Though Denver, Colorado felt cool and calm in the early winter, the Madness arena was hot for WWE's Monday Night Raw tonight. The crowd's roar could be heard echoing off the icy mountains as the company's crowned champion, CM Punk stood center stage. The WWE championship, his most prized possession, laid comfortably on his left shoulder. Though he had won the title once or twice before, this reign felt different. It was the first time he truly felt the weight of the world on his shoulders; that everything he said and did could mean the WWE's triumph or downfall, and he couldn't be happier. Pressure made him thrive; he certainly wouldn't be where he was today without his nay-sayers. There was something truly comforting about doing something someone said you couldn't. It was a simple pleasure Punk was enjoying too frequently these days.

He tore his attention away from the crowd and toward his adversary in the ring, Daniel Bryan. Much like Punk, Daniel had his share of adversity. And also like Punk, he had found success in the WWE, capturing the world heavyweight championship, a sister title to t WWE championship. Daniel Bryan had also captured the heart of a young diva named AJ, who stood faithfully next to Daniel Bryan with her hand on his shoulder, smiling. However, unlike CM Punk, Daniel's new found success had gone to his head and he quiet frequently made sure everyone knew about the prize he had in his arms, AJ notwithstanding. Her petite frame and perfectly styled hair made her the current definition of a WWE diva.

"You sit there, Daniel, hiding behind your girlfriend and your title. All that gold has gone to your head. You used to care about what happened there," Punk pointed his finger at the ring that Daniel Bryan and AJ were occupying, "in that very ring. Nothing else mattered except making someone tap out." Daniel smirked and adjusted his belt on his shoulder.

"I've moved on, Punk. Indy guys like us? We're a dying breed. Excuse me if I smartened up before you did. I'm vegan, which basically means I'm better than you. You're title win was a fluke. I'm gonna be champion for a long, long time. And if you don't like it-"

"'Scuse me, Punker. Aren't you gonna introduce me to you little friends?" A woman's voice from behind CM Punk interrupted Daniel Bryan. Ms. Sterious, or as the crowd and the commentators so affectionately called her, Missy, was the WWE's newest addition to the roster. However, she was not a new addition in the life of CM Punk. The casual wrestling fan would not suspect that they knew each other fairly well, both in and out of the ring. Missy's quick wit and sharp tongue wandered away from the mentality the company had towards WWE Divas; that they should be seen and not heard. And while Punk was all for a woman's right to speech, he often wished for a custom muzzle, or at least industrial grade duct tape for his long time friend, who too often shot first and asked questions later.

"oh, right. Where are my manners?" CM Punk played along with Missy's naivety, because you never know where she would take you, but you knew it was always somewhere interesting, "you remember D-Bry from the indies. That's his little play-thing AJ next to him." The crowd applauded Punk's observation of AJ as Missy nodded and spoke with a thick layer of sarcasm in her voice.

"Well it's a pleasure to meet your mortal enemies. Um, could I speak to you in private over here?" Missy playfully pulled Punk over to the side and spoke to him through the microphone, loud enough so everyone could hear, but as if he were the only one that could hear the conversation, "look, Punk, I don't know what you're doing wasting your time with a guy who's afraid of poultry and his butter-face girlfriend," The crowd howled with laughter as Missy continued, "lets just go over there, make nice, and then bounce. I'm craving a burger just looking at that odd looking stick Daniel Bryan seems to be infatuated with."

Punk nodded, chocking back laughter as to try not to break the illusion for the crowd. They playfully made their way down to the ring, where Daniel Bryan and AJ were fuming. Missy made her way over to AJ and held her hand up toward her. She slapped a fake smile on her face and spoke with a voice two levels higher than her normal pitch,

"hey girlfriend… high five." AJ hurled herself toward Missy, who ducked out of the way with ease. Daniel Bryan made a similar move toward Punk, who caught him by the arm and dragged him toward the mat into a submission hold. Being the mat technician he was, Daniel Bryan easily slipped away from CM Punk's grasp and left the ring, pulling AJ with him. Missy and Punk stood tall in the middle of the ring, listening to the roar of the crowd's approval. Missy began mocking the couple as they backed away from the ring, yelling nonsense over CM Punk's music blaring throughout the arena. Punk leaned over towards Missy and whispered in her ear so that only she could hear what he was saying.

"Welcome home. What took you so long?"

Missy smiled and shrugged.

"I got here as fast as I could."