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Ch. 12

The Case Is Closed!

Outside Marceline, Igor, and Marie came out looking. They got to find Collector and save Garfield.

"There here goes!" Marceline said pointing at Osborn's dirigible that is in the air. Climbing up a flag pole, Marceline gives out directions, "Hay, Igor, are those balloons from giantville?"

Igor turned his head to look at the balloons she was pointing at "Yes, I think they are."

"Oh, I just love giantville, quickly Igor, Marie grab those balloons!"

Igor and Marie rushes to get the balloons that are tied to the gate nearby.

Meanwhile, Marceline lowers the giant version of the flag of the country. They are going to need it.

A big storm is coming as Quickstrike is doing his best to pedal the machine while Norman steers. The villain is outraged, but at least he got insurance that may help him. Unfortunately, it is beginning to tick him off as well.

"Just you wait. Marceline's not going to give up!" yelled Garfield as he pulls the faker by his coat. "You ARE so going to be in prison if your lucky that Marceline does not rip you to shreds , she is NOT afraid of a big ugly goblin like you!"

Norman pulls his coat back and yelled, "Will you kindly sit down and SHUT UP!"

The yell causes Garfield to go flying back causing a stool to fall over and for him to hit the wall of the machine. Norman, satisfied, turns back...and yelps as something is blocking his path. The fuzor gasp as whatever it is moving upward.

Sure enough, we now see it is: it is another ship. Marceline uses the flag, the balloons, and some extra parts to make a ship for her, Igor, and Marie to fly in. Norman scowled. This detective may have caught up to him but the villain isn't about to give up that easily and he has proven it by turning the thing while the predacon pedal faster.

"Let her go, Hunchi!" yelled Marceline.

Igor lets go of the neck of the balloon and made their balloon fly faster to catch the dirigible.

The chase is on as they go around everywhere including roofs, chimneys, towers, and bridges. The fuzor pedal's faster as Norman move his ship under the bridge. Igor yelps as he fears they are going to crash. Luckily though, they rush downward missing it.

Soon back in Osborn's dirigible, the predacon starts to get tired.

The Fuzor climbs inside the dirigible. "Hay boss, we have to lighten the load." Quickstrike said.

"Oh, you want lighten the load." asked Norman sinisterly. Quickstrike nodded glaring at Garfield thinking that the brat will be the one to fall but suddenly Norman grabs not the boy but the fuzor and tosses him overboard yelling, "What a great idea!"

"No not me, I can't fly!" Quickstrike cried as he fell into the river, hitting the water.

"That's it I'm moving back to Cybertron!" yelled a very wet and steamed Quickstrike.

Meanwhile, Norman hopped onto the peddler, and tries his best to get away but soon Marceline's ship has caught up to him.

"Steady now guys!" yelled Marceline. She is going to jump for Norman's ship now. Soon she grabs the aircraft's tail and swings forward, Norman dodges the vampire's feet in the nick of time. Once the detective got in, she glares at her enemy who glares back. It's time for the final showdown.

That is until Garfield screams in horror. Since Norman is at the pedals, no one is steering...and they are heading right for the big clock tower. Norman yells in alarm as the whole dirigible made a big crash in the thing.

Igor and Marie looks worried as they watch this from their own ship while getting closer. They don't see anyone inside the dirigible that is hanging on a big hole that is made in the clock tower. They hope Marceline and Garfield are okay.

Marceline groans a bit as she feels her neck.
"Oh, Lucky I am undead or that would really kill me now where the Glob am I?" Marceline asked. Standing up, she looks amazed as she sees a lot of gears and cogs all over the place. The vampire is inside the clock tower. "Well, at I am in one piece, but where's Garfield? And where is that lameo villain for one thing?"

As if to answer both questions at once, the villain himself is standing behind Marceline getting ready to strike the undead girl from behind. His other hand was holding Garfield's mouth to keep him from screaming. Before Norman could attack, Garfield got him mouth free.

"Marceline, look out!" yelled Garfield.

Garfield's warning came too close as by the time the vampire turns around, Norman hits her sending her rolling to the ends of the gear she is on about to fall off. She manages to grab the edge and pulls herself up just as Norman is about to make another hit.

But Garfield bites Norman's hand causing him to scream in pain.

Marceline uses this opportunity to get back on the gear and grabs Norman's coat and getting it stuck behind two gears. Osborn was forced to drop the boy as he held his coat so he won't choke to death. However, he ends up kicking Garfield off the gear he is on. Garfield lands on a much larger gear that is connected to another one that will crush him very soon. Marceline, seeing this, did not waste time as since she can't fly with the collar on she jumps off and pulls a lever causing a chain to go towards the boy. She grabs the chain and is heading to Garfield who is about to meet the final keg that will crush him and who is trying to flatten himself against the gear. Luckily, Marceline grabbed hold of him by the arm and pulls him out of the way in the nick of time. The two smiles as the chain Marceline's holding pull them to the top of the tower.

Still stuck by his coat, Norman looks furious. His big plan, ruined! He has been made a big laughingstock! Everything he worked for and done, all in shatters! And worst yet, his enemies are escaping! Finally, what remains of his sanity snapped and he with his strength begins to rip his clothing off and suddenly he no longer looks human anymore.

By now, Marceline and Garfield have arrived at the hole at the tower's top. They're safe but they're struck with no way down. And worst yet, the storm is getting worse outside. And to make matters worst, Norman Osborn himself has escapes his 'trap' and is running and jumping through the gears on four legs. He is no longer the gentleman that he once was, only replaced by a terrifyingly dangerous Horned-hulk like Goblin monster. Norman has become the Green Goblin again. His mind is now filled with madness and hatred as he chases down his pray.

Just when things are getting hopeless, Garfield sees something that made him tug on Marceline's shirt and points. Igor and Marie are coming in with the ship. They are going to be saved. Marceline however senses that Osborn has escaped his death trap and is getting closer. There is no more time to waste! She picks up Garfield and holds him up to the ship as it got closer. Igor held onto Marie as she lean forward trying her best to reach her son.

"Closer, Igor, Closer!" yelled Marceline quickly.

Osborn now Green Goblin got on the striking hammer. He almost fell but he scrambles up and leaps forward just as Marceline is trying to get Garfield to Marie as high as she can. But the family members still can't get to each other.

"Mom, I can't reach!" Garfield cried out.

Then Marceline turns her head in surprise to see The Green Goblin slam right at her.

The attack causes Marceline and The Green Goblin to topple downward as well as Garfield to be thrown into the air. Marie grabs him in the nick of time. The two hugs happily but they look concerned as the battle between the vampire and the goblin formerly known as Norman Osborn rages on.

The villain laughs as he held onto Marceline trying to hit her. The vampire tries her best to hold on but the goblin's weight as well as the rain is making things difficult. Soon the two separate when they fell. Unfortunately in mid fall, The Green Goblin grabs Marceline and the two ended up on the hour hand. Goblin then hits Marceline with a spring loaded fist sending the vampire flying across and landing on the edge. She groans as she moves back a bit, recovering. Goblin seems to be gone. Perhaps he fell?
"Marceline, over here," Igor's voice yelled. The vampire turns and sees the ship approaching the hand's edge. Marceline is relieved. At least she's safe.
Unfortunately, she didn't go too far as The Green Goblin hits her with a fire ball and grabs her with the other hand. Marceline yelps as she gets loose, she runs towards the edge trying to escape. But The Green Goblin with his monstrous speed and agility got there first.

"There is no escape this time, Marceline!" snarled Green Goblin.

Marceline yelps as she slides down the hand trying to keep away from the insane monster. She escapes but unfortunately the goblin blocks her path once more. Green Goblin chuckles evilly as his fist is covered with fire. Green Goblin punched Marceline, sending her flying backwards.

"Tell me, Vampire, how does it feel that you have all the power to defeat me and yet you can't do anything about it!" yelled Green Goblin as he scratched Marceline.

Her friends gasped as they try to reach for her but keep failing to do so. Marceline isn't holding out much longer, even for a vampire, she tries to get the collar off but to no avail.
Goblin didn't wait for Marceline to get back up as he hit the hero many times with his fire balls almost knocking her off towards her doom. Marceline climbs up as she held her arm. It is in pain, from the burns!

She looks up tired just as the Goblin managed to knock her over the edge. Marceline grabs the hand's tip as the clock's chimes begin to sound.
The goblin madly gets ready to strike. And worst yet, Marceline could only brace herself as the villain sends her down. Igor and Garfield tries to grab the vampire but they miss. They look shock as their friend fell towards the ground and seems to disappear.
The Green Goblin looks disbelief as well. But then the Goblin made an insane smirk which causes him to jumps up and laughs madly, "I won! Ha ha ha!"

"Sorry, Ugly!" yelled a familiar voice. Green Goblin and those watching watched on in surprise and shock. Marceline is holding on the ruined dirigible's propeller which she caught in the nick of time. The vampire smirks as she held up a familiar item, "The games not done yet!"

To Goblin's shock, Marceline rang the item: his bell. Confused, the goblin checks himself as he wonders how the detective got his bell.

He didn't have time any longer as the minute hand got to 10:00. And as it did the striking hammer fall and the clock makes 'dong' noises like mad. Green Goblin gasps as the vibrations causes him to lose his balance...and he fell. He didn't get much further as he grabs Marceline by the robe. If he goes, he is taking his enemy with him!

Because of the Goblin's hold on Marceline, the ropes couldn't hold the extra weight. Soon they snapped and both, Marceline holding onto the propeller which also snapped from the dirigible, begin to fell. The heroes in the ship looks horrified as The Green Goblin and Marceline disappear below the clouds.

Garfield looks more horrified. Marceline is gone! The one who help save his mother and all of gone for good! Not wanting to take it, he turns to Marie and sobs not wanting to see anymore. Igor looked down for the loss of his friend.

Suddenly a huffing noise is heard making Garfield look down. Suddenly he smiles as a familiar form is seen flying back up...and it's Marceline, alive and well!

"Oh, sure now I got this stupid collar off!" Laughed Marceline as holds up the metallic collar and toss it in the air and smiles as her friends cheer in happiness for her survival.

"Hooray! She is alright!" yelled Igor excited.
"She did it, Hooray for Marceline!" said Garfield as he hugs the hunchback while Marie jumps up and down.
"That's right, very good! Ha ha!"

Back at Marceline's place a day later, the detective herself puts up a newspaper clipping on her wall where Norman Osborn's picture used to be. It has a picture of Marceline and Igor bowing before Queen Piggy who is thanking them for saving her. She is seen knighting them for their bravery. The headline reads, 'Queen Piggy Honors Marceline Abadeer . It also had the sub headlines of 'Queen Praises Detective Marceline Abadeer, Medal to be given.'

"To be thanked by the queen herself, how very grand, eh Marceline," Igor asked his friend proudly.

"What can I say? It's nice being called a hero for a change." said Marceline proudly as she placed the bell on the mantel like a souvenir.

"You did great also, Igor you were just incredible." said Garfield happily making the hunchback blush happily.

"Indeed." said Marie happily. She looks at her watch and comment, "Come along Garfield, we don't want to be late for home."

"Okay, mom," He smiles sadly at Marceline. He was having great time with Marceline and now he has to say goodbye. Sniffing a bit, he hugs the same girl who has not only saved his life, but his mom's as well. "Goodbye, Marceline. I...I'll never forget you."

Marceline smiled, not minding the hug this time. If truth be told, Garfield was starting to grow on her. She is going to miss the kid.

As she leans down and puts her hands on his shoulder, Marceline comment, "And neither Will I, Mr. Lando."

Garfield is laughing this off while Igor said, "Whatever."

Garfield smiles as he turns to Igor his first friend in this adventure, "Goodbye, Dr. Igor."

"Goodbye, Garfield." said Igor smiling. They are going to miss the little boy.

Garfield goes to the front door and turns again trying his best to be brave as he said, "Goodbye."

With that, Garfield left. Will Marceline, and Igor meet with him again? Only time will tell.

Marceline sniffs a bit, "Well, the kid was not all that bad I guess."

"Yes," Igor said with a smile. With a sigh, he puts his hat on as he said, "I guess I should be on my way now."

"Now hang on! There's no law that said you have to goo..." Marceline began.

Igor sighs, "Well, the case is over, and I really need to find my own place to stay, but it's been an honor working with you Marceline."

Marceline looks worried. Like Garfield, Igor is starting to grow on the girl as well. She doesn't want to see her new friend leave. If only there's a way Igor could stay.

"Yeah, but..." A knock on the door interrupts Marceline, "Oh glob, what now?"

Igor goes to answer the door. A grey bear by the name Cindy Bear came. "Is this where Marceline of Baker Street lives?" asked Cindy worried.

"Why yes it is, madam." said Igor taking his hat off in request, "You look like you are in some sort of in trouble?"

"Oh, I am…I am!" said Cindy as she cries and wipes her eyes.

"Well then, you came to the right place," said Igor.

Marceline smiled. This is the chance she was looking for! Putting her arm around Igor, "Well miss, before we start, let me introduce you to my loyal associates Igor, who help me in all of my cases. Isn't that right, Hunchi?"

Igor looks surprised at what Marcline is calling him. But then he smiled. The vampire is asking him to become her assistant to help her for all time. He didn't need any more reason to stay.

"Of course, I am! Yes!" said Igor as he shakes the girl's hands. "By all means!"

"All right, back to business! As you can see, Hunchi, this gale here has just arrived from the Hampstead district and is troubled about the disappearance of an emerald ring missing from the third finger of her right hand. Now tell me everything from the beginning and be clear." Marceline instructed.

Outside, Zilla listens in on the conversion as he knows Marceline will need him again. As he does, we hear Igor narrated for the last time as this story is almost over.

"From then on, Marceline and I were a team through and through! We have many cases together over the years. But for all the great cases we did in the past or will do in the future I will never forget that first case. The first case that introduces me to Marceline Abadeer of Baker Street, the Great Vampire Detective," Igor narrated as this story comes to a great close.

Author's note

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