A/N: This story is a sequel to Albus Potter and the Necromancer. However, it is not a second installment. I do not believe that you will need to have read that story to understand this one, other than to understand the relationships between characters. I will attempt to explain some of those relationships and jokes.

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Prologue: Charlotte's Trap

Albus Severus Potter stood on tiptoes in an attempt to find his daughter; Charlotte Molly Potter. Charlotte, the first child for him and his wife Ashley, was by far his favorite child. Just don't tell that to their son Regulus. Regulus was with his mother at muggle school for career day. Of course, Ashley worked at the Ministry of Magic, in the Minister's office. Albus wondered what she would say her career was and what the reaction to that was going to be.

The gleaming scarlet engine of the Hogwarts Express rolled into Platform 9 3/4 at exactly five o'clock as scheduled. Students were leaning out of the windows on both sides of the train and everyone was screaming and waving. Albus looked for Charlotte's face in the crowd, but he couldn't find her.

Students were flooding the platform from every compartment, frantically searching for their parents, brothers and sisters. Albus could see in the corner of his eyes scenes of students hugging siblings. Families were beginning to leave the platform by apparating or going through the barrier. As the crowd thinned, it made finding people much easier. Finally, Charlotte found her father, ran up behind him and almost tackled him.

"Ugh," Albus said, regaining his balance with his daughter hanging from his back. "You found me!"

"Hi Dad!" Charlotte said, letting go and coming around in front of him. "How was the year?"

"Almost unbearable not to have my favorite daughter around," he said, holding her in front of him. "But I managed."

"Ah Dad," she said, giving him a heart felt hug. "Where's mom?"

"With Reg," he said. "She is planning on meeting us at home. She's making your favorite Enchilada Casserole."

"YEA!" Charlotte said, letting her father go.

Albus grabbed Charlotte's trunk and the two of them walked through the barrier and into King's Cross Station. "What do you say to some ice cream?" Albus asked his daughter.

"What's the catch?" she asked, smiling playfully at him.

"Catch?" Albus asked in mock surprise.

"You offering ice cream? There's got to be a catch," she said.

"Well, you have to tell me about your year..." Albus began.

"All about it?" Charlotte asked.

"All about it," Albus confirmed.

"Ok," Charlotte said.

The two soon found themselves sitting in the patio seating of their favorite downtown London ice cream parlor. They both were quickly eating a triple stacked cone, which was melting very quickly before Albus got up and got a couple bowls in which to put their strawberry and vanilla soup (which is what the ice cream had become). Soon they were able to talk.

"So how was school?" Albus asked.

"Hogwarts is amazing!" Charlotte exclaimed. "So, I got sorted into Gryffindor. Mom said she was so proud of that! And I met this amazing girl in my year, and we became best friends and we got in a lot of trouble, but that was still ok, and I still got a lot of Outstandings and Exceeds Expectations and, yeah. Why are you laughing at me."

"It seems like you had a really good time," Albus said.

"Yeah, I certainly did," Charlotte said.

"Professor Weasley kept us well informed of all that trouble you got in," Albus said.

Charlotte's face dropped. "I'm sorry Dad," she said.

"You're mother said that it's evidence you're living up to the family name," Albus said, winking as she looked up.

"Dad," Charlotte pleaded. "You scared me, stop it!"

"Sorry?" Albus said once he stopped laughing. That got both of them laughing some more.

"So, didn't you miss me?" Albus asked.

"Not too much. Professor Longbottom kept making sure I felt at home."

"How is Professor Longbottom?" Albus asked.

"Old," Charlotte responded.

"Old," Albus asked. "He's only, what, 60..."

"That's old Dad," Charlotte said. "But he's pretty cool, I guess. I did miss story time though."

"Story time?" Albus asked sarchastically.

"Yeah," Charlotte said. "When you would sit with me and tell me all those great stories about the past."

"Oh, those times." Albus said. "I missed those too."

"Could you tell me one now?" Charlotte asked shyly.

Albus smiled, "Sure," he said. "Which story would you like me to tell you?"

"Tell me the story about how Grandfather died," she said. "The whole story, not the rated G version."

"Can you handle the whole story?" Albus asked.

"Dad," Charlotte said. "I'm almost 13 already. When are you going to stop treating me like a child."

"Almost 13? You're birthday is over 6 months away!"

"Dad, please?" Charlotte said, adding as much guilt as her mother had taught her.

Albus melted in his daughter's gaze. "Ok, the whole story."

"Yea!" Charlotte said, getting up and scooting next to her father on the bench. "Ok," she said.

"Let's see, I think that story begins when your grandfather was storming that mountain cabin in the Alps-"

"Dad!" Charlotte interrupted, "You promised the whole story!"

"What, that is the whole story," he said.

"No, that's where you always start. You always start with Grandfather and mum and them all charging the cabin. What happens before that? Please." She placed more guilt in her eyes. "I'll let you have some of my casserole tonight."

"Wow, you must really want to know," Albus said. "Alright. Well, perhaps this story begins on a dark, stormy morning."

"The best stories always do," Charlotte said.

Albus laughed. "That they do. Well, this particular morning was a Wednesday morning in August, 2027. I had just graduated from Auror school and was on my way to work when your uncle James called me and completely ruined my day. He has a talent for that, you know..."