Chapter 2

"Longshot, I believe Sneers has found a person that can help you on

your mission to save Lieutenant. I would appreciate it if you would

let this person help you with your..."

"No can do," the agent replied, "I work on my own, and that's how it

is and always will be."

"C'mon 013, just hear me out." Jet negotiated, "This friend of Sneers

has been spying on the Fire Nation since the age of 9. Because of her

starting and such an early age, te Fire Nation has never suspected

them. If you do in fact decide to let them join you, you'll be even

more likely to find Lietenant."

Longshot sighed, "Fine, I'll try an find this person."

"YES!" Jet began to ramble quickly on and on about how Longshot

wasn't going to regret it. In the background Longshot could hear the

clamor of glass breaking and the occasional "ouch" from his so called


"On one condition." Longshot interrupted, not able to tolerate Jet's

constant nonsense talk for another minute, "What is this person's


The radio went dead. "Hello? Hello? HELLO?! LONGSHOT!"