; his body being ripped to shreds.

The scene changes and I am up in the tree. Rue points to the Tracker Jacker's hive. I nod and climb up to it. I start sawing and am stung in the hand. I keep sawing despite the intense pain. My other hand is stung and so is my neck, but the hive goes down. The careers are stung multiple times before they escape, leaving Glimmer behind. She is stung so many times she dies. I go down to get the bow and have to break her fingers to retrieve it. Her body is bloated and oozing green gunk.

Next Marvel is killing Rue and I am killing him in an endless circle.

I see Cato stabbing Thresh, over and over again; even after he is dead.

Clove on the ground dead with a huge dent in her skull.

Then, a huge explosion. I run out with Prim and mom following suit. When we make it out we see thousands of miners coming out the miner. Five hours later someone says everyone who was alive in the mine has been rescued. Mom breaks down right there. Prim turns to me and hugs me so tight. My torso being sprinkled from her tears.

"What are we going to do, Katniss? Dad provided all the food, money, everything."

"I'll figure something out, Prim."

I turn to my mom. She looks up, "Wake up, Katniss. Wake up. Katniss."

When I open my eyes, there is Flavius, looking worried as ever. "I'm so sorry Katniss." I must have a really confused look on my face because he continues, "Snow decided that I can't have all the spots, so he is having a bidding tonight."

"It's all right, Flavius. It isn't your fault." I sigh. "I understand that you can't waste all your money on me and that Snow is cruel."

He nods, probably agreeing with me.

"Now Katniss, you can do this the easy way or the hard way. See that dress over there?" I nod. Tight, black, strapless, cinched to make my figure look better, and it reaches just past my butt. Black heels are resting on top of the dress, which is neatly lying on the bench. "The easy way is you get dressed yourself. The hard way is I will have officials come in and dress you. Male, potential buyers, officials. Which way do you choose?" Is that even a question?

"The easy way." My voice just above a whisper.

"Good. Get dressed." With that, he leaves.

I pull the dress on and wiggle into it. Once it is on, I move the straps of my bra so you can't see them and pull off my shorts. I slip the heels on my feet. I also pull my hair out of it's usual braid, so it cascades down my shoulders in waves.

I start walking towards the door, but stumble. These things on my feet are hard to walk in. They add 4in. to my height. I finally get the hang of it and walk out the door. The guard's head pops up when the door clicks open. He starts walking and I follow him, assuming that is what he wants. When we make it to the place where the interviews for the games are, I stand outside it and wait. I hear Caesar announce that they could own me for the night. Disgusting.

He calls out my name and I enter, feeling like I am about to faint. Caesar tells me to sit, so I do.

"Okay so I assume none of you need to know the rules." They have it this often they don't need to know the rules? "Let's start off the bidding at $100!" Everyone – and I mean everyone, even the females – stands up. This cause of action causes my heart rate to pick up and my palms to start sweating and I swear my mouth is going to burst into flames.

"$200!" I think maybe 3 people sit down at that amount. This is going to take a while.

"300!" 2 people sit down, both of them males.

I hear someone in the audience yell, "$10,000!"

Caesar says, "$10,000!" So many people sit down it is down to 50 people, 30 of them being females.

"15,000!" 10 of the females sit down so it is even between the genders.

"30,000" 6 people sit down, 2 males.

"60,000!" 14 people sit down, leaving 4 females and 16 males standing.

"$80,000!" 5 people are left standing, and my throat feels like it is almost completely closed.

"100,000!" 3 sit down, leaving a short fat man with a bulbous nose and orange hair and a tall, fit man, with blue hair, who looks slightly familiar.

"$200,000!" At that the fat man sits down, leaving me property to the blue haired guy. My heart beats even faster- if that is even possible. Caesar announces the guy the winner and I am told to go back to my room to wait in the clothing that sits on the bed.

On the bed is a black see through lace bra and panties. I go into the bathroom and change and lie on the bed waiting for the familiar man. Once he comes in the crosses the room in two strides and kisses me full on the mouth, shoving his tongue down my throat. I push him away and he punches me.

"I own you. I own your body. You will do whatever I want you too." He puts his hands on my ankles and starts to move up slowly. He makes it to my knees and smirks. He is at my thighs. He move further up and then moves his hands to my waistline. He starts running his hands up and down my sides. He moves so he is straddling me. He leans down and starts kissing me again. Then he moves down to my neck, his hands toying with the bra clasp. He starts leaving open-mouthed kisses on my jawline, then moves further down my neck. He takes my bra off and starts groping my chest. I start crying and I feel him laugh into my chest.

"Tell me how much you love this, how you want me."

"I love the feel of your hands on me." He squeezes my chest again and moves his hand down to my waistline. He gropes around down there. "I want you."

"I want you, Katniss. I want to be in you."

He starts to pull off my panties, when I kick him. That earns me a punch, but stops with my panties – for now. He kisses around on my stomach. He kisses me again and I almost gag.

He starts kissing my neck while slowly inching my panties down. When my panties are almost off, I tug at the man's face. I gasp when it comes off in my hand, revealing who I thought was my best friend – Gale.