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Mr Question Mark raced towards the transmitter that was lying off to one side of the room. It looked like a small remote with a tiny satellite dish attached to it. The remote had many buttons on it as well as a knob on the side that could be turned to identify frequency. Mr Question Mark first got out his sonic screwdriver and pointed it at the transmitter, it producing static.

"What are you doing?" asked Precia.

"Trying to find the masked frequency." Said Mr Question Mark as he continued. "the Cybermen can't leave their frequency unmasked for fear of information getting corrupted. I know what it is, I found out when I was talking with the Commander, so all I have to do is unmask it and then I have access to the network that the Cybermen use."

"Why would you want to do that?" questioned Samus.

"If signals can be intercepted within the network, they can also be placed. The right signal placed on the network could-"

"Decommission them" said Samus, realising the point of the plan. "But you would need the right signal for that and I don't think you have it right now. Where are you going to get it?"

Mr Question Mark indicated with his head to the teleport gun. Precia looked at it, unsure of what Mr Question Mark was implying, turning to Samus and Anthony for an explanation.

"That's-that's ingenious" said Anthony in awe. "But it's going to take time. You don't know when the Cybermen are going to come through that door."

"What? What is it?" asked Precia. The other people inside the room were also looking at Samus and Anthony for an explanation, the idea unclear to them as well.

"The signal can come from anywhere." Said Samus as she watched Mr Question Mark get the signal that he was looking for. He motioned for Anthony to come over and gave him the sonic screwdriver which Anthony only pointed it at the transmitter. Mr Question Mark picked up the teleport gun and removed the barrel that held the energy needed for teleportation, reaching inside his blazer and pulling out some wires to which he attached them to the inside of the barrel. "Including energy, after it's converted" continued Samus. "Including..."

"Teleport energy." Finished Precia for her, realising the plan. "But-"

"We already know where the Cybermen are going to go." Said Mr Question Mark as he took the sonic screwdriver from Anthony after he was done. From the transmitter, the sounds of the Cybermen could be heard, the Commander ordering the Troops to converge on the conference room that everyone was no sitting in. "The Commander said so. Weren't you listening?"

Precia recalled the discussion that Mr Question Mark had had with the Cyberman. "The sewers..." she said in a soft voice.

"Exactly. I don't know if any other Cybermen will be an anomaly and be teleported somewhere else but it's all we have at the moment." The sounds of Cybermen footsteps could be heard outside and the people nearest to the door stepped back and huddled to the centre of the room. The Supreme Council did their best to control the situation, trying to call down thee panicked people.

"There's a problem though." Said Anthony. "You have to go to the source in order to actually implant the signal. And the source is..."

"I've thought about that." said Mr Question Mark as he connected the cables from the teleport barrel to the transmitter. The voices of the Cybermen were closer now, clearer outside than from the transmitter that lay before them.

"And?" asked Anthony.

"Well, I'll have to implant the signal into the Commander. Shouldn't be too hard, just shoving this" he indicated to the transmitter "into the brain. The signal should then pass through the circuitry and be sent to the other Cybermen. See, I've thought about it." He said with confidence.

"But that's crazy!" said Precia. "There's no way that they'll even let you get close enough."

Mr Question Mark stood up and ruffled her hair. "It's not crazy. Just not very smart." He said with a smile and walked towards the door, with the transmitter connected to the teleport barrel. He stood in front of the door and whistled to himself waiting for something.

The something that he was waiting for became clear as soon as a voice came from the other side of the door. "Surrender or face deletion. Give us the Heiress." The sound of the Cyberman (they all sounded the same) came from the other side.

Mr Question Mark used his spare hand to indicate that everyone should step back. There was no hesitation at all as everyone moved to the back of the room. After making sure that everyone was OK, Mr Question Mark opened the door and stepped forward, looking up at the tall Cyberman Commander.

"You have lost Mr Question Mark." Said the Cyberman Commander, ignoring the transmitter in his hand. "You will give us the Heiress otherwise you will face deletion."

Mr Question Mark was silent for a while before answering. "I'm giving you a choice. Walk away and don't come back. The alternative you already know." He said with a straight voice.

"You cannot defeat us. You have no weapons. I this battle, you will only lose your life." Said the Commander.

"I suppose that's a no?" Mr Question Mark asked with a sigh.

"You will give us the Heiress. And then you will face deletion."

There was a brief silence that followed before Mr Question Mark spoke again. "I don't think so." Suddenly, he lashed out, the hand with the transmitter smashing into the glass that covered the brain. It shattered under the force of the impact at the transmitter was plunged into brain. The Commander cried out and the Cybermen started to fire at Mr Question Mark back her had jumped back and pointed his sonic screwdriver at the Commander.

"I warned you." He said and activated it. The transmitter started to beep rapidly as they started to implant the signal into the Cybermen. There was nothing that they could do as the Commander disappeared, the Cybermen behind it following suit. There were cries of "Delete" from the Cybermen that hadn't teleported yet and they started to fire at Mr Question Mark who ran to the side to avoid the blasts. He closed one of the doors of the conference room, the wood being impacted by the blasts of the Cybermen. Gradually the voices of the Cybermen got softer and softer as they disappeared and then, just as fast as it had begun, the Cybermen were gone.

Nobody moved as Mr Question Mark opened the doors and looked through the door into the corridor. He looked up and down the hallways before smiling to himself and walking back through the doors. "Like I said. Not crazy, just not very smart."

The people in the room looked in awe at the boy as he walked down the stairs having dealt with the Cybermen. He clapped his hands together, obviously pleased with the results. "Now, for the next problem."

"Problem?" asked Alexander from where he stood. "What else is there?"

"Isn't it obvious? My whole reason for being here. The mole."

Precia took a step back. "You-you know who it is?" she blurted.

Mr Question Mark nodded and walked down the stairs of the conference room. "Yep. Wasn't too hard to figure out actually, but the main clue was in this room."

The members of the Supreme Council narrowed their eyes at the boy as he approached. They all took a step forward, ready to discover who the boy had deduced the mole to be.

"Well? Who is it?" asked Churchill.

Mr Question Mark laughed. "Funny you should ask sir. But before I continue I have a question for you." Mr Question Mark walkie up to Churchill and leaned forward, getting so close that their noses were almost touching. "Why are you in a suit?"

"What does this have to do with anything?" asked Churchill, looking insulted. "Just tell us-"

"Why." Repeated Mr Question Mark. "Are you in a suit?"

"W-well, I hadn't changed when I was collected from my room." Stammered Churchill.

"Oh? Is that so? Then why doesn't you're suit have any creases? Wearing a suit for a door will do that. But for a few minutes? Not so much."

"Mr Question Mark" said Samus from the sidelines. "What does this have to do with anything?" she asked.

"Tell me Churchill." Said Mr Question Mark, ignoring Samus. "An explosion on the second floor that could almost certainly wake you up. An unknown threat that comes in the middle of the night and you change into a suit? That doesn't exactly say 'I'm panicking' does it?"

Precia looked at Mr Question Mark as he continued, wondering where he was going with this. "Wearing a suit suggests to me that you're actually waiting to talk to someone. Perhaps your superiors at 'The Bright Ones'?"

Churchill narrowed his eyes. "What about Napoleon and Thatcher? They're wearing normal clothes much like I am."

Mr Question Mark arched an eyebrow. "Weren't you listening? Creases. While you have very little, Thatcher and Napoleon have a suitable amount for having worn clothes for about a day. I'd say that they just haven't changed." He looked at them and they nodded, giving in the affirmative that he was right. "As for Cleopatra and Alexander, that's obvious. Explosions do tend to mess up sleep greatly."

Everyone turned to Churchill, waiting for his explanation. Churchill merely looked at Mr Question Mark in front of him and grinned. He clapped the sound echoing through the halls.

"Very good." He said mockingly. "I have to say I'm impressed. A suit though?" Churchill laughed. "I would have never have guessed that that would have given me away."

"I-it's true?" said Napoleon.

"Of course it is. The worthless Supreme Council is nothing more than a bunch of politicians, sitting in their pampered rooms, safe from the spoils of war. We want to change that, to show you what the real world is like." Grinned Churchill. "And I'll think I'll start with my original objective. Scar! Patch!" he said.

Mr Question Mark saw some movement in the crowd behind the Supreme Council. It would have been easy for the two assassins to get into the conference room, the commotion of everyone else making it difficult to actually see people's faces. Also, as Churchill would have been hiding them, it would be easy to maintain the concealment. And if their objective was the same as before...

Mr Question Mark leaped to the side, away from Churchill and covered the gap between him and Precia with lightning speed. He tackled her to ground, a gunshot firing into the air as he did so. People screamed around him and Samus pointing her gun-arm at the source of the sound. Mr Question Mark felt the bullet fly over his head, missing him by mere centimetres. Another gunshot was fired but this one was fired towards Samus and Anthony responded by shooting the assassin that fired it.

A man cried out, blood flying in the air. One man fell and Mr Question Mark saw in the corner of his eye, Churchill and the other assassin, Patch, running out of the room. That must have meant that Scar was the one that had been shot. Man, did that guy have the worst luck. "No you don't" said Mr Question Mark as he rose up and chased after the two.

He heard cries of "Wait!" behind them but ignored them as he chased after the two.

Precia watched as Mr Question Mark chased after the two men that had raced out of the room. She rose and chased after him, looking back to see Samus chasing after her, Anthony taking care of Scar who was lying on the ground, blood coming from an unknown wound. He wasn't moving. Regardless, Precia chased after Mr Question Mark, going down one of the numerous corridors. She saw him move around a corner.

Turning the same corner she backed into it, hearing gunshots that must have come from Patch. "You've already lost against me kid!" he was saying. "No point in having another loss! Churchill, get into that room. You know the protocol."

Churchill must have complied as he entered the room, Precia watching from her corner. "What's the normal protocol?" asked Mr Question Mark from his corner, the one almost one corner in front of her.

Patch laughed. "Let's just say that you won't take either of us alive. Scar's already dead, that much is certain. As for me and Churchill, our role has been fulfilled. We've done enough already."

"Y-Y-You don't mean..." said Mr Question Mark.

"I'm sure I don't need to explain, but this room is exactly 3 floors below the weapons room on the 2nd floor."

Precia heard Samus behind her gasp. Precia turned to her, looking for an explanation and got one, Samus watching the scene unfold. "Each floor of the headquarters is almost identical to the floor below, save for some rooms. One room, however, that always stays in the same place in the weapons room."

"B-but that means-" said Precia.

"I can't let you do that." Said Mr Question Mark as they both saw him race out from his corner towards the assassin.

"No!" said Samus and Precia together as they both raced out.

"You want to die by my hand? That's f-" started Patch but he never finished. The loaded display weapons from inside the weapons room discharged, the only occupant Churchill feeling no pain as he died instantly. The explosion from the blast engulfed Patch's body as he was thrown through the window as well as the remains of Churchill. Samus and Precia were thrown back from the mere blast and Mr Question Mark was caught in it.

Standing the closest to receive shrapnel, he was hit and thrown as well, skidding into a window and breaking it in the process, causing him to tumble off the edge. The two onlookers could only observe helpless as he fell.

Wordlessly, Precia stood up and ran over to the window nearest to her, seeing the bodies of Patch and the corpse of Churchill fall to the ground with sickening cracks as their bodies smashed against the ground.

That wasn't the thing that caught her eye though. It was the figure of a wounded bodyguard clutching the ledge of a broken window on the 5th floor with a wounded, bloody hand.

"Samus!" cried Precia as she came over to where Mr Question Mark was hanging. She looked through the broken window down at him and grabbed his hand.

He looked up, blood covering parts of his face, pieces of rubble protruding from his other arm like bumps on a road. "Precia?" he wondered. "What are-?"

"Shut up!" she yelled at him. She turned to Samus. "Help me get him up!" It didn't take 5 seconds for Samus to appear and grab Mr Question Mark's arm and lift him up over the edge. He groaned as he did so and he didn't get up as he lay panting on the floor.

"Jesus." Said Samus as she looked at the rubble coming from his arm. "That's deep." She turned to Precia. "We have to get this out." Without hesitation, Samus reached for a piece and took it out of his body, Mr Question Mark groaning silently as she did so. Precia did the same as soon all the pieces were extracted, lying on the ground in a bloody mess.

"Precia." Said Mr Question Mark in a soft voice. "Tell...your dad he can do these jobs from now on..." he said with a weak smile.

Precia let out a laugh. "Come on." She said. "We've got to get home." She looked outside. It would be a while before sunrise and she reflected that today was one big day. But it wasn't over yet.

The next few hours were complete chaos. After Samus and Precia had returned to the conference room, the remaining members of the Supreme Council had questioned them thoroughly into what had happened to Churchill and Patch and after learning that their bodies lay outside, they had immediately dispatched people to take care of them. Mr Question Mark was attended to by Samus, Precia and Anthony, moaning in pain as they applied to many painkillers, making his whole body feel numb and thus couldn't do anything when they took him to his room and placed him on the bed and proceeded to clean up the mess nearest them; Mr Question Mark's room.

After they were done, they left Mr Question Mark in his room and helped out with the clean-up on the 2nd and 5th floors, the rubble and weapons being collected as fast as possible.

The media leapt on the story like tigers, rushing to the doors of the headquarters, demanding to be let inside. When they were refused, they went to the next story. Apparently, there had been a gun battle at 32 Krolo Avenue though that seemed unlikely due to the fact that there had been no injuries, just some annoyed neighbours.

Samus and Precia managed to get Mr Question Mark's fedora back after avoiding said media and returned it to him as he started to maintain some feeling in his limbs.

The clean-up of the sewers was the messiest of the whole process. Though they had no proof, Anthony, Samus and Precia guessed that Mr Question Mark had already healed by this point and was faking feeling nothing in his limbs. Completed with no media attention whatsoever, all the Cybermen in the sewers were successfully contained and captured, the Supreme Council announcing that their bodies be incinerated to prevent them from attacking anyone again.

When Precia told him that the Cybermen threat was now over he simply let out a laugh and said "That's what you think."

The Cyber ships in the atmosphere but 'The Bright Ones' were successfully captured or destroyed thus eliminating the threat of the terrorist organisation.

Afterwards, all other loose ends were tied up but the last mystery that remained was the last benefactor in 'The Bright Ones' and the Cybermen's plot, the mysterious 'Iam'. No-one knew anything about him and when Cleopatra came in to ask Mr Question Mark about him, she left disappointed, the only information getting out of Mr Question Mark was that "he was way out of her league".

In the evening after a long day of cleaning up, the Supreme Council did something that was unheard of in its history. It rested. The conference room on the fifth floor was turned into an 'all-you-can-eat' buffet, food lining the room, making it hard to move. In fact people had to get inside the room for their food and then eat in the corridors, them getting for crowded than the conference room.

Precia ate with Samus and Anthony, wearing them same clothes that she had when the incident had taken place. It was here that Cleopatra had informed them of her decision to quit the Supreme Council, choosing her family over the Council. All of them approved of the decision and after Cleopatra asked where Mr Question Mark was, they could only shrug. After she had asked him about 'Iam', he had disappeared.

"All of the ends are tied up though." Complained Precia. "There's no more work to be done." She took a bite out of her pizza slice as she did so, chewing it with vigour.

Samus looked outside, chewing on her own pizza, thinking about where he would be. "Actually…" she said as she thought, "there's one more loose end…."

The sounds of Mr Question Mark working on Samus's spaceship echoed in the garage. Samus, Precia and Anthony all looked at Mr Question Mark who was working with the wiring on the spaceship with confusion. What was he doing?

They shouted out to him and he waved at them and kept on working on the ship. "We brought you food." Said Precia. "We thought you would be at the celebration."

"Nope." Said Mr Question Mark as he stuck his head in the wiring, fixing something with his sonic screwdriver. "Had to fix up this loose end."

"I'm sure it'll be fine." Said Anthony.

"You're not the one who has to pay for this!" yelled Mr Question Mark. "Oh and Samus." He threw something towards her, a collection of wires wrapped together in a rubber band. "I forgot where that goes. I put everything else back though." He said as he jumped down from the ship, wiping his brow with his sleeve. "Made a few adjustments but apart from that-"

"YOU DID WHAT!?" yelled Samus as she grabbed his collar.

"Heyheyhey." He said. "Not the collar!"

"What adjustments?" she asked.

Mr Question Mark tilted his head. "What do you mean? We talked about them in Four Suns."

Samus narrowed her eyes and then they widened as she remembered a suggestion Mr Question Mark had given her about her ship during the war.

"You didn't…" she said, twitching.

Mr Question Mark nodded his head rapidly. "Come on! Let me show you!" He pulled her hands away from his collar and walked towards the ship.

"I'm gonna kill him." Said Samus with enmity but still she followed along with Precia and Anthony.

The first change that they saw was the fridge. "Why do I need a fridge?" she yelled at him.

"Guests get hungry." Mr Question Mark said innocently. He then showed them additional features, the toilet (Anthony sniggered but agreed to the implementation) as well as a gaming system complete with every Metroid game that Nintendo created for 'letting Samus replay her adventures, this time with unlimited lives'. Samus's fist was clenched into a tight fist her expression suggesting that she would kill Mr Question Mark if he added another useless change.

"Here's my favourite." Said Mr Question Mark as he pressed a button on the console. In the roof, a hole opened up and out dropped a mirror ball. The spectators gaped at the sight. It spun around, sparkling as it did so.

Samus glared at Mr Question Mark. "Why would I need a mirror ball?" she asked, her voice leaking her murderous intent.

"Are you kidding?" asked Mr Question Mark. "Just look at it! All sparkly and shiny! You could have your own dis-Oof!" he never finished as Samus punched his in the face, causing him to fall on the floor where Samus repeated her assault. Anthony and Precia sweatdropped at the scene.

10 minutes and 3 bandages later, Samus consented to the mirror ball only after she had heard the positives of having a mirror ball. After that, the four left, sat down, ate and enjoyed the evening to the best of their ability.

It was the next day that Mr Question Mark and Precia left the headquarters, heading towards the Palace. Upon their arrival, Matthew and Halma embraced their daughter while Mr Question Mark gave Matthew an analysis of the case and the conclusions he had reached during his investigation. Afterwards, Matthew told is daughter that maybe some things were better to be left to the King.

Precia and Mr Question Mark both saw Samus off before she left.

"It was nice meeting you." Said Precia with a smile.

Samus nodded. "Although, I do wish that next time we meet that it will be more relaxed circumstances." They both agreed and laughed.

Samus turned to Mr Question Mark who smiled. "Usually I'm the one who does the leaving but it seems our roles are reversed." He said.

"I remember the last time." Reminisced Samus.

Mr Question Mark scratched his head. "Well, throwing one's self into a black hole is a sort of goodbye I guess." He said.

Samus laughed. "I'm glad that we don't have to do that again." She said. Mr Question Mark nodded and she embraced Mr Question Mark, both Mr Question Mark and Precia surprised at the action.

Samus let go of him and kissed his cheek before turning back and walking towards her ship. "See ya later." Said Mr Question Mark after her and she waved back. She walked into the cockpit of her ship and she took off, Precia waving to her in the process.

Just before she completely left her sight, Mr Question Mark reached into his pocket and pulled out his sonic screwdriver, aiming it at the ship and activated it. The mirror ball lowered and shone brightly inside the ship, earning a laugh from Samus. She took off and the two stood in the courtyard as they watched the ship leave.

Precia turned to Mr Question Mark. "A kiss?" she asked frowning.

"What?" asked Mr Question Mark. "Do you want one? Samus has left so it'll have to be from me."

Precia blushed furiously and stormed off, leaving Mr Question Mark in the courtyard by himself wondering what Precia was blushing about.

A week later, the incident was released to the press, some details being amended such as Mr Question Mark's involvement at his request and the media ran towards the Palace Gates, asking to interview the Princess who uncovered the terrorist plot.

Mr Question Mark would have intervened but after the incident was released to the press, Matthew suggested that he take a 'holiday' so that he would not be involved in the media stampede. There was no argument from Mr Question Mark as he went into his room and locked it from the inside.

He grinned and ran towards his TARDIS, almost leaping inside from his excitement or being able to travel by himself again, albeit for a short time. "Where are you going to take me this time?" he wondered out loud as he took off for another adventure.

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