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Chapter 6: Family Reunions and Sparing

An awkward pause filled the air as Stella and Mrs. Kuroi stared at each other, while the twins just looked at the two adults who looked too lost for words on what where going through their minds.

{Why? Why is she here? Didn't I suffer enough from the war?} thought Stella as she struggled to keep her raising emotions in check and stared at the woman who once was what she would call a monster.

While Stella was having her own internal thoughts, Kurenai's mind felt like it was running around in circles. {How did she get hear? Did she come hear willingly? Who else is here? Is she alone? Who are the kids near her? This is getting nowhere; I might as well ask her.}

"Stella?" asked Kurenai as she stared at her past self's daughter.

Being broken out of her thoughts, Stella shook her head and replied a little shakily, "Y-yes?"

With a sigh of relief at being answered, Kurenai continued with her earlier question. "Is there a place we can go to that's not in the open and talk privately without being overheard, because we really need to talk? Is that okay with you?"

With a nod signaling as a yes, Stella pulled out a cell phone out of her jacket and dialed.

At Takahashi's Frozen Yogurt shop, Grey was sitting at the cash register waiting for potential customers to come in. Feeling the vibration of her cell phone going off, she pushes aside her apron enough to pull it out of her pocket. Noticing it was Stella's number calling, she answered.

"Hello, Stella? Is something wrong?" Grey asked but soon went wide eyed as she soon screamed into the phone, "WHAT! Stella, if this is some sort of a joke then I'm…fine, I'll ask my boss if we can use the back room to talk. See you in fifteen okay?"

Looking down at the phone, Grey sighed in slight frustration as she placed it into her pocket and began to walk to Mr. Takahashi's office. Arriving at her boss's office, Grey knocked on the door. Hearing a reply from Mr. Takahashi, she stepped in into the office and asked, "Sir would it alright with you if my sister and I plus an old acquaintance use the back room for several minutes when they get here?"

Mr. Takahashi looked up at his employee and opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted when his cell phone began ringing. Lifting it up to his ear he spoke, "Yes?"

Several moments past as Grey waited until she heard, "Alright, I'll be there. Thanks for letting me know." Looking up at her boss, Grey saw that he was getting up and heading for his door. Growing a tad concerned about what was going on; she spoke up asking, "Mr. Takahashi sir is everything alright?"

Spinning on his heel to look back at Grey, Mr. Takahashi replied, "My sister In-law is in the hospital for surgery and her next door neighbor just called to tell me that he can't take my nephew because he just became sick. So I have to close shop early because I have to go get my nephew to take care of him for the next few days. Oh and yes you can use the shop for your meeting."

With a nod, Grey watched her boss walk out the door. Turning to her side, Grey took off her apron and hair net and sat in a booth to wait for her sister. Twelve minutes later there was a knock on the front door waking Grey from herself induced Trans. Looking up at the door she saw Stella with the twins and a woman in a tan colored jacket with a small white scarf and tan colored long pants waiting to be let inside.

Getting up from her seat, Grey walked up to the door and opened it letting her visitors in. Once inside, the group split into two. Kuroshi and Shiroshi were given their own booth and waited for their aunt who bought them two frozen Strawberry Yogurts. The two adults and one teen then sat in another booth and sat there waiting for the oldest to speak.

With a sigh, Mrs. Kuroi looked at her past self's daughters and asked, "Alright, what is it you want to know?"

Within the Other-world, Rock was just entering her Hidden Section of her world to relax after having a spar with Dead Master who kept using those black chains of hers to pin Rock down in order to get a few cheap shots in. After closing her door, Rock proceeded to lie down on her couch and turned on her TV.

"Hmm…I wonder what's going on in the Real-world."

Flipping through the channels, Rock stumbled across Mato and her friends playing a four player party game. Shaking her head, she then proceeded to change the channel to a random view only for it to land on the conversation that was about to take place. Quickly turning up the volume to hear the conversation, Rock had only one thought going on in her mind was, {Why is Mrs. Kuroi with Stella?}

"What is it that we want to know?" said Grey as she leaning forward while she held her hands together and laid her arms across the table

"Why did you start the war with the humans in our old world? Was it to prove alien superiority or was it on a more personal level?" asked Stella

With a look of sorrow in her eyes, Mrs. Kuroi began to speak, "I honestly don't remember the reason I started the war all those years ago. Ever since I was a child, I would wake up from nightmares of what I did as White Rock Shooter. Ordering innocents to be slaughtered by the Apostles and any other soldiers under their rank was horrifying. Not just humans were killed but some of our kind where too. Just because I hated humans for reasons I can't remember, all those lives were lost forever. Day after day, night after night these nightmares would show up to remind me of the beast that I had been. I-If it wasn't for the fact that I have children in this life, I d-don't know if I would be strong enough to continue on by being plagued by Sing's memories."

Quickly taking out a handkerchief from her pocket, Stella handed it to Mrs. Kuroi who took it to wipe the tears that were falling. Sitting there for a moment both sides sat there doing nothing until Grey spoke up.

"You're right on one thing Mrs. Kuroi…"

With a shake of her head Kurenai replied, "No Grey…please call me Kurenai."

With a nod that signified that she acknowledged her request, Grey continued, "As I was saying, you're right on one thing Kurenai. Sing was a monster. You may have her memories, but you're not her specifically. You're her reincarnation, a being that holds that same soul and memories of the previous life. Both Stella and I may have mental scaring because of Sing, but we have nothing against you."

Grabbing the handkerchief again Kurenai used it to wipe the tears that began to flow down her face as she smiled knowing that she wasn't hated do to her past self's actions.

Feeling a pull on her jacket, Stella looked down to see the twins staring between her and Mrs. Kuroi. Kurenai looked toward Stella then to the kids who were now at the table. Looking back up, Stella saw a smile on Kurenai's face.

"So…who's the father?" asked Kurenai as her smile threatened to widen even further until she said, "Oh I know, it was that young soldier that was killed was in it?"

{Not exactly the type of memory I really wanted to remember from the war, but…wait WHAT!?} thought Stella as her face became red as a tomato in embarrassment at was implied.

Grey on the other hand was laughing her ass off in her own mind while the twins were looking at the three of them with confused looks. After calming down enough though, Grey spoke up in her sister's defense.

"Uh…Kurenai? While the kids are Stella's, they don't have a father. They were created in the old cloning machine that Stella came from. She shares them in blood with another alien named Black Gold Saw."

With a concerned look on her face, Kurenai said, "Okay that answers that question. Oh! Could you tell me what happened that brought you four hear to this world and what happened after my past-self was killed?"

Looking back toward each other both sisters silently agreed as Stella took control of the conversation. Stella opened her mouth and began to explain what happened after Sing was killed.

Back in the Other-World, Rock could only stare in shock at what she was hearing. "What the Hell!? Mato's mother was an alien in a past life?"

Getting off the couch, Rock proceeded to walk out her Hidden Section and began to walk to the borders of her world of Blue. On her way she began to think, {This idea of a BRS and BGS having kids is a tad weird. I mean…it's not us of course but…I don't know what say or even think on it. Also is Mato really safe being around her mother who was evil in a past life? I know Grey said in the conversation that Mrs. Kuroi wasn't White Rock Shooter any longer and just shares the same soul and memories but…} Looking up from her thoughts, she realized that she was standing in front of the borders that lead to the other four colored worlds.

{Hmm let's see here… Which one do I want to go to?} Looking to her left to see a world Orange Rock thought, {I could go to Strength's world…we been getting along pretty well despite our past. Then there is Black Gold Saw's world of Red…huh?}

Looking up to the sky, Rock saw Black Gold Saw's mind's eye peering down at her from above. Quickly sighing, Rock spoke up, "Gold Saw, I need to talk to you! I'm headed over alright!?" Seeing that the giant red eye in the sky had vanished, she continued on her chosen path.

Thirty minutes had soon past as Rock arrived in the world of Red.

{Hmm…where was the hidden entrance again?} Rock was thinking this as she tried to remember the location. Suddenly seeing something move out the corner of her right eye, creeping closer to the area she saw the shadow move again. Dashing forward, Rock grabbed her would be stalker to only see it was only one of Gold Saw's kids.

Tilting her head to the side, Rock asked, "Oh! You're the Other-self to that one girl from Mato's old Junior high school who was I think was a basketball coach right?"

The young Other-self looked up and asked, "You mean Kohata? Yes I'm her Other-self. Why do you ask?"

Rock just shook her head. "I was just trying to remember the facts, that is all." Looking back down at the child, Rock then asked, "What are you doing out here?"

Watching the girl walk over to a flat rock and began sitting on it. Rock walked over and stared at the sky. Looking back down again after feeling a finger prodding her, Rock asked, "Yes?"

The girl answered in a calm manner. "The answer to your question is that I wanted to look at the sky. With its mixture of colors, it's a sight to behold isn't it?"

Staring into the sky herself, Rock answered the question. "Yeah it is."

A few moments past as the both of them stared into the sky until the moment of peace was broken as another question from Rock was asked.

"Could you tell me were the entrance to this world's hidden section is? I kinda forgot where it was."

Looking up from her seat that she was perched on, the young Other-self smiled and nodded. Moments later Rock arrived at the hidden section waiting for Black Gold Saw. Minutes soon past and Rock got tired of waiting and so she thought she could take a look around to get familiar with the surrounding area.

{When I last came here, I arrived with Strength alongside me. She knew where everything was. But now I have no clue as to where to go. I guess this what I get for not paying attention to my surroundings. Huh? What's in here?}

Walking up to a door on her left, Rock reached toward the knob and turned. With the door opened, she saw more of Gold Saw's kids either watching television, reading books and for some reason chasing each other with pitchforks and spears. Closing the door, Rock continued onward to finding Gold Saw.

{Oh come on! How hard is it to find one damn person around here?} thought Rock as she was slowly becoming more and more frustrated by the second.

While continuing her train of thought in frustration, a door opened as she was walking which caused her to hit it face first.

"What the hell?" cried Rock as she fell on her ass. Looking up, she saw two Other-selves that she never met before coming out of a room.

From what she could see, the two Other-selves looked like they were around fifteen or sixteen and were apparently twins.

Pausing in her thoughts for a second, Rock realized something {Wait a minute here…Stella's kids have counter-parts in the Other-world too?}

It seemed Kuroshi's counter-part seemed to have a black ruffian coat that was sleeveless and had a white star on its left side. His arms were covered in black metallic gauntlets that covered his shoulders and the shoulder blades. The neck appeared to be protected by something that was black and metal that she couldn't identify at the moment. His lower torso was covered by black pants that had a pouch attached to one of the legs. The feet had black colored armor that resembled demonic feet with white horns sticking outward from the side of the lower legs.

Shiroshi's counter-part held similar attire to her brother's except that she had a white marveileuse dress with a white tiger lily breastplate covering it.

Rock noticed that the two were looking at her who then looked at each other. To her, the twins looked like they were conversing to themselves telepathically like how everyone else used to do it before Mato kicked her ass two years ago.

{Huh…I wonder what they're talking about?} thought Rock

{Black? You remember what big brother said about us running into BRS right?}

{I remember what he said White. He said, try to avoid contact with her if at all possible. Big brother said this because he's worried about her having a possible re-laps and us being near the area when she does.}

{So what do we do? Do we ignore her and continue on?}

{I'm not really sure on that one sis. A few moments ago Black Gold Saw did say that the rest of her group has been keeping an eye on BRS for the past two years. But perhaps we should listen to big brother's warning and just leave.}

{Alright, let's go then.}

As soon as the twin's conversation ended, the both of them burst into neon green flames and disappeared from Rock's line of sight. Blinking twice before getting up off the floor, Rock decided to walk to the door the Other-world versions of the twins came out of. Opening the door showed Gold Saw sipping some coffee at a desk.

Gold Saw looked up a noticed Rock standing in the door way.

"Oh Rock, I was wondering when you were going to arrive. What took you so long? Also come on in and sit down"

Putting her left hand behind her head, Rock smiled in a sheepish manner as she sat down on the couch that was provided.

"Actually, I sorta forgot where your world's hidden section was."

Raising a brow in her guest's direction, Gold Saw replied, "In other words, you weren't paying attention the last time you were here when you arrived with Strength. "

Deciding that looking at the floor was a better option at that moment, Rock was trying to hide the redness on her face.

"Alright Rock, what was it you wanted to talk about?"

Looking back up, Rock replied, "A while ago, I spared with Dead and after that I went back to my world. Then after laying down and turning on the TV, I then saw Mato and CO playing a four player party game. I proceeded to change the channel next. Now the spot the TV landed on was a conversation involving Mrs. Kuroi…"

"Well that doesn't sound so bad." Said Gold Saw while she tilted her head to the side

With a minor glare being tossed toward Gold Saw, Rock replied, "You didn't let me finish. As I was saying, I saw a conversation between Mato's mom, Stella and Nana Grey at the frozen yogurt shop that Mato likes going to."

Looking a bit uneasy at the new knowledge, Gold Saw asked, "Maybe it's just coincident that they met?"

"Unfortunately that isn't the case here. Here's the thing…Mrs. Kuroi was Stella and Nana Grey's mother in her past life."

That really got Gold Saw's attention, "What!? Are you sure about this Rock?"

"Positive. Kurenai was White Rock Shooter in her past life. She was the commander of the Apostles whom took orders directly from her. She lead an alien invasion on another Earth in Stella's universe nearly wiping out all of mankind. From the conversation I heard, I have to ask…do you think Mato is truly safe around her mother. I mean Kurenai did say she was haunted as a child by what she had done as WRS. But to your knowledge Gold Saw, would it be possible for her past self to return and take control?"

Thinking on what Rock told her, Gold Saw carefully answered the question to the best of her abilities. "I guess it could theoretically of course. But Rock, I will admit that I'm not the one to answer that. I do know that there is an Other-self named BAFE whose own world of Pink holds a very large library that holds vast knowledge in different subjects. I suggest you go find her. From what heard, her world is near the ocean on our side of the Other-world."

Pondering on the answer she was given, Rock looks up and nods. Getting up from the couch, Rock got ready to leave until she stopped and asked, "By the way, the two Other-selves I saw earlier…I think they were the counter-parts to Stella's kids."

"I think you're correct. I also noticed what they told me sounded like what Stella's kids."

"What did they say?" asked Rock curiously

"They mentioned their flames acting up and add the fact that they're twins. So I put two and two together and realized who they were."

"Alright, thanks for the advice. I'll search out BAFE in a couple of hours." Said Rock as she was turning to go out the door

"Rock wait a minute!"

Looking back at Gold Saw, Rock asked, "Yes?"

Letting out a small sigh in slight relief, Gold Saw looked at Rock and replied, "I know you had a spare with Dead earlier but I was wondering if you wanted to have a spar with me. With taking care of my kids and all, I haven't had the time to ask you."

"Wait! Why me? Why not ask Chariot or Strength?"

With a deadpanned look upon her face, Gold Saw replied, "While Chariot isn't the best fighter in the Other-world; most of her strength comes from her giant mechanical doll faced spider and the wheel that doubles as a shield. Strength on the other hand doesn't like to fight. So you're my only choice."

Knowing that she was defeated, Rock agreed to do a spare with Gold Saw.

"Alright, where do you want to go to spar? "

Putting one of her fingers on her chin as she thought, Gold Saw got an idea moments later.

"We can use an arena of sorts that I usually have set up for my daughters for when they get frustrated and rowdy."

Nodding at the answer she received, Rock walked along the red stoned corridors as both her companion and she began crossing into other passageways which eventually led to a flight of stairs going downward deeper into the hidden section.

{Sheesh! How far down does this place go? We've taken so many turns in the last few minutes I forgot how to get out.} thought Rock until she noticed they arrived at their destination.

"We're here." said Gold Saw as she stopped in front of a red metal door.

As Gold Saw pushed the door open, Rock saw a huge room filled with jagged rocks and spikes. In the center was a ginormous circle of towering spikes that curved upward like a flower in bloom.

Looking at her companion, Rock said, "Nice room. Who's your interior decorator?"

Shooting a slightly annoyed glare at the younger girl, the older Other-self pressed onward to the structure where the spare was to take place.

Arriving at the center of the spiked structure, two combatants stared at each other.

"You ready Rock?"

"Whenever you are!"

With a nod to each other, both Other-selves jumped backwards to gain distance between themselves. Soon the battle started with the Rock Cannon being pulled out by Rock who then began firing it.

Gold Saw saw the black rocks covered in blue flames and quickly dodged to her right and dashed forward with King Saw in hand while dodging more enemy fire as they fly past her.

Sensing Gold Saw rushing at her, Rock jumped and twisted herself to avoid getting stabbed. Once she landed, Rock summoned her Black Blade and rushed forward as Gold Saw turned around. Both swords soon clashed in a screeching halt as both fighters fought for dominants. Cracks began to form underneath their feet as the ground began to give way from the presser.

Looking up into the face of her adversary, Rock noticed a glint in Gold Saw's eye fallowed by a smirk.

{What's she up to?} thought Rock as she caught Gold Saw's right leg bending back allowing the curved blade near her nee to point outward ready to strike. Seeing the nee coming towards her, Rock pushed herself to her right dodging the blow and began rolling across the rocky ground before she came to a stop. Suddenly hearing something ahead of her, she looked forward only to meet a concrete column slamming into her at full speed sending her straight into a waiting wall that sprang forth at the last second.

Around ten minutes had passed sense the fight's climax.

"Rock…Rock. Wake up!"

Opening her eyes and began blinking to get the blurriness out of them, Rock slowly got up off the ground to look at the source of the voice.

"Finally! I thought you were going to stay KO'ed for a couple of hours from that hit." cried Gold Saw as she sighed in relief.

"No such luck I'm afraid. How about we get out of here so I can get going to meet with this BAFE you told me about." said Rock as she picked up her blade and made it vanish from sight.

Twenty minutes later, the two Other-selves arrived above ground.

"Well, I got to get going." said Rock as she began to leave

"Alright, stay safe. And if you ever want to have another talk, you know where to find Me." spoke Gold Saw

With a nod, Rock walked off to locate BAFE and ask her some questions that Rock herself hoped she would find the answers that she was looking for.

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