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I heard the soft click of the latch on the door as it opened slowly.

I knew exactly who it was. I could smell her scent as soon as she entered our room. She smelled like a carnival's candy store: a hint of bubblegum mixed with a wash of lavender; a scent that reminded me of my younger innocence, but at the same time excited a part of me that was anything but innocent.

She smelled absolutely delightful.

I kept silent and stayed facing towards the window, flicking the ashes off of the end of my cigarette.

"Attack!" Tonks giggled from behind me, as she slipped her hands around my waist.

She was much closer to me than I had realized and my breath hitched at her touch when I suddenly forgot how to inhale. Smoke caught in my lungs and I tried desperately not to moan my desire.

I couldn't help it—her body on mine made me wild and a smoky groan escaped my lips.

I felt her breath as it lightly tickled my neck, her mouth ghosting over my shoulders. My muscles stiffened as a slight tremor of pleasure ran through me when as she slowly kissed my neck. She bit down, hard, and I involuntarily gasped. She chuckled softly and bit down again, this time where my neck meets my shoulder, leaving a small impression of her teeth that would later turn red and bruise.

I would never tell her, but I loved the bruises. It's like she left her mark on me for the world to see that I'm hers. It was true; I planned on being with her forever.

"Not fair," I growled with a gasp as she bit me again. Softer, I added, "That brings up so many wonderful memories…"

I suppressed a groan, images from the other night playing in my head. We were more distracted than usual and had casted silencing charms on the room a little too late, prompting an eager Fred and George to pop their head in our room before we realized our mistake. Lucky for us, all they saw was a twist of bodies half-hidden under the brightly-coloured covers.

"I know," she responded as I leaned my head back against her. "And I absolutely love it."

She turned me around and leaned in to kiss me, but I stretched up to poke her nose with my nose, irking her with my avoidance. There were very, very few times I had the upper hand over her, since usually my desire got the best of me. But this time I had some sort of self-control, and I planned on taking advantage of it.

Her lips turned into a pout and she draped her arms around my shoulders in an attempt to prevent me from teasing her.

It didn't work.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her waist against me—still avoiding her lips.

"Babe, please…" she whimpered.

I ignored her, and kissed her pulse point, and slowly moved my way up her neck, kissing my way to her ear.

I softly bit her earlobe and whispered, "Wait 'till after dinner, Nymph—"

"Don't call me that!" she warned, as her hair began to threateningly tint red.

"Tonks," I amended as I placed a small kiss on her lips, instantly calming her.

She kissed my forehead before saying, "I won't be here for long after dinner, so we'll have to put it off until another night, if you can wait that long."

"What do you mean?" I asked, confused.

"Order mission tonight, remember?" asked Tonks. "Sirius, Moody and I are going. It's been planned for months. You're the one that reminded me about it a week or so ago."

"Oh, yeah" was all I could respond. "This week has gone by faster than I thought."

I remembered the mission assignment very clearly; I had just forgotten that it was today. It will be, by far, one of the most dangerous assignments ever attempted by the Order: invade the Death Eaters' headquarters. Only three members were going because the objective wasn't to fight the Death Eaters. The Order needed to gain information about the people inside, as well as the size of the building used for the headquarters, and then they were to report back. It should last one night only and the three members would be heavily disguised and covered in protective charms.

I whined, "Promise me you'll come back!"

"Of course I will," she responded with a confident smile. "You worry too much."

I smiled and grabbed her hand as she led me towards the door, eager for dinner.

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