Hey y'all! This is my first Treasure Planet fanfiction, even though I have a Harry Potter story called The Potter Twins: Year One. This story is loosely based on and inspired by A Cursed Flower by AmayaRedfern.

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Siria ran as fast as she could, trying to escape the destruction behind her. Every time she looked back in hope of seeing her parents running to catch up with her, all she saw was her home planet being ravaged and devastated. Siria ran into a nearby cave that was far enough away from the pirates and their path of wreckage to keep her safe.

Siria lived on a planet called Elementia, named for the Elementals who lived on it. The four kinds of people on the planet controlled terrain, wind, fire, or water. Siria was a very rare child because her mother Clytie was a water Elemental and her father Castor was a fire Elemental. She was a perfect mix of her two Elemental parents. Most of Siria's hair was blue like her mother's, but also had streaks that were as red as her father's hair. Siria inherited Clytie's sense of loyalty, gentleness, and gracefulness, but also Castor's fiery passion, courage, and strength. Because she had two types of dominant genes, she had one silver eye for water and one gold eye for fire. Elemental powers usually didn't become evident the child came of age, so at seven years old, Siria was still powerless. However, she still had her Elemental marks on her upper arms. Elemental marks were like tattoos that appeared on the arms at birth and on the outside of the eyes when the full powers came in. Since Siria was a Mixed Elemental, she had a silvery-blue water mark and a golden-red fire mark on each arm.

The young girl had been out picking special flowers for her parents when the pirates attacked. She heard the first cannon and ran back to her home, only to see her parents fighting against two alien pirates.

"Mama! Papa!" she yelled.

Siria's mother screamed, "Siria! Run! We'll be fine—just run!" Siria tried to get closer to save her mother, but a pirate took advantage of the distraction to knock Clytie down with his laser gun.

"Siria, go," Clytie panted, her arm stretched out toward her daughter.

Siria nodded fearfully as the tears poured down her face. She turned and ran away, but the pirates had already seen her and sent two other pirates after the girl.

Using her knowledge of all the shortcuts and hiding places near her home, Siria managed to escape her pursuers. In the cave, she curled up into a ball and cried for hours, eventually falling asleep. By the time she woke up, it was close to morning, but still dark outside. Siria poked her head out of the cave and saw that the pirates' ship was gone, but a different ship was hovering over her house. Curiosity overcame Siria's sense of judgment and she walked quietly toward her home.

However, she was unprepared for the sight outside her house. Siria gasped and her eyes started tearing up as she saw her parents' bodies lying on the ground in opposite directions with their heads touching.

"Mama? Papa?" she whispered.

"Mama! Papa!" she cried out, grabbing their hands, trying to wake them up.

"You can't leave me!" she choked out, pushing and shaking their shoulders.

"I need you," she whimpered. Siria's tears fell on Clytie and Castor's faces as she lay on the ground beside them, crying and screaming.

Siria woke up in the morning to cackling and whispering aliens around her. She looked up at them fearfully and saw that they were pirates, but not the same ones that killed her parents. The pirates all gasped at Siria's uneven eyes and hair. They all started murmuring to each other.

"Didja see that?"

"She's a mixed one."

"Does it mean da legends are true?"

"No way. They're just fairytales."

"I say we get ridda her."

"Make her walk da plank."

"SHUT YER TRAPS ALREADY, THE LOT OF YA!" a voice boomed as one of the pirates shoved his way through the others.

Siria moved back in fright as she saw the big pirate in the light. He was a cyborg, something her parents had always warned her about. His mechanical eye scanned over the girl and he crouched down, holding out his hand. She cringed away from the hand, afraid he was going to hurt her.

"Don't be afraid, I'm not gonna hurt a girl who just lost her parents. And neither will they, right crew?" he said while glaring at the ones who suggested getting rid of her. The scared crew started nodding obediently while yelling out other assurances of the girl's safety, making Siria feel a little better, but still scared.

"Are you…are you…pirates?" she asked in a tiny voice.

"Yep, Captain John Silver at yer service, but you can call me Silver. How 'bout you come with us. I can train ya to be a great pirate, an' you can get revenge on those other pirates who killed yer parents."

Once Siria heard great pirate, she looked up and smiled, knowing that she needed somebody to take care of her and now that her parents were dead, who else could she go to? Besides, she had always dreamed about traveling around the galaxy, looking for adventures.

Silver saw the girl's smile and he felt excited; finally he had somebody he could raise. He could teach the girl everything he knew, from sword-fighting to maintaining a ship.

"Now, what's yer name, pup?" he asked.

"Siria," she answered.

"Ah, named after the brightest star in a constellation. Ya know, mixed Elementals are said to be very special. Have yer powers shown up yet?" Silver inquired.

"Not yet. Mama always said that they wouldn't work until the time was right to use them, but I don't know when that is."

"Doesn't matter—when I'm done trainin' ya, ya won't even need 'em. Come on, grab anythin' ya need and let's go," Silver said, holding out his regular hand for the girl to grab on to.

Siria was about to run to her room to pack some clothes but remembered that they were all destroyed. Instead, she crouched over her parents' bodies and took four things from them: Clytie's traditional water Elemental silver and sapphire circlet, Castor's traditional fire Elemental gold and ruby circlet, and both of their wedding rings. Siria placed her treasures in her dress pocket, next to the flowers she had picked the day before that would never die after they were picked. Her parents' jewels did not go unnoticed by Silver, but he decided that he would make an exception just this one, normally stealing jewels for himself.

That night, Siria sat in her hammock on the ship and wove the strong flowers together as a necklace to hold her parents' rings close to her heart.

Siria trained with Silver for years, stealing, dueling, and working a ship. Silver acted as Siria's adoptive father, receiving taunts from his crew for having a soft spot for his little cabin-girl. He always denied his fatherly status, but everyone on the ship knew how much he cared for Siria, who was becoming a beautiful young woman and learning to use her looks to distract boys in order to steal from them. Siria, however, felt as if she needed to more with her life than steal. And when she was sixteen years old, Siria finally got the adventure she yearned for.

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