Summary: Spock calls for allies, and is backed-up by the one he trusts. It is risky but he is not disappointed.

AN: Time jump. Kirk has made his case to Pike, the Enterprise has warped into a debris field, the Narada is in orbit around Vulcan and Nero has made his demands clear.


~ooO Leaps of Faith Ooo~

Spock's lips were pressed tightly together. Vulcan logic said to comply with Nero's demands, to buy time. Instinct told him it was a futile endeavour that would only kill his Captain.

"He'll kill you, you know that."

And Kirk had apparently reached the same conclusions as Spock. "Your survival is unlikely."

"Captain, we gain nothing by diplomacy. Going over to that ship is a mistake."

They had to persuade Captain Pike to their view.

"I too agree. You should re-think your strategy."

Pike smiled faintly. "I understand that." He inhaled deeply. "I need officers who have been trained in advanced hand-to-hand combat."

The substitute pilot spoke up. "I have training sir."

"Come with me. Kirk, you too. You're not supposed to be here anyway. Chekov, you have the conn."

The navigator straightened sharply. "Aye aye Captain."

The four exited the bridge and began making their way to the shuttle bay. The glimmer of a plan began to pull together in Spock's mind. So he spoke as they walked through the corridors, ignoring the eavesdroppers. The facts would be common knowledge in time.

"We cannot trust Nero no matter what option we have. He has attacked a Federation planet and if Lieutenant Uhura and Cadet Kirk are correct he is responsible for destroying forty-seven Klingon warbirds, for destroying Praxis. We have seen the debris of seven Starfleet vessels in the space around us. Nero is intent on destroying Vulcan for vengeance."

"I agree with you Spock but Nero has us by the short and curlies. The Enterprise is the best ship in Starfleet but she is only one ship. And Nero eradicated all the other ships including Klingon warbirds and they aren't easy to beat."

"Captain, if you will permit, we may have other resources on the Enterprise that you are not aware of," Spock murmured stopping at an internal ship communication station.

Pike gave him a quizzical look. "I'm more than open to anything that will increase our firepower Commander."

Spock tapped the keys opening a ship-wide channel.

"This is Commander Spock, guardian of the Shikon. If there are any crewmembers with personal knowledge of Nagasawa Sesshoumaru, any who owe debts to him or the miko, please join myself and Captain Pike in Engineering." He ignored the quizzical looks from Kirk and Sulu and directed his attention to his Captain. "If there are any who can help they will be joining us," he explained vaguely as the group proceeded to the Engineering deck.

Spock was pleased when they were met by three non-Engineering crew: two wild looking dark-haired male officers in Security red, a short fragile platinum blonde female in Science blues.

"Your true names," Spock asked directly.

The two men glanced at each other uneasily before the younger looking one responded.

"I'm Kazama. This is Ginzu. Our clan owes fealty to the Western Lord."

"I am Kanna. I owe a life debt to the miko." Her dark eyes flashed at him. "I had heard Sesshoumaru had passed his charge to a Child of Two Worlds but I had not believed it. He is very protective of what is his."

Spock inclined his head. "He trained me," he said simply and was secretly pleased by the sharp inhaled breaths and wide eyes. "The Shikon is in my care. Do you challenge me?"

The males looked at each other uneasily but it was the woman who answered. "No. If Kagome-sama chose you I will not dispute it. Why have you called for us?"

"The Enterprise is overmatched. The Narada is in the process of somehow destroying Vulcan. She has destroyed forty-seven Klingon warbirds and the seven Starfleet vessels who arrived ahead of us. There is no one else. What can you do to stop her? Captain Pike is authorizing a HALO jump onto the weapons platform, to disable the energy beam drilling a hole into Vulcan's mantle."

Kazama nodded sharply. "Security has the scanner data. The beam will vaporize through anything. It must be diffused, deflected, or the power cables must be cut."

Spock inclined his head. "Can you make such a cut?"

Ginzu grinned ferally. "Our grandmother is kaze. Our blades can cut through anything."

Spock nodded once. "How close do you have to be?"

They glanced at each other, communicating silently before Ginzu answered.

"Close. A HALO jump then parachute to slow us enough to get close to the cable."

Pike spoke. "Without transporters, we can't beam off the ship, we can't assist Vulcan, we can't do our job. You will have to space-jump from the shuttle and land on the weapons platform. Can you do it?" He asked the security officers.

Ginzu laughed. "Parasailing and gliding are our hobbies. Besides, we don't need to get on the platform, just close to the cable."

"And if you fail?"

Ginzu smirked. "We won't fail Captain. Commander Spock has authorized us to go all out."

Pike was confused.

The trio glanced at each other before Kanna explained.

"We are not human Captain. And before you say it we're not alien or Augments either. We were born on Earth, naturalized citizens. Most of us choose to leave, but a few stayed and took positions in organizations like the Federation and Starfleet because we were asked."

"By this Nagasawa Sesshoumaru," Pike concluded.

"Yes. Our kind, we all owe a huge debt to him. When he asks we do what we can."

"And Spock?" Pike wanted to know.

"Has the authority to act as his agent."

"He was my teacher," Spock offered diffidently. "I have great respect for him."

Pike frowned clearly unhappy by this apparent security breach.

"We have no intent to act against the Federation or Starfleet," Ginzu explained. "We only enrolled in Starfleet and angled for a posting on the Enterprise because Commander Spock was to be posted here."

Pike glanced at Spock who nodded. "I expected sensei to take precautions."

Pike exhaled sharply. "We're going to have a long talk about this later Spock," he said sternly before focusing on the three non-humans. "Ok, you two will be joining Kirk and Sulu on the HALO jump."

Ginzu coughed. "It would be best if they didn't. We are more durable than humans and they won't be able to do anything without landing on the platform itself which is going to be a last resort only."

"And how are you going to take it out without landing on it?" Kirk demanded sceptically.

Kazama held up a PADD in one hand and Ginzu glanced at it.

Pike, Kirk, and Sulu gasped when the PADD split neatly in half, one half held by Kazama while the other fell to the floor. Kazama handed the destroyed device to Pike who examined the neat precise cut made without any tools of any sort.

"How?" he asked hoarsely.

Ginzu smirked and his over-long black hair began to sway in a breeze.

"Nothing cuts cleaner than a blade of air."

Pike turned to Kanna. "And you?" he asked warily.

"My talents lie in different areas," she told him.

Pike looked at his XO who nodded shallowly. "Ok then. Ginzu and Kazama will disable the machine that is scrambling our gear and beam back to the ship. Mister Spock, I'm leaving you in command of the Enterprise while I go over to the Narada and buy us some time. Once we have transport capabilities, communications back up, you'll contact Starfleet and report what the hell's going on here. And if all else fails, fall back, rendezvous with the fleet in the Laurentian system. Kirk, I'm promoting you to First Officer."

Kirk jumped. "What?"

"Captain, please, I apologize but the complexities of human pranks escape me."

Pike smirked. "It's not a prank Spock. And I'm not the Captain, you are." He glanced at the three watching politely. "Let's go you two."

Kirk jumped. "Sir, after we knock out that drill, what happens to you?"

Pike looked surprised. "Oh, I guess you'll have to come and get me." He turned to Spock. "Careful with the ship Spock, she's brand new."

Kanna coughed before interjecting delicately. "Captain I will be joining you on the Narada." At the disbelieving looks she explained. "You will need a bodyguard to keep you alive and I am your best choice. One no one will see or suspect since I can hide my presence from all and end opposition when they think they are safe and secure." She looked at Spock. "Once communications is available you will want to contact Sesshoumaru. He may be able to help."

Kirk made a scoffing sound. "I don't see how he can unless he has a way of travelling faster than Warp Nine." Kanna smirked but didn't say anything. Kirk looked at Spock. "He doesn't, right?"

Spock did not respond. Technically youkai methods of inter-planetary portal travel were faster than Warp Nine because they were instantaneous.

The new Captain and First Officer made their way back to the bridge to watch the shuttle disembark and set course for the Narada. Spock took the Captain's chair and tapped a key.

"Doctor Puri, report."

He was not so surprised when another voice answered. "It's McCoy. Doctor Puri was on deck six. He's dead."

Spock absorbed the information before responding. "Then you have just inherited his responsibility as Chief Medical Officer."

McCoy responded rather grumpily. "Yeah, tell me something I don't know."

Spock watched the two figures fall out of the shuttle and down towards the red planet below.

Chekov spoke for the recorder. "Away team is entering the atmosphere sir. Twenty thousand meters." There was a small pause. "Approaching the platform at fifty-eight hundred meters. Forty-six hundred. Thirty-eight hundred. Three thousand."


Ginzu and Kazama were grinning broadly as they fell through the red-tinted atmosphere. The brothers smirked and manipulated their youki to slow their descent. The slight deceleration helped them manoeuvre so they were on the same side as they fell, both casting attacks, blades of wind towards the chain. A few were deflected off at an angle but most hit target throwing off small sparks and chips of metal.

They were closer to the platform now.

Kazama looked up at his brother who nodded. They simultaneously cast their most powerful attacks at the chain. One link cut clean through on one side, another link half-way through. The metal groaned and shrieked as the cleanly cut link began unravelling, straightening from the massive strain.

The platform dropped several feet with a huge jerk. It was only suspended by the massive power cables. They had never been designed to be load-bearing in a high-gravity environment.

Two seconds later the power cables snapped and the weapons platform fell fast towards the planet below. Ginzu and Kazama slowed their descent more sharply until they were almost floating to the planet below.

"Well brother?" Kazama asked teasingly.

"I think we make a wonderful team," Ginzu announced happily.

They looked up at the faded stars and tapped their communicators simultaneously.

"Enterprise, this is HALO team. Target has been taken out."

"Understood HALO team. Prepare for transport."


Spock inhaled sharply when something blue bloomed like a flower on the sensor map.

"Sensors report a huge energy spike near the veapons platform. The cable, it is cut! The platform is falling!"

"The jamming signal is gone. Transporters are on-line." Uhura reported.

Chekov tapped a few more buttons. "Transporter control is reengaged, sir. HALO team are falling at a decelerating rate." His confusion was apparent. "This is impossible sir. They do not have rocket packs."

Uhura tapped a key. "Captain, HALO team is reporting."

Then she played the audio communication. "Enterprise, this is HALO team. Target has been taken out."

Spock inhaled deeply satisfied though he did not smile. "Beam them back to the Enterprise."

Uhura nodded and pressed a key. "Understood HALO team. Prepare for transport."

Spock studied the Narada intently. "Mr. Chekov, run gravitational sensors. I want to know what the Narada was doing to the planet."


On the Narada the news was not pleasantly received on the Bridge.

"The drill's been sabotaged sir. We have not yet reached the planet's core."

Nero frowned. "Prepare and launch the red matter."


In another section of the Narada Kanna was breathing sharply. She had just sucked the soul out of a Romulan carrying a torpedo with a substance that terrified her. She had meant to follow the Romulans taking Pike to the security brig but had been distracted by the one they called Ayel. Because he had casually laughed displaying his pleasure at what was to come, Vulcan's destruction by using what a Vulcan had created, the substance Ayel was carrying, red matter. When she had felt the distinctive resonance of the substance Kanna had immediately abandoned her mission to protect Pike because she could not let Nero use Godsblood.

Carelessly she rolled the two bodies and removed the carry tube that resembled a twentieth-century lava lamp. Carefully she released the souls back, erasing and blocking certain information from their minds. As far as they knew they had loaded the missile tube with the Godsblood and were returning to the Bridge.

As much as she hated it Pike had to survive on his own a little longer. She had to locate and take care of the Godsblood.


"Spock! They have Godsblood!"

On the Enterprise Bridge Spock stiffened minutely. He did not question Kagome's sources or disbelieve. Where did a rag-tag group of time-travelling Romulans get Godsblood? Spock rose from the Captain's chair.

"Alert Vulcan Command Center to signal a planet-wide evacuation on all channels, all frequencies." Sulu turned with a questioning look. "Maintain standard orbit. Evacuate all possible civilians."

"Sir?" Kirk asked warily.

"We do not know how the Narada destroyed Praxis. We cannot assume the weapons platform is their only option."

Kirk stiffened and nodded sharply. "Yes sir." And when Spock began moving towards the turbolift he called out. "Where are you going?"

"To evacuate the Vulcan High Council. They are tasked with protecting our cultural history."

"Can't you beam them out?" Kirk asked.

"It is impossible. They will be in the Katric Ark. I must go there myself." He looked Kirk in the eye. "Kirk, you have the conn. Do not betray Captain Pike's belief in you."

Kirk nodded once. "I won't sir." He watched Spock leave the Bridge, breaking all the Rules and Regs. He had a feeling Spock was going to save more than the Vulcan High Council but who was he to say anything? The Enterprise didn't have much of a shot against the Narada. They were playing a delaying game for time.

He stiffened when Chekov turned around and announced, "Sir, the Narada has just launched something at Vulcan."

He refused to gibber no matter how much this battle was resembling the Kobayashi Maru. There was always a way to win. He just had to find it.


Spock had just beamed down onto wildly unstable ground. He rebalanced and set off running for the caves Sarek had shown him. He had to save his parents, the Vulcan Elders. He rushed into the cavern containing the Katric Ark. It was filled with less than two dozen Vulcans, members of the Council and their aides, including his parents.

"Spock?" His mother was the first to spot him.

"The planet is in danger of being destroyed. We must evacuate. Now!" Then he stiffened and cocked his head as though listening to something. He removed his communicator and pressed it into his father's hand. "Use this as soon as you exit the mountain. The Enterprise is in orbit and can beam you off the planet."

"Aren't you coming?" His mother moved close and grabbed his forearm. "Why are you giving this to your father?"

He touched her cheek memorizing her features. If he failed this would be the last time they would ever see each other in this life. He was vaguely aware of the more immediate possibility of the cavern collapsing on them. Deliberately he ignored it.

"I am going to try something that has a miniscule chance of success," he told her gently.

"Then don't! Come with us!" she urged him.

He shook his head. "I must. Or Vulcan will certainly be destroyed." He looked to his father. "You should go. Take her."

"I won't!" Amanda yelled.

Sarek looked very old. "I will not leave either." He turned and handed the communicator to a younger Vulcan. "Storn, guide the Elders out and contact the Enterprise to be transported off the surface."

Many of the Council were quick to respond to Sarek's instructions, to preserve themselves, but a few refused to budge. Most of them were very old or members of Ma'at S'chn T'gai, including the Matriarch of Vulcan, T'Pau.

"What is your plan Spock?" the elderly female demanded to know.

Spock eyed her. "It would be wiser if you are transported to the Enterprise."

T'Pau made a soft snorting sound. "I do not believe your plan truly has a small chance of succeeding. You would not be so calm if it were so."

Spock studied the people around uncertain of how to proceed.

"Trust them," she whispered in his mind.

He pivoted on one heel and walked away, deeper into the cavern, to stand before a particular Katric Ark. He inhaled deeply and exhaled as Sesshoumaru-sensei taught him, then raised his hands, palms out parallel to the Ark.

He heard the soft sounds of disbelief, the small gasps, when his hands began glowing white. He ignored them, pleased with his findings.

"My theories were correct. The Katric Ark is located over a large node," he said out loud though to whom no one was certain.

He removed a small sharp blade from a belt sheath and cut across his right fingertips. Lips were pressed in a thin line as he ignored the pain and tracing out unfamiliar glyphs on the Katric Ark using his blood as ink.

Before shocked eyes the green copper-based liquid began shimmer and shine with a soft silver light. Spock spoke eight syllables in an oddly fluid unknown language. The blood painted glyphs burst into blue flames that grew and shaped to form a ring in mid-air. Five sharp syllables made it contract to a point, one as bright as a miniature star. Then he spoke three more.


He gasped and fell to his knees. Weakly he clutched at his neckline, tugging a silver chain out from under the black thermal top. There was a net-bag woven from silver strands, a bag containing a golf-ball sized orb that was coruscating with pink and blue light. He jerked sharply, breaking the chain, and then tossed the bag to the ground.

The silver thread disintegrated as the light grew in intensity until it turned to flames. The flames grew, consuming the orb, shaping into a vaguely humanoid outline lying on the ground. Then when they faded all that was left behind was a small, nude, shapely female with pale gold-tinted skin lying sprawled out on her belly. Long wavy black hair provided some modesty, veiling her back to mid-thigh in a curtain of black silk. She shifted slightly and made a soft sound of pain before going very still. She lay there gasping, clearly struggling to catch her breath. Then Spock moved and knelt beside her, and placed his bloody hand on her bare shoulder.


She turned and looked him in the eye. Then she smiled warmly and said his name. "Spock." Her voice was unexpectedly low and husky for a small feminine woman.

"The Narada…can you do anything?" he asked bluntly as he tugged the Science-blue tunic over his head and tossed it to her.

She ignored the tunic and allowed it to fall to the ground as she pushed herself into a kneeling then back on her heels before rising into standing position. The action bared her front and every inch to everyone present but she ignored the scandalized and questioning looks from their audience. One small hand gripped the Starfleet officer's elbow for support as she stepped towards the Katric Ark.

"You will listen to me," she said in an unexpectedly strong resonant voice though she was looking towards the Katric Ark and not anyone present. She cocked her head to one side and made a gesture. "You are being foolish, tell me are you so weak so unconvinced in your strength? How did your people ever reach the stars if you allow threats to control you?" She snorted. "Of course I'm being insulting! You want your children to lie down and die! Without even putting up a bloody fight!" She turned in another direction. "Are you so weak you need the humans to fight your battles? For me to do this alone?" she spoke in clear challenge. "Because saving your descendants is not important enough for you to compromise and bend? I am more experienced than any of you because I have never closed my eyes and turned away from the truth." She was silent for a while, as though listening. Then she snarled and turned to another corner. "Tell me Surak, do you wish to stand by and watch your world destroyed? Your legacy to disappear into the void? Isn't there a single one of you willing to stand beside me and at least try? Humans never give up, even in the face of death and certain destruction. That bone-headed stubbornness is why we will survive if you don't care enough to fight!"

There was silence. Sarek took the opportunity to remove his outer robe and approach the pair, holding it out to her. The female turned towards him and smiled. Sarek was not one to be easily affected but he was by the warmth and resolve in her bright blue eyes. Absently he noted she had rounded ears and Oriental features. A human.

"Thank you," she said as she accepted the garment. She ripped a broad strip from the hem, shortening it so it would not drag on the ground. Then she slipped into the robe overlaying the fabric across her front like a bathrobe and wrapping and tying the torn strip around her waist like a belt to hold it closed.

Then she turned sharply towards the Katric Ark and smiled broadly. And she screamed as ribbons of blue energy flowed from the Ark into her. Reflexively the older Vulcan reached out to interrupt the energy but was stopped by his son who tugged him back.

"No," Spock said sharply.

Helplessly he watched as the energy kept flowing into her. He could not understand how she was still conscious. Even from a distance Sarek could feel the heat and potent charge. Her skin appeared almost translucent now, glowing from within as she somehow kept absorbing more and more power while still remaining conscious and standing.

Then it finally stopped and her knees gave way. Just before she could hit the ground Spock had moved to her side, wrapping an arm around her waist to hold her close against him.

"Outside," she told him hoarsely. "Quickly."

He shifted his grip, crouching slightly to push his shoulder into her waist and standing with one arm braced against the back of her legs, torso down his back in fireman's carry. He moved swiftly towards the exit, gripping Amanda's wrist, urging her and Sarek along.

"We must leave. Now."

They ran. There were larger chunks of rocks falling now. Whatever Nero had done it was still having an effect on the planet. He was very aware of his grip on the two Terran women, so different and yet so similar, both important to him in their own ways.

They emerged into the blazing red-tinged light of Eridani-4. Kagome was patting his hair, trying to get his attention. He knelt and settled her on her feet and watched her take two steps away towards the cliff edge. The energy beam had been disabled but there were plumes of smoke and volcanic debris emerging from the chasm, the open wound torn into the planet's crust.

"Sesshoumaru." It was a whisper only heard by those within three feet.

"Sesshoumaru." It was strong enough to be heard by all, over the sounds of rock grating and the world shaking apart.

"Sesshoumaru!" It was a scream potent enough to make everyone stop.

She was haloed in pink and white energy ribbons. She was doing something, making the ribbons twist and braid into a single strand, into a single point. The effort required was tremendous but she managed. Then the single point burst outwards, expanding into an oval of shimmering blue water. From that oval a white-clad white-haired male stepped through.

It was Nagasawa Sesshoumaru though now he had some very un-Terran features: sharp claw-tipped fingers, fangs, pointed ears, slit-pupil gold eyes, and distinctive twin maroon strips on each cheek and a blue crescent moon on the forehead. He took in everything and directed his attention to the strange female.

"Kagome," he murmured in a low but carrying voice.

"There is a ship in orbit. Romulan. Kanna says they have Godsblood."

Nagasawa Sesshoumaru growled, a deep threatening sound that made even T'Pau cringe.

"Has she disposed of it?" he asked sharply.

"She sent the container into the void."

Sesshoumaru made a sharp 'stop' gesture. "Tell her to destroy the ship."

"It's too close to the planet," Kagome countered.

"Acceptable risk," he retorted.

"What if they have another stash on board?" Kagome pointed out.

That made Sesshoumaru hesitate. "Tell her to cause massive structural damage, but nothing that will stop them from jettisoning it. I will intercept it."

Kagome nodded and closed her eyes for a brief moment. Then she opened them. "They are trying to launch something at the chasm." She pointed out at the horizon, the point where a column of smoke was floating into the upper atmosphere.

Sesshoumaru frowned. Then a gold haze began to form around him before shaping into a perfect sphere. Less than a second later, in a bright flash it zoomed away towards the plume. And Sesshoumaru was nowhere to be seen.

Kagome sagged against Spock. "He'll take care of it. We need to get to more stable ground."

"The Enterprise?" Sarek offered in a carefully diffident tone.

She shook her head. "They will be going into battle. The Narada is still up there," she said pointing overhead. "You may go if you wish but I will wait here."

Amanda Grayson moved forward to look the unknown young woman in the eye. "You know my son," she stated.

"Oh yes."

"How long?"

"Since Sesshoumaru gave him the Shikon."


"I had no body. I was energy, my soul, my katra was trapped within the Shikon," she looked up at Spock and smiled broadly. "Until the Child of Two Worlds freed me."

Amanda noted her son's ear tips were dark green and his typically pale cheeks were tinged. He was blushing!

"Something is happening," Sarek pointed out clinically.

Everyone turned to look in the distance. There was a dark grey ribbon forming in mid-air. The missile accelerating towards the surface veered to avoid it and failed when the ribbon twisted to intercept it. And then the missile vanished and the ribbon faded.

Kagome sighed. "The meidou."


"Gateway into lower realms, the void," Kagome explained absently nibbling her lower lip. Then she smiled fiercely. "He's shifting."

They squinted into the distance trying to see what she was seeing. It was several seconds before they saw It. A swirl of red and orange power expanding into a huge cloud, shaping and then fading to reveal a massive white-furred dog. It jumped into the air, chasing after the dangling end of the broken chain that had once secured the weapons platform. Massive jaws clenched on the huge links and tugged down forcefully.


On board the Narada sensors turned green to indicate danger as several systems began shrilling audio and visual warnings.

"Structural integrity has been compromised."

After running through several calculations Ayel spoke. "We have to uncouple the deployment platform before the unknown quadropedal alien causes permanent damage."

"Where did it come from?" Nero screamed.

"There are no records of any alien race capable of such transformations. Other than possibly the Q."

"It cannot have appeared out of nowhere!"

The Narada shuddered as the massive white furred being tugged down on the chain ripping more chunks out of the hull and deployment hanger bays.

"Uncouple the deployment platform," Nero ordered harshly.

It was too late. There was a massive screech, the shrill grating sound of metal being ripped and twisted, and then the Narada shook violently tossing all who were not restrained around like dice in a cup.


Jim Kirk was sitting in the Captains Chair, leaning forward with tense expectations. The Enterprise had regained Communications and Transporter functions ten minutes ago thanks to Kazama and Ginzu. Unfortunately their Captain was still down on the surface. Spock had given his communicator to the Vulcan Elders and instructed them to contact the Enterprise. Spock and a few others had remained in the Katric Ark for whatever plan he had cooked up. They hadn't been able to contact him or the remaining Elders since.

When the Narada had launched something towards Vulcan Jim had honestly thought they had lost. But they hadn't. Chekov reported an odd energy build-up, a controlled black hole being formed, one that intercepted the Narada's missile. And then that huge-ass white dog appeared and began tugging down on the chain. And it was winning the tug-of-war! The weapons platform had not been designed to handle such direct kinetic forces. The bay where it was anchored was coming loose, tearing a huge hole in the Narada's structure.

"Kep—Mr. Kirk, the Narada is being ripped apart. The section containing the veapons platform anchor has been forcefully detached from the main structure. There is a large unprotected opening in the hull."

"What about the detached section?"

"It is falling towards Wulcan. Impact in four minutes thirty-eight seconds."

"Target it! Break it up into smaller pieces if you can't destroy it," Jim ordered.

Unfortunately the Enterprise's phasers and photon torpedos were not designed for such tactics, and certainly not so close to a planetary body.

"Eighty-three percent of zhe section is still intact and falling," Chekov reported grimly.

The Bridge crew watched in dismay.

And then it happened.

The massive white dog jumped in the air and began flying towards the falling section.

"Keptin! Zhe dog, it is generating phaser-like attacks and secreting powerful acids! The section is being broken into smaller pieces and is being destroyed!"

Blue eyes widened incredulously. "Wha?"

"The debris reaching the surface vill cause negligible damage compared to the seismic actiwities."


On Vulcan Kagome watched as massive chunks of debris began raining down on the surface, most burning up in the atmosphere but a few remaining intact and hitting the surface hard. Sesshoumaru was evading the falling debris and hanging onto the chain unwilling to let go.

Blue eyes were very wide when a massive section of the Narada began falling down towards Vulcan. It was too close to the chasm. It could set off another series of seismic tremors.

As though in response to her thoughts, Sesshoumaru let go of the chain and began flying higher to meet the falling section. He attacked it with acid and energy whips, destroying and breaking it up into smaller pieces. The powerful corrosive acids consumed the falling debris, reducing their mass to a tiny fraction. When they hit the surface the impact was negligible against the on-going earthquakes.

She did not flinch when a strong hand gripped her shoulder and pulled her against a strong frame.

"Come," Spock murmured above her head. "We must go. The ground is unstable."

Kagome exhaled deeply. "It's unstable everywhere. Besides we must wait for Sesshoumaru."

Sarek coughed drawing their attention. "What are you? What is he?" he asked bluntly.

Kagome smiled. "I'm human. A miko to be specific. Sesshoumaru is a daiyoukai, a mononoke, nature spirit."

"Impossible," one of the other Vulcans scoffed. "Youkais and mononoke are fictional creations, Oriental fairy tales."

Kagome laughed. "I thought so too. Until I met InuYasha."

"Do not mention that disgrace in my presence," a cool placid voice murmured from behind them.

Everyone turned in time to see the white-clad daiyoukai land lightly on the edge of the cliff and walks briskly towards them, gracefully despite the on-going seismic tremors.

Kagome smiled and ignored the warning to explain to the Vulcans. "They were half-brothers and never got along. InuYasha died a long time ago."

"How long ago?" Sarek asked warily.

Kagome waved a hand. "Oh centuries! Six, almost seven now."

"And if you are human how did you meet one who died centuries ago?" the sceptic asked.

"The miko was immune to time when she was bound within the Shikon," Sesshoumaru said coolly. He was standing near Kagome now. He lifted her chin with one finger. "How was the Prophecy fulfilled?"

Kagome shrugged. "Spock cast a Summons over the node in the Katric Ark."

Sesshoumaru gave the Starfleet officer a thoughtful look and hummed softly.

Kagome knelt and bowed her head, sweeping her hair over one shoulder to bare her neck.

"Thank you Sesshoumaru-sama, for answering my call."

"No thanks are necessary. You have more than enough credit with this one for your centuries of service," he said distractedly looking up. "Kanna?"

Kagome closed her eyes for a second. "She's still on the Narada. She plans on eliminating Nero before escaping with Christopher Pike."

"Who is this Kanna?" an elderly Vulcan female asked politely. It was not T'Pau's way but this alien male was very old, powerful and already linked to her clan through Spock and Sarek.

The young human female turned towards T'Pau and answered. "Kanna is a void-youkai, and vassal to Sesshoumaru."

"How did she get on the Narada?" Sarek wanted to know.

"She was on the shuttle with Captain Pike," Spock explained. "Due to her abilities no one was able to detect her presence."

"And I'm linked to her," Kagome added. "She's keeping me updated with what is happening on the Narada."

"She was a stowaway on the Enterprise?" Sarek was horrified by the breach in security.

Both Kagome and Spock looked confused for a moment. Then Kagome laughed and Spock rushed to explain.

"Kanna is a Starfleet Science Officer. Though I suppose she will be resigning or going AWOL before the Enterprise returns to Earth."

"Why?" an aide asked surprised by this dereliction of duty.

Spock gave the young Vulcan a bemused look. "Kanna is youkai, like Sesshoumaru-sensei. Technically youkai are not Federation citizens though many of them masquerade as humans and have lived human lifespans on Federation planets."

"Haven't you considered the benefits of being formally recognized by the Federation?" Sarek inquired carefully.

"The costs outweigh the benefits. There is too much bad-blood, too many youkai who lived through the Purification and Eugenics Wars, who still hate and dislike humans," Sesshoumaru murmured. "If the truth of our existence is revealed, we will retreat to our own star systems. If humans wish to start a second war against us they will pay a massive price because we have many allies." Amber eyes flashed red. "Klingon philosophy of war and battle is very in-line with youkai ways."

Sarek blinked. "Purification Wars?"

"Humans, the nobility and religious orders working together to destroy all youkai. There were few mikos and houshis who refused to commit genocide but none with the honour to fight against their own kind, none but the Shikon miko."

"Kagome," Spock murmured, answering the unvoiced question. She snuggled under his arm and leaned against him.

"It was wrong," she said her voice muffled. "It is always wrong to destroy an entire race without looking at the individuals. Because there is good and bad in everyone. Our actions and choices determine what we are."

Sarek considered the information, difficult past relations and no real incentive to form a new one. Mentally he made a note to make recommendations to leave-and-let be, to never insult their honour or rile them. If they were anything like Klingons they would happily slaughter all offenders without a qualm.

"What would you recommend?" Sarek asked finally, curious to hear what Nagasawa Sesshoumaru would advise.

It was near instantaneous. "Get off the planet. Evacuate all your people."

"Why?" T'Pau asked sharply.

"The crevasse is too deep, it has rent the mantle and is dangerously close to the core. The lava flows show no sign of stopping or even slowing. It is too seismically unstable. Even a few minor aftershocks close to the crevasse could be cataclysmic."

"There aren't enough Starfleet ships to evacuate the entire planetary population," Spock pointed out. "All of the closer ships but the Enterprise were destroyed, and the rest of the fleet is in the Laurentian system."

Sesshoumaru made a soft sound. "I can order the Makai merchant fleets to detour to this system and help transport the populace. And I am certain other organizations will do the same." His expression turned thoughtful. "The node can be used to power a semi-permanent portal to another planet."

"I must go return to the Enterprise," Spock announced.

"I'm going with you," Kagome insisted.

"No!" Sesshoumaru said sharply. "You will not go anyplace where humans can harm you."

Blue eyes widened. "Christopher Pike is a good man!"

"And he has to answer to Starfleet. Most are good men and women but there are a few worse than Naraku. They will not hesitate to detain and experiment on you, to sacrifice your well-being for the Greater Good," he added scornfully. "And if they uncover your connection to youkai –demons– you will be branded a traitor to humanity. Even though you spent the greatest part of your existence away from their prejudiced ways."

Kagome fell silent because she knew Sesshoumaru was right. It was the weak-link principle: a group of individuals could only be as good as its worst members, because in most cases the worst would drag the rest down to their level. She had seen it time and time again. From the Eugenics Wars to Tarsus IV.

T'Pau who had been listening made a pre-emptive decision. "We offer Kagome Vulcan citizenship, for all that she has done for our people," dark eyes softened, "my clan. She will be protected from zealots and bigots. No Federation organization will be able to legally touch her once she is a citizen since Vulcan law will have precedence over Federation law."

Kagome turned to Sesshoumaru, with a pleading look. The daiyoukai looked torn before he reluctantly conceded. "That is acceptable."

Kagome turned to T'Pau with an eager expression. "How long before it takes effect?"

"You will need to demonstrate your knowledge of Vulcan ways," T'Pau cautioned.

"That's easy. I've been studying with Spock ever since he was little."

"Then a short verbal exam and an oath before three High Council members will be sufficient."


Jim Kirk was pacing around the Bridge, one eye on the Narada looming on the viewscreen like a massive spider. He stopped and turned to the Communications Station.

"Uhura! Any word from Vulcan? Or Starfleet Command?"

The white dog had caused more damage than anyone had imagined. The Narada could not go faster than Warp Three without coming apart and killing everyone on board. Of course that didn't stop them from being a huge threat hovering above all their heads. The Narada might be a sitting duck but they still had their damn weapons.

And Spock was still down on the bloody planet.

Uhura tapped a few keys and listened intently.

"There is a lot of transmissions going out. Distress calls requesting all ships to assist in a planetary evacuation."

Jim went cold. "Spock?"

Uhura brightened. "He's requesting two to be beamed up."


"Himself and a guest. He didn't specify."

"I'll be in the Transporter Room."

He stalked towards the Transporter Room still dressed in his black thermal top and Cadet red pants. He hadn't had the chance to change since Bones sneaked him on board.

The young human was worried and distracted. Captain Pike and Ensign Kanna were still trapped on the damaged Narada. Kazama and Ginzu gave him the heebie-jeebies. There was no way anyone human could have done what they'd done. And they had freely admitted that they weren't human, that they were youkai. According to Sulu youkai was the Japanese name for demons, to be more accurate natural spirits like nymphs and dryads of European-Grecian mythos. Spock had been out-of-communication for the most part of the action. Jim still didn't know who/what the massive white dog was. Youkai?

He waited impatiently for the Ensign to complete the transportation sequence.

Twin columns of shimmering light formed on the platform. One faded to reveal Spock dressed in just blacks; he had lost his Science blue tunic somewhere. The other was an Oriental looking girl, with very pale gold-tinged skin, wide blue eyes and wavy black hair. She was dressed haphazardly in an oversized brown robe secured around her waist with a torn strip of fabric. The hem dragged on the ground and where the robe parted Jim could see she wore no shoes.

"Captain Spock?" Jim asked carefully.

"Mr. Kirk. This is Kagome, she is my betrothed."

Jim's mind stalled. "Excuse me?"

Spock gave him an exasperated look. "Kagome is my fiancée," he said precisely. She will be joining us for the foreseeable future."

Jim lost it. "Wait a sec, you abandoned your command and left me in charge so you could save your girlfriend? A civilian who has no place on a Starfleet ship?"

Spock clenched his hands and for a moment Jim quailed. Then the Vulcan glared at him. "Kagome will be accompanying us because she is the only one who has a chance of countering the Narada's weapon. If it was not for her actions, Vulcan would have been destroyed like Praxis."

Jim stopped. "Wait, you know what it is?"

"It's Godsblood," she said softly. "There are very few methods of safely destroying it."

Jim frowned. "Godsblood?"

"It is beyond your security clearance Mr Kirk. Return to the Bridge and set course to follow the Narada. Kagome needs a change of clothes and a medical clearance."

Just before the couple exited the Transporter Room Jim remembered something.

"Wait! Do you know anything about the huge white dog? Where did it come from? And why did it attack the Narada?"

Jim would not believe it but the only way to describe Spock's expression was 'smirk'. "Who do you think summoned the being?"

Jim's jaw dropped and before he could regain control the pair had vanished. What the-? Did she really-? No, it couldn't be, could it? She called that giant-dog? The blonde was torn before finally settling on as ordered: return to the Bridge and follow the Narada.


Kagome managed to restrain herself from laughing until they were two corridors away.

"Oh Kami! Did you see his expression?"

"A very appropriate look," Spock said smugly. Then he sobered. "You need clothes and shoes."

"The Medical Bay will have something," she said soothingly as she wrapped her arm around his and leaned against him. It had been a long strenuous day for someone who had only regained her body less than an hour ago.

They were met by a blonde blue-eyed nurse.

"Are you injured?" she asked in concerned tones.

"My companion needs a thorough examination. She has undergone severe physiological strain in the last hour."

The nurse led Kagome to a biobed and settled her down.

"And could I get some clothes and shoes for after?" Kagome begged.

The blonde laughed and said, "Of course." She went to a cupboard and removed two packages and placed them at the foot of the bed. "You can use the facilities and clean-up after Dr. McCoy has examined you." Then she left to see to her other patients.

When she left Kagome turned to Spock. "You should go to the Bridge."

"I will. When you have been cleared and can accompany me," Spock said firmly.

Kagome sighed and silently urged this Dr. McCoy to hurry up.


Jim was just about ready to go down to Medical and drag Spock to the Bridge when the Vulcan showed up with his girlfriend in tow. He was very conscious of Uhura's shocked gasp when Spock made introductions. From Kagome's sympathetic expression she was aware of Uhura's crush on Spock. Spock himself had no problems ignoring the pink elephant.

"So what's the plan?" Jim said out loud.

Kagome made a soft sound drawing attention.

"We know the Narada has been seriously damaged but having more intel won't hurt," she said calmly. "Try contacting them, offer a temporary cease-fire."

Jim gave her a look. "That's not going to work."

Kagome just chuckled. "Don't expect it to. I just want them to stop moving for five minutes or so, long enough to get Captain Pike and Kanna off."

"How?" Chekov wanted to know. "Their hull is compromised but their shields are still operational."

Kagome tapped her lower lip with a finger and looked thoughtful before she finally responded. "Kanna is going to sabotage the Narada. It should take the shields down long enough for us to transport our people out."

"How can you be so sure?" Uhura asked with some hostility. "We haven't been in contact with Captain Pike or Ensign Kanna since they went to the Narada."

Kagome gave the African-born officer a cool look. "You haven't. I have."

"Kagome has a mental link with Ensign Kanna. The Ensign is the one who confirmed the nature of the Narada's weapon."

"Which is…?" Sulu trailed off.

"Classified," Spock responded promptly.

"So we're going to contact the Narada and stall?"

"In essence, yes."

Jim shrugged. "Sounds fine to me."

Spock turned to Uhura. "Hail the Narada," he ordered.

It took several tries before they got a response. If Nero looked crazed before he had completely lost it now. There were several sparks and coloured gas venting into the room. The Narada must have suffered serious internal damage, with the weapons platform being ripped and Kanna's small sabotages.

"You think you are so smart Spock of Vulcan. You are simply fortunate. But Lady Luck will not smile on you forever!" Nero snarled.

"The Fates do as they will. How we react to hardship and good fortune is entirely within our control," Kagome murmured softly but distinctly.

Nero turned and glared at her. "Who are you?"

"I am Kagome. Spock's betrothed."

Nero glared at Spock. "Impossible. He is betrothed to a Vulcan."

"If you are referring to T'Pring that was severed years ago," Spock said calmly.

Nero glared at Kagome. "She is an anomaly."

"Who are you to say that?" Kagome asked curious.

"I am from the future! And there is no record of Spock of Vulcan taking a Terran wife."

Kagome nodded agreeably. "Of course. But I'm betting there was no record of a ship named Narada captained by Romulan named Nero attacking the Enterprise and trying to destroy Vulcan, was there?" she said shrewdly.

Nero gaped at her. She laughed softly. "You have changed events. It ripples through the past and into the future." Then her smile became broader. "And I'm afraid your time has run out Nero of Romulus-yet-to-be."

Nero looked confused. Then there was a shrill scream from off-side. He turned to see and the insanity faded to leave raw terror. Then Nero himself screamed and a white glow surrounded him.

The communication link was cut off leaving the viewscreen displaying the Narada hovering in the blackness of space.

"What was that?" Sulu asked in a shaken voice.

Kagome sighed and looked contemplative before she answered the question. "That was Kanna."


On board the Narada Kanna smiled faintly and allowed the last of the Romulan Bridge crew to fall to the metal floor like a broken doll. These aliens were just like humans. Despite their physical strengths and differences their souls were weak and miniscule, nothing like those she had battled in the past. They were ants compared to Sesshoumaru-sama and Kagome-sama.

She hummed softly as she began hacking the security protocols and programming several catastrophic system failures including a warp core breach. It would not do to let anyone lay their hands on future technology.

The green alerts re-started as Kanna exited the Bridge. Now she just had to pick up Captain Pike and contact Kagome.


Kagome smiled broadly. "Kanna is ready for transport. She has Captain Pike," she announced happily. "I would recommend getting out of here because the Narada is going to blow."

Spock and Jim started giving orders while Kagome hurried to the Transporter Room. On the way she tapped a ship inter-com and connected to MedBay.

"Yes?" Dr. McCoy said grumpily.

"Send a medical team to Transporter Room One. Captain Pike is in bad shape."

Dr. McCoy stiffened and began yelling instructions to his staff.

Kagome ended the contact and began running. Along the way she was joined by Dr. McCoy and his team. The moment Christopher Pike was on-board he was whisked away. Kagome hugged the petite void-youkai tightly.

"I'm so happy to see you Kanna-chan," she breathed.

Kanna smiled faintly. "I am glad you have been freed from the Shikon, Kagome-sama."

Kagome wrapped an arm around the smaller woman. "Come. You must be starving. I'm certain Spock will want an official and unofficial report as well."

Kanna nodded. "I sucked their souls out," she confided. "They're in my mirror."

"Once Sesshoumaru finishes interrogating them you can release them into the void," Kagome assured her calmly.

"I don't want to be in Starfleet," she confided. "I only agreed because Sesshoumaru-sama wanted someone to protect Spock-san and you."

"And you have done that admirably. There is no reason for you to remain in Starfleet."

"We will need to disembark before the Enterprise reaches a Federation Starbase."

"I'll ask Spock to drop the three of you off on Vulcan. Sesshoumaru is there and he can use your assistance in setting up a transportation portal."

Of course that decision wasn't taken so well in the debriefing.



Kagome gave Jim a hard look. "They only joined Starfleet to watch over Spock. Their primary debt has been re-paid and they don't wish to stay because technically they are illegally in Starfleet, they aren't Federation citizens."

Jim pouted. "But they're so cool! And they can really look after themselves and take care of business… like a Starfleet officer should!"

"And because they are illegal they risk being detained and interrogated," Kagome snapped. "I won't let any of my people be arrested when they acted honourably!"

Jim raised both hands. "Ok, ok, I know they are plenty of assholes who'll do just that."

Kagome relaxed back. "Good."

"And vhat about you Miss Kagome?" Chekov asked hesitantly. "You are not a Federation citizen either." Everyone turned to him. Chekov blushed. "I did some research."

Kagome smiled warmly. "I'm not. But I am a Vulcan citizen and under T'Pau's protection. And if they pressure Spock, because I'm his fiancée, all of Vulcan will push back." Her eyes were hard and unrelenting. "There is a debt obligation and the High Council will honour it. The Narada was a threat to be neutralized. I used unknown methods and allies to do it."

Jim leaned back in his chair and thought of what she had just said. If what Spock implied was true, that she summoned that huge dog that ripped up the Narada, then all of Vulcan, heck even the Federation, owed her.

He laughed. The brass couldn't lay a finger on her. He smirked wickedly. "I can't wait to see the expression on Komack's face when he finds out."

Kagome laughed. "Oh trust me, that bastard is not going to get anything from me." Then she sobered and turned to Dr. McCoy. "How is Captain Pike doing?"

"He is recovering. It's mostly physical trauma from archaic interrogation techniques." He scowled. "Don't those bastards know you can't trust anything confessed under duress?"

"It was just an excuse to hurt him," Kagome murmured. "They were going to use another technique later." Seeing their confused expressions she explained. "Kanna was eavesdropping. She said they were talking about using Centaurian slugs."

McCoy gaped. "That would have caused permanent neurological damage!"

"They wanted information. They didn't care about the aftermath." Kagome's lips pressed together. When she read the reports she was very glad Kanna had sucked their souls out. They would get their justice and due punishment from Sesshoumaru.

"The Admiralty will want answers," Sulu pointed out soberly.

"Answers we don't have," Kagome said with a slight shrug. "Nero was apparently from the future and out to destroy Vulcan. Honestly, Kanna did the right thing destroying the Narada. Future tech will skew the balance of power and cause a weapons race. We need peace and time to rebuild and heal, not to rev up weapons production."

After some thought all heads around the table nodded reluctantly. If the tech existed there would always be some faction seeking it. With it destroyed, hopefully it would be back to status quo. Well, status quo as much as it could be with this fall out… the Klingon fleet's destruction and expected strained relations with the Romulan Star Empire.

Kagome glanced over at Spock and slipped her hand into his, lacing his fingers with hers. As long as she was with him she could handle anything.


The End.


AN: Hope you enjoyed it! No sequel, ever. Believe it or not, this entire story came out of a few off-hand thoughts:

* Spock is a child of two worlds, two races, like InuYasha, and torn between both. And Kagome (like Amanda) would never push him to choose.

* Sesshoumaru resembles a Vulcan with his absolute control, pointed ears, physical skills and poise. How would a Vulcan react to him?

* a massive inu!Sesshoumaru grabbing onto the chain and yanking the Narada down, the Narada going into reverse (to maintain orbit), and being ripped down the middle because it wasn't designed with such opposing forces in mind. Think tractor beam ripping a target ship apart.

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