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Metroid Saga: Chapter 2

"WHAT?!" cried Precia. "EXPLODES!?"

"Yes, yes. I do believe I said that." Mr Question Mark replied. He sat down in front of the bomb and ran his and through his hair.

"Well, if we keep on going, the bomb will explode." Said Samus crossing her arms. "Can you stop it Mr Question Mark?" She asked.

Mr Question Mark took a look at the bomb before having a look at it from all angles before giving his verdict. "No. It's a self-triggering mechanism. If we try to mess with it at all, Say Goodbye to Hollywood. Even this" He reached into his blazer and pulled a device. It was thin and had a green tip. Covering it in several places were patches of brown and had what looked like a button near the centre. "would set it off." He put the device back into his pocket.

"Damn" muttered Samus.

"What do we do now?" asked Precia, her voice high pitched.

Mr Question Mark rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed. "I have an idea but you're not going to like it"

"I dislike dying even more than I dislike your ideas." Said Samus with a deadpan expression. "What is it?"

"I have to destroy the navigation computer. If I do that, the signal won't transfer to the bomb and it won't explode.

"But if you do that, we're flying blind!" exclaimed Precia.

"It's or call Samus." Said Mr Question Mark turning to Samus. "No pressure but try and decide in the next 3 minutes."

Samus looked at Mr Question Mark before turning to look at the great expanse of space. She shook her head. "I truly do dislike your ideas. But I go along with them anyway. What kind of idea am I?"

Mr Question Mark smiled and stood up. "The right kind." He replied. He reached into his blazer and pulled out the device from before. He pointed it to the navigation computer and pressed down on the button. The computer exploded in a shower of sparks that flew over the chairs in front. The all the lights went out. Leaving the threesome in the dark spaceship with no way of knowing where they were going.

Mr Question Mark leaned back in the chair in the darkness that ensued. The flashlight that Samus was holding was inspecting the now deactivated bomb and Precia was sitting in her chair looking at Samus do so. They passed an asteroid on their left and a sun on their right, too far away to be pulled into the gravitational field.

"I don't recognise the wiring." She said turning over the device. "It's very good though." She noted.

Mr Question Mark nodded. 'The device is hand-built, most definitely. The wiring is good but clumsy. It will be a while before we get into the vicinity of any civilisation so it'll be a wait. You have any food?"

He turned and pointed his flashlight at Samus. She shook her head. "It wasn't going to be a long trip. I would of planned ahead if I knew I was taking you."

"Hah hah." He mocked laughed. He turned to Precia. "So? Is this what you signed up for?"

Precia turned from Samus to Mr Question Mark. "Well, apart from the bomb, it's very dull. More waiting. I mean, a life threatening experience is very refreshing but I can only handle one at a time."

Mr Question Mark whined. "Honestly. Can't please anyone." Samus muffled a laugh and Mr Question Mark glared at her. He sat up and moved towards the navigation computer and undid the panel underneath it and started to fiddle with the wires. The two girls moved towards him and looked over his shoulder.

"Watcha doing?" asked Precia.

Without looking up from his activity, Mr Question Mark answered: "I had to wait for the computer to cool down. I should be able to send out a distress signal but I don't know who will receive it." He held towards two of the wires and they sparked upon contact. Behind them, one light flashed red repeatedly, accompanied by a very loud blaring noise. Mr Question Mark stood up and ignored the blaring sound, while Samus and Precia moved around uncomfortably, looking for earmuffs for Precia. While she had to deal with a cushion on a chair, Samus entered her Power Suit to muffle the sound.

It was not long before they were found. By none less by a courier ship by the Galactic Federation Police. Apparently they were 'sent' from an unknown tip to search the area for the wreckage of Samus Aran's ship. Upon finding that Samus Aran was alive, the Police reported back to the Human Division, where they were ordered to immediately return to the Supreme Council's headquarters, located near the Galactic Federation Headquarters itself. They three stowaways along with Samus's ship were taken to their destination with relative ease. While Samus and Precia conversed with their fellow humans, Mr Question Mark lay back and thought over the case.

Mr Question Mark was ripped from his thoughts as Precia shook his shoulder. He looked up and saw her pint outside. "We're here." She said. Mr Question Mark nodded and got out of his chair. He went out of the exit of the ship and entered the Galactic Federation Hanger. It was a large space and a ramp ran along his right that led presumably towards the Supreme Council Human Division HQ. Coming to his left was Samus's ship that was dark on the inside.

"You're paying for the repairs" muttered Samus as she left the ship. Mr Question Mark was in a bad mood from that point up until they were brought to chambers of the Onlookers. The back half of the room was mostly for people who were standing although there were chairs provided for those that desired them. The front half however was decidedly different. It was set up in a semicircular fashion with many rows of pews shaped seatings, the rows higher than the one below it. Stairs ran in a line on the left and right from those stairs and the highest stop sat 5 people.

On the far most left was an old man probably in his late 50's. He was balding and what little hair remained was white. He wore the official Onlooker's robe on brown that covered every part of him but him head and thick neck. His name plate said Churchill.

Next to him was a younger woman, probably early 30's. She too wore a brown robe but the part that surrounded her neck was laced with a gold string that shone in the lighting. He wore a pearl necklace but it was hard to see in the cloth. She also had a very thin neck. Her brown skin almost looked the same as the cloak colour but here were differences. She had black hair but it was gradually getting grey. Her name plate said Thatcher.

In the middle was a man who looked to be of Oriental origin in his 40's. He had the same cloak as the 2 next to him but the only difference was that his head many medals placed on the left flank and he had dark brown hair. His eyes were piercing and hard, devoid of emotion. He had a normal sized neck but on it were several scars, probably the result of a battle. Fitting as his name plate read Napoleon.

On his right was a young woman who was in her early 20's. She did not wear the cloak but rather a black shirt with a picture of the pyramids with the caption 'Slavery gets shit done'. She had pink hair and looked very relaxed. She looked down at the three on comers with fascination in her brown eyes. Most likely Cleopatra but the name plate confirmed all suspicions.

Finally, on the far most right was a young man. He too did not wear the cloak but rather a polo shirt. He, like Cleopatra looked to be in his early 20's. He had black hair but ad streaks of orange running through it. On his neck was a tattoo of a jackal's head but it was hidden underneath the collar of his blue jumper. Like Cleopatra he looked at the on comers with fascination.

The mole, whoever they were, showed no surprise to the 'survival' of Samus and her passengers. Precia, Samus and Mr Question Mark looked up at the 5 figures, all of which were looking at them.

"So. Samus." Began Napoleon. "Why don't you grace us with a report of what happened to you."

Samus did so, beginning with the mysterious request to pick up the Highness and the report of the mole and her actions that led to the discovery of the bomb. All 5 individuals listened with intent ears as she finished her tale.

"What were your conclusions?" asked Thatcher.

"What do you mean?" replied Samus.

"About the mole."

Samus took a pause before answering, giving a quick glance to Mr Question Mark who nodded. "That the mole is one of the people sitting where you are, Thatcher."

The news didn't surprise any of the people there. No-one's gaze flickered to anyone in particular. The only actual expressions were coming from Cleopatra and Alexander, who looked on in their same fascination.

Cleopatra nodded. "Well, of course. We have known about the existence of a mole for a while now. We didn't think it would be one of us though." She said with a faint smile looking at the 3 people to her right, not at Alexander. Mr Question Mark made a note of the action. Cleopatra looked back at the three below them. "I guess that is why you are here Your Highness."

Precia was surprised. She hadn't expected to be recognised so easily. Even though she went wherever her father went, she didn't expect for her face to be so well recognised. She nodded. "Yes. Me and my bodyguard are here the investigate the mole." She stated.

Churchill coughed. "Will the standard protocol surrounding these cases still apply?" he asked.

Protocol? Thought Precia. What was he talking about? She turned to Mr Question Mark for assistance. He answered almost immediately.

"No. Since His Highness King Matthew is not a part of the investigation, we will be staying for a bit." He replied. He took a brief pause before adding: "Can't have people blowing others up and getting away with it, can we?"

Alexander shook his head. "Certainly not. If there is a mole, we should get to the bottom of the it. Anyone we hire would be biased, so it will be refreshing to get the guy. Or girl. I for one have nothing to worry about." He said confidently

"Nor I" said Thatcher

"Count me out" said Cleopatra in a sign song voice.

"Not me." Stated Churchill

"Or me." Said Napoleon. Everyone in the seats turned towards each other, almost as looking for the faults in one another, looking for the mole through each other. Samus and Precia were uncomfortable with the silence as the Onlooker shifted their positions.

Mr Question Mark laughed and everyone turned towards him. He gave a big grin and turned to Precia. "Well, Your Highness, you were right. This is going be most interesting." Precia gave him a hard glare at his statement before turning to the Onlookers as Mr Question Mark continued to talk, addressing them. "Well, people, we've have had an awful long journey I'm sure Ms Aran" Samus gave him a kick in the leg at the remark "and Her Highness would like a room to stay in. Also, any information you have on the mole and yourselves would be much appreciated." He gave a slight bow and turned to Precia. "Shall we get going your Highness?" he said gesturing to the door. Precia nodded and walked towards it with Samus. Before she left, she tuned to address the Onlookers once more. "I would like that information quick smart. And I hope you won't mind if I request Samus's services as an escort in the investigation. I thank you for your co-operation." She said and left.

Precia lay in her bed and Samus lay in the bed next to her. She stared at the ceiling of the bedroom and sighed. Even though the fa├žade was to make the Onlookers think that she was investigating the case, the one which was doing all of the work was Mr Question Mark. His room was just down the hall from where they were, where he was looking over the files regarding the mole and its suspects. It had been 5 hours since they had talked to the Onlookers and it had been only 2 when the media came around. Her father's first 'investigation' was when he was in the palace, so there had not been much media attention, but this was different story. Here, Her Highness had left the palace to investigate an incident of major proportions, which were not disclosed to the public. Not to mention, the famous bounty hunter, Samus Aran as helping her in the investigation only added fuel to the fires. Mr Question Mark was in his room when it was all happening at not photographed at all, so Samus and she had to fend off the hungry news reporters. It had taken 3 hours to get rid of them all and she now was lying in her bed for some rest.

"How did they find out about us so fast?" asked Precia to Samus.

She, like Precia, was lying on her bed, looking at the ceiling. "Well, those men who picked us up were told everything by me and you. All Mr Question Mark did was lie in that chair and think, so I reckon that they must of told some of their reporter buddies. Bastards. I told them to keep it a secret."

Precia smiled and sat up, looking at the doors of the room. "Why do you think Mr Question Mark didn't say much in front of the Onlookers? Or present himself in front of the media? He seems like the type of guy to attract attention."

Samus laughed. "Yeah. He attracts attention alright. I had a look into incidents that felt like he had a part in them. Know what? He isn't mentioned at all. There were explosions and the topple of high political figures but he isn't mentioned. It's like he doesn't want the world to know about him." She shrugged. "I understand it, but I don't know why he is like that."

"Do you think that he'll be able to find the mole?" she asked.

Samus gave Precia a hard glare, almost as if she was daring her to challenge Mr Question Mark's ability further, but she couldn't tell if it was accidental or deliberate. "Definitely." She said. "I have absolute faith in his ability. I've seen him do things that were so completely insane and impossible and still he manages to save as many as he can. It might be difficult, but he'll see this job through. It's who he is."

There was a brief silence following. Samus turned to face the ceiling again and exhaled. "You know him well." Said Precia in a soft voice.

Samus let out a small chuckle. "I'd like to. I'm sure it would be interesting, but he's so distant. It's hard to get him to talk about his past. Everything about him is mysterious. That tool he used to blow up the navigation computer?" Precia remembered it. The small device with a green tip intrigued her. It had the ability to destroy a whole computer with a single press of a button. What was it?

"Yeah, I remember." Said Precia

"Calls it a sonic screwdriver. A gift from his mentor. As well as that Police Box of his. I have no idea where he gets most of his toys."

"Police Box?" she asked.

"Yeah. I haven't seen the inside but I'm sure-. You haven't seen it have you?"

Precia shook her head. "Well, it's too hard to explain. You have to see it to believe it." Said Samus. She too sat up and looked at Precia. "Do you want to do anything?" she asked.

Precia crossed her arms and smiled mischievously. "Absolutely."

When they stormed Mr Question Mark's room, they were the ones who received the surprise, not the other way around. Covering the floors and the walls were numerous piles of paper. The only indication that any one was in the room was the only lump on the bed where there was rustling to be heard.

"M-Mr Question Mark?" asked Precia at the lump.

The papers moved and Mr Question Mark's head appeared from the opening. "Yes?" he asked, before grabbing at one of the papers and giving it a look over.

"What are you doing?"

There was a pause as Mr Question Mark finished reading the paper, then threw it away and grabbed another one. "Paperwork." He said. He got the paper he was currently holding and moved over to the far wall and got a thumbtack from one of the piles of papers. He stuck the paper on the wall, under the heading of 'Thatcher'. Next to it were similar headings, one for each of the suspects and there were piles of paper stacked from them.

"Paperwork?" asked Precia as Samus came forward and picked up one of the papers on the floor.

Mr Question Mark grunted as he retrieved another one of the papers. "Yes. Paperwork. Did I say that? I said that." He looked at Precia. "Got rid of the media did you?"

Precia nodded. "Not very easy. Seriously, they stick to a story like flypaper."

Mr Question Mark chuckled. "Well, there is a lot of stuff happening in the universe. Someone has to cover it." He got another piece of paper and after looking it over, thumbtacked it under the heading of Cleopatra. He saw Samus looking over her paper and he snatched it from her grip. He looked over it and went to the wall and put it under Churchill. "Don't touch the papers. They're the events that led to the Supreme Council thinking there was a mole."

Precia picked up a paper and gave it a look over. It detailed Alexander's early school life but that was all that was written on it. "Even school life?" she asked, waving the paper.

Mr Question Mark took the paper from her grip and placed it under Alexander. "The mole reports to someone. And the suspects all started out as normal senators, generals, whatever. You don't just go up to someone like that and say, "Hey, do you want to become a mole in your own organisation?" No, the mole started from day one. Meaning that however they're working for had to hot them early. School life is only a part."

He picked up another paper and sat down to read it. "So how did the Council find out about the mole?" asked Samus.

Mr Question Mark yawned and cracked his neck. "It started off small, Samus. Army rations and ammunition didn't make it to their destined points. One stock fell when the company hadn't released a statement of bankruptcy. Hidden witnesses were found dead in their apartments. Important political figures disappear on the days that negotiations were due to happen, never to be found again. Stuff like that. And it started only recently. When Cleopatra and Alexander came into office."

"Then that means that either Cleopatra or Alex is the culprit" pointed out Samus.

Mr Question Mark shook his head. "Not necessarily. It could mean that maybe the mole decided to more open when Alex and Cleopatra came in. Doesn't change anything." He rested back and closed his eyes. He reached into his blazer and pulled out his fedora and put it on his lap. Precia looked at Samus who responded with a smile and nod. Precia move forward and took the fedora off Mr Question Mark's head and held it in front of him. He opened one eye, his red one, and looked at her with a disinterested glare.

"You've been in here for too long. You need to get out." Mr Question Mark snatched the fedora and put it on his head. "Only if I can go out like this." He bargained. "It's not a fez but it's cool."

Precia gave him a weird look. "Sure".

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