Freedom Impossible 1

Yellow Jell-O peeps, uh I know y'all are probably wondering when I'm going to update my other story 'A Dream Come True'. Well, I'm almost done with the next chapter just this story has been playing in my head for a while ever since I started watching Mission Impossible a few days ago (Maybe I'll add in some Inceptionish stuff here and there). So, without further ado, here is my story:


"Agent 013, your help is needed on the bridge, 1700 N 30 W." A voice crackled noisily through the walkie-talkie.

Agent 013 looked down and sighed, "Roger that sergeant, I'll be right there." He cut the line and headed north.

Suddenly, a loud boom echoed through the alley 013 was stalking his way through. The agent leaped out of the way of the incoming bomb.


013, ignoring the sergeant's orders, continued to race towards the explosion sight, "Agent 013, what are you doing, I told you and the rest of you group of "Freedom Fighters" to abort the mission!"

Agent 013 rolled his eyes, and finally answered his leader, and ignoring proto call replied, "Jet, I don't care what you say right now. If the Fire Nation has the information I need then I'm going to get it."

"Longshot." Jet growled menacingly, forgetting about his own rule.

Longshot ignored Jet and continued to run towards where the explosion had happened. Eerie cries of agony echoed through the ghost like city.

Broken street lamps and vacant cars littered the street while news papers, wallets, and purses were scattered all over the roads and sidewalks, left behind by their panicked owners. Longshot slowed his pace to a brisk walk and looked around, the once busy city was now burning wreckage thanks to the Fire Nation.

Another explosion, and more screams followed. Longshot pondered to himself about this situation. There was no way the Fire Nation could have known they were coming…Unless…NO, no one on his team would betray the freedom Fighters like that! Not even Sergeant's right hand man the 'Colonel', Lieutenant wouldn't, lets see…Agents 009 and 060 defiantly wouldn't, they followed Jet's orders like lost puppies.


"Hello?" Longshot answered in a monotone voice, trying to hold back a scream of frustration, as the radio crackled to life.

"Longshot, I-I mean we, need you... NOW!" Jet's words were warped and slurred from the radio, but Longshot still was able to understand Jet.


"Thank..." Longshot could practically see the shocked look on Jet's face,

"Wait, what?!"

Longshot rolled his eyes "I said no."

Jet stuttered, shocked that someone had actually disobeyed him. "C'mon Shot, have a heart. We need an archer. And not just any archer we need you..."

Still not convinced, Longshot kept shuffling on, trying to keep his mind on target of finding any survivors and any Fire Nation swine that dared confront him.

"Oh, and by the way Longshot." Jet said in that serious 'all business' voice of his, "They took Lieutenant, we can't find her anywhere."


Author's note: OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH I love me some cliffies :D

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