Requested by Hanata-chan. I had never heard of this song before the request, and can't say I took well to it, so it may not be the best. The narrator - if you're like me and didn't know about this song - is Megurine Luka. Requests are still welcome. Don't be afraid to critique my work. I may start posting the ones I already have done, just because.


She crept into my mind and let go when I needed her help the most. I couldn't see straight with her in my head. She told me she could make everything right. And I believed her. How foolish of me.

He was tall and gentlemanly. His hair may have been long, but that was for tradition, not rebellion. In him, I had the best boyfriend I could've asked for. No: actually he was better than I could've imagined. I held back on the romantic aspects of our relationship, and he respected that. He could tell I loved him without me saying it. I had everything I needed from this earth in this one man.

So, why did I let this happen?

He was equally tall, I suppose, with hair cut much shorter. He and I worked together, he longer than I. He kept flirting a little, which you'd think was natural. Sure, it was. What I never really was comfortable with was the fact that I kept flirting back. Soon, we had a little office romance going on, which in the confines of our workplace, was easy enough to keep hidden and under control.

Then he wanted to be "serious." Why was that? He was my coworker. But the better question was, why did I agree?

Finding time for a man in my full-time work was enough. But two? Ridiculous. I seriously doubted my ability to do it. As weeks went by, it got easier to juggle the two men. I saw my boyfriend on my off time, and my coworker in the printer room…usually on the printer. Then I hit a snag.

"Hey," Coworker said once. "What say you and I go out tonight?"

"Tonight?" I hesitated: I'd already made plans with Boyfriend. Neither man knew about each other, so I couldn't just pull out the "Taken" card. But I couldn't reject those eyes. I melted in his sight. "What do you have in mind?" Soon, he and I had an entire evening planned out, and me left explaining to Boyfriend why I had to cancel.

I sat in my room, my phone out, trying to figure out how best to tell Boyfriend I'd made plans with Coworker. I had to tell him it was professional, even though it wouldn't be. I'd probably end up in bed with Coworker. How do I explain that to a man I've been seeing but won't even hold his hand? And going out in public…people talk. What if word got back to him? I had to think of something fast, else both men end up on my door and I go from two lovers to none.

Someone knocked at the door. I had a miniature heart attack. I went to get it, actually hoping it was Coworker who'd arrived early. I wasn't ready to go yet, but was I just to let them stand outside? I braced myself for the worst, trying not to think about if there were two angry, disappointed faces on the other side, and opened the door.

No one was there. I let myself breathe.

Up here. I looked up. No, in your head.

Voices? Had I let myself get driven insane by this? Now I had to explain to both of them why I couldn't make it.

Hey. Are you listening?

"Who are you?" my conscience said to it.

My name's Leia. I'm a visitor; like an invisible fairy .I heard you have a problem. I think I can help.

"Right. How?" I said out loud, closing the door.

Well, you're obviously in need of an explanation. I can give you one.

"What?" How could I possibly get myself out of this one?

All you need to do is tell your boyfriend you can't go because you're sick.

"Sick? But I'm not sick."

So? He doesn't know that.

"And why should I tell my boyfriend and not the other one? My partner in adultery?"

Please, she said after a moment's silence. We both know who you really want to see tonight.

My text read: came down with cold. staying in tonight.

Okay. Now get yourself ready.

I did. I put on my nice blue dress and prepared to walk out of there with Coworker. I must admit, I looked good. And when the door next knocked, I walked over to it confidently, ready to see what my night would be. I fantasized inappropriately about Coworker, and how we'd end the night. Well, if our escapades on the printer were any indication… I opened the door and received the shock of my life.

"Hi," Boyfriend said to me, holding a string bag of carrots in one hand and a can of…something in the other. My heart started racing when I saw him.

"Hi. What are you doing here? I thought I texted…" I said, becoming more and more anxious every second as he let himself in.

"Were you all ready before you realized you were sick? It's okay: we don't have to go out to have a great time together."

Why was I ever thinking about cheating on him?

I reached for my phone, and was about to feed the sick text to Coworker, when the door knocked again. As if I thought my heart couldn't go faster. I crossed my small apartment to my door, and, preparing for the worst, opened it. Worst mistake I ever made.

"Hey!" Coworker said. He took a deep smell. "You cooking?"

"Uh, no, actually, my…cousin, blew into town unexpectedly and, well, I just can't turn down family, now can I? He brought some of his sister's carrots, and I think he's making soup."

"So, he cooks? Hm…he'll make a girl happy one day."

"What?" Boyfriend said, looking back at Coworker. "Friend of yours?" he said suspiciously.

"He's a coworker."

"I think I'm a bit more than that," he said, laughing.

"A good friend from work," I cut in. I showed him to the sitting room and returned to the kitchen.

"You know, you don't sound sick to me," Boyfriend noticed. My heart rate went back up.

"Uh…well, I took something for it, and…"

"Did you forget about tonight? Or is there a project you have to put in homework for?" How could he not guess I was seeing Coworker in addition to him? Or, did he just not want to?

"Look, I told him I was sick, and, like you, he wanted to check up on me." I wouldn't have come up with that on my own.

You're welcome, I heard Leia say.

I ate my soup in silence, and since the men didn't know each other, they followed suit. I wanted to avoid lying any more than I had to, and figured keeping my mouth shut would do it best. I couldn't keep this up for much longer.

"What do I do?" Conscience asked Leia silently.

We'll see. I've got this. Don't worry. We finish here and then I leave.

All three of us soon finished. Boyfriend then stood and took the dishes. "No," he said as I reached for them, "I'll get these. You'll get to bed."

"You heard the man," Coworker said, taking my hand and leading me to the other two doors. I opened the one to my small bedroom and Coworker shut the door behind him.

"No, we can't: I'm sick."

"Never stopped you before, and you've come in for work worse than you look now." He pushed me to the bed. Soon, I felt the bed turn into our new printer, ready to bear witness to all kinds of new adventures.

But, the bed wasn't he only one.


"Shit!" I screamed in my head as Coworker got off of me to face Boyfriend. Boyfriend's face was contorted in rage, while Coworker simply looked confused.


"You dare to defile a lady that way?"

"Well, yeah. It beats doing it on the office printer."

"Leia!" Conscience screamed. Leia stayed silent.

"Printer?" Boyfriend said angrily.

"Wait. Did you just say she was your girlfriend? 'Cause I never heard about you. And we've been on the printer a lot recently. I thought she was my girlfriend. And," Coworker said, turning to me, "you're dating your cousin?"

"I'm not her cousin!"

"Well?" both said expectantly to me.

"I…I…" I needed Leia. She had the words to get me out of this.

Thanks for the place for the afternoon, but I have to take off. Bye!

"Oh, no, you don't!" Conscience yelled after her. But she was gone. I was on my own.

"How long were you seeing this guy?" Coworker asked.

"How long have you been doing this behind my back?" Boyfriend snarled.

"Were you ever going to tell me you were taken?"

"Is this why you never let me close?"

"Or was I just a potential replacement?"

"What did I do that wasn't good enough?" I looked right into Boyfriend's eyes at that. They say the eyes are the windows to the heart. The panes I was looking in were shattered. I had to look away: I couldn't bear to see him look at me like that again. I stood up, still sort of wearing my dress, and walked over to him, his head turned away so Coworker and I couldn't see his tears I knew were there. I put my hand on his chest. He turned and walked away. No matter what I tried, I'd never be able to hear from or see him again.

"You know how you say you know English and crap? Well, they have a word for people like you: liar!" He said it with an accent, so it sounded like laia, which sounded like another familiar word.

She was nothing but a liar. A girl made out of nothing but lies. It's why she was invisible. And I let her turn me into one, too.

"Good luck finding anyone who wants you after this. See you Monday," He said angrily before leaving me there. He even turned off my light, not caring that he left me in the dark, like I'd left him all those weeks I'd let him think it was him. I sank to my knees and cried for the three hearts I'd broken that night.