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We had always been close. Of course we were: she was my twin sister; you don't get any closer than that. We were never apart. We played together. We walked together. We were always in the same class. We even slept together. Most of the time, I never even remembered my sister was a girl. She really wasn't. With her, brother and sister meant nothing. We were just siblings. More importantly, she was my best friend.

So, if that was true, what was this new thing standing before me?

I woke up after her one morning. We were fourteen then, toward the end of junior high. She stood in front of the chest of drawers and kept staring at herself in the mirror. She only had on half her uniform; she wore a weird, sort of half-shirt over her chest.

I had to ask. "What on earth are you wearing?"

She jumped and snatched her sailor top off the foot of the bed, pushed it against her to cover herself (rather than just wear the shirt like normal people). As she blushed, she turned back to the mirror, started pulling the shirt over her head and said, "It's called a bra. Girls wear it for their breasts."

I puzzled for a second. "But you aren't a girl." She threw darts at me threw the mirror. "What I meant was, you don't have breasts."

"Do so. Look," she said, lifting her shirt. Two little bumps were poking out of her. Apparently the term breast was used loosely.

"All those mean is you're fat. Exercise more; they'll go away."


That was how a bad day started. I pulled on my uniform and we walked to school together. Nothing changed really. Except how I saw my sister.

I had started noticing girls as being something other than classmates and pests. I was thirteen; that was natural. All I used to know was girls were short and wore skirts with their uniforms. Nowadays, I started wondering what made girls different that they wore skirts. Why were they girls and I a boy? These questions didn't bother me for all of my childhood. But I sort of wanted to know now.

Moreover, what made a sister different than a brother? I think it took me this long to realize my sister wore the girls' uniform. I looked at her weirdly all day. Was the way I thought about some girls the way some creep thought about my sister? Well, there'd be none of that.

We went home, up to the same room, like always. Sister started taking off her uniform as soon as I closed the door. I went for the button to my shirt, but stopped. Why? What was keeping me from taking it off?

She looked at me, arms still in her sleeves. "What? Do you like your uniform that much, bro?" she laughed.

"I'll…just step out for a minute, okay?" I left.

"What was that?" I breathed, talking to myself. I never had a problem with that before. Why did it bother me now to see my sister undress? Why was I reluctant to do so in front of her? She never cared either.

The door opened, pushing me slightly. I turned my head to see hers poked out. "Do you want me to leave?"

I didn't answer. I didn't want her to know my feeling toward her had changed. She wasn't just my sister now, she was a girl. She blinked at me.

"'Cause I'll leave, if you want, while you do it in there." I went in. She stepped out.

"Can I ask you something?" she asked later as we laid together.

"You just did."

"What happened earlier? Why did you change so suddenly?"

I stayed quiet. "Hey. Don't make me exercise the Onee-chan powers on you."

I thought for a minute about how to put it. "Do you notice boys, Sis?"

"Sometimes. You mean like notice, right?" I nodded. "Yeah. Why?"

"You know I'm a boy, right?"


"Doesn't it bother you, that I'm one of the things you notice?"

"You mean you're like them. Because I've never noticed you like that."


"You don't notice me like you see other girls, do you?" she said, obvious alarm in her voice.

"Well, no, but it does bother me that one day I'll be married to something that functions just like my sister."

"Please," she said. "Nothing functions like I do."

"Yeah." We went silent for a minute.



"Is this about my bra? You weren't acting like this before I started wearing it."

"Sort of. I guess. Because it's a girl thing. You never had it before, so it never really hit that my sister was a girl."


"It was better then. Before you were a girl."

"I've always been a girl."

"But not to me. You used to be my sibling, never really my sister. And I liked it that way, when I could tell someone you were my sister and it never really meaning anything in my head. It used to be you were my best friend, not some girl."

"So, because I'm a girl, we can't be friends?"


"Bro, you're not making sense." She looked up at the ceiling. "And you're changing, too."

"How? I have no breasts."

"No, but your voice is deeper now, and your shoulders are becoming a little wider."

"We used to be the same."

"Not really, if you really think about it."

"Well, yeah, there was always that, but it was never really something I thought about, since I never saw it. I can see those," I said, pointing at her chest.

"Barely. All this thing does is makes it less weird when I actually have to wear one."

"It'll never be less weird."

"I meant for me." Of course she did.

We went quiet, and the next thing I knew it was morning. I opened my eyes. Sis was still sleeping next to me. I went to shake her awake, but couldn't for some reason. I realized I hadn't touched her all of the previous day. I kept bringing my hand closer to her arm, but couldn't touch her. I closed my eyes and dropped my hand on her shoulder. Then I shook her harder than normal, wanting this over with as quickly as possible. Then something flew in my face and knocked me backward off the bed. I hit the floor hard and groaned.

"I'm up, jarhead."

I got up and scavenged for my uniform pieces, then left to put them on, leaving her to put hers on alone as well.

"You know, I looked the same last year, and last week. I still don't get the sudden change," she said on the way to school.

"Things are just different now."

"Think of how different they'll be next year in high school, or as adults. We'll keep changing. Does that mean we'll keep drifting? I won't let that happen. I don't care what happens – I will not lose my best friend to these stupid adolescent changes! I love you too much to let that happen!"

"Nothing will change, Sis!" I said, putting my hands on her shoulders.

Tears filled her eyes as she threw me off. "They already have!" she screamed as she took off at a sprint across the street.

She refused to look at me all day. People asked if we were fighting. I told them she was mad about something, but not what. She went to her older friend's house after school, leaving me to walk home alone. I had walked to friends' places without her, but she'd always had somewhere to go with her friends, too. We'd never walked past the corner store road without each other. But here I was, walking by myself, still not entirely sure at the time what I'd done to upset Sis.

I laid up by myself all evening waiting for her. I eventually dozed off from being horizontal for so long. I had a weird dream about us in a few years. She had changed even more, but we were acting like we did in grade school. She still had no problem dressing in front of me. She used to be my shape. Now she was shaped like a woman, all curved and figured. I stood in the mirror behind her. Like she said, my shoulders were wider. I was now even taller than her than I was now. But nothing was weird. I had no problem. Well, dream me didn't, anyway.

I woke in the small hours. Sis had come home, apparently late: she was still in uniform. Her arm was draped over my chest. I moved it and sat up. She didn't even put her hair down. I took her ribbon out; I knew she hated sleeping with it. She unconsciously waved my hand away as I slid it off her head. I smiled at her and tucked her hair behind her ear like I'd see Dad do before. She didn't even try to stop me then. I got out of bed and walked to the window.

There was nothing wrong with her being like that. Her body was becoming different, not her. The dream showed me it could be normal.

"Something botherin' you?" a voice behind me asked sleepily.

"Nah. Sleep. When did you get in, anyway?" I said, crossing the room and sitting back in bed.

"Late. Real late. Like, after dark and everything. Obasan was pissed." She sat up and rubbed her eyes. "Ah, look. I'm still in my clothes. I must've been tired." She fell back. I laid back with her.

The next day I acted as normally as I could. Sis had finally gotten the message that no matter how much the relationship was the same, it still bothered me to watch her dress. Other than that, nothing had changed at all.

So, now that I'd finally gotten past what was going on with her, I could focus on what was going on with me. Even through that all, I hadn't forgotten to notice the other girls in class. They started to bother me more than Sis did. But this was different.

So, what happened when you got too close to a girl? Forget that, how do you do it? There was a great question.

That question kept me up that night. I kinda wanted to experiment it. See what would happen. The problem was, when I tried, something in me kept me from it. I was no good with girls. Well, that wasn't entirely true.

I looked back at my sister as she slept. I walked around her side of the bed. I said earlier some creep probably thought about her just like I thought about the other girls. As I looked at her, I could almost see what the creep saw. She was a fairly attractive girl (which meant I was good, too). I wondered if that would be wrong, to put myself in the creep's shoes.

I hated the position. I kind of straddled her so she was laying between my limbs. I closed my eyes, readying myself for this experiment. It meant nothing, I kept saying in my head. I peeked through my eyelashes, making sure I hit my mark. And in the middle of the night I kissed my sister as a stranger. It was such a strange thing, I couldn't imagine why anyone would want to do it, unless it was just strange because she was my sister. Then I pulled from her after I felt I had the data for it. I opened my eyes to see her.

Her blue eyes were boring right into mine.

I think I was stuck, or I would've jumped right off of her that instant. She reached up to my shoulder and pushed me off on the other side of the bed.

I can explain. Or I could if anything on me was functioning. She gathered one of the blankets around her shoulders and took it over to the window seat, where she curled up in a ball and fell back asleep.

Now tell me we can keep things the same.

By the time I woke up, she was gone from the room already. I made it to the front door. She was waiting for me. She wasn't smiling as usual when she saw me.

"I can explain," I finally said halfway down our block.


"I was experimenting."

"What? Practicing your techniques? I'm a practice girl now?"

"Well you were the best I had at the time!"

"Couldn't have waited until after school today?"

"I meant at this point in my life. I don't have any girls I'm confident enough to do that to."

"So when you're ready for sex, I should let you practice that on me too."

"Don't be ridiculous, now you're just being nasty." I said coldly.

"Hm. See, now you think I'm angry, don't you."

"You sound it."

"Not really. I'm just a bit creeped out by it."

"I just wanted to see what it was like. I don't think I can expect that feeling when I do it to a real – no, let me – to another girl."

"Okay. I'm still not mad. Besides, that may have been what we needed."


"A secret. We haven't had one of those in a while. Here," she held out her littlest finger. "I won't talk about it again if you don't. And never do it again."

"Right." I looked at it.

"I'm not going to eat you, I swear! I'm not mad. That's what this is all about, to me. Discovering and experimenting with our new selves. I wanted to make the journey with you anyway. Just not like that."

I took her finger. "Fine. But, seriously, it was just a test. It meant nothing."

She looked puzzled. "What meant nothing?" She winked.

I knocked hard on her door. "Are you ready yet, Sis? We'll be late!"

"I'm over here." I turned. She was standing in the hallway, tying her old white ribbon on top of her pinned back hair.

I think everything happened so gradually from that point on that I stopped noticing her differences. We were second year high school students now. So, it was to be assumed she was different than she was in junior high. I wouldn't have noticed without a picture. Back then her clothes could sort of hide what she was becoming. I think they still could, but now she didn't want to hide it. We were sixteen then. She looked like she did in the dream I had all that time ago, all womanly. I never asked how different I looked.

A day passed like normal. This year we were in class again together. Freshman year we were apart for the first time since…ever. I sat way in front; she sat more in the middle by the window. I hated being separate.

We slept separately now; that "thing" kinda cemented it was time for us to separate a little now. I kept some stuff in her room, though, and she kept some in mine. Aside from that, nothing had changed. We still shared everything (some stuff now I really didn't want to hear about) and we did plenty together.

So in our case, growing up didn't mean growing apart.

I came out from washing my hair and went across the hall to my room. Sis was standing in her doorway.

"Night," I said.

"Can you come in here?"

"Why? Scared of something?"

"No…just come in here." I followed her in and she sat on her bed. She got to keep the old room. She jerked her head next to her at the empty space.



"Sis, no. We're too old."

"It's been two years."

"There was a reason for that!"

"Come on or I'll make you."

"You can't use the Onee-chan powers on me anymore."

"Watch me."

"Sis, it was ten minutes. We're sixteen. It doesn't matter that much anymore."

"You're just saying that because you're the little brother." She slapped the sheet next to her.

I woke up to her in my face. I had given in. I think secretly, I wanted to be with her as much as she wanted to be with me. I put my arm around her. Without opening her eyes she put hers around me. I smiled at her and looked at the clock.

"Hey, Sis, we'll be late."

"Who cares."

We wound up racing each other to school. Yes, it was to avoid being late, but I liked the game. I had my best friend back for a while, the way it used to be. Her and me. I guess we hadn't really changed.