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Title: Dimensional Travel

It's been a week since the war had ended. What was left of the human race had just now began repairs to their world with help from the aliens that were found in suspended animation chambers that were used to capture those that had nothing against humans and contained them. Among those that were captured were several necromancers who began bringing back those who were lost in the pointless war. Unfortunately the souls that were reincarnated or have found peace could not be brought back to life.

Others from the other planet after disposing of the ones that wanted the humans gone, had begun using their technology to repair the moon and certain repairable parts of the Earth's ecosystem. It would take many lifetimes for the repairs to be noticeable by newer generations.

With a sigh, Black Rock Shooter also know by her true name as Stella sat in a white chair in the middle a moon palace sanctuary while looking at her hands debating something.

"Something on you mind Stella?" Nana Grey asked as she was walking up next to her sibling in a casual manner.

Stella looking up at her sister with a hard look and asked, "Grey, do you feel like you don't belong here?"

Blinking in surprise at the odd question while crossing her arms, Grey answered. "You mean the moon, Earth or our mother's world?"

Stella as she tried to remain calm without breaking down in front of her sister said, "All of them" as her hands began to tremble.

"You want to leave this dimension don't you? Asked Grey"

"Yes I do Grey. Yes I do…I mean there's so many horrible memories here that they surface in my mind so much that I can barely remember ANY GOOD TIMES THAT I EVER HAD!" Stella screamed out as tears started to fall as she struggled with her emotional mask she kept up during the war as it began to fall.

Grey holding her sister as she cried and said, "You're not going." Stella looked at her with eyes the size of small dinner plates as they began to become red from crying. Grey sensing her sister's displeasure to her statement quickly added with a smile, "Not without me you're not."

A couple days later, Black Gold Saw one of few aliens that managed to escape the war with a small group of children, was seen walking along side Stella & Grey down a long corridor to a room. As Gold Saw opened the door two small kids looked up at her. One was a small boy no more than 5. He had black mop colored hair whose wild strands behind his head stuck backwards away from the rest. The most noticeable thing about him were his horns were like Gold Saw's but jutted outward instead and his neon green eyes. He looked kind of like Stella which was odd to the both of them. The other child was a small girl who looked like a very young Gold Saw. Instead of black hair like Gold Saw, her long hair was pure white. Like her twin brother, she also had the horns and the neon green eyes. Both children wore simple cloaks each representing black for the boy and white for the girl. Looking back at her companions, Gold Saw said, "You're probably wondering who these two little ones are correct?" With a nod from both Stella & Grey, Gold Saw continued.

"As you know the cloning facilities were closed down. But during the war I came across an old version that was taken from one of the facilities on Earth that would later be used to create more BRS clones. But during tests that were being run by trying to clone others like myself failed, apparently this one machine still had your DNA in it from the time you Stella were created. At first no one noticed this and tried to clone my DNA. It was considered a failure but was left alone after they managed to create a more updated model of the machine. At least someone left this machine on and it began working on its own after a few kicks. That was about six years ago. Around five years ago is when I came across this room and discovered these two just out of the artificial womb crying and having no one to take care of them, I found out that they were my kids and in the last five years the three of us plus several other orphans that we found hid in a small bunker just below this storage lab to keep out of that damn war." "Any questions? She asked"

Gold Saw starred at the spot where Grey was and noticed Stella missing only to notice that Grey was looking downward. After blinking in question, she looked down as well only to find Stella fainted on the spot. Grey started chuckling as she saw the twins started poking Stella with their fingers trying to wake her up. Suddenly Grey got a oh so wonderful way to wake her sister up. She left for a couple of minutes only come back with a bucket of ice cold water. Grey grind as she threw the contents of the bucket on to Stella.


"AAAAHHHHH! Stella screamed now soaking wet from her instant cold shower." "Grey what the hell was that for!? Stella questioned"

Grey just pointed downward towards the twins who were smirking just as Gold Saw was. It took a moment for Stella to remember what she was told about them and bent down to their level and said, "So I guess this makes you my kids?" With a simple nod both the twins grabbed and hugged her. In the first time in many years Stella had a smile on her face as she hugged them back. Looking up at Gold Saw Stella asked, "What are their names?"

The look that she received back clearly told her to ask the kids themselves. Looking back down Stella asked them the question. "What are you names?"

The boy in the black cloak looked at her and said, "My name is Kuroshi and my sister's name is… The sister in the white cloak took over and replied, "My name is Shiroshi"

With an eyebrow rose Grey said, "Black Death and White Death…fitting."

"Yes it does seem fitting to them doesn't? Gold Saw replied"

Stella stood up and looked at Gold Saw directly in the eyes and asked, "Do you want us to take them with us?"

"Yes, I do Stella. I want them to experience life on a planet that has not been completely destroyed and turned into a barren wasteland do to a war. I also want them to grow up with a parent that is able to take care of them and has time to take care of them. I know you want a life away from all the pointless fighting and be happy. So what better way than to have someone to call your own to live with you and help you experience what you missed growing up? Replied Gold Saw"

With a quick turn towards the hall as the group began walking again, Gold Saw continued, "Now the dimension that I'm going to send the four of you to has an Earth that's still intact and is quite peaceful. Think of it like our Earth if the war had not happened. The jump between dimensions is a one way deal. So you if you want back out now, now's your chance. As for blending in with the humans in that world, a couple of the scientist here in this facility have created special contact lenses for your eyes that will block your flames from igniting if you somehow get cornered by some thugs on the streets. The lenses also stop your second ring in your eyes from showing to make blending in better. As for Kuroshi and Shiroshi, I have special bracelets for them that will dim their power down to a normal human. Any questions?"

As the group made it to the new, a couple of scientist came to them and led them to an area to perform the circle to open the portal. Soon as Black Gold Saw set work, one of the scientists came up gave Grey the identification papers and IDs needed for that world as well as the contact lenses and the bracelets. As the portal opened Grey nodded to both Gold Saw and to Stella who grabbed onto both the twin's hands and the four walked forward through the portal to their new home.

It was a small neighborhood that had a small apartment complex. Just a couple of hours ago Stella, Grey and the twins arrived at the front office of the apartment's landlord. It seemed that both the landlord and Black Gold Saw met during her scouting trip of this world and made a deal. The deal was that at least one of them was required to get a job to pay for food while the other was required to enroll into the local high school. As long as the both of them do the requirements, they would receive one of the bigger apartments at the quarter of the actual price and since Black Gold Saw saved the guy, the landlord agreed to pay for the apartment as long as they hold their end of the contract.

{I'm glad that this place is one of those apartments that already have appliances and furniture set up. I don't think that I could stand staying on the hard floor, thought Stella as she watched the news as she sat on the couch with the twins sound asleep next to her.} She then noticed the date saying it was 2014.

"Hey Stella, I just went to the landowner's place and asked him when the nearest high school was doing their entrance exams. Grey said as she was walking through the door."

Stella turned to look and raised her eyebrow to motion for her sister to continue with the conversation.

"Well, we got here just in time. The entrance exams start in about a week and so you need to start studying."

"Wait, why me? Questioned Stella"

"Simple! Said Grey", "I'm older and have a better chance at getting a job than you."

Stella face faulted at her sister's statement.

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