With the new story or whatever it is from my imagination story. So, its gonna be my new OC with Tales of the World and Golden Sun crossover. But, don't try to make me angry like I don't know their hair and clothes. It doesn't matter. Look and remember the character at the games. And I don't know about any town from inside just think at the games. Once again, it doesn't matter.

And also Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of the World and Golden Sun. I own my OC character.

Notice: If you see I type the word ( Skit ) like this. It means from the other sides of my Ad Libitum Skit. Some of character are from Golden Sun including my OC will also become as Skit as well.

Also notice: Golden Sun will also progress the same story of the game as well.

Prologue: The memories and arrive the World of Weyard.

Jack's pov

Darkness. Everything is so dark even they call darkness. It make you become anger, jealous, frustration, fear, guilt and so on. But, its not the only one has many emotion. They called lost memories. My body won't move. Am I dead? Or I can't even move because of the darkness? Then maybe so its was either of them. I was 14 years old. I have my best friend and he was gone cause he went to journey on his own. His hair was purple long hair stop at his chest. His eyes is black as darkness. He is a left-handed carry a sword. Of course, he is from the other called Terca Lumireis. I only met him first time at when my adopted father send him to take care of me. He met my adopted father first time when he was on a journey at other world and then he join my adopted father guild called Phoenix Tail. It was a long story tell. Then, I saw something a light was going away from me. What could it be? I was closer look at it. Eyes widened and mouth gaped. It was my memories. Memories of my betray true family, my little sister and my big brother, my adopted of Kudo family, my member of adopted father guild, my friends and all of Ad Libitum member. It wash away from the darkness.

I try to chase it and recover my memories and it was too late. It got away and I couldn't remember all of them. But, only one of them try to get away as well. It was a girl, pink hair and has hairband maple leaf at her short and left side ponytail. Green emerald eye. She wear red school uniform button up at her stomach. At her bottom was white skirt. Her chest uniform has tied a yellow ribbon. Both her legs wear white socks with yellow lines at her thigh and red shoes with a ribbon at her legs. Now, it wash away, gone and left alone trap in the World of darkness.

Van Eltia

3rd Person pov

All the member saw pink hair girl crying like she was guilty. Purple hair man sit at her side.

" Kanonno. it's not your fault that Jack fall from the ocean because the thing attack us. " purple hair said.

" But, I couldn't save him. He was at my side and I failed because of me. And I was worried about him. What is he dead? " Kanonno said.

" I don't to hear a word 'dead'. I was his best friend. We have a lot fight together saving the world from destruction or take theirs hearts from them. He was almost dead but he survive. He join this guild a month and has already friend all of us. And I know he will survive if we gonna find him. So, don't worry about him. Ok? You're 16 already. He's 2 years younger than you. We're gonna find him for sure. " He said.

" Yeah, you're right, Yuri. " She said.

Everyone was glad Kanonno is not sad anymore. Brown hair with a glasses ask brown short hair girl with a goggle on her head for finding Jack. She nod and went to the science lab room typing name to find him. Every member join the guild has a name and appearance to find wherever they go at Terca Lumireis or Auldrant or Tethe'alla and Sylvarant.



3rd person pov

A girl was washing her own and parents clothes. Her hair is reddish, high ponytail. Her eyes is reddish color like burning fire. She wear red shirt, dark red vest cover her upper body and dark red skirt reach her knee. She wear a purple cape attach her back with yellow round attach her front to prevent coming her cape. She was about to finish their clothes but then at the moment, she saw a young boy golden hair wash away at his back but block by the wood pillar.

" Father, Mother, Felix. Come quick. " She shouted.

Her parents and a brown hair boy went to her side.

" What's wrong, Jenna? " her mother questioned.

" Look! There someone at the river. " She said.

Jenna point at the golden hair boy. Her parents and a brown hair boy look at where she point and they saw it too. They immediately help him to get to the surface.

15 minutes later

Jenna's pov

We save him from being wash away at the river. My mother went to the sanctuary and ask Great Healer to come here. After she went to get some help, they arrive and some of it are here. The mayor of Vale, a blonde hair, a red hair, his family and blonde hair parents. The Great Healer heal an unconscious golden hair.

" I already heal him. So, it should be fine. But... " The Great Healer said.

" But what? " My mother said.

Jack's pov

I moaned at my unconscious body. Everyone heard and look at me. My eye started to open and blurry bit by bit. I was at someone home then I face my right side looking everyone. The Great Healer approach me.

" Are you alright, son? " He ask me.

" Yeah, what happened? " I said.

" Jenna saw you being wash away at the river. Good things that wood pillar stop you from being wash away. " Jenna mother ask me.

" Who is Jenna? " I questioned.

Jenna approach and looking at me.

" I was the one who saw you being wash away. I called my parents and saw you. Luckily, they save you. " She said to me.

" Really? Thanks. " I said.

She blush at her cheek red. I tried to sit but the pain hit me from getting up. She tried to stop me from getting up but I manage to sat up from now.

" What is your name? And where are you from? " The Great Healer questioned me.

" I only know my name but I can't remember where I from. " I said.

" Why? " She said.

" I don't know. I can't remember anything, all of it except my name. " I said.

Everyone gasp and mumbling they said.

" Then tell use your name. " Jenna father said to me.

" Jack. Kudo Jack. That's is my name. " I answered.

" Kudo Jack. What a wonderful name. Even though it's was weird name but I don't care. " She smiled at me.

The Great Healer approach and checking me.

" Are you sure you can't remember anything? " He questioned me.

He is so annoying. But he is right. " Yes, only my name. That's all. " I said.

" Apparently, you have amnesia. That mean something terrible making you become amnesia. " He said.

Everyone gasp again.

" Where am I and what is this place? " I questioned everyone.

" You"re at my home and the town called Vale. " Jenna answered.

" Vale. "

Jenna nod. She went to the blonde hair and red hair asking them went to the other side.

Jenna's pov

" I can't let him stay here. My house doesn't have enough room to sleep for him. " I ask them.

" Well, neither do I. " Red hair said. His eye are Auburn color. He wear a dark brown shirt and brown jacket with green at his front body and also purple long jeans. Dark brown belt around his waist. Brown gloves and brown boots.

" You're hopeless, Garet. What about you, Issac? " I said.

" I think my mother will let him sleep at my house. Hopefully, she will decide whether he can sleep at my house or not. " Blonde hair said. His eye is Sky blue eye. He wear is a purple clothes( its called complicated ). Brown gloves and brown boots and also wear yellow scarf around his neck and his back acted his cape.

Jack's pov

I was looking at Jenna and other two guys talking each other. A blonde hair woman came approach.

" Would you like to stay at my home? You could need to live it. " Blonde hair woman said to me.

Issac heard his mother said and went at her. " You're sure, mother? " he said.

She nod. " Yes, my dear. I don't think your friend Jenna and Garet could let him stay their house. How about it, Kyle? " She said.

" Sure, he can stay at our place as long as you like. " Brown hair man said.

" Thank you sir, ma'am. " I thank them.

" Please call Kyle and my wife Dora and also my son Issac. " He introduce his family.

" Thank you Kyle,Dora and Issac. " I said

" And this is my friend. The red one is Garet and you already met Jenna and also her older brother Felix, the brown one. " Issac introduce his friend.

Felix came at me and make a glare on me. I sweatdropped and nervous like he's going to kill me.

" Don't worry about Felix. He always overprotective it like you know. " Jenna said.

I nodded. Scary, I better not let him piss off about her or he is going to kill me. I thought.

Garet went to his family and introduce them. " This is my sister, Kay and my little brother, Aaron and also the mayor of vale is my grandfather. " Garet also introduce his father, mother and grandmother.

" Please to meet you. " I said.

I saw Kay was blushing at her cheek when she looking at me. And I was looking something else missing.

" Jenna, have you seen my sword with me? The one with green blade. " I said.

Jenna shook her head. " Sorry, I don't know. I haven't seen anything before you. "She apologize.

Great. First, I can't remember anything and now my sword are gone too. Perfect. Too perfect bad timing. I thought angry.

Issac's pov

" Mom, should we bring Jack to our house, right now? " I questioned.

" Oh right, we should get going back. Jack, would you like to come with us? " Dora said.

Jack nodded. We all went to my house and inside. Jack scanned and amazed my house. It's has second floor.

Jack's pov

Woah, never thought Issac house so amazed. Well, just what I saying like that. I thought. Issac approach at me.

" If you want to going somewhere at Vale. I can take you for a tour. How about it? " Issac said.

I nod. " Yeah, this is my first time I was at Vale. Thanks, Issac. " I thanked him.

" How about tomorrow, Jack? You must be tired by the time Jenna parents save you. " Dora said.

" Sure. I need to get some sleep and wake up early." I said.

Me and Issac went upstairs. There's only one bed and I get the feeling but I don't want that kind of feeling.

" You can share for my bed if you like. " Issac said.

" No thanks, I rather sleep at your table. " I said.

" You sure? " He said.

I nodded. Went downstairs and I notice Jenna and Garet and his family gone their home already.

They are here just a minute ago and they already leave. I went outside take a fresh air for a while. Can't believe lost my memory couldn't remember as well and then my sword just gone but... I thought for a minute and then I saw a huge log just about same height as me. I put a huge log place in the middle near Issac house. Then, I pick a nearby small log that many and place them at a huge log different way from bottom to top. Maybe... not just my sword gone but I remember I can hand-to-hand combat, martial arts or close quarter combat. I was getting ready for my stance but I feel gotten tired already.

Next morning

Jack's pov

Me and Issac went to meet Jenna and Garet to take me for a tour. I was starting to getting used of it. And then I meet Kraden, a scholar alchemy. His hair is white and eyes is blue. He wear like fashion show way to me. But then when he look at me, he thought I looks like from the other world. Of course, I can't remember what other world looks like. He was studying the Elemental Stars from the Sol Sanctum. That mean we can't go inside cause there someone guarding the place in case an intruder passing by. Kraden told me that the Elemental Stars are like a 'key'. It has four elemental. The first one is Venus Star, the source of Venus Psynergy which mean is an Earth type. Second one is Mercury Stars, the source of Mercury Psynergy which also mean is a Water or/and Ice type. The third one is Jupiter Stars, the source of Jupiter Psynergy mean is an Air which more like a Wind and Lighting. And lastly is Mars Stars, the source of Mars Psynergy mean is a Fire type. But also Kraden told me if four of lighthouse has been lit, the mix energies emitted by the four beacons will put the World of Weyard in equilibrium and sustain it. Which can't be good of this world. The psynergy which came from become an adept meaning they can use psynergy and even use some kind of magic to attack. But they can only use them the same elemental as well as an Adept. Issac and Felix is a Venus adept, Jenna and Garet is a Mars adept.

We all went back to Issac house but I was in the hurry to try it out a martial arts. About 5 minutes arrive at Issac house near with huge log I just place it.

( skit )

Jenna's pov

We almost at Issac house and we saw Jack was about to do something. Suddenly, we all felt the power coming from Jack. I don't know what it is that I never felt that kind of power like a psynergy.

Jack's pov

I was at standby stance and getting ready to train my other power. Attack stance, using hand-to-hand and leg-to-leg. More like I was dancing in battle and my speed and agility was even faster to use my fist and kick. I can feel my power inside me without using my sword. I thought. Using 1-2 punch, midair kick to left and right, block, side-to-side attack, attack bottom to top and top to bottom, more kicking hit to upper body to stomach. I never felt that kind of power, it's like I know hand-to-hand combat or martial arts. Keep going and going and going.

3rd person pov

Issac and other four person with him mouth widened. Kay and Aaron heard that coming from Issac house and went there. Kyle and Dora heard that too and went outside. Four person except Issac and other had already with mouth widened and saw Jack using martial arts and also felt that power from him.

10 minutes later

Jack's pov

I was tired and exhausted and need a rest. I was surprised that everyone saw me using martial artist. Jenna approach me.

" Wow, that was awesome, Jack. I didn't know you can use martial arts. I thought you can't remember anything only your name. " She said.

" Umm, no, that was coming out of head right after I lost my memory and then I can feel the power right inside me and learn me with my speed and agility. " I said.

" Martial arts? " Kraden said. " That was from Chi if I remember correctly. "

" Chi? " I questioned him.

" That was from the town called Xian where Master Feh gave a student to learn a martial arts-style. " Kraden answered me.

" Really? I didn't know that. " I said.

" So, that mean you're from Xian, correct? " Garet said.

" Wrong, Garet. You see, there was also called Ki as well. It's a same similar as psynergy. " Kraden said.

" Really? Wow, psynergy and ki are same thing. " Issac said.

" What I felt from Jack power coming from his body is difference from Chi. " Kraden said.

" What? " So, that mean Jack is... " Jenna said.

" That's right, as I call correctly, Jack. You are from the other world not from this world of Weyard. " Kraden said.

Everyone eye widened and gasp their mouth as well shocking that Jack from the other world. So that mean. It's very hard to remember that I from other world. I thought.

" Of course, Jack doesn't remember himself that he is the other world because his lost memory. " He said.

" So, what should I do that I know using martial arts? " I questioned him

" Come with me at my place. " Kraden said walking at his house.

Me and Issac and his friends came along as well. We arrive at Kraden house. He ask us to stop near the stairs.

" Wait here, I go grab that most suitable weapon for you. " Kraden said and went inside.

A weapon. I thought he was a scholar alchemy not a weapon smith. Oh well, it must been found it or lying it somewhere else. I thought.

Kraden coming out of his house holding something. " Here you are, Jack. Take this as souvenir. It may help you with this. " Kraden gave it to me. It was a bracer or a gauntlet with a blade ( the same weapon Jude from Tales of Xillia). I attach it to my right wrist. It fit perfectly. But I felt my power going through to my gauntlet. There was a little bit of light coming from my gauntlet. It was from my power and with it share to my left hand and both my foot. I wasn't wearing anything from my left hand and both my foot.

Amazing, I never thought it can share my power to my gauntlet at a blade tip with a little bit of light the same at my hand and my foot. I better wear something before doing anything different. I thought.

" Thanks a lot, Kraden. This will make me stronger as well. " I said. And we all heading home.

Tomorrow evening. The day had finally become an event.

Jack's pov

I was sleeping on the table. Suddenly, someone call my name. I immediately woke up and saw Dora.

" What's wrong, Dora? Is there something wrong? " I questioned her.

" We better get to safety because Mt. Aleph border coming this Vale. " Dora said.

My eyes widened. "Then, we better wake Issac before border collapse. " I said.

Dora nod went to wake Issac sleeping on the bed. She shaking him to awake. " Issac, wake up. Come on, Vale is in danger. " She said.

Issac woke up the sound of her mother voice. " What is it, mom? " He said.

" We better get to the plaza and fast before Mt. Aleph. " Dora said.

Issac eyes widened too and got up off the bed. Before they going to outside, Dora stop them for a second. " Wait, you two. You all for to put it on. " She said. She using psynergy called 'Catch' and grabbed two cloak and give Issac and me.

Me and Issac had already put on a cloak to keep prevent from getting sick.

After that, we all ran outside. It was a bad day heavy rain. Rain make you sad by losing someone important. Kyle came to check on them.

" Are you three, alright? " He said.

" Yeah, we just got outside and went immediately to the plaza. What about you, Kyle? " Dora said.

" You three better get going before the boulder struck. I'm going to help the others to evacuate. " He said.

" Then I go help you too. " She said.

" No, it's too dangerous to come with me. " Kyle said.

" Issac and Jack will be fine. They can go by themselves, am I right? " She said.

" Don't worry about us, Kyle. Me and Issac will take ourselves. Trust me. " I said

Kyle smiled and nod. " Then, I leave to you, Jack. And take care yourselves too, Issac. " He said.

" I will. " Issac softly said.

With that, they went north from here and help the people to evacuate. Me and Issac went to the south. Unfortunately, the boulder had been down to block us.

So much for being escape our lives. We have no choice but to turn the other sides. Me and Issac nod.

We're heading to the north. But we caught ourselves that garet was there trying to pull his favorite thing. What is he doing? Try to grab your favorite things. I went to his ask him to leave it alone now not the time to be doing that. Garet nod and he joined us. We try to across the other side the bridge. Just a moment ago, we felt a shaking coming from somewhere and look all direction where they coming from.

We saw four people are using psynergy but then a boulder almost struck those guys. It stop falling but they can't much hold longer. One of them stop using psynergy check the surrounding if there are people who still haven't evacuate. He saw us didn't move away.

" Hey, you guys, you better hurry we can't hold much longer. Hurry! " He said.

We nod and went to where Kraden house. Before we make going further, I always think I like the danger threat, Making me feel like saving someone or the people of this village. But I got the bad feeling about this.

3rd person pov

There are few monster lying somewhere in this area. We all try to ignore them. There are bats, vermin, and wild mushroom. Issac and Garet fought against bat and vermin. Jack battle against wild mushroom. They defeat against both of them. Jack also defeat wild mushroom by using his gauntlets weapon by just punching and kicking. This is the first time I battle experience against monster. No time to get excited. Better hurry to the plaza. Jack thought. We ran forward on the other side but then saw other guy laying down near the fence been broke by the boulder. Oh man, don't tell he's dying. Jack thought. Suddenly, the man just started moving and got up. I spoke too soon. Jack thought make a joke. " Man, I thought was gonna die by the fallen boulder. Looks to me I alive. Better hurry to the plaza. Or not we all dead. " He said and he left already.

Jack's pov

We almost arrive at Jenna house and we hurry down the stairs. Suddenly, someone shouted.

" Big brother! " Jenna yell.

Me, Issac and Garet saw Jenna, her parents, Kyle and Dora trying to save Felix from the river being wash away. Not good, Felix try to hold wood pillar. He can't hold forever. I thought. But then, Felix loose momentum his hands had been wash away.

" No, Felix. " Jenna cried.

Spoke too soon yet, Felix had regained to hold a wood pillar. He was brave enough to not let go of his hands being drown.

" Damn, doesn't have enough rope to save Felix. " Kyle said.

" We all ran up of rope to save other people. " Jenna father said. " We must tell everyone who had enough psynergy to filled up and we need more rope too. "

" I go get more rope then. " Dora said.

" I go too and ask them to save Felix. " Jenna said.

Dora nod. " We better hurry or Felix can't handle forever. " She said.

" You two go, we need to find a way to save him. " Kyle said.

Dora and Jenna nod and went outside her room. " Let's split up, okay? " She said.

Jenna nod. They split up. She ran to the plaza and get someone to help. Dora ran up stairs behind Jenna house and saw us seeing the event of them.

" You three saw it too, right? " She said.

" Yes, ma'am. We saw it just then. Is he gonna be okay? " I said and worried.

" Don't worry, he'll be fine. You three better go and help Jenna as well. " She said.

We all nod and ran to the plaza. Then, we saw Jenna asking them to save her brother. The other one are trying to recovered the psynergy.

" You two better go and help them as fast as you can before boulder struck them. " Mayor of Vale said.

" Don't worry, leave it to us. Let's go. " One of them said,

" Right, we can't let them died in our hands. " Another one of them said and they left to help them.

We all ran and met as well. " Jenna, Grandfather. " Garet said.

They heard and saw us coming this way. " Jack, Issac and Garet. Thank goodness you all here. " She worried about us.

" I guess you all heard as well, right? " Mayor of Vale said.

We nod. " Yeah, we came here as fast as we can. " Issac said.

" Alright, I feel much better. " Last one of them came across to us and said,

" Good, then go and help them. " He said.

We all nod and ran to the Jenna house and save Felix. I hope the boulder won't struck or hold much longer. It's like my heart beat so fast that this world is gonna be more threat as well. I thought.

3rd person pov

Jack and the other across the bridge and stop. " Mom, Dad. We here and we got someone to help Felix. " Jenna shouted.

" Jenna, is that you? " Dora said and came at us near the river and saw us.

" Yeah, we just got someone helping us to save Felix. " She said.

" Good, we better hurry. " Dora said.

We all ran down the stairs and meet her there. As soon as we ran to her side, a trembling was shaking violently. We look all direction where they came from. Big boulder went down the waterfall and almost gonna struck them. The world became slow motion and we all saw big boulder came crash down Kyle, Felix and Jenna parents. Soon, the world changed back to normal and Jenna house had been destroy by the boulder and of course, four people are nowhere to be found, No, It can't be. There's no way. Jack thought. Jenna felt sad and her knee sat down the ground and Dora felt the same way. Issac went to the plaza and ask everyone. Jack and Garet soon follow him from behind.

Issac went to plaza and suddenly he heard someone muttering. " That was close one. I thought we gonna die by that huge boulder a second ago. " Silvery blue hair man said. He wear all blue shirt and trousers. Wearing body armor and armlet and his boots and of course headband armor attach is forehead and cape as well. And his skins are light blue. Creepy. Reptile freak. Oh, also his eyes are red , a crimson bloody red.

Soon, a blonde long hair join him. " It takes a miracle to survive that boulder if not, this world will lose to use and we couldn't do it. " She said. Wearing a complicated gown or robes with a wide skirt and a scarf from her waist. Her boots as well and a red cape and her armlet. Her eyes is crimson red. Her red skin and reptile. Another freak.

" Can't believe I just press a switch and turn out a trap. What a bastard. " Silvery blue hair said.

" We better be careful if we caught by a trap. " Blonde long hair said.

" Yeah, but we need to get Sol Sanctum and alchemy as well. " Silvery blue hair said.

" Well, we better wait for another years first. " Blonde long hair said.

" Issac, wait up, " Garet said.

They heard a boy shout their name and spotted Issac who was eavesdropping them. Shit, I been spotted. Thanks a lot, Garet. Issac thought. Garet and Jack ran his side and blonde long hair and silvery blue hair jumped down in front of them.

" Hey, you. Are you eavesdropping us? " Blonde long hair said.

" What if I am? Are you surprised? " Issac taunted them.

" Umm, Issac. Those guys give me a creep. We better not disturb them. " Garet said

" Sorry, boys. I guess you will be forget it everything. " Silvery blue hair said.

Blonde long hair uses 'Nova' blast against Issac and Garet being blast back and lost unconscious. Jack look back at them then turned against reptile freak. " What did you do to them? " He said.

" Don't worry, we just make sure they were forgotten about it. " Blonde long hair said.

Jack was angry about they made them lost unconscious and forgotten. He dash forward equip his gauntlets blade. His gauntlets blade and silvery blue hair sword clashing together. Jack use is fist and kick him with his speed but reptile freak dodge everything. " You'll feisty one, are you? With your speed and Chi style. " He said.

Tch,why am I miss my attack? He dodge everything with all my speed. Damn it, I should have to learn it with everything I got. Jack thought.

Suddenly, Jack been hit by blonde long hair 'Mad Blast' being blast back near Issac and Garet. Shoot, I didn't notice it and I lost. Maybe, I should had watch my back against her. Jack thought and lost unconscious.

" Finally, I was getting sick of it that boy speed. I never felt anything this kind of power coming from him. Who is he? " Silvery blue hair.

" I don't know. We should go. We cause so much trouble to make them forgotten. " She said.

" Yeah. "

And so the incident of Mt. Aldept boulder cause by the unknown people. Everyone in this town try to find Kyle, Felix and Jenna parents. But they can't find them. Jenna found Jack, Issac and Garet lying there unconscious. So, the mayor of Vale make a describe them as 'unknown disappearing'. Jenna had sad over her brother and her parents. Dora is taking care Issac and Jack and felt sad being lose her husband. And Garet had been taking care by Aaron and Kay. But, the threat or an incident can't be never been approach.

Finally, i so exhausted trying to a word to it. So, it doesn't matter whether like you know. Never mind. Can't be blame it.