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The Beginning: Chapter 4

Precia snapped to attention the moment Mr Question Mark had spoken. She had waited 9 years to wake up, often visiting when she was younger but the visits had dwindled as time progressed. She had gotten older, gotten friends, changed. Yet, Mr Question Mark had stayed the same. It wasn't true what Paul had said, she had noticed. But she just hadn't said anything, for fearing of losing a friend, her first. She had hoped that on some level that he and she were the same, both unable to age after the age of 16 due to a bloodline 'ability'. She had even investigated Mr Question Mark herself but the search had turned up empty. There was no record of Mr Question Mark anywhere. He didn't exist. So he had become her private 'counsellor' of a sort. A person whom she could always depend on to listen (even though he didn't) and would never judge her (even though he couldn't). Even though she didn't want to admit it, his simple presence seemed to make her light up even in the darkest of times, but that was only when she was older. On the same day every year, she had stayed by his bedside, hoping that he would wake up, but also hoping that he wouldn't. Because then he would never leave. But now, he had woken up (while making a lot of noise and possible a scandal involving infiltration rumours) and had no reason to stay. He would leave.

"Wait!" she called. Mr Question Mark's retreating footsteps stopped.

"Paul. He was talking about Him. Who is He?" she asked.

Silence lingered. Mr Question Mark didn't even turn around when he answered. ""Let's just say he doesn't do parties. Dedicated himself to 'taking me down'." He continued to walk before stopping and turning to Matthew. "Word of warning Your Highness. After today's events, He'll probably think that your affiliated with me. Better get better security. I recommend it."

He turned back and walked to the door. He opened it and walked through…

"Hold it" said the King. Mr Question Mark rolled his eyes. He was so close.

"Do you know much about this mysterious figure?" he asked. Mr Question Mark gave him an exasperated look.

"He wants to kill me. I think it's a reasonable deduction to say a lot. Where are you going with this?" Mr Question Mark narrowed his eyes when he finished.

Matthew glanced down to the body of Paul and looked away. He took a breath and stared at Mr Question Mark. "I want you to protect my daughter. I doubt I'll find someone with as much experience as you do in this field."

Mr Question Mark stared at the King. He was going to reject him but an idea popped into his head. Working for the Empire would have benefits. And Precia would just have to find a partner to which she would spend the rest of her life. And the bloodline 'ability' of hers would probably activate soon, so she would be able to protect herself… A short-term arrangement where everybody wins.

"A few condition."

Matthew arched an eyebrow.

"You forget what happened in the garden 9 years ago. No questions will be brought to me about my identity or what species I am. No exceptions"

Matthew was reluctant to do so. The incident in the garden was the reason for Mr Question Mark being brought to the palace in the first place. And he doubted without the questions he had just denied, he would never get an insight into what he was. But to protect Precia…..


Mr Question Mark nodded his head. "I'll take the room, I was in for the last 9 years." He looked down at the body of Paul and the android. "Also, I suggest you vacate the room for the time being. It'll take some time to clean that mess up."

Although it took 4 hours for the bodies to be removed and the stains to be removed from the carpet (even though they were practically the same colour) the memory of what happened was burned into the mind of the Family. After Mr Question Mark had washed his hands, he was given a map of the palace and stored what information was there is his own palace. His 'mind palace'. He groaned. There was already enough information stuck in there. He would have to put it in THAT later. But first, he decided to visit the most important person in his life at the present moment.

He knocked on Precia's door and after being allowed in, he entered. He found her where he supposed she would be; on her bed, looking at the ceiling.

"Wonderful thing, the ceiling. Most people look at it when thinking hard, myself included. Makes me think about how our own personal elevation in status has to stop somewhere. Probably why I like outside better than inside. Also why I like big rooms.

Precia looked at him. "What are you talking about?"

Mr Question Mark shrugged. "Stopped asking myself that question a while ago. Better that way. Don't know why but then, I don't know what I'm talking about."

Precia sat up in her bed and turned so that she was facing him and inclined her head a tiny bit. "How did you survive?" she asked. "You were shot in the head. By all rights, you should be dead. And that man. You shot him"

Mr Question Mark leaned against the frame of the door. "People always did tell me I had a thick skull. Knew it would be good for something." He ignored the topic of Carrell and Precia noticed this.

Precia let out a small chuckle at the comment about his skull. She smiled at him. "Good so have you back, Mr Question Mark."

Mr Question Mark gave his own smile in response. "Told you you'd get used to it."

There was a brief silence as Precia remembered what Mr Question Mark was talking about. "Yeah. You did." There was an awkward silence in which the two looked at each, contemplating what to say.

It was Mr Question Mark who broke the silence. "So, I see that Matthew still up tight as ever. Got any friends yet?" he asked.

Precia looked at him "What are you talking about?" he asked.

"Last time I was here, you called me a friend. You don't do that to someone who's in jail unless you don't have any. Well?"

Precia was impressed. "Very good. Sharp as always. And yes. Father finally let me attend school but it was a year after I met you. 8 years attendance but I excelled in my studies. Skipped 3 grades. What about you?"

"Me? Never went to school. Went out and learnt from the world, not in a stuffy classroom."

"No, I mean friends."

Mr Question Mark looked at her, eyes devoid of any feeling or expression. He crossed his arms and leaned further against the frame. "Saved by the bell." He said.


At that moment, the door to her room burst open and two people stepped through the doorway. One was a girl of medium height, wearing a brown shirt and pants with green hair which brought out the colour of her orange eyes. Her light features were covered with sweat protruding from her green hair. She wiped her head with a sleeve, huffing and puffing. The other was a boy, taller than the girl wearing a blue shirt and jeans. His brown hair was messy but he wasn't sweating as hard as the girl. His black eyes were focused on Precia.

Precia jumped at the sound and glanced from Mr Question Mark to the two. "Rebecca! Lance! What are you doing here?"

"We heard what happened and came over as fast as we can!" cried the girl, probably Rebecca but possibly Lance. What? Could be possible. "Are you OK?" she asked.

Mr Question Mark snorted from where he stood. "That was 5 hours ago. Fast as you could? Totally, Speedy Gonzales."

Precia glared at him and the two turned from Precia to see him leaning against the frame. Their eyes went wide and the boy (Lance most likely, but possible Rebecca) pointed a finger at him. "You! Wh-what are you doing here!? You're supposed to be in a coma!"

"Hello to you too." Mr Question Mark turned to Precia. "I'll excuse myself. I have better things to do than listen to mindless banter."

"Banter!?" demanded the boy.

Mr Question Mark gave the an odd look. "Yes. Banter. Or do you prefer chitchat?" He walked past Lance (yes, the boy will be Lance just to avoid confusion) talking to himself on the way to his room. "Or conversation? Discussion? Dialogue? Chat? Talk? Man, I need some more synonyms. Exchange?" his voice degraded as he continued walking.

The two watched as he proceeded down the hallway before turning to Precia. She shrugged. "I told you he was odd." She gave a brief smile. "Or unusual. Abnormal? Irregular? Strange?"

Rebecca let out a small laugh. "Now, don't you start. He's a bit different from what I thought he would be. What's he still doing here? What's with his eyes?"

Precia shrugged. "He's my new bodyguard. As for his eyes, dunno. Never went into detail."

Lance sat down in front of her bed as did Rebecca, with a scowl on his face. "Never had anyone talk to me like that before." He said.

Precia gave him a look. "Well, you'll have to get used to it. Shall we get down to the banter? Nitty-gritty? Interchange?"

This earned a smile from Lance before he started laughing. Rebecca and Precia smiled. "So what happened?" asked Rebecca.


Mr Question Mark was back in the room he had woken up in but it was different from when he had entered. In the space between the bed and the wall, there was now a blue box. Mr Question Mark walked up to it and stroked the wood.

"Thank you." He said. "Waiting 9 years." He smiled to himself and pulled out the object hidden inside the fabric of his necktie. It took a while as it was placed up high but eventually it dropped into his outstretched hand. It was a locket on a chain. It was tear-drop shaped, gold in colour and had a large dent in the front. He opened the locket to reveal a key on the inside. Taking the key, he opened the box's door, put the locket back into the tie and opened the box's doors.

Mr Question Mark also paused to observe the greatness of his TARDIS. It always amazed him to look at one of the last remnants of the Time Lords. There were numerous staircases from the main platform that stood in front of him, leading both up and down. On the main platform stood the controls, but he didn't approach them. Inside the TARDIS it was dimly lighted, not like it usually was where there lights above the doors would be lit brightly. Also the controls did not have the same luminescent glow that they usually did. Mr Question Mark sighed.

"Are you always like this? Dropping me off to places in my timeline that are important? Sometimes your early, sometimes your late but sometimes, and I mean rarely, your right on time. You got lucky, Jetstream, very lucky." He used his pet name for the TARDIS because she liked it. She had even told him so. He turned and opened the doors and paused. "I hope you'll have a little more input than you did last time. You remember what happened." And with that he walked out of the TARDIS, locking it as he did so, preparing himself for the adventure that the TARDIS had promised him.

By the time Precia had finished her story and answered all questions put towards her by Lance and Rebecca it was already dark. Perfect as the day's events had already caught up to her and she was feeling mighty tired. Lance and Rebecca had already left and her parents had come up to her to check on her condition. Not that they looked any better. They had eventually left but she was still awake. Waiting. For him.

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in" he said, feigning a bored voice. The door opened and Mr Question Mark entered with a displeased look on his face. "You should be asleep." He said.

"Then why did you knock?" she countered.

"To see if I got a response." He went to the desk to the side of the room and pulled up the chair, placing it in front of the bed and sitting in it. He outstretched his feet, shoes still on, and put them on the bed. He crossed his arms and gave her a steady look.

"What is it?" she asked after a while, feeling uncomfortable.

"Why were you here?"


"Next to me. When I woke up. Why?"

Precia shifted uncomfortably at the question. "Well it was 9 years to the day. I always come once a year."

There was a silence as Mr Question Mark pondered her words. "But you only do that to people that you care about." He said.

"We-Well, I just wanted to make sure that you were alright. You were shot in the head." She said, fidgeting with the covers. There was more silence but it was broken with Mr Question Mark's laughter. He stood up and ruffled Precia's hair. "That's a stupid reason." He said. He put the chair back to its position. Precia adjusted her hair as Mr Question Mark walked back to the door.

"Don't fix up your hair, you're going to bed. You may be 15 or whatever, but you still need sleep."

Precia went underneath the covers in a comfortable position before adding, "What makes the reason so stupid?"

Mr Question Mark turned around and faced her. "The idea that you view me as someone close, some special. I'm hardly that. I'm just a trespasser, but now I'm not that anymore. I'm just the bodyguard, an employee. A brick in the wall. A bit of advice: don't label me as someone who's important. I'm not that. You should be more concerned about yourself and your family. Not me." There was a brief pause. "Good night, Your Highness." And with that Mr Question Mark closed the door.

Precia woke up early that morning. Today was the Event Day, but it was the fact that Mr Question Mark was alive and speaking that encouraged her to wake up early. The Event Day was the one day of the week where all of the cosmos's problems were confronted by the King in order to gain some of his insight. Since it was the holidays for her, she was expected to attend in order to get an idea of what the process what like and what it involved. The problems were presented one of two ways: physically brought or a psychic projection of the person having the problem. Physical problems were handed to the King physically whereas the projections were received on the Data Mind. It was a system where all the conscious minds in the cosmos were situated. If one mind was faced with a problem that was extremely desperate, the consciousness in the Data Mind would present that as a problem and thus Matthew would receive it.

Precia got dressed and was about to walk to her father's chambers when her father walked into hers.

Precia stepped back in surprise. Wasn't Matthew supposed to be receiving problems? Why was he here? She was about to ask but Matthew spoke first.

"Your bodyguard has been helping me with the cases." He said with a grin. "We agreed to him dealing with up to 10 cases of my choice while I get the rest." Precia wanted to protest. 10 cases was the maximum amount of cases on Event Day, in order to prevent clutter in the King's busy schedule. Usually only serious cases were brought in, often none at all. They mostly had to do with crime and criminals with the physical cases whereas the Data Mind cases were rare but covered the same thing as well as mysteries that the person in question was facing.

"But that means-"

"Yep. I get a day off. Finally! Gives me time to rest. Same goes for you today as well. It's your free day as much as mine. If you want to visit…, remind me again."

"Mr Question Mark" Precia gave.

"Right. If you want to visit him, he's in his room. I doubt he's finished. Usually took the whole day to solve those cases and mysteries and he's been at it for three hours." Matthew nodded and left.

Precia sat down on her bed. She was always unbelievably bored on Event Day. There was nothing to do. She had seen her father have a look at the cases that were presented and seen how boring the details were, even if they were very gory. Policy on Event Day stated that if the case was not solved on the day, then there was no further obligation to solve it. Today was her day off, not to be cramped up in the castle doing stuff that she didn't want to. That begged the question, what did she want to do today? She made her conclusion and left the room.

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