The sun loomed high in the sky over the park; its beams danced across the leaves and the shrubs, casting long shadows. All around the park were people playing and having fun, except for one child who was sat on his own, crying. His blond hair was messy, probably due to the fact his head was in his hands, which had tears leaking through the gaps in his fingers. The tears dropped onto his grey khakis, becoming as wet as his red shirt.

A girl walked up to him, her smile broader than the horizon. She didn't seem to be bothered by the sadness, instead, seeing it as a challenge. "Hey," she chirped.

He didn't stop crying, in fact, he didn't even seem to notice anyone had spoken. Although, that was understandable with how loud he was crying.

She sat down on the other end of the green park bench he was sat on and looked over. "What's up, silly?" He still didn't seem to notice.

She sighed and flicked a blonde strand of hair over her shoulder and stood up. Walking over, she grabbed his face, and lifted it up. He looked back, confused, but was still sobbing. She slapped him forcefully. "Stop it."

He looked at her, sniffling. "Sorry."
"Just calm down, you silly boy," she ordered. Standing back, she pulled her cream cardigan back over her shoulders. The breeze was really chilly today.

Sitting back down on the bench, she placed her hands on her lap, creasing the pink sundress she was wearing.

He turned to look at her, wiping his eyes with his wrist. "Thanks," he muttered.

"You know that I'll slap you anytime you want me to," she said with a cheeky smile. "So, what happened, then?"

"She dumped me," he mumbled.

Groaning, she said, "I can't hear what a mouse says when he attacks me, so I definitely can't hear what you just said."

"The mouse didn't attack you, Naminé; you ran at it with a slipper." He grinned, remembering the screams and yelling.

"Shut up, Rox." Naminé tried to keep a straight face but started laughing and then they both set off until there was tears in their eyes.

"So, what was it exactly that got you in this tizzy?" she asked.

"Well, she told me it was over…" He twiddled his thumbs. "That we weren't meant for each other." His voice broke.

"Well, you're probably meant for someone better, then," Naminé moved her face closer to Roxas's. "Don't you think?"
"What're you say—"

"Shh," Naminé whispered, placing a finger on his lips. "Close your eyes."

Roxas complied and waited for what seemed like an eternity.

Abruptly, a tube-shaped object was thrust into his mouth. Opening his eyes and gagging, he saw the sea salt ice-cream and grinned, trying not to spit it out.

Naminé held one too and was grinning.

"I thought that—"

Naminé nodded. "I know."

Naminé laughed. "Shut up, Roxas."

I don't own Kingdom Hearts.

Originally, this was written for my best friend's birthday, which is the 8th of August. I'm a little premature in updating this for her birthday this year but I'm trying to get everything rewritten so I can move onto some more new works :). Let me know if you enjoyed it.