Hellooooooooooo allllllllllllllllllllll! This is my first fanfiction (just a note). I've always been a big fan of the Pokémon series so here I go with my first fanfiction. Incidentallly, this will mainly be a Negaishipping story (in later chapter) although, I can't decide whether or not to make it AshxHarem. Also, someone should upload new hints on the Bulbapedia page, cause I'll be using them but I might miss some episodes, either because the story won't change or because I didn't like them. I'll also have my own orginal stories but that will be later. As for Ash's age, the beginning of the new series stated he was 10, so I'll keep it like that, PLEASE DON'T KILL ME FOR THAT DECISION, but I won't otherwise mentoion his age. I got the idea from reading one of the stories on here (can't remember but it was short in chapter length, not word length) and reading a manga I looked up on the Internet called Iris Zero (see,see, Ash and 'Iris'. I'm quite good if I do say so myself). It will start after Ash meets Zekrom but before he actually meets Iris. But let's see how the story goes anyway OK? Let's go!

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'Aura: the force that resides within all of us. All a rule every being in the world, humans and Pokémon all have aura residing within their bodies. Although there has been numerous studies into the matter and the origin of aura-one of the most famous being the Aura Study of Professor Samuel Oak- no one has yet to discover the mysterious origins of the energy known as aura. Every being manifests their aura in their own individual way although some people use their auras in similar ways but there was always been thousands of ways for people to use their aura.. In addition, Pokémon can infuse their attacks with aura in order to make them more powerful, one of the most recent examples is the Sinnoh Champion's Garchomp using Aura Dragon Rush, although it is very rare for a Pokémon not to infuse their attacks with their aura.

The connection between Pokémon and their trainers through their aura is a strong one. Pokémon will know when a trainer wants to attack using aura through the connection that they share. It is similar to the attack Return in that the closer the Pokémon are with the trainer then the more acute the connection becomes. Throughout civilisations in the Pokémon world, there have been numerous examples of trainers with exceptional aura powers becoming figures of high position, even in today's society; Gym Leaders are Champions generally have higher aura levels than the average trainer. Other examples where aura has been present is...'

The boy put down the book and yawned. Not because he was bored, just because he was tired. He rubbed a hand through his black hair and scratched the side of his face. He looked outside the window to see the dim lights of Nuvema Town in the distance. He was a young boy, around 10, but he had already seen a lot on his Pokémon journey. He had lightly tanned skin and brown eyes that went along with it quite well. He smiled to himself as he remembered his first day: he had slept in, something that he had looked down upon on the day but he had to say that it was one of the best decisions he had ever made in his life. He wore light blue pyjamas (think of the ones before he versus Skyla people) and sat up in the bed that had been loaned to him by Professor Juniper during his stay.

"Pikapi?" asked the small electric mouse Pokémon sitting on his lap. The boy looked down at the Pokémon. Among all of his travels, his Pikachu was the one who went with him everywhere. Through thick and thin, they were best friends. Inseparable. And it was going to stay that way. And it was among those travels that the boy had learned recognise Pikachu's 'Pikapi' was synonymous with his own name.

"Oh Pikachu? Were you reading that?" the boy asked looking down at his friend. Pikachu shook his head and tilted his head as he was looking at the boy. The boy laughed as he got the message.

"I'm OK." He clarified. "Just thinking." His face lit up as he got ready to speak his mind. "I mean we're going to start a whole new journey, here in the Unova region!" he said excitedly. "It'll be a little different without Brock though..." he said remembering his old friend who had gone off to train as a Pokémon doctor. Pikachu nodded. He too would miss the old Pokémon breeder although he wouldn't miss all the flirting that he would be doing to any girl that passed by.

"But it gives us an opportunity to make ne memoires!" the boy exclaimed. He stood up on the bed and pointed at the window where Nuvema Town was. "Unova! Get ready for Ash Ketchum!" he said as he stated his name. Happily and in agreement, Pikachu leaped up from the bed onto Ash's shoulder and cried its name. Ash turned towards Pikachu and rubbed its head in a friendly. "Just think Pikachu!" said Ash. "First we're-"

"First, you're going to go to bed" said a voice at the door. Ash turned to the door and looked at the person standing there. Delia Ketchum stood with her hands on her hips and frowning at her son, her brown eyes like Ash's were staring at him that matched her brown hair. "Why don't you go to bed Ash? You have a big day tomorrow and..." Delia stopped as she looked from her boy to the bed, more accurately to the object on the bed. It was a book titled Aura: The Life-force.

"What's that?" she asked. Ash froze. Delia looked up at him. In that moment when their eyes connected, numerous feelings were in the air. Apology and...sorrow. Hurriedly Ash went to cover up the book but was stopped as a blue force came from Delia's hand and pushed Ash, along with Pikachu, and pinned them to the wall. Ash looked down at the Aura Hand that his mother had produced and groaned. Delia walked up the book and picked it up, the Hand still in effect. She had a flick through and then looked up at Ash. "Ash..."
she said in a soft voice. Ash saw her eyes start to tear up as she looked at him. Feeling incredibly guilty he said nothing but looked down. Pikachu did as well.

"You know what I think about you reading books about aura!" his mother said her voice rising. She was getting angry, Ash knew it. The pressure of her Aura Hand had increased and that was a sure sign of such. "Especially, stuff like this! It's the life-force! Ash, you know what we discussed."

"I know Mom." Came his reply. "but-"

"But WHAT!?" screamed his mother and she hurled the book at the wall. It hit with a thump and fell but that wasn't the only thing that happened. Ash gasped in pain as the pressure of his mother's aura increased in response to her anger and the wall behind him cracked from the pressure. Delia gasped and put her hands to her mouth and the Aura Hand subsided. Ash fell to his knees and clutched his chest, Pikachu moving to Ash in order to comfort him.

"Oh my...I'm so sorry honey." Said his mother in a soft voice and approached Ash and pulled him into a soft hug. He winced as his mother's grip tightened but otherwise made no complaint. Ash returned the hug and stood up and sat on the bed, his mother following suit. Pikachu elected to hop up onto the bed and join in the family discussion.

His mother exhaled. "Why did you look at that book Ash?" she asked.

Ash looked down at the ground before he answered. "It had pictures." He said.

Delia arched an eyebrow. "What?"

Ash looked up at her. "Pictures!" he repeated. "You know, I was hoping that I would be able to see some pictures of Zekrom. I already looked up Snivy. I mean Trip's Snivy was so cool! Don't you think so Pikachu?" Pikachu glared at Ash, still upset over the loss to the new starter Pokémon. "Pika pikachu" it mumbled. Ash smiled at laughed at Pikachu.

"So, you just wanted to see a picture of Zekrom?" asked Delia. "Aren't you a bit old for picture books?"

"I didn't look at it to see any old pictures." Ash said defensively. "I was looking for Zekrom. Z-E-K-R-O-M. " he said again.

Delia smiled and pulled Ash into another hug. "Thank goodness" she said. "but I thought we discussed looking at Aura related books." She said.

Ash scratched his head. "Yeah. Sorry about that." He said. He turned away from Delia and patted Pikachu on the head. Delia tilted her head as she looked at her son. After anything Aura related, he was always like this for a few minutes and she hated it. Ash looking so depressed. "Are you OK honey?" she asked although she already knew the answer.

"Yeah." Ash responded. "But, why don't I have any Aura?" asked Ash. "I mean that book said it was the life-force and since I don't have any, what does that mean?"

Delia looked at her son with worry. This is what she was afraid of. These books on aura all told the same thing: that Aura was the life energy. It was a universal rule that everything required Aura but with every good rule, there was an exception. And Delia didn't know why the exception had to be her little Ash.

Delia smiled at Ash. "It doesn't mean anything. Remember Professor Oak tried to figure out why you didn't have any but he couldn't find anything. You just don't have any aura. That's all there is to it. In my eyes, you won't change at all." Delia pulled Ash into another hug, one which he returned. "Thanks Mom." He said.

Delia pulled away from the hug and turned her attention to Pikachu. "But I can't understand why all of your Pokémon, Pikachu especially, have extremely high levels of Aura?" Pikachu stood proudly and Ash scratched under its chin. "Brock never told you?" he asked. Delia shook her head. "Told me what?" she asked.

"I don't use my Pokémon's aura. Ever." Said Ash. "If aura is your life-force, when you use it, doesn't that mean that you're throwing it away?"

Delia looked at Ash. She had never thought of it that way. In fact, she didn't think anyone had before. "I train up my Pokémon using their skill and their skill alone." He said. "It's how we roll."

"But what about people who use aura against you like I did?" asked Delia. "Shouldn't you tell us that we're throwing our life away?"

Ash shrugged. "It's just a thing I came up with Mom." He said. "It's not proven or anything, just my opinion. I'm free to think what I like."

Delia looked at her son. "But then why don't you act on that opinion? Surely people you know, like Brock or Misty, would have listened to you even after finding out that you have no aura."

Ash gave a weak smile. "Remember what happened when someone tried to act because of their opinion of aura and me?"

Delia's eyes widened. Ash rarely brought up what happened to him when he was young. Sure he talked about his childhood, but never of the hardships that he faced and most definitely, never of THAT incident. "Does, does it hurt?" asked Delia.

Ash rubbed his back. Hidden from view because of his shirt, lay a large scar that covered his entire back. It started from his right shoulder and ended at his left hip. It had healed ever since he had gotten it when he was six and he had forgiven the person who had given him the scar in the first place, both of whom were on good terms. Looking back, he always knew he was a very open person; he still was unless it was related to his lack of aura, but he should have figured that Gary Oak would have had a large amount of aura.

If I could turn back times...4 years ago

The young Ash, 6 years old, stood in front of Gary and his 'gang'. The fresh air of Pallet Town filled the air, whipping up dust as it did so. A tumble weed passed the group, bouncing in the wind.

"Look who it is." Mocked Gary. "The Aura-less freak."

Ash frowned. Gary would always find ways to pick at him even though Ash's mother and Gary's grandfather had prohibited it. "What do you want Gary?" Asked Ash. "I haven't done anything to you have I?"

Gary crossed his arms. "You're not normal, Ketchum. Having no aura. You shouldn't be here. Even my grandpa says so. He said that aura is what make us live and since you don't have any aura, he can't live."

Ashy stamped his foot in anger. "Not true! I can live! Just you watch me...Someday I'll become a Pokémon master and I'll defeat you in battle!"

Gary stared at Ash in disbelief before letting out a laugh. The others behind him did the same. "Hahahaha! Did you guys hear that? The weakest guy in the world thinks he can beat everyone. Well..." Gary turned back to Ash. "Let m tell you something Ash. That will never happen. You will never ever beat me and you will never ever become a Pokémon master."

Ash gave a devious grin. "Never say 'never ever'. And just you wait. We'll see." And with that, Ash sprinted away having the last word.

Gary watched as the Aura-less freak ran away. Would he allow that? Would he allow that...freak have the last word. No. He would not. He was the grandson of the famous Professor Oak and he was going to have the last word. "Stop!" he cried. Ash kept on running and ignored the cries of the boy. Gary gritted his teeth in anger. Although Ash was never going to beat him in a Pokémon battle, there was one thing that he excelled at and that was running. There was no way that he could catch up to him. Using conventional means. Gary held out his hand, it outstretched and pointed it at Ash. If he could use his aura...

"I said STOP!" yelled and Gary and used his hand to cut the air, his hand reaching Ash's right shoulder to left hip in the distance. His aim was to cut off the energy that was flowing through Ash and prevent it from reaching his legs, thus making him stop. It worked on his grandpa a few times but he didn't know how it would react to an Aura-less freak.

Ash kept on running, even after Gary said stop for the second time. He took a look back and was puzzled by the sight. Gary was standing with his arm by his side and breathing heavily. His friends were by his side and helping him stand up. Ash knew enough about Aura to know that what Gary had just done had taken a large amount of it. But what had Gary done? That's when Ash felt it. The tingling. Ash reached to his right shoulder where it had started and scratched. Then the area of tingling got larger. It was all along his back, a line that reached his left hip. He scratched, his nails digging into his flesh. What was going on? Ash didn't know. Then all of a sudden, he felt pain. So much Pain. Pain and Pain and even more Pain. Never in his life had Ash felt so much Pain. He just couldn't handle it. He thought he felt his back open up before he blacked out.

Gary looked on, panting as Ash scratched the area that Gary had 'cut.' What was the freak doing? By now he should be on the ground unable to move his legs. That's when it happened. Ash cried out suddenly and hit the ground. Gary looked at his friends who were doing the same. It was less than a second to see what happened next. Like a fountain, blood spurted from Ash's back. No not spurted, it erupted from his back. It flew into the air, some of it landing on the ground and others landing on the trees surrounding him. Gary and his friends looked on with wide-eyes and pale faces as the blood flowed from his back like a river.

"G-Gary?" asked one of his friends. Gary stared at the body of the freak. Was he...was he dead? He never wanted to seriously hurt the freak, just to frighten him. He never wanted this sort of situation. Swallowing and trying not to throw up he turned to the others. "Let's go." He said. "If we get found out, we're gonna in a lot of trouble. And..." he turned to his friends and glared at them. They all shrunk back in fear. "We. Were. Never. Here. OK?" His friends nodded and with Gary leading, they all fled the scene.

Leaf was always a quiet girl. Not many friends, not that she needed any. She was always training up her aura powers, ones that her mother said rivalled that of any Gym Leader. That was her goal. She wanted to b Gym Leader. Not the Champion, although there were EXTREMELY cool, they rarely got challengers. Gym Leaders on the other hand, always got challengers. She didn't have any Pokémon yet, but constant study helped her gain an understanding of both Pokémon and Aura. Each day, she tried to improve her abilities that would help her have a connection with her different types of Pokémon. Today, she was working on flying. Actually, it was leaving the ground. The concept was fairly simple. All one had to do was lift one's self off the ground and kept an aura platform underneath them in order to gain height. Not many people could do this; in fact some Gym Leaders couldn't do it but Leaf was determined to do it. And nothing would stop her. She stretched and looked at her target, a small branch on one of the trees that was quite a distance in front of her. She bent to the ground in a sprinter stance and ran. She focused on making a foothold with her aura in front of her as she ran. She could almost see the imaginary foothold of where she was planning to jump as she ran. Closer. Closer. Focus. Focus. She closed her eyes as she jumped. She waited to see if gravity was going to pull her down and when it didn't she opened her eyes. Since she had stopped moving, all she really was doing was levitating, only 30 cm off the ground, but it was enough.

She smiled to herself and tried to move forwards. Slowly, she floated towards the tree but not high enough to reach the branch. With a gasp, she dropped and panted. That little stunt had cost her a lot of her energy. Being a 7 year old didn't help either. She leaned against the tree and wiped her brow of sweat. She tried to get up but her legs hurt so much. She collapsed down and rubbed her legs.

10 minutes later...

Leaf had finally managed to get up, after numerous attempts to do so. She didn't want to try flying (really it was actually levitating but it was a start) and decided to walk home. It was in the afternoon and she didn't really expect to see anyone as she went home. She whistled as she walked down the path and stopped when she saw what lay on the path. Blood. Lots of it. Slowly, she walked towards the source but she couldn't see it as the path curved to the left. She walked against the wall as she peered around the corner. What she saw made her gasp.

On the ground was a boy, around her age maybe younger judging by his height. But that wasn't what grabbed her attention. It was the wound on his back. His shirt had all but changed colour due to the blood and the boy wasn't moving. Was he dead? Leaf tiptoed to the boy, shivering at the fact that with every step, her shoes got blood on them. She approached the boy and touched his head. His black hair was messy but not covered with blood, so it was the only part of him that Leaf decided to touch.

"H-Hey." She said. "A-Are you OK?" No response. She tried again and again but still there was no response. She stood up and looked around. Who had done this? Who had hurt this boy? She covered her mouth as soon as she took a sniff of the scene, the wound's smell filling her nostrils. Her eyes started to water as she looked at the boy. If anything, it was too late for him, she thought. She had no idea how long how had been here and-

"M-Mom?" said a weak voice. Leaf went wide-eyed at the boy and bent down and touched his face. It turned ever so slowly and she got a good look at the boy's face. It was dirty of both blood and dirt and the tears of the boy. His brown eyes were cloudy and it looked like he was in a faraway place.

"I-I'm not your mom." Said Leaf, her voice wavering. The boy's face looked shocked as he looked at the girl. He winced in pain and Leaf looked in amazement as the boy's hand moved closer to the girl's leg. How was he moving his hand in the state he was in? What kind of aura did this boy have?

She looked into the boy's eyes and what she saw was...determination. This boy had decided that he wasn't going to die and that was that. No-one was going to tell him different. "F-Find my mom." The boy wheezed. "Please.." His eyelids drooped but stayed open. Leaf nodded and ran towards Pallet Town.

Present time..

'It was a good thing that Leaf found you when she did." Said Delia. "otherwise who knows what would of happened." Ash nodded in agreement and tried not to think of the massive scar Gary had left him. Throughout Kanto and Johto, Gary had always been at Ash's throat, teasing him about his lack of aura (incidentally that was how Misty and Brock had found out about his...problem) but after the Silver Conference, they had made up and were on good terms. This was solidified particularly with him and Gary rescuing the Shieldon from Hunter J in Sinnoh.

"It doesn't matter mom." Said Ash. "I'll be fine. I mean the Unova region is going to have to get ready for Ash Ketchum!"

Delia smiled. "But first Ash Ketchum will have to be ready for bed." She ruffled Ash's hair. "My little kid Pokémon Master."

"I'm not a kid!" said Ash defensively.

"Ash, you like picture books."

There was nothing Ash could say to that.

"So here's your Pokédex and Pokéballs." Said Professor juniper holding out the two objects in front of Ash. She was a young woman, probably the same age as Ash's mother, wore a lab coat and had her hair tied up high.

"Thanks Professor." replied Ash. He himself had changed out of his pyjama and into his new attire that he was going to cross the Unova region in. It consisted of a cap that was white and had a blue Pokéball symbol and a red brim. His blue and white hoodie as well as his black gloves that showed his fingers were also a part of the new attire as well as black pants and red sneakers. He took the two items and looked at them as the Professor continued to talk.

"The nearest Pokémon Gym from where we are is in Striaton City. So I think that because of that, the first thing you would do would be to challenge the Striaton Gym first.

"Thanks, I'll do that" replied Ash.

"You know" said Professor juniper thoughtfully "you might even bump into Trip. He left here ahead of you." She added with a wink.

Ash pumped a fist. "Next time I battle him, I'll win for sure. Right Pikachu?" "Pika pika" Pikachu replied in agreement.

Ash waited for the sun to shine over the Professor's lab before he even considered leaving Nuvema Town. When he was ready, he announced his decision to him mother who told Professor Oak, who told Professor Juniper.

"Where's your handkerchief? Are your clothes packed? Do you have clean underwear?" asked Delia in concern. Professors Oak and Juniper looked on in amusement as the family discussion went on. Professor Oak was an elderly gentlemen and a big part of Ash's life. After all, he was the man who gave Ash his Pikachu. His white lab coat and greyish hair stood out as he had his hands on his hips.

"Don't worry mom, I'm not a little kid." Ash added. Delia gave an arch of her eyebrow as she remembered their discussion about picture books the night before. Ash elected to ignore it.

"There's a Pokémon Centre on the other side of the forest." Put in Professor Juniper. "Stop by there if you need help."

"Right." Said Ash. "Seeeee you later!" He turned and ran down the path in front of him.

"Take care Ash! And be safe!" cheered Delia as she waved to her son.

"Ash, good luck!" said Professor Oak, cupping his hands over his mouth so he could be heard. "And have fun!". The three adults watched as Ash ran from view. "Off he goes once more." Said Oak with a smile.

"Yeah." Agreed Delia. "I wonder how much he will have grown the next time I see him. I can't wait!"

Unbeknownst to the three adults, a certain Pokémon was looking at the scene from behind one of the poles in Professor juniper's lab.

"Osha..." It said.

"Say Samuel." Said Juniper. "You never told me what Ash uses his aura for. I don't think I saw him use it at the lab. And his Pikachu does has exceptionally high levels of aura..."

Professor Oak turned to Professor Juniper and looked at Delia. She gave a nod. She trusted this woman. Oak gestured to the laboratory. "Shall we go inside? This is a long story."

Ash continued to run, staying on the path as he went through the forest. "Maybe I'll meet a Bug Type Pokémon first." He thought aloud, thinking of his first Pokémon, the Bug Type Caterpie. "or...a Grass Type or Water Type Pokémon!" A bush rustled to his left. "Huh?" He wondered. Pikachu pointed at the bush. "Pika!" it cried. Indeed, there was a bush and it was indeed rustling.

"Ah! Pokémon!?" he exclaimed as he raised his Pokédex. It opened with a whir and a picture of a Pokémon appeared on the screen.

"Axew the Tusk Pokémon." The picture on the Pokédex changed from a front view to a side view. "Axew marks its territory by making scratch marks on trees with its tusks. If these tusks happen to fall out or break, an Axew will use its aura to fix them or create new ones. Generally, as an Axew ages, its aura becomes more potent and the tusks get sharper. "

Ash compared the two, the one on the Pokédex and the shape rustling in the bush. "...That doesn't look like this." Regardless, he still put down the Pokédex and took out a Pokéball. "I'll catch it anyway." He pumped a fist. "Now, go Pokéball!" He exclaimed, throwing the Pokéball at the shape in the bush. It flew through the air and hit the shape in the bush with an "OUCH!"

"Ouch?!" Ash responded in kind. Did the Axew just say 'Ouch'? The Axew rose from the bush but it wasn't an Axew! It was a girl! She had purple hair that was fashioned almost like a bush itself and wore a cream coloured shirt. The large pink bow and white pants that she wore matched it quite well. "OK! What was that for?!" she cried.

"Y-You see, I was just trying to catch a Pokémon." Said Ash defensively as the girl got closer. He could get a better look at her now. She had brown eyes as well as skin, although it was coloured a little more red than Ash thought it should be. What was that called again? Flushing? No, no. That was for toilets. What had May called it? It ending with 'lushing'...

"Oh." Replied the girl as if that explained everything. "So what you're really telling me is that I look like a Pokémon. Your Pokédex, is this cute face in there?" Asked the girl pointing to her face. "Tell me, IS IT!?"the girl exclaimed

"No, uh, sorry?" said Ash.

"Sorry?!" exclaimed the girl. "Is my face in the Pokédex?" she repeated. Ash sweatdropped. "N-No, that's not what I meant." The girl frowned and approached even closer, her hand glowing blue with aura. She waved it in front of Ash, who looked in wonder. When the hand reached the pocket where the Pokédex was it glowed brightly. The girl put down her hand and put her hand in Ash's pants pocket. "Hey!" exclaimed Ash as the girl brought out his Pokédex. She opened it and had a look at the most recent search and sighed. She handed the Pokédex back to Ash.

"Fine. I accept your apology." She said. "but you've got a long way as a trainer if you think I look like a Pokémon, namely an Axew. I mean, you didn't even use your aura to see if you found what you were looking for! That's what I would've done. Isn't that right, Axew?" she asked as she lifted the fruit in her hand to her hair.

Axew appeared and cried "Axew, axew!". Ash was surprised to say the least. "Wow! That's where it was!" Axew hopped down from the girl and ate the fruit and at the same time, Pikachu stepped forward. "Piika" it mumbled at it looked at the new Pokémon.

The girl looked down at what had caused the noise. She bent down excitedly as she saw what it was. "Wow! No way! Pikachu!?" she cried. "You've got to be the sweetest thing ever! So cute! And these jiggly cheeks!" she said as she prodded Pikachu's cheeks with an aura infused finger. "You can't find anything this jiggly in Unova!" Ash looked on in wonder as Pikachu protested from being cuddled and man-handled.

"Well, I for one am dying to know what a Pikachu is doing here! Come on! Tellmetellmetellme!" she said as she snuggled up to Pikachu

"We're from Pallet Town in the Kanto Region." Ash explained. "Pallet Town?" asked the girl. "yeah!" said Ash as he pointed to himself. "I'm Ash and I'm wanna enter the Unova League."

"Isn't that nice?" replied the girl. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Iris." She said as she held out a hand. By this point, Pikachu had had enough. It was just too much. So without further ado, Iris: meet Thunderbolt.

"Wow wee!" cried Iris as Pikachu let loose a Thunderbolt. "That tickles!" she added as Pikachu stopped and she collapsed to the floor. Ash looked on and gave a nervous laugh.

"Uh, sorry about that" apologised Iris after she had recovered. Pikachu still looked upset over the whole thing, but Ash knew that he would get over it. "Tell me Ash. Wasn't there a thunderstorm in Nuvema Town? Yesterday?"

"Sure was" said Ash as he remembered the part that he and Pikachu had played during that thunderstorm. "Professor Juniper said Zekrom caused all that lightning." Iris lit up like a Christmas tree. "No way! Zekrom the legendary Pokémon caused it!?" she cried as she leaned in close to Ash. "Please, I want to know everything!" Ash looked on nervously at iris and was about to answer before "Pika!" Ash, Iris and Axew all turned to see what Pikachu was looking at it. It was a Deerling that leaped among the trees. "The Pokémon from yesterday!" cried Ash as Pikachu jumped onto his shoulder. He took off and left Iris where she was. Zekrom she thought, the legendary Pokémon. She was so close. Although she was talking about Zekrom, she remembered how close she had just been to Ash then. She blushed and looked as Ash went off ahead of her. Honestly, choosing a Deerling over a Zekrom? What a kid. "Hey! Wait up!" she cried. "Aaaaaaaaaash!

The cave was dark and the only source of light was from a small computer that sat in front of the three.

"I see you've arrived safely." Said the voice from the computer. "Yes" the three answered in unison, two humans on the sides (a man and a woman) and a Pokémon in the middle: a Meowth. "We've succeeded in infiltrating the Unova region" reported the man, his lavender hair looking a bit lighter due to the computer. "We will also continue your plan, sir" said the Meowth. "To put Unova under Team Rocket's control". The woman nodded, her long, red hair moving ads she did so. "We will also catch Pikachu as well as any legendary Pokémon here in Unova and send them to you."

"What?!" said the man on the computer screen. "Legendary Pokémon?" the man nodded. "Yes indeed. But in order for us to accomplish this, we will need our Pokémon."

"That is impossible." Said another voice on the computer screen. This time, instead of the man that was sitting there, it was a purple haired woman who was wearing glasses. Using Pokémon not from Unova will attract too much attention and could uncover your mission. In order to counter this, you must catch Unova region Pokémon." "Right" the three said in unison. Only Meowth was unsure. He was part of the Kanto region. Wouldn't that make him a problem?

"I am certain that you will accomplish the mission." Said the man as the computer turned off.

"Hear that?!" exclaimed the man after the computer was off. "The boss has faith in us!" The Meowth nodded in agreement. "All the more reason to complete this mission." The woman stood in a dominant pose. "Yes. And when we do, our names will be in Team Rocket history!" The others nodded in agreement.

Back at Team rocket headquarters...

The secretary handed her boss the cup of coffee he had ordered. "Do you think those 3 will be successful?" she asked

The boss shrugged. "But what I know is that the secret organisation in Unova will be brought out because of them. As well as any activities that they are doing using aura." He smiled and drank his coffee.

Ash and Iris watched as the Deerling drank at a small watering hole in the forest. They hid behind a tree in order to not be spotted and were silent. Ash reached into his pants pocket where he had stored his Pokédex and pointed it at the Deerling.

"Deerling, the Season Pokémon. As the seasons change, so does Deerling along with its physical appearance. Their aura will also be effected will the seasons. If a Deerling is in winter form, its aura infused attacks are changed to ice type, whereas in other forms, aura infused attacks are grass type." Said the Pokédex. Ash looked on, impressed. "Wow!" he said. "So those are Deerling. They're awesome!" He rushed out from behind the bushes, Pikachu falling into Iris's arms as he did so and he threw a Pokéball at the Deerling shouting "I'm gonna get a Deerling!" The Deerling who Ash threw the Pokéball at looked on with amusement. Its head started to shine a light blue and it ran towards the oncoming Pokéball. Using Aura Tackle, it hit the Pokéball, making it fly back the way it came. "Wah!" cried Ash as he jumped out of the way. The Pokéball continued the fly through the air and Iris just nearly missed it hitting her on the head...again.

"Oi!' she cried as she came from the bushes. "It doesn't work like that! Argh, you're such a kid! If you want to catch it, you have to battle it! Or use your aura to weaken it!" Ash looked on at her as the familiar concept flooded into his head.

"Ah! I knew that!" he said. "Come on Pikachu!" he instructed. Pikachu obediently leaped out of Iris's arms and went to Ash's side. This aroused the Deerling. Under the instruction of one Deerling (the leader) they all fled from the approaching trainer and Pokémon.

"Wait!" he cried. "Where are you going?" Pikachu called out to the Deerling as well. The trainer and Pokémon both looked at each other in wonder. "P-Pikachu!" cried Pikachu as it pointed behind Ash. Ash turned around and took a step back in alarm. Incoming was a whole group of rat looking Pokémon, their bodies a light blue as they were using aura to increase their speed to wherever they were going. "Wah!' cried Ash as the Pokémon slammed into him and Pikachu, launching them into the air. Ash hit the ground first and looked at the retreating Pokémon. "I give. Whose that Pokémon?" he asked as Pikachu fell from the sky and landed on his head.

Iris came from her hiding spot, shaking her head. "That's a Patrat Ash. You come to Unova and you don't even know that? What a kid." Axew chirped in agreement as Ash and Pikachu stood up.

Iris followed Ash as he continued his quest to catch a Deerling. She watched in amusement as he tried again and again, following their tracks in order to find them and once he did, the Deerling would then retreat and go somewhere else. Iris offered to use her aura to help him but he declined, stating that it was his search and to keep her aura to herself. She complied and watched the Kanto trainer chase the herd of Deerling.

It was not long before sunset and Ash had decided that he needed to take a break before chasing after more Deerling. They had kept on escaping him using their aura to lengthen the distance between them, something that he didn't like. Sure he was going to the other side of the forest, but he had always liked detours. Currently, he stood underneath an apple tree and took one. He looked at pikachu "You wanna eat one buddy?" Before Pikachu could answer, the whole tree shook and all of the tree's apples fell onto the unsuspecting victims of Ash and Pikachu. They cried out as they were buried. Iris fell from the tree and landed onto the stack of apples, increasing the weight and therefore squashing Ash and Pikachu even more. Iris looked around the horizon, searching for the white capped boy.

"Huh. Where'd he go?" Iris wondered out loud as he stretched out her legs and found a footrest. She sighed. "I even got him some dinner..."

"Please get off the apples" was the reply as she looked down and saw that her footrest had just talked.

It was dark after iris had convinced Ash to talk about Zekrom and for him to finish talking. "So, Zekrom messed up Pikachu's aura?" she asked.

Ash nodded. "Professor Juniper said that since Pikachu's aura is so high and the fact that it's an Electric Type, it was the perfect target for Zekrom to recharge. So Zekrom took some of Pikachu's aura and power and then later returned it. But before it did, you couldn't use Electric Type attacks could you?" Ash addressed Pikachu who shook his head. "But still, to think that a Pokémon could actually steal another Pokémon's aura..."

"Well what do you think?" asked Iris. "Zekrom is a legendary Pokémon here. It goes without saying that it would be powerful. But..." Iris looked away from Ash. "I gotta say that I'm jealous Ash. To think that you saw Zekrom. As for me...I'd love to meet Zekrom."

Ash smiled at Iris. "I'm sure that you'll meet it someday." Iris nodded towards Ash and turned to Axew.

"But still, Unova has lots of new Pokémon. Some that I haven't even seen yet!" said Ash. When there was no response he looked up and saw the sleeping Iris and her Axew all cuddled up together. A faint blue mist hung around them. Ash knew what it was. Professor Oak called it the APS or the Aura Protective System. It was when a person or Pokémon's aura swirled the body to protect those who the person or Pokémon valued the most. Pikachu's APs looked yellow and there had been numerous times where Ash had woken up and seen Pikachu's aura around him. He smiled at the two, glad that they had such a good bond. He put down the apple and looked towards the sky, counting the stars. "You know Pikachu..."he said. "Having no aura's not that bad. It doesn't stop me from doing stuff like this, you know travelling. "Pikachu nodded, glad that his trainer had not been negative when referring to his lack of aura. "But now, we have a whole new adventure ahead of us! New Pokémon and new challenges!" As he said this a shooting star flashed across the sky. "Ah!" Ash exclaimed as he stood up. "Shooting stars!" He punched the air. "I have a feeling that this is going to be a good adventure, right Pikachu?" Pikachu nodded and the two of them laughed together through the night.

And observing this was...

"Osha" said the mysterious Pokémon.

Ash walked along the road that led to the Pokémon Centre. Hopefully. "Wonder why Iris left so early? Maybe to go find Zekrom, eh Pikachu?" Pikachu nodded as it walked until its attention was drawn to something in the sky. "Pikapi!" it cried. Ash turned to the sky and saw the same thing. A small bird Pokémon that was heading in the same direction that he was. "Cool! New Pokémon!" He got out his Pokédex and pointed it at the bird.

"Pidove, the Tiny Pigeon Pokémon. When in large groups, the noise producing by the Pidove can reach large levels. A popular myth surrounding Pidove is that they like to steal shiny objects however this is untrue. When in flocks, the leader's Pidove is higher than all the other Pidove and they train their aura by using multiple gusts. The larger the gust, the more powerful the aura."

Ash looked at Pikachu and no words were exchanged. They already knew what to do. They chased after the Pidove. It didn't take long for them to find the flock. Just like the Pokédex had said, they produced a large sound that was easily heard, one which Ash and Pikachu followed. "Wooooooooow" said Ash as he looked at all of the Pidove. He spotted the closest one. "Pikachu! Let's battle that one!" he cried. Pikachu leaped in front of Ash and waited for a command. "Use Thunderbolt!" cried Ash. Pikachu complied and let out a stream of electricity towards Pidove. It let out a cry and immediately fainted. "Alright!" said Ash, "Go Poké-!" He stopped midsentence. The Pidove rose and defended their wounded companion against the trainer. They surrounded Ash and Pikachu and let out a barrage of Aura infused Quick Attacks and Air Cutters. In sync, Ash and Pikachu ran around in circles to avoid damage, although this was largely ineffective, it reduced their damage by half. Eventually, the fainted Pidove came to its senses and flew off, the others following as well. Ash and Pikachu panted. "P-Pikachu. You OK?" asked Ash between breathes. Pikachu nodded and turned to Ash but stopped halfway through. There, not far away, was another Pidove. Ash met Pikachu's gaze and looked as well. He smiled.

"Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!" Pikachu let loose a stream of electricity that headed towards Pidove, Pidove barely looked up in time to get a face full of volts. It cried out and shook its head when the assault was over. "Doooooooove!" it cried at Ash.

"Alright!" Ash said. "Pikachu use Quick Attack!" Pikachu ran towards Pidove and slammed into it. Pidove cried out and flew backwards. "Now! Go Pokéball!" said Ash throwing it. (How many has he thrown in this chapter?) It hit the Pidove and sucked it inside. The Pokéball hit the ground and wobbled once. Twice. Three times. There was a snapping sound inside the Pokéball and Pidove burst free from it. The inside of the open Pokéball was blue and a blue mist rose up from it. Ash had figured this out on his first day as a trainer. Sometimes, when a Pokémon isn't weak enough, it will use its aura to fight against the confinement that a Pokéball was. As such, it left traces, and these were the blue mist that rose from the Pokéball. "Oh no!" he cried.

Pidove didn't give time to breathe. It flapped its wings and a blue wind rose from them. "That's Aura Gust! Pikachu hang on!" Ash said as Pikachu was threatened to be blown away by the blue wind. The Pidove stopped beating its wings and launched itself towards Pikachu with a blue glow. "Aura Quick Attack!" Ash cried to Pikachu, hoping it would dodge. Pikachu circled out of the way of the Quick Attack as the Pidove flew past. "Thunderbolt!" cried Ash. At the same time, Pidove beat its wings and this time, not an Aura Gust came out but a blue cross that glowed. Aura Air Cutter. The Thunderbolt met the Aura Air Cutter and the impact blew away all occupants. Ash was thrown off his feet and Pikachu and Pidove were blown further away. Pikachu rolled in the dirt to avoid damage but Pidove wasn't so lucky. It hit a tree so hard that it left a small indent in it and the Pidove fell and fainted. Ash picked himself up and looked at the fallen Pidove. He smiled and turned his hat around. He reached for another Pokéball. "Let's go!" he cried. He threw it and it hit the Pidove sucking it into the Pokéball. Once. Twice. Three times. And with a satisfactory click, the Pokéball had completed the capture. Ash smiled and turned his hat back around as he ran towards the Pokémon. "Alright! I caught a Pidove!" he exclaimed, pulling a pose. "Pi Pikachu!" cried Pikachu. They looked at each other and Ash picked up Pikachu and they danced in happiness.

"A Pidove? And your dancing? You are a kid."

Ash looked at the source of the voice. Standing there with an apple in hand was Iris. Axew appeared out of her hair and let out an "Ax, ax, Axew!" in agreement. It hoped down from Iris and took the apple and handed some to Pikachu. 'So what's so wrong about that?" asked Ash.

Iris arched an eyebrow. "You didn't even let Pikachu use any aura attacks and thanks to that both Pidove and Pikachu got blasted. Even you-." Ash tilted his head in confusion. What about him? "What about me?" he asked. (*It isn't fair, I've had enough now I want my share*) Iris pointed at his cheek. Ash rubbed it and looked at his hand but saw nothing. He looked up at Iris who sighed and came closer and rubbed his other cheek with her hand. She tried to look cool when she did it but inside she knew that what she was doing was touching another's boy's face. Although he was kinda cute, she had no reason to-. She cut off her thoughts. Focus Iris focus she said mentally. Do what you came to do. She wiped some dirt off, which she showed to Ash. "See?" she asked. Ash looked at it. "Oh, I see." He said. He rubbed the back of his head "I guess I was a bit careless."

Iris sighed and shook her head. "you really should be moer careful. I mean..."

She was interrupted when Pikachu and Axew both cried out. Ash spun around to see two metal hands holding the two Pokémon and watched helplessly as they were taken away. What he did see were the people standing by the metal hands. "Ugh! You guys again!" he cried.

"Again is the question so twerpish indeed." Said the woman with long, red hair.
"The answer to come as we feel the need" countered the man with lavender hair.
"We bring the blinding white light of evil into the future."
"Thrusting the hammer of justice onto the black darkness of the universe."
"And carving our names in the rock of eternity" said the Meowth in the middle.
"The fiery destroyer, Jessie"
"And with thunderous emotion, I am James"
"Wisest of the wise, Meowth"
"Now gather, under the name of Team Rocket!" they all said in unison.

"Team Rocket?" asked Iris "Whose that?"

Ash answered her. "A group of small time bad guys who like to steal other people's Pokémon."

"Oh yeah?" questioned iris. "Axew's mine! Give it back!"

James looked at the Pokémon that was unfamiliar to him. "I see so this is an Axew."

Meowth snorted. "Not anymore kid. Axew's now property of Team Rocket!"

Iris stepped back upon realising the speaker. "A talking Meowth? How's that possible?!" she exclaimed.

Meowth grinned, showing his large teeth. "Chit chat's over. Let's go."

"Right" said Jessie and James together. They threw Axew and Pikachu into the glass case that was near them. They pounded helplessly against the glass. James bent down and undid the case next to him. Quickly, a large balloon appeared from it, one that Jessie, James and Meowth all hopped into. "See ya later, twerp!" cried Meowth.

"No way!" cried Iris. "Give me back my Axew!" Her hand gave off a blue glow, one that Ash stared at in amazement. Pulling her fist back, Iris contained all the energy that she could and let it loose and she hurled a punch at the balloon. A large blue fist ejected from her hand and sailed towards the balloon and was just about to hit when a blue protective shield appeared from the balloon. The blue fist shattered and cracked, aura particles falling through the air. When they could get a clear view, Jessie and James were standing in front of the balloon, with the arms raised. Clearly, they had just applied an aura shield. They smiled and continued to ascend. Ash and Iris gritted their teeth in response to the event. Iris was the first to react. She ran towards the tree not 10 centimetres away and bent down. Before she jumped, her feet glowed blue and she used her aura to climb up to the highest branch.

"So what if aura doesn't work! I'll get Axew back another way!" Iris yelled. She was nervous tough. She had always used her aura to do anything. And if she rescued Axew, she would be focussing on Axew, not on controlling her aura. There was nothing she could do.

"Pikachu! Axew! We'll come for you!" cried a voice below. Iris looked down and saw Ash climb up the tree using his bare feet and hands. He was moving so fast, he couldn't tell if he was using aura or not. "Wait A-" she began but stopped as ash leapt from the tree with no hesitation. "No way!" she said as Ash got closer to the glass container.

Ash reached him arm out and swept it missing the container completely. As a reaction, he grabbed the air but there was nothing he could do. He fell down through the trees and landed on the ground with a thump. Iris jumped down from the trees and kneeled next to him. "Ash!" she cried. "Are you alright?!" Ash groaned and sat up. "Yeah." A small figure went by them both. "Oshawott!?" said Ash. They looked in surprise as the small Pokémon ran up to the balloon and threw what looked like a small shell at it covered with the blue glow of aura. Team Rocket had no time to react and as it penetrated the balloon. They cried out as it plummeted to the ground and the container smashed. Rushing over, Ash and Iris caught their Pokémon with no issue and landed on the ground. Team rocket did so as well. "Who do you think you are? Doing that to us!" cried Jessie.

"I don't care!" cried Ash. "You can't go around stealing people's Pokémon!"

"Yeah!" said iris in agreement.

"Is that so?" questioned Jessie. "well how 'bout you get a load of this!" she threw a Pokéball and out popped a Pokémon that Ash had never seen before. "A Woobat!" cried Iris.

"Woobat? Alright, Woobat, use Air Slash!" cried Jessie. Just as the Woobat was ready to beat its wings, the Oshawott appeared and launched a glowing blue stream of water at the Pokémon. Aura Water Gun. Woobat cried out and hit the Team Rocket trio, who did the same. "alright, Pikachu!"said Ash, taking the window of opportunity. "Use Volt Tackle!" Pikachu's whole body glowed yellow as it raced towards Team Rocket, saying "Pika, pika" over and over again. James threw down a smoke bomb that engulfed the three. Pikachu passed through the smoke and appeared on the other side, but Team Rocket had completely disappeared. "Wha-!" said Ash. "Where are they?!" Ash said looking around. Pikachu did the same before it collapsed, with Axew doing the same. "Pikachu!" "Axew!" the trainers cried as they ran to their Pokémon, taking them in their arms.

"We need to go to the Pokémon Centre!" ordered Iris. Ash nodded. "You lead!" the two ran off and before they completely disappeared, Ash turned and said "Thanks Oshawott!" as they left the Pokémon there.

It was sunset by the time all of the Pokémon were OK to go. After they received them from Nurse Joy, they embraced them, while Ash let Pidove stay out for a while.

"Thanks Nurse Joy." Said Ash. "You really helped us out."

"A Pikachu in Unova. Extremely rare. " Nurse Joy commented.

Ash smiled. "Yeah. We're from Pallet Town and this is the first Pokémon Centre that we've seen."

Nurse Joy returned the smile. "Welcome. And like Kanto, come to the Pokémon Centre is you ever need someone to take care of your Pokémon."

Ash nodded and turned to Pidove. "I have something to tell you Pidove, but it can wait until later, OK?"

Pidove nodded obediently. "You know Ash..." said Iris. Ash turned towards her. "you've earned my respect. You handled that situation with Team rocket like a pro." Ash scratched the back of his head. "Not really, you did most of the stuff." He said

Iris smiled. "I sure did. But anyway, you helped me get Axew back. Thank you. You're still a kid though" Ash frowned but shook his head. "Actually, I think we should thank Oshawott the most. But I still don't know why Oshawott would help us like that..."

The small Pokémon at the door looked on at the scene and the trainer that had thanked him.


"Oh and Iris?" asked Ash. iris titled her head waiting for what Ash had to say.

"Do you like picture books?"


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And the promised conversation with Ash and Pidove if only a snippet

"Pidove, there's something I need to tell you about my aura and something I need you to do as well"

"Dove?" asked Pidove tiling her head. What about her trainer's aura.

"The thing is...I don't have any aura, and I want you to stop using aura to power your attacks as well."

The only response Pidove had was to stare at his new trainer. But there was one thing on her mind. A trainer without aura? An impossible boy? This was going to be very interesting...