Bella POV:

He leaves me and I'm the one moping around all day. Get a grip Bella, He's just a guy. So I chose a new life, starting with moving away from Forks

I ran downstairs and cooked breakfast, bacon and eggs. Simple.

Charlie walks in and sits down, I speak.

"Look Dad, You know I love you right?"

He looks up, "Yeah? I love you too Bells"

I sigh, "Well I'm taking you up on your offer to move back to Jacksonville"


"Yeah Dad I need to become a new me and forget about Edward, and I can't do that here in forks with so many reminders of him" I say while clearing our plates

"Sure Bells whatever makes you feel better I just want you to be happy again" I can tell he is thinking about my well-being before his feelings and my heart aches.

"So Bells… when do you plan on moving" I see that he is happy that I'm over Edward but sad to see me leaving.

"The end of the month; please don't be sad I promise I'll come visit you" I could see his facial features lighten up.

"Bells I'm glad you're making the change for the better honey and a month is perfect" I could see he was telling the truth.

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