claimer : I do not own Mighty Boosh, or any of anything that it relates to. (because if I did. the show would be rated R)

"I love you" Howard says in to his mirror. "I, Howard TJ Moon. Love you." He shakes his head. "no no no." He Brushes his hand over his hair. " I lo-"

"Oward!" Vince calls from the bottom of the stairs.

Howard buttons up the top botton on his shirt, takes a hat off the hanger and starts down the stiars. "Hello little man." He walks to the front counter with a grin, He has loved Vince for sometime now. But the thought of telling him gets him sick to his stomach. Because what if Vince don't feel the same way? what is Vince actually isn't gay? All these questions float around in Howards Head every morning when he practices his "I love yous" in the mirror.

"What is that?" Howard pointing at the new outfit that Vince has thrown on.

"This." he points at his electric blue pants, along with a Silver over top and a bright red jacket. "is my new look"

"is it now?"

"ya! its called electro punk" Vince smiles and puts his hands on his hips.

"You're always skippin about on the egder of fasion" Howard loved the way Vince Dressed, his little costumes. Its one of the many things howard loved about him.

"Always got to be on your toes." He says as he slips off the jacket and props it on the coat rack.

The working day is over and Vince grabs his jacket to head out the door.

"Hey! Vince!" Howard catches up with him.

"What is it?" Vince turns around to face Howard.

"What are you doing now? I mean did you wanna hang out? go to a movie? or even just watch a film?" Howard nervously shoves his hands in his pockets.

"Yeah! Sure that sounds genius!"

"excellent!" Howard lead Vince up the stairs so they could both get ready, but really because he wanted to fix his scruff that appears at the end of a shift.

Vince waited in the front room for Howard to get ready, the telly is broken so He lifts open Howards laptop.


Vince laughs as he starts to type in the most obvious password, howardmoonjazzmaverick.

when he presses enter and the desktop loads he notices a file called "TOP SECRET" and of course with his amount of curiosity goes to check it out.

Howard TJ Moon.

vince the prince of the underworld
his face like a sculpture of pearls
his hair like a pearl like fluff
will he ever know?
the power of
the love im afraid to show?

Vince slams the laptop down.

"What was that bang?" Howard asked as he walks out of his bed room.

"no-nothing Oward" Vince replies.

"So movie?" Howard pulls out a pile of disks. "I got a nice few"

Vince chooses a comedy called 'David the magical pony'

Howard opens his laptop to play the movie, "We will have to use this for a screen. My telly is broken"
When the desktop loads he noticed the 'TOP SECRET' file was open, because Vince forgot to close it.

"Vince, I can explain. Its not you. no sir. its another Vince. A female. named Vince" Howard stuttered through his words.

Vince leans forward and kisses Howard on his still stuttering lips.

"I love you too Oward" Vince says putting his hand on Howards knee.

"Really?" Howard replies, his face burning with both embarrassment and excitement.

"Yeah! You're my best friend." Vince assures him.

"You're My best friend too Vince" Howard puts his hand on Vinces. "I'd do anything for you"

"Well for now, want to just cuddle me and watch this film?" Vince leans into Howards Chest.

"Of course" Howard puts his arm around Vince. and with the free hand presses play.

He kisses Vinces head and wispers "i love you little man"

while the opening credits flicker op the screen.