A/N: Clearly, this is just a story written for fun. As before, it's an attempt in a new style. This one's going for 'POV' in the eyes of humans around Gensokyo (Human village humans, not big-name character humans). Also, as obviously implied from the title, most canon characters will be Out Of Character to fit certain archetypes of personalities. Also, names used for the kidnapped human villagers are created on the spot. If there are existing characters, in real life OR in another series with the same name OR names of others' OCs that I'm not aware of, then this is coincidental.

"I've been hearing about many of the big names around Gensokyo taking one of us for themselves from the human village... I never expected Reimu Hakurei to take me" I thought to myself as I assessed my predicament.

My name is Yamato Haru (last name, first name), a local resident in the Human Village. There's nothing special about me as far as I know, so I'm assuming Reimu became a youkai and kidnapped me for a snack. This begs the question of why she didn't eat me now. The pickle I'm in is this; I'm currently under Reimu's arm, her flying me back towards her shrine, and I have no idea what's going to happen.

Simple huh? I wish it was, but she seemed adamant about taking me instead of anyone else; if she wanted to eat someone as a snack, she could've easily grabbed one of the nearby people while I was running. Instead, she chased me around the human village, eyes locked onto my every move, and dragging me away.

I don't know what happened to the other kidnapped villagers, but I hope they didn't get eaten or killed for fun. That was my hope, but this IS a predominately Youkai world, so the odds are... quite low.

At her shrine, she had me confined to the grounds; I couldn't leave the shrine without her permission, and even then, without her being there to take me to wherever SHE takes me.

"You are NOT leaving this shrine without my permission, Haru Yamato" Reimu began lecturing me, "If you so much as THINK about anyone else, I'll make sure to beat those thoughts out of you!"

She was quite adamant about what I thought was her wanting me to be faithful to her.

Hold on, I really don't think she's the type to say anyone's full name after kidnapping them, and then treating them like pets... this doesn't really make much sense to me why kidnapping a specific human in the village would be worth the effort.

All I could do right now, much to my dismay, is appease her.

"Alright, Hakurei-san" I replied with a sigh of defeat.

To be honest, I didn't have much of a choice, since she's already focused on making sure I, a random human she took an interest in for whatever reason, made sure to follow her rules.

Speaking of which, when I noticed a child-like figure drinking what I assumed to be Sake, I brought this to Reimu's attention.

"Hakurei-san... who's that child over there drinking Sake?"

Asking this question was the first mistake, unintentionally, that I made after being kidnapped. Reimu grabbed my shirt threateningly, and seemed really upset that I asked about someone else.

"Don't you DARE... ask about anyone else... unless I say you can talk to them... and even then... only what I say you're allowed to talk about with them"

I was afraid of her at this point; not only because of the threat, but because I knew from the exaggerated news reports from Aya Shameimaru

I heard about this kind of treatment from Hieda no Akyuu; extreme feelings of possessiveness. She told me that a few of the humans from the outside world were kept against their will and treated as pets instead of individuals. When I asked about who those few people were, their stories were surprisingly detailed at their day-to-day life; confined to a room or house, fed at times when their captors felt like it, and denied a social life outside those their captors allowed.

Hieda no Akyuu told me about people like those; they're the worst people you can ever be with. Not only because they are extremely possessive people, but most of them DON'T treat their captives nicely in any way.

I question my case since there's some Tsundere tendencies in her behavior. After she let her anger intimidate me for asking something I don't know, she brought me inside and prepared tea and a few rice crackers. She didn't seem to behave as badly as those overly possessive, neglectable people I heard stories about, but I was sure she was going to become one of them soon.

Why the case of her choosing to keep me over the other human villagers, I don't know, but I'm going to have to play my cards right if I'm going to survive.

The day went by, and it's now evening hours. The girl I asked Reimu about... she and Reimu came up to me, and I was afraid for whatever might happen.

Fortunately, Reimu sighed and spoke calmly.

"Introductions are in order, this is Suika Ibuki. She's a resident here at my shrine, and a heavy drinker. You are forbidden from talking to her without me being there; she's off limits to you, and who knows what you'll do to her when I'm not around and she's passed out"

Clearly, this is a case of paranoia on some level, and a blatant stab at the 'men being sex fiends' thing that was a bad joke or stereotype back in the human world.

Suika looks no older than 10 years old, so others might see me as a pedophile if I got in a relationship with her. Not only that, but she's an oni. There's no way I'm risking my life for inter-species romance, and I don't plan on it since it IS just wrong when someone else looks at it.

"I won't get involved, Hakurei-san; she isn't my type anyway"

I made this clear to her both honestly, and to appease her; it was a win-win answer based on my preferences. Reimu isn't exactly my type, but Suika is out of the question, and her telling me not to get involved with Suika is no big deal for me anyway.

She nodded approvingly, and continued the introduction, while keeping me in check so I don't open ANY possibilities of interest to someone else.

I introduced myself to Suika, and then clammed up before I introduced myself any further; I don't know what Reimu WANTS me to talk about with others since I don't know her that well.

Suika, naturally, couldn't follow everything, but did hear my name; although saying it back was slurred due to her nature as a drinker.

Normally, I would ignore her, but all I did was acknowledge her attempt.

This introduction was rather... scary... considering my situation. There was a saying "walking on eggshells", and that would describe me right now, as well as anyone else who might be abducted by the strange behaving girls of Gensokyo.

Reimu began barking orders to me to help out around the shrine, mostly to help her sweep up, serve her tea that she taught me how to make in her style, and the occasional donation (not that I had much before abduction).

It seemed my new life was about to begin... as a captive of Reimu Hakurei... but I don't think this new life of mine will last too long.

Her barking orders at me wasn't so bad, per se, but it was more of her tendency to glare when Suika gets near, whether the oni's drunk or even sober (rare case), as if paranoid that I'll contradict what I told her.

I keep pushing Suika away, but she seems to be coming back to me, like a child wanting to play with their caregiver.

"Please, Ibuki-san, go away. Hakurei-san will not be happy if you're near me"

I said to her as nicely as I can, almost nervous as to what might go on in the shrine maiden's head.

"Eehhhh~? I wannnd yoo tooo fight wid me~!"

She responded rather ineligibly.

Reimu, upon hearing this, flew at Suika, and began a melee fight. Normally, I would find this to be a losing situation for anyone that fights an Oni, but Reimu's holding her own. I heard about the time her shrine got destroyed a few years ago, and she was on the war path to kill, but held her own against a celestial, a time-stopping maid, a vampire, and an Oni... and lived to tell about it.

But right now, it seems she stopped Suika from trying to get me to fight with her.

It seems my earlier conception of her becoming a youkai might be false, as she seems to be the same human Reimu that she was known for being.

Let's cut ahead to evening; most of my day was general shrine work; helping to maintain the place, spending time with Reimu, who seemed to be alternating between calm and aggressive.

The calm moments were when Suika was gone and it was just me with Reimu, and the aggressive moments were when some other girl comes around.

"Hakurei-san... why me out of everyone else?"

I asked her rather straight-forward and bluntly one moment while we were eating rice cookies for dinner.

She looked my way rather sternly, glaring for a while.

This was rather unnerving for me, and I felt like I stepped on a landmine when I asked her that.

To my surprise, however, she sighed and gave me a straight answer.

"You're rather hopeless, and I can't stand it. How do you expect to get by without someone watching your back..."

"Tsun-tsun moment"

I thought to myself as I listened to her explanation as to why me of all people.

"...and another thing; you really shouldn't be taking your life for granted; it's sickening. I get enough from Yukari, so dealing with a hopeless person is even harder on me than dealing with her"

Her long explanation seemed to have come to an end.

"Definitely tsundere for sure"

I was very sure this was her personality, but I couldn't imagine a tsundere being active in trying to claim her territory with this much effort.

"Haru-kun, I know you've liked Tanaka Miyu, but I just heard she was taken by someone else, similar to your case. She's as good as dead to you, since I don't know who took her, or how she'll be treated. For right now, you focus on me, and I'll keep you safe; make me angry, and you won't be alive for long"

She said to me after the long explanation for why me over the others.

Wait, did she tell me the girl I liked before was as good as dead!? This was rather depressing news; I was sure I protected her when the big-name girls ransacked the village for us humans. No, I was sure I hid her at the one place I was sure nobody knew about in the human village; the cellar I built below my house.

If what she said is true, then my suspicion of Reimu started up. She couldn't have... but the nagging feeling I had was pulling on me to find out if it was true or not. However, asking if she did what I feared would most likely end up with my death if I asked.

I'll have to wait for the chance when she takes me to the human village, IF that ever happens, to find out for myself. Sneaking away to check is out of the question since I don't know how to fly, and I don't really know Gensokyo that well.

"I see... thank you for telling me that"

I said to her, feigning my sadness, complete with the sad facial expression.

If I am to find out anything from her, confirming her words or not, I need to be careful with my actions and words; if she is also that other personality, then I CAN'T do anything unnecessary or risky. Until I'm sure of that first, I need to play it safe.

Late night, and I'm in my own room. Unfortunately, Reimu snuck in, half awake, feigning innocence, and holding me close to her.

Normally, this would be the best thing for a guy; being held close and affectionately in bed by a girl, but I'm not that lucky considering my fears of her personality possibly being, aside from tsundere, and whether she's doing this on purpose or not.

Again, another risk here that could end in my death if she somehow gets upset.

On one hand, I'm happy she's holding me close, head near her breasts, but on the other hand, I need to keep it safe and not wake her up.

The personal feelings I have for bliss are conflicting with my survival feelings. I don't know what to feel in this situation. If I succumb to my personal feelings and snuggle with her, who knows what she'll do to me, but on the other hand, if I play it safe and try to get out of this temptation without disrupting her, she might get upset in her half-asleep state.

To risk death and take advantage of this opportunity, or to play it safe and try to get away slightly so I'm not in the immediate danger of death... it's hard to make the choice right now.

Things only got worse when she really brought my head closer to her chest, and the temptation was harder to resist. Had I been absolutely sure Miyu-chan was dead, I might've used this opportunity for comforting myself to avoid this sorrow, but since I wasn't sure, I had hope she was still alive, and needed to remain faithful to her until I'm sure she's dead. Cheating on someone who might be alive is as bad a crime as cheating on someone you KNOW is alive... at least to me anyway.

This was starting to become unbearable, so I did the closest thing to a compromise as I could; I turned around so my face isn't up in her breasts. This wasn't a sure-fire solution, but it was close enough for me to help stave off the temptation for potential suicide-by-pervertedness.

The half-asleep Reimu didn't notice my shift in position, so I think I lucked out this time.

I remember in stories how less dangerous situations similar to this were; a guy, with a new girlfriend, sleep in the same room one night, but she makes it clear for no sex. Unfortunately, she sleep-walks into his bed and cuddles with him. She wakes up first and beats him silly for being a pervert without listening to his side of the story.

While I lucked out for the night, I would have to hope I wake up first, or risk ending up in a similar situation the stories I heard went like; waking up to a beating and being called a pervert, without the fault being the guys'.

There's also the temptation behind me, but I should fend that off reasonably by not seeing it should I open my eyes at any time and see the room in front of me.

Morning came, and I'm thanking whatever gods or goddesses are out there for letting me wake up first.

First order of business was for me to get out of the danger zone, this being close to Reimu in her sleep. Her grip on me was firm, but I wiggled my way out to safety without waking her up. Honestly, I can't believe my luck at times for letting me escape situations that are potentially life-threatening. This wouldn't be a life-threatening situation in a normal relationship or with a normal girl, but I'm dealing with Reimu, who apparently has an unusual personality that I know can kill me if I mess up somehow.

If I'm lucky, she'll think she woke up in the wrong room as sleep-walking night. I know the chances of that are low, but it's the only way I can feel to be a safe situation for the moment.

Suika seemed to be up early as well, but she's passed out already from her sake. I ignored that and headed to the lake behind the shrine to get myself ready for the day.

The second day as Reimu's captive was about to start, and I'm not sure how it's going to go. Whether her tsundere tendencies are there, or if there's something else behind that farce, I really can't take the risk to find out lest I risk angering Reimu.

Sadly, my safety zone was at risk again, as Reimu appeared behind me so suddenly while I was splashing my face.

"Gah! Hakurei-san!"

I almost though I was dead from a youkai appearing, but it turned out to be just Reimu.

"It's Reimu to you, Haru-kun. Hurry up and get ready; we have a lot to do today... Finding Tanaka-chan is one of those things we'll do first. After that, I need to go around, making sure there aren't any incidents"

This schedule Reimu told me was a surprise, especially the first thing on the agenda.

"Wait, finding Miyu-chan? I thought you told me she was as good as dead"

I asked back.

She looked away with frustration.

"It's not like we'll find her, but if I heard wrong, then she might still be in the human village. You know where she lives or wherever she might be, so you check those places and then we'll figure out what to do from there... This is for your sake, so don't push your luck; I needed to check on that rumor I heard"

She muttered again.

"Yet another Tsun-tsun moment at the end"

I thought to myself upon hearing that.

Well, this is somewhat good news, and it might be too good an opportunity to check on that fear I had last night; whether Miyu-chan was dead or kidnapped, or not.

Well, I couldn't answer without feeling myself being put down, so I just nodded my head.

"Finish up, and we'll leave immediately, you hopeless individual"

"Calling it; another Tsun moment"

With that, Reimu left after telling me to wrap up my morning wake up routine. I just returned to washing my face and dealing with hygeine-related stuff.

About five minutes later, Reimu was at the shrine gates, waiting for me.

Of course, I had no way of flying, and she knew this.

"Hang on tight"

She tells me, but I knew there were plenty of danger zone areas to hold onto. Neck area might cause asphyxiation if I hold on for too long, chest area is a no-no without a girl telling you to hold her there (what girl would do that anyway?), the lower body area is not good since they're wearing skirts, which would fall down if enough weight is applied (not to mention it'd embarrass the girl if it fell off, and lead to my death either from height OR by the embarrassed girl if I survive). Realistically, the only place I can latch onto is the shoulder area, or the waist area (the latter being kind of safe since it's not in the area where clothes can fall off from my weight, but the former is her holding my arms during flight).

I took my chances with latching myself to her shoulders, and she did what I hoped she'd do; which was to secure me in place by holding my arms firmly (this might look awkward, and I think Reimu agreed), but I was pretty sure Reimu's face was saying 'why do I even bother?' as if disappointed by my choice of where to hold her.

Without even giving me a heads-up, she took off towards where I believe to be the human village. My knowledge of Gensokyo as a whole is limited to the human village area, so I wouldn't know where she was going except by her word

I was thankful for this, but at the same time, I was saddened by the sight.

The human village that I remembered... wasn't there at all; rather, it was destroyed almost completely.

"No... this can't be..."

I was in shock at seeing the once peaceful human village now in ruins.

Reimu let me off as I ran to the first place I needed to check immediately; the secret cellar of my home. I remember hiding her in there when the village was ransacked of its people.

"Please, Miyu-chan, please be safe there. PLEASE"

I prayed quietly while rushing to the place of my former home.

Upon arriving, sure enough, the place was a mess and destroyed. Fortunately, it was still standing, but I knew it wouldn't last too much longer if I'm to check the cellar before the wrecked house collapses.

If Miyu-chan is still in the cellar, then I better rush and get her out before the house collapses. If she's not there, then my fears of the worst-case scenario will be close to being real.

It's do-or-die time.

Sure enough, the house started creaking and making sounds of collapsing. I ran inside as fast as I could to the location in the house only I knew where the cellar was, and undid the hidden locks. This showed the trap door to the cellar, and I opened it, hoping for the best-case scenario.

To my surprise, nobody was in the secret cellar. Miyu-chan wasn't there. There was signs of her being here, and the big sign was the engagement ring I gave her a week ago on the floor.

"How? Only Miyu-chan and I knew of this place... how could those demons know about this secret place? I made sure no youkai were following us when I hid you"

I thought to myself.

Why did I not hide myself in the cellar with Miyu-chan, you might ask? It wasn't big enough for two people; it was a small cellar for one person and a few items; kind of like a one-person room hideout.

Either I was careless and led one of those fiends here without knowing it, or they got lucky in finding it... wait, no... that can't be... there was no signs of forced entry. Miyu-chan couldn't have willingly snuck out or opened the trap door to go with them... she knows better than that.

Well, all I know is that she isn't here, and the house was starting to sound VERY close to collapsing at any moment.

"At least the rumor Reimu heard was true after all, even though I don't know what happened. Miyu-chan... might be dead"

I thought to myself in my conclusion to what happened. It was then, I high-tailed it out of the collapsing house and sped to the next place I hoped she was at; her own home.

As soon as I got out, my former home collapsed, along with any chance of returning to the life I had as a normal human in Gensokyo.

Like my own home, it was collapsing; though many of the village's houses already collapsed prior to my arrival.

"Miyu-chan! Are you there! It's me, Haru!"

I shouted, hoping for any sign of her in the house.

Sadly, there was no response, so I shouted again, but making my way inside in case she heard, but couldn't respond due to a problem such as being trapped or something.

I searched the house quickly, shouting for her and keeping my ears open for any sign of a cry for help. It was kind of a race against time, since I'm in a danger zone looking for my girlfriend who I hoped was here. But... I had to give up after five minutes since searching the house any longer than that would result in it collapsing with me trapped inside. I did as my gut told me and left the house before it actually collapsed.

At this point, I gave up on the idea of Miyu-chan being alive for now. If she was kidnapped, she would surely be dead by now. My love life with her is over; I was convinced she was dead; she was safe in a secret location when the big-names of Gensokyo ransacked the village, and was gone after the raid was over.

Knowing this... depression came over me like a ton of bricks being dropped from above; so suddenly, and so harshly.

The one girl who liked me for who I was... dead. I have to get over it soon, but I'm in shock at the realization of what happened, and the evidence to support the reality.

"Time to find Reimu and get out of here; I'm afraid there's nothing left for me to live for now in a world where the unknown and fear of the unknown are constantly present now that the only safe place is gone"

I thought to myself before going back to find my captor. However, to my surprise, Reimu was just around the corner, looking for me.

She asked what I learned, and I told her everything I found out.

On our way back, I thought back to our discussion.

What I told her about Miyu-chan... the story lined up with the rumors she heard perfectly. Miyu-chan was either kidnapped, or killed, with myself believing the latter due to the engagement ring I found at the place I hid her.

I don't think I'll be able to recover from this heart break any time soon. It won't matter how Reimu treats me now; I'm as good as dead on the inside.

Reimu landed back at the shrine to drop me off, but I slumped to the ground, laying there like a lump before Reimu reminded me of the rules before heading off again.

"As I said, you are NOT to talk to anyone that comes by. If they are here to see me, tell them to come back in the evening, and that's it. I'm going to check around Gensokyo and make sure everything's in order"

After telling me that, she took off.

I laid there like a lump, looking at the sky with emptiness and nothingness.

It was a good enough time as any to reflect on the situation instead of pretending to be dead.

What I knew so far was Tanaka Miyu, my girlfriend who I became engaged to a week ago, apparently died. Reimu kidnapped me, but tried to do me a favor by taking me to find her with the hope for me to find the opposite. That failed, and now I'm a stagnating person who lost the will to live.

This is rather pathetic, I know, but I can't help it if I was the outcast among my friends, and opened my heart to the one person who understood the me beneath my pathetic 'normal'-like personality, appearance, or whatever.

I couldn't believe it when I learned Miyu tried to defend me one day; I thought she was one of those rare girls who tries to get to know the 'real' you. To me, she was a god-sent angel, and my first real friend. We got to know one another, and eventually became intimate. The bullying stopped, and became cheers of support for our relationship. It was a miracle by itself for all that to happen. I soon fell in love, on the level of marriage, and became engaged. A week later, this happened, and now I'm alone again. Reimu kidnapped me for an unknown reason, which I assume to be her pet of sorts.

That's my story as to Tanaka Miyu and I, and why her death made me a pathetic lump that I am now.

Well, I began assessing what I needed to do now, and make the choice for my future right now; do I keep living feeling sad and being pathetic, or do I survive and live for myself and for Miyu-chan? If I was to live for both our sakes, I would need to get out of the danger I'm in first, and that's extremely unlikely considering Reimu's pretty much the boss of Gensokyo, and would get everyone to hunt me down if I ran away.

Still, if I'm to stay alive, I might as well follow Reimu for now. Chances are she'll want me for herself, but I won't let her replace Miyu-chan... ever. Miyu-chan was very important to me, and I'm not going to let anyone take her place as my bride-to-be. If Reimu is hinting at her wanting me to look only at her, she needs to discover the 'real' me that Miyu-chan did. Otherwise, there's no way I'm going to see Reimu that way, even if she forces me to look at her with the same eyes I had for Miyu-chan.

That is my resolve, and I'm going to live by that. As long as Reimu is unable to penetrate this personal barrier of mine, her chances of making me liking her as a love interest are 0% at best.

Yes, I think with this reflecting, I can probably cope with the situation better now. I'm no longer a coward; I will make sure I survive, and protect the memory of Miyu-chan as much as possible.

Getting up, I might as well get started as the shrine's keeper if I'm going to be her captive. No, not just a captive; I might as well learn how to defend myself so I can help Reimu. I'll be strong to hold my own... and with any luck, I hope to be able to win my freedom from her in a fair match.

Danmaku, how hard can it be? I see them do it all the time, I saw Keine-sensei fight back intruders at almost late night several years ago when the moon looked fake. Hell, she even told us that we could do it too if we put our minds to it by channeling the magic around us as a source of magic instead of using the magic that they were born with.

If I'm able to master this, I could be like Marisa, but not as successful; mastering the basics of danmaku is the first step if I'm going to live my new life

"Time to get started"

Over the course of the day, I pretty much kept the shrine organized and tidied up, and keeping away the occasional pests who keep asking to see Reimu.

As instructed, I told them to buzz off and come back later when Reimu returned. The first pest was Marisa.

I wanted desperately to ask her for danmaku lessons, but I knew Reimu would be pissed at me AND at her if I asked Marisa. However, I kept to my word and drove out the witch against my personal desire to ask for training.

The next pest who appeared was Yukari. I told her to buzz off and come back later, same way I told Marisa, but I knew better than to force her out; I'd let Reimu do that once she returns. So, I left her alone after relaying the message.

The pests kept coming, and I kept pushing them away with the same message to come back later.

I was already determined to keep living, but I don't want to open up to anyone; that's why I was strict in telling them to get lost. Yukari cracked one joke saying I have become similar to Reimu before everyone changed.

Of course, since that was Yukari, there was a high chance that she was BS-ing that part of me being similar to Reimu. I shrugged that off

"I am NOT like Reimu at all. I'm being the 'me' that I chose to be now that every big-name bitch out there wrecked the peace of the human village. I HATE you youkai for destroying our peaceful life, and I'm saying this as nicely as I can to warn you"

Hissing, sort of, at Yukari, I made my point VERY clear.

Yukari was NOT intimidated at all by my anger, but laughed at it.

"If you hate us, can you actually show us? You're all bark but no bite. How can you possibly be a threat to us youkai?"

Clearly she was looking down on me.

Much to my dismay, she was right; I'm just spouting anger without any actions to back them up.

"Try again IF you're able to stand up to me, and MAYBE I'll consider your hatred towards us more seriously"

She laughed it off before gapping herself out of the shrine.

"Pathetic gap hag, looking down on those inferior to her. She's not worth my time right now considering the bullshit she makes Reimu go through, and us too"

I cursed to myself mentally at the helplessness I was feeling.

No, I don't want to feel this way... ever 's why... I'll take help wherever I can to take control of my life back.

(A/N: Just the first of two chapters for the Reimu section of this story. Yamato Haru (last name, first name) quickly adapted in less than 24 hours of being kidnapped, but I hope this isn't the case for the other human villagers. His personality was that of an outcast, which I know all too well, so it was easy for me to emulate and incorporate as his character. It's also somewhat unpredictable in critical times, so him taking a 180 in personality change could be one possibility. I'll leave it at this for now)