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The Kidnapping

Our tale begins in the city of Nobleus in 1897. On a foggy night, a carriage makes its way past a lovely toy shop. Inside this toy shop with all of its wonderful toys lives a woman with long brown hair named Maria Logan and her 11 year old son Garfield Logan.

"You know, Mom, this has been the best birthday ever," said Garfield laughing

"Now no kissing up, Garfield, besides I have not even given you your present yet," said Maria with a smile.

"Cool ,what is it? Is it a hot looking girl with magic powers?" said Garfield drooling.

But then he stopped when his mom gave him a weird look. "Well, it could happen," Garfield said embarrassingly.

"it's not that, so why don't you just cover your eyes and I will get it out," said Maria.

Garfield did what his mom told him to do. As Maria went to a small cupboard, but she stopped when she noticed her boy peeking.

"Young man, no peeking."

Garfield quickly covered his eyes. Maria soon grabbed an object form the cupboard and placed it on the table. The object took the appearance of a flower. Maria then wound the key and music started to play. Garfield looked at the toy flower as it opened to reveal a man and woman dancing. Garfield looked amazingly at the dancers and to his surprise the man looked like him but green.

"Wow, Mom, this is so cool," he said happily. "You made it for me?" Maria nodded, smiling at her son for loving the gift she gave him.

Outside, a strange figure of an insect -like creature started to approach the toy shop. It whispered "Terrorize" and as it did it looked humanoid. It soon stood up straight as it neared the shop.

Inside, the couple had finished their dance and turned back into a flower as the song came to an end. Garfield smiled as he hugged Maria, "You are definitely the best mom in the whole world!" As the two enjoyed their family love, their locked door soon started to rattle. The two looked at the door as the rattle got louder.

Whatever was outside that door wanted to get in very badly! Maria held her son tight in fear. "What's going on, Mom?" Garfield asked, afraid himself.

"I don't know. Quick, Garfield, stay in there and don't come out," Maria said as she put Garfield inside the cupboard. Suddenly, a figure broke through the window.

It looked humanoid except for the gold and light blue color of its body. It had claw- shaped feet, It's left arm appeared to resemble two rows of insect- like legs, while its right arm looked like the neck and head of a cobra. It was the Predacon Fuzor Quickstrike!

Meanwhile, Garfield opened the cupboard door quietly and watched his mother try her best to fight the predacon but she was not strong enough to fight a predacon. Then a table was thrown at the cupboard closing its door and causing Garfield to be pushed back.

"Ha, I got you now, sweetie pie!" said Quickstrike, taking Maria away.

"Let go of me, you mix-max freak. Let me go! Garfield!" cried Maria.

Garfield looked horrified as the room suddenly went quiet, too quiet. He had enough, with all his might he finally managed to get the cupboard door open, and what he saw shocked him. His family shop, his home, was a wreck. The lights were broken leaving darkness, the toys were trashed, and the paint buckets were spilled all around the floor, but it was not what was on his mind right now.

"Mom!" cried Garfield as he ran up to the broken window. He continued to cry out for his mother. "Mom, where are you, Mom?"

Sadly there was no response just the echoes of Garfield's cry. His mother Maria Logan had been kidnapped.

Author's note

I had this idea in my head for quite some time and now that I finally got a fanfic account I can post this story. Hope you guys might like it.