Ch. 10

The plan unfolds and the traps are off!

Marceline was so depressed after what happened that she doesn't care that she and Igor are taken to a trap somewhere in the hideout and tied down by the goons on a giant mouse trap. Norman smirks as he watches on.

"You know, I so many plans on how to decide on your demise" Norman explained sinisterly. Quickstrike sets the switch and runs in case the giant mouse trap is set off earlier. Igor cringes a bit. A bone breaking metal vibrates slightly. That doesn't sound good. Worst yet, Marceline isn't doing anything to insult Norman or try to escape as she looks catatonic and just looks on blankly.

"You see, I had so many to choose from I just don't know what to I decided to use them all!"
Norman nods as he waves around. There is a gun, a crossbow, an axe, and an anvil all pointed at the two trapped heroes. There is also a large cannon behind the anvil as well.

"I know what you're thinking, ingenious? And the best part is I got them all from giantville. Let me tell you how it works," Norman said as Quickstrike nods to a record player nearby.

Norman explains the trap nodding to each item in the room as he does so. "while you wait for your demise, you will listen to a tune I made just for the both of you. The cord will tighten as it does. Once the song ends, the metal ball will be released rolling down a slide towards the trigger of the trap you're tied down to. And when it gets there..." The villain laughs as he motions to each trap starting with the trap, then moves on to the gun, the crossover, the axe, and the anvil. "Snap! Boom! Twang! Thunk! Splat! Of course, I remember that you're a vampire and since these traps can only kill your friend here but I took that into considerations you see after the spat there will be a blast from that cannon of my design filled with solar energy from the sun."

Igor cringes. The first five traps sounds painful, and even if he survives them all (which will be a miracle.) but the last one, the solar cannon, will really kill him and Marceline!

"And so ends the so-called wonderful career of Marceline of Baker Street." Norman said evilly.

"You mad man!" Igor snapped.

"Oh, thank you." mocked Norman. He turns to Quickstrike who came over. The Fuzor has changed clothes into those of the uniforms they stole from the Giant Toy Store a while ago. "Is everything ready, Quickstrike?"
"All set, boss." Quickstrike said.

Norman grins as he looks into a white box with a pink ribbon nearby. Yep, Maria's 'present' is in there all right, just as he expected.

"Oh, lovely." chuckled Norman. He motions to more of his minions, who are wearing the same uniforms the predacon is wearing, and soon they get the package moving.

The villain with a smile goes to Maria who is tied by ropes to keep the her from escaping. Garfield is nearby trapped in a bottle. He is safe but won't go anywhere for a while.

"Is it not great when you have help right, Mrs. Logan." said Norman slyly. He knocks at the glass startling Garfield a bit. "Good thing I got the right motivation." With a chuckle, he pinches Maria on one of her cheeks making her groan in anger. More of Osborn's minions got on C-Rex's back ready to go. "Now you all know the plan."
"Yeah, boss." said the minions nodding as they left.

"Now I normal would stay and watch your demise but you were 15 minutes late, and besides I got an engagement at Buckingham Palace." Norman explained. Igor eyes him as he continues, The judge motion to a camera getting ready to take a picture once the traps has done their job. "Now, make sure you smile for the camera, oh before I forget."

Norman took out a metallic collar and put it around Marceline's neck.

"This collar of my own design will cut off all your vampire abilities just in case you decided to have a change of mind, in other words with it on your nothing more then a weak grey skinned hunman."

"You monster, you fiend!" yelled Igor furiously.

"Sorry sortie you should have chosen your friends more carefully." Norman chuckles as he starts the record. It begins to play as Norman's voice sang from it.

Record: Goodbye so soon

And isn't this a crime

We know by now that time

Knows how to fly

As the record continues to play, Quickstrike got in a dirigible, as he got it going the package which has Maria's 'present' inside is attached by a rope. Norman climbs up a ladder that was lowered as he waves mockingly to Marceline, "Adieu, auf wiedersehen, arrivederci, farewell!"

So here's goodbye, so soon.

"Bye, bye Marceline," mocked Norman as he steers the dirigible once he got in. He steers it through the hangar doors and into the night on his way to Buckingham Palace.

We go our separate way

With time so short

I'll say so long

And go so soon


Like Norman said before, the record is tightening the cable. It won't be long until the thing will get the trap going and that will spell the end of the two heroes.

You followed me

I followed you

We were like each other's

Shadows for a while

Now as you see

This game is through

So although it hurts

I'll try to smile

As I say...

Garfield looks worried as he looks out his prison at his two friends. Norman has big plans and he expected his mother is involved. And worst, the only person who could stop the villain seems to have given up!

"Marceline, What does he mean by an engagement at Buckingham Palace?" asked Igor worried. He doesn't like the sound of that.

Marceline finally sighs and spoke up in an uncaring type of voice, "Haven't you figured out yet Igor? Queen Piggy is in danger, the empire is doomed, and I failed to stop it."

"The queen?" Igor gasped.

Buckingham Palace is filled with excitement as trumpets play. People entered the place to intend Queen Piggy's Jubilee. They have been waiting for a while to see it. What they don't know that it will be one night they will never forget.

In the queen's bedroom, the pig herself is getting ready. She is a pink fat pig (warning any one calling her fat will get chopped if you know what I mean) with a sparkling eyes, a small tiara, and a beautiful pink-white dress with white gloves she's Piggy.

Outside, the guards were keeping an eye out. One of them heard a voice.

The guards are on duty, until they got grabbed by Osborn's villains. Osborn's minions came and got the 'present.' As she combs her hair lock, she was interrupted by a knock on her door, "Come in!"

The door opens and a guard came in. Well, it looks like a guard but it is really Snaptrap in disguise.

"Sorry for the interruption your majesty, but a present arrive just for your Jubilee." explained Snapetrap. He moves as Quickstrike and Osborn's other minions bring in a certain package into the room.

"A present! Oh goody, Moi just loves Jubilees!" she said going over to the package.

"Here you go your queeny!" said Quickstrike as he gave her a note that is attached to the gift.

"Have you been with us long?" Piggy asked the fuzor suspiciously. She doesn't recall someone like her in the palace. Piggy takes the note and read, "'to our beloved Queen this gift we send as your 50 year reign...comes to an end?'"

She looks puzzled and confused. Quickstrike and the minions took this time to open the present. We finally see what is inside: it looks like Piggy but it is a robot made to look like her.

"Oh, It's just lovely," said Piggy thinking it's a statue. Suddenly the robot came to life and tries to grab Piggy. She yelps as she runs around the bedroom being chased by the thing, "Oh dear!"

Soon the robot stops confusing Piggy. She looks shocked because a certain villain appears at the doorway with a certain toymaker sadly holding the controls to a certain robot.

"Do you like it, Your Majesty? Very well likeness, except it's much skinnier then you." said Norman with a smile.

"Norman Osborn!" Piggy snarled. She knew of Osborn's reputation and villainy. She isn't going to allow a fiend like him inside her palace or get away with what he's planning to do or calling her fat. Turning to the guards, unaware of whom they really are, she yelled, "Guards! Arrest this ugly fiend!"

The goons just laughed madly as if saying 'you're kidding me?' Osborn smiles as he picks up a speaker and speaks into it, "Guards, seize this..."

As he continues, his voice spokes through the robot whose voice sounds like Piggy, "... ugly fiend She looks shock as Norman laughs making the robot laughs as well. The minions seized the true queen.

"Let go of me at once!" yelled Piggy struggling.

"Take the fat oaf away!" ordered Norman. He rings his bell which signals C-Rex to get ready for its part.

"Release me! Help! Let me go!" Piggy roared, being taking away.

Norman smiles as he wipes the handkerchief on the Queen robot. It has done very well indeed. "Traitors!"

Back at Osborn's lair the record is still playing. With every moment that it does, it gets the two heroes closer and closer to their doom. Marceline sadly did not bother to save everyone, even herself. The moment before has hurt her emotionally. Garfield meanwhile tries to open the cork to no prevail.

Record: It's through so although it hurts
I'll try to smile
As I say goodbye
So soon and isn't this...

Igor sighs sadly. He got to snap his new friend out of it. He said, "Marceline? Marceline!"
"Oh...I am so stupid how could I not see this trap coming!" groaned Marceline sadly.

"We all make mistake" Igor assured Marceline. "But it is only a setback, We have to..."

"Face it, Igor, Norman's right. I'm a pathetic detective and! He's more clever than I am!" scoffed Marceline. "Even he is not stupid to fall into an obvious trap."
"Marcelien, please. Pull yourself together! You can stop Osborn! Why..." Suddenly he hears noises making him turned. The record is skipping making Norman's voice repeat 'so long'. Quickly, the hunchback said, "The record, Marceline!"
"Once again, I have been outsmarted, why couldn't I just let PB handled it she way smarter then any one on this Glob of a world even me!"

"Marceline, please!"
Marceline ignores Igor as she continues pathetically, "I've been beaten, duped, made a fool out of!" Igor looks angry as he continued hearing Marceline bad-mouthing herself. He can't believe it. This girl is supposed to be the best and she is giving up and feeling sorry for herself! "Humiliated, belittled..."
"THAT"S ENOUGH!" yelled Igor angrily. The hunchback yelps as the record stop skipping and continuing the song. Time is running out and Igor knew there is no more time to waste. "Marceline, this is ridiculous! Queen Piggy is in danger and Garfield is counting on us! Were going to be hit with every death trap Osborn set for us and you are lying there feeling sorry for yourself! You can save us, I know you can! But if you're going to be like that, then why don't we just set the trap off right now!"

We know by now that time knows how to fly

Marceline scoffed at what Igor just said. She made a weak chuckle while saying, "Good idea let just set them off like..." Suddenly her eyes widen. She got an idea. " Y...yes!" She laughs. "We will set the traps off now!"
Igor looks horrified at the Vampire's smile. He didn't mean it like that!
"Now Marceine, when I say that I mean..." Igor begins to say. Suddenly the song came to an end and the ball rolls on its way to begin the two's deaths.
Ignoring Igor, the Vampire's mind gets to work as she looks around mumbling, "The angle of the trajectory multiplied by the square root of an isosceles triangle..." she mumbles a bit, "dividing Guttermeg's principle of opposing forces in motion," Then she mumbles some more, "and adjusting for the difference in equilibrium! Okay, Igor, when I say now, we must release the trigger!"
Igor looks horrified. What Marceline is suggesting sounds like suicide. But the hunchback knew they would probably die soon so may as well get it over with. The ball gets closer as the hunchback gets ready, looking horrified.
"Get ready, Igor...steady...NOW!" yelled Marceline.
The two hits the trigger causing the metal switch to go off. Luckily, the ball that was just between their heads stops it. The ordeal is too much for the switch to take as the vibration causes one of the pegs to get close. Soon the peg itself was tossed towards the gun causing it to missed the two and hit the crossbow. Its direction was changed heading towards the axe causing the head to get cut off instead.
This whole thing continues as the blade falls lengthwise and slices through the ropes freeing the two heroes. Igor and Marceline moves just as the anvil fell down missing them. The force of the anvil hitting the ground was enough to rattle the bottle Garfield is still in causing the cork to go flying out and for her to go flying out of the thing into the air. The Vampire and the Hunchback got out of the way some more as the solar cannon fired at the anvil melting it to goo.
Igor stood there breathing in and out heavily. They are saved though the whole ordeal made it terrifying for him. Marceline ditches the sailor costume reveling her real clothes and putting her detective hat on. Putting an arm around the hunchback, she said, "Thanks, Hunchi!" she held an arm out allowing her to catch the falling Garfield. She holds the two close as she said, "Smile Guys!"
The camera snapped allowing it to captured Marceline's smirk and well as Garfield and Igor's disbelief looks. The duck has actually got them all out of that predicament!

Author note

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