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Chapter 4: Ivan, the Jupiter Adept

3rd person POV

We almost arrive the first town or village called Vault that Yuri, Kanonno and Asbel arriving it first. Before entering it, a large train wagon pours out of the village. Wondering why they leaving the village. A man with his beard, brown hair and eyes talked first.

" We can't stay another minute in a dangerous place like this. We return to Kalay immediately! " They headed south, but stop at the broken bridge. A man came out a wagon and checked a broken bridge. Reported him to it.

" Master Hammet! This is terrible! The bridge has been destroyed... We cannot continue southward! " A bearded man who apparantly his name was Hammet was surprised that reporting it.

" What? The bridge? This is awful. How are we going to get to Kalay now? " Hammet asked. That no one replied his answered.

" …Master Hammet, I'm worried about leaving Ivan behind... " A man said.

" As fond as I am of Ivan, it is his fault my rod was stolen... And his strange powers will aid him in search of the rod. " Hammet said.

The man is confused by strange powers. " Ivan has strange powers? " Then suddenly, the ground shook and a large rock falls from the sky and crashes near the wagon train.

Hammet getting fearless dying trying to be alive. " We must leave this treacherous place immediately! "

" But to where? Where can we go? " the man said.

" We have no choice. We're heading north. " Hammet said.

" We'll wind up in Lunpa if we go north... " the man said.

" Well, it's better than being smashed by falling rocks here, isn't it? " Hammet said.

The man agree what Hammet said and went back to the wagon. The wagon train retreats and heads north this time, out of sight.

As Jack and others saw that and the wagon had already gone now. Garet was the first one to talk. " What happened? "

" I don't know and I don't want to know as well. " Jack said.

" Well, if we don't know then let's not waste our time now, do we? " Kanonno said.

" Yeah, so let's go inside. " Yuri said. We all nodded and head inside the village.


Jack's pov

" So, this is the Vault. Huh. Impressive " I surprised this is our first arrive village. There's not many house around here. It has weapons, armor and items shop as well. At the end of north, according the village people who gave us a tour to speak, left side was a mayor house and a right side was wooden watchtower.

As we enter the entrance, the device Kraden gave it to me make weird sound. Looks to me, we got another djinn in this village. I thought.

" Let me guess, another one in this village, right? " Yuri asked. I nodded. I look on a device but strange thing is the sound no longer making noise. " What's wrong with the device? Is it broken? "

" I don't think so. It's not broken and is not doing anything else either. Maybe it needs a required to do something to get djinn. So we might be getting more journey all over the place until we got the right required to get it. " I explained. " Well, now what are we gonna do? "

" Let's go to the mayor house first. He might be saw Jenna and others arrive in this village. " Issac said. Then, we all went to the mayor house. But before went to the mayor house, Garet want to talk everyone first.

" Maybe we should buy some weapons and armors as well. How about going now? " Garet said.

" Sure, we could buy it to defeat the monster. " Issac said.

" Here, use our money. We got this before meeting you, we fight more monster our way there. " Yuri handed the some amount of money give to Issac.

" Thanks, Yuri. Jack, could you buy some herb for us? " I nodded. " Thanks, Jack. Here. " Issac gave it to me less money to buy more herb. " When you done, go to the mayor house and wait there. What about Yuri, Kanonno and Asbel? "

" We could wait there for you three until you all finished. " Kanonno said. " Let's go, Yuri, Asbel. " They nodded and head to the mayor house and Issac and Garet already heading to the weapons and armors shop. I too heading to the item shop and open the door inside.

Inside item shop, a girl who look to be 16 or similar to my age who sell item. She looks beautiful and cute too. I think. I thought in my mind. I walked toward her and she saw me toward herself and somehow she blushing her cheek. " Welcome! What you want to buy? "

" I need some herb. 5 of them. " The girl gave to me and I paid the money. I wink at her and she blushing hard red. I went outside and headed to the mayor house. I notice Issac and Garet already there and they brought both long sword, leather cap, wooden shield, and travel vest. " Here you go, Issac. " I gave him amount of herb.

" Great job, Jack. So, shall we all going inside? " Everyone nodded and enter the mayor house. We walked around and there was a kid who was 15, short blonde hair and purple eyes. We walk over toward him and he uses strange power on Issac.

" Yes. I... I do possess strange powers. " Young boy said.

What the? Was that Psynergy? So that means he is... I thought until interrupted by young boy strange powers again.

" You have them, too, don't you? " He said. We all confused by what he said.

I have no idea what he's talking about. What did he mean he have them? I thought questioned.

Again, he using a strange powers on Issac. " What? My power... It's called Psynergy? I had no idea! " Issac and Garet nodded.

" That's right. If you use a Psynergy, that means you're an adept. " Issac said. Then, a young boy turning around thinking and turn his head at us.

" Adept, huh. We have so much in common... I feel I can trust you with this. I am quite trouble. Master Hammet's rod was stolen. Would you please help me get my master's rod back? " Young boy beg for help. Issac nodded.

" Sure, we could help find your Master Hammet rod back. " He said. We all nodded. Young boy happy that they will help him finding a stolen rod.

" Thank you. With your help, I believe we can recover the rod. " he looking at us. " Your names are... " He ran toward Issac and using his Psynergy again. Issac step back from him to not let him use his whatever Psynergy he use on him. " Issac and Garet. " And then, he look at us except those two. " And your name are Kudo Jack, Yuri Lowell, Kanonno Grassvalley and Asbel Lhant. Am I right? " Young boy said as he looking at them one by one. We all nodded.

" That's right. How you know our name? " Kanonno questioned him.

" I'm using the Psynergy called "Mind Read". I can read people mind for what they talk about or from the past. " We all surprised Mind Read can make looking at the past. Interesting. I thought. " I am Ivan. Pleased to meet you. " Everyone was afraid that Ivan will read their mind or from the past as well. Ivan confused what they hesitated. " My ability to read people's minds frightens you, doesn't it? Am I really... Is my Mind Read so frightening? "

" No. no. That's not it. It is very useful for our journey. Would you mind to show us how to read their mind? " I said.

Ivan nodded. " Sure. Here. Grab my hand or either one of you. " He and Issac clasped their hands together. Next, I clasped Issac hand and my other hand clasped by Kanonno then Yuri and finally Asbel. We all clasped hands together. Ivan then turns to Mind Read Garet.

In his thoughts, Garet is saying. " Ahh! My mind... Stop reading my mind, Ivan! " We all let go our hands and having surprised that we can read people mind by just holding hands and then Ivan Psynergy.

" Whoa, so that was Mind Read. Amazing " Asbel surprised. Ivan turned his head at us except not looking at Garet.

" So, everyone... Could you read Garet's mind? " We all nodded except Garet doesn't know a thing. " Just as I thought. "

" What? You read my mind, too, everyone? " Garet said. Then, we all confused by why they can read people mind just by holding hand and wait for Ivan Psynergy Mind Read.

" I guessed that I could help you read minds if we shared our Psynergy or other people who don't have Psynergy that they can see. " Ivan gestured at me or others as well.

Garet is having fury on his head. " Hey, that's not fair! Why do you get to read my mind? " Ivan agree what Garet said.

" You're right... It's not fair to read one-way. " Ivan and Garet clasped their hands together and read mind using Ivan Mind Read at Issac. Issac sweatdropped.

" Whoa! I did it! I read your mind, Issac! " Garet amazed. He let go Ivan hand. Ivan got an idea.

" Let's use Mind Read to find the thieves! " We all nodded. Suddenly, Garet realized right now.

" Wait a second... Won't people know that we're using Mind Read? " Garet said. Ivan confused by what he said and then he realized too.

" Oh, I see... You all can tell when I am using Psynergy? " Issac nod. " Issac, both you and Garet are Adepts... Maybe that's why you can tell when I'm reading your minds. " Those two confused what just meant. " Ordinary people can't see anything. There's nothing to worry about. Don't worry... I will not read your minds again. " Then Ivan looking at me and others. " Except you four of them who seem doesn't have Psynergy. Maybe you've all special. "

" Probably. We can explained that later first until we find stolen rod. " Yuri said.

Ivan joined the Party. " Let me read the minds of the townspeople to find the rod. " As we exit the mayor house.

( Skit )

Somewhere at Angara continent

3rd person pov

Jenna, Felix and Kraden are resting somewhere at the forest of their campsite. Saturos, Menardi and Alex are heading out finding some food to eat. Jenna sighed as Kraden noticed her.

" Is something wrong, Jenna? " She is not responded to open her mouth to say. " Are you worry about Jack and others? " Jenna nodded. " Don't worry, I'm sure they ok and safe. "

" You think so? " Kraden nod. " What about you, Felix? " Jenna questioned him.

" I don't know. " Felix answered. Jenna rage at him.

" Why you always so annoying at Jack? Do you want him die? He's our friends who lost his memories. " Then Jenna realized about something. " Oh yeah, Kraden. Where did you get that device that you gave to Jack? "

Kraden try to think. " As I remember, a man with the black hood gave to me and told me to give Jack. "

" Can you remember his face? Or was he a good guy or a bad guy? " Jenna questioned him.

" As for your first question, no, I can't see his face. And for your second question, I don't know if he is a good guy or a bad guy. " Kraden answered.

Jenna now ran out her question. " Great. I want to talk him so badly if I can meet him. " Jenna scowled.

" You called? " A nowhere voice said and a bush shaking as Felix draw his sword. Coming out of a bush was a man with the black hood, black gloves and black shoes. As his face was covered in darkness so that they can't see his face.

Kraden knew that guy. " You've the guy who gave me a device to give Jack. "

" That's right. I came here to find you to give this. " Black hood handed Kraden. He examined the same device that guy gave him. " This is a new device or what you called a same device that I gave you. It's been a new update or upgrade or a completely different device. Give to Jack when you meet him or when the time comes to meet him until no one interrupted by battle or talking to them. Only you and Adepts can only meet Jack. Until then. Farewell. " Black hood walked away from them.

" Wait. " He stopped and turned around looking who just said. It was Jenna who asking for it. " Who are you? "

" I am no one. A no one without hearts. " Then, a black portal appeared in his back. He turned around through his portal and vanish into thin air and the portal vanish too.

A no one without hearts? What is that mean by without hearts? Does this mean that he doesn't has a hearts? Jenna thought her mind. Felix sheathed his sword back.

" A no one without hearts. I have no idea what he's talking about. But, we have to give Jack a new device to help him finding his lost memory. I've hang on to this. " Kraden noticed Felix is having not feeling so good or something else. " What's wrong, Felix? "

" I don't know. But I don't trust him as well. Why his face just got covered himself? " Felix hesitated.

" No one knows. We must give Jack a new device. I don't know how we gonna meet Jack at this rate. " Jenna said.


Jack's pov

As we enter the inn and upstairs, we saw two suspicious men. One of the men gonna say this. " What do you want? It looks like that weird kid is with them! "

" I can't stand him. Don't let him near me! " Brown-haired guy frustrated. They ran from the other side. We all regroups near the stairs.

" They're acting suspicious. Something's not right... " Ivan said.

" But you can't use Mind Read if they keep running away, can you? " Garet said.

" No, we can't. We need to hold still so that I can read one of them mind. " Ivan try to think the plan and he got a plan already. " Maybe the seven of us can surround one of them. Don't worry! This is going to work! "

" What's the plan, Ivan? " Yuri questioned him.

" Oh right. Here's the plan. Kanonno and Asbel will stand there to the entrance. Jack and Yuri will stand near the bed from side to side near the wall. While me, Issac and Garet will chase one of them. I have to get one of them first so Issac and Garet will block from the other side while I chase one of them. Got it? " We all nodded. The plan begin now.

After 5 minutes, we surrounded brown-haired man. " There's nowhere to run! "

" Now, Ivan! " Garet shouted him.

" A-All right! " Ivan Mind Reads him.

" Wha-What is this? What is he doing?! " Brown-haired guy panicked.

" He shut his eyes... What's he doin'? " Purple-haired guy said. Ivan saw what was his mind and stopped his Psynergy.

" Are you done, Ivan? " I said. Ivan nodded. We regroups again after Mind Reading the subject.

" What did you learn, Ivan? " Yuri said.

" It's them, all right. I think they took a lot of other things, too. " Ivan said.

" A lot of other things? That means they stolen more of them. What else? " Kanonno said.

" It looks like they're hiding it all somewhere in this inn. " We all depression can't even know in this inn. We already check all of them even second floor as well. " But they won't let me near them again. " Ivan said.

" Then, I guess we have no other choice. We have to search the inn. " Garet said.

" I agree with Garet. We have to find it no matter what. " Issac exclaimed. Everyone agree too.

" Leave it to us! Issac always comes through! I trust your sense of duty! Well, it's decided. Let's go, Ivan. " Everyone exit the inn and saw a woman angrily herself. We decided to talk her.

" Excuse me, did something wrong? " Asbel said.

Woman glared at him. Asbel sweatdropped. " He should be fixing the roof now, but I can't find him anywhere. He's probably in back, slacking off again. "

" A roof? " Kanonno looked up the roof. " Maybe there's something up there or It could be a them putting on the roof. "

" Well, we just can't sit around and doing nothing. Let's go. " Yuri said. We climbs the ladder into the inn's roof. The crate is blocking our way, wish Garet using 'Move' a crate and jump the gap then inside. We comes upon a man, bound and gagged, sitting beside a bunch of treasure chests and crates.

" Uhnn... Uhnn... " Bound man gagged. Issac cut him free from the ropes. He set free and speak to them. " I came into this while I was fixing the roof... But I found I couldn't get all the way to the vack of the loft... So I was looking into it when WHAM! Someone whacked me in the head from behind! When I came to, I was all tied up. " He saw a bunch of stolen stuff there. " Strange... I don't remember all these crates being up here before! "

" Maybe all that stolen stuff is in these crates. " Ivan said.

" Looks like we've been found out! " A voice out of nowhere then three bandits come into the room. So, those three are the one who stole stuff. I thought. " You're pretty persistent for one of Hammet's whelps, kid! " it's brown-haired guy.

" Why are you working so hard for Hammet? What's it to you? " purple-haired guy questioned.

" Anyway, Hammet's already been caught by a worse bunch of thieves than us! " another purple-haired guy said. Ivan confused doesn't know what he is saying.

" I hear Hammet fled to Lunpa after the eruption. " brown-haired guy said. Now, Issac and Garet too doesn't know as well. Bound man know about that village.

" Did you say Lunpa? " Everyone turned their head at him. " A man with Master Hammet's money shouldn't go anywhere NEAR Lunpa! " Bound man asked.

" What kind of place is Lunpa? " I said.

" The town was named after its founded, Lunpa, the noble thief... " Bound man was interrupted by brown-haired guy.

" That family of thieves remained noble even when his son, Donpa, took over. " Finished his sentence. Everyone turned their head back at him.

" But Donpa's son, Dodonpa, is an evil thief. " purple-haired guy said.

" The man has no morals. I've heard he's truly vicious. " second purple-haired guy said.

" See, we're not so bad. How about it? Will you let us go? " brown-haired guy try to be innocence.

" Sorry, we've not letting the thieves go, would you? You stole all the stuff. " Yuri unsheathed his sword and throw his scabbard at his side and put his sword on his shoulder grabbed by his left hand. " And we will take back what you stolen. "

" That's right. Stole someone precious things is a bad one. Surrender yourself. " Asbel take a stance ready to grab his hilt of his blade. "Or prepare yourself. "

" What? You mean, even if we return everything we stole and apologize, it's still a crime? " brown-haired guy said.

Purple-haired guy was getting furious this. " You must be joking! We stole this stuff fair and square! "

" We'll just have to keep you quiet! " another purple-haired guy said. Brown-haired and purple-haired guy agree to fight them.

" And there's only one way to do that! Get 'em! " Brown-haired guy fighting them.

" Issac, Garet, Ivan. You've attack the purple-haired guy. Give it all you got. Asbel and Kanonno will attack the another one while me and Yuri will attack the leader. " Everyone nodded and follow what I said.

Issac's pov

So far so good to attack three of them since we got only seven of them. We've followed what Jack said and attack the thieves. It's only me, Garet and Ivan to attack one of them. I ran toward him and Garet used 'Flare'. Flame swirl the side. He dodged Garet 'Flare' and clash his sword with my sword. Then, Ivan using 'Whirlwind' against him. The wind appeared around him struck down. His been damaged by Ivan psynergy and I was getting ready my psynergy. Purple-haired guy ran toward Ivan as he gonna strike him down but he failed as Garet block his attack and protect Ivan.

My psynergy are ready and used 'Quake'. The ground shook under purple-haired guy and blow him up and land minimum damage. Garet ran toward him and slash his torso. But he dodged and countered Garet as he took damage. Then, purple-haired guy attack Garet again. This time, I ran his side and defend him block its attack. I whispered him to attack together. He nodded. We ran toward him together and slash our sword from my right and Garet left side. Purple-haired guy been struck down and fall facedown at the floor unable to continue attack.

" One down, two more ago. Should we help them? " Garet said.

I shake my head. " No. They can handle them down. Unless, I want to see their artes cause we already see Jack artes, right? " I replied.

Ivan is confused. " Artes? What's that? " He questioned looking at me.

" It's a long story to explained or if you want to ask Yuri as well. " Garet said as he watched others battle.

Ivan nodded. Me and Garet are the only one who listened from Yuri explain except Jenna and Kraden wasn't here if they want to know where Jack other world. They been hostages by Saturos, Menardi and of course Alex. I don't like Alex cause he somehow I don't know.

Asbel's pov

Looks like Issac and other has already defeat him. Now is our turn. I hope Jack and Yuri are still fighting him. I thought. I heard clashing noise as I looking at Kanonno are having hard time fighting bandit minion. I better help her.

I unsheathed my sword " Demon Fang " blue surge launches a ground projectile towards purple-haired guy. Kanonno noticed and dodged her side. Purple-haired took damage from behind my 'Demon Fang'. I ran forward at him and used another artes " Lighting strike " slash him then lighting struck him from ceiling then another artes " Frost Breaker " an ice formed at my blade slash him upright and downright become X formed. Took another damage at him.

" What the hell is that? That weird power of yours. " purple-haired guy said.

" Don't talk while we In the battle. " I ran towards him and bring my blade at him but he blocked it. I step back from behind. Now is Kanonno turn for a battle in a hard way.

Kanonno is almost casting her magic and now she is using it. " Lighting " Came out nowhere or from ceiling at purple-haired guy right above it and struck down the floor. Kanonno casting again and this time . She cast another magic. " Grave " many rocks came from below him and took more damage of him. " Asbel, it's your turn now. " I nodded and I can feel my energy or Overlimit has full of it's power. I immediately using it. A blue light surge forming at my body.

Garet noticed this and Issac noticed this too. " That blue light... could it be? " Issac nodded.

" Yeah, it's Overlimit. That means... " Issac replied. Ivan noticed Asbel Overlimit and doesn't know too.

Purple-haired guy noticed this too and was gonna afraid of this. " Oh, no. I cannot be beaten. " I ran toward him and hit it with my scabbard. It took many hit of him.

" Void sword " Unsheathed my sword and I slash at him or wind slash at him. It took 11 hits as he gets more damage and I sheathed my sword. I better use it fast before he get knocked out. I thought. " Abyssal Seal " I slash him upward to make a mid-air. And again make him slash more hit as my body formed a purple round. But It still using his overlimit. Finally, slash him downward to land. Now, I use my ultimate attack and performed Mystic artes. " Slice everything to pieces! " I draws his blade from its sheath to perform a quick horizontal slash. " Juuha! Goushouzan! " before jumping into the air with a rising slash that deals multiple hits. Purple-haired guy has been knocked out.

Kanonno smiled at me and I noticed Issac, Garet and Ivan saw amazed with my Mystic Artes. Garet is having too excited, almost too excited. " Was that your Mystic Artes? " I nodded.

" That's right. This Artes is to protect the people and I gonna protect them with my Artes. " I exclaimed. " That's not all. Let's go see Yuri's Mystic Artes. " We ran to the Jack and Yuri side.

Jack's pov

I hit everything I got but he clashed his blade into my gauntlet. " Demon fist " I used twice my artes as he dodged it. Ran toward him and pummel him. He still dodged and counterattack his attack. I can't make it to dodged he take down damage on me. He throw a smoke bomb but I couldn't dodged cause I took damage. The smoke bomb succeed on me and I had been delusion. As I hit him, he dodged everything that I couldn't see. He ran forward and gonna attack me. I couldn't make it to dodged or block his attack. I closed my eyes. Is this the end of my journey? Then I heard a sword clash sound.

I opened my eyes. I was surprised that I am alive as I look forward who save me. It was Yuri who save me. " What's wrong, Jack? The Jack I know wouldn't get killed or end his life. But since you're been too much damaged. Let me deal with him. " He push brown-haired guy with his sword into his sword. I look at my left side and I noticed Kanonno and others came at me and she cast her magic artes.

" Heal " formed a glyph around me at the floor and two light ball twirl around my body. I feel better and my wounded has been heal. I smiled at her then she smiled me back and hug me. I immediately blushing then I noticed Garet and Ivan smiling devilish.

I sweatdropped. " What are you two smiling like a devil? " I panicked.

" Oh, nothing. I thought I saw your face in red. It must be mean that you're in... " Garet getting interrupted by Issac covered his mouth.

" Sorry about him. He's been crazy wandered about the food. That's all. " He glared at Ivan to not making a word at me. Ivan kept his mouth closed. Asbel is laughing at them. " So, Yuri is fighting at him for you, right? " I nodded and we all watched Yuri battle.

Yuri's pov

Ok. Kanonno is healing Jack and I gonna pay for what he did to him. I thought angrily. " You're gonna regret that. Hurting my best friends and I will make you the hard way. It seems my friend defeat your buddy. " I furious.

He noticed his buddy lay down at the floor. " And now you're gonna pay for this. " Throwing a sleep bomb and I dodged it. Swing my sword at him but he blocked it.

I ran forward try to get close for my artes and I make it near him. " Brutal fang " Punching the enemy repeatedly, and again, and again with my fist. He took more damage and swing his sword at me. I immediately block his attack and countered him with artes again. " Azure wolf strike " I hurls a blue projectile like my Azure Edge version in the air at the enemy, then thrusts into them with my weapon, then slamming them with his fist, knocking them down. He immediately get up counterattack too. But I couldn't make it in time to dodged as I took damaged. He throw his smoke bomb at me. I blocked my eyes with my hands. After that, he swing quickly but I parried his sword with my sword.

" I blow you away. " I used my overlimit and blast him back. " Shining Fang Drop " I slashes at the enemy with a spinning sword to lift him. While he is still airborne, I proceeds with a downward slash that slams the enemy to the ground. Then, I immediately used my burst artes. " You're dead! Divine Wolf! " Series of slashes that end up downing the enemy but it's not. Then, move my body as I thrust my sword at him and I immediately swing my sword turned behind me.

" This ends now. " I used my Mystic Artes and executed. " O brilliant blade of coldest steel, " Start slashing him from all directions while jumping and dashing around him. " rend the infinite darkness, " The speed of my slashes gradually increases, becoming quicker and more furious with each strike. " and crush my enemies to nothing! " After slashing several times. " You're dead! Savage Wolf Fury! " I dashes through him with a single powerful strike, landing an additional four hits on him. He immediately been defeated.

Issac's pov

Me, Garet and Ivan saw amazed as well. Yuri's Mystic Artes. Garet immediately ran at his side having too much excited. " That's was awesome. This is the third time you three using Mystic Artes. " He gestured Jack, Asbel and Yuri.

That battle is our victorious. The bandit had been defeated by us. " They... They got us... " brown-haired guy defeated.

" Actually, for a second there, I thought we were gone rs... Wow! We won! I... I'll get the mayor! " bound man immediately went to the mayor house and informed him.

" After all the trouble we went to, stealing all this stuff... " brown-haired guy said.

" Haven't you heard at me? Stealing from others is wrong! " Asbel explaining.

" Sheesh! I told you... I told you we should have skipped town... " purple-haired guy said.

Garet furious of this. " Evil never prevails! "

Ivan turned his heads at us. " If you'll give me Master Hammet's rod, I'll head to Lunpa now. What will you six be doing, Issac? "

Garet realized this forgot about request finding Felix. " I suppose we have to go after Felix and the others... " Ivan was confused why they want to go find this Felix guy so he used his psynergy 'Mind Read' on Issac. They immediately noticed this and Garet knew he will try to find out. " He's reading our minds again! Shouldn't we stop him? "

" There's no need, Garet. I don't care if he is using our minds about that. " Issac confronted him.

" If you say so, Issac... " Garet surrendered it.

Ivan now know why that went to the dangerous journey, the threat and of course their friends is in danger. " I see... So that's what happened... " Bound man walks back into the loft.

" These are the thieves, Mayor... " The Mayor went inside the room with two large men.

" What you did was horrid. Stealing? In the middle of a disaster!? " He angered at the thieves.

" Hey, you're the ones who left all your doors open! You were practiacally begging us to- OUCH! " Jack noticed and confused. " Sorry... I couldn't help myself... " Brown-haired guy said as he and his men still lay down on the floor.

One of large man turned his heads at Mayor. " What should we do with them? " He questioned him.

" We're going to lock them up for a long, long time. " Mayor said.

" Hey, wake up! " They still lay down on the floor. " Let's go—get up! Get up! " He turned looking us. " Hey, can you all help me tie them up? " Asbel and Yuri nodded and help him. Later, the thieves are tied up and ready to move out.

" Hey, you! Yuri, right? I won't forget this! " Brown-haired man furious said.

" Oh, I won't forget as well. If you try to hurt my friend again, this time is gonna pain and hard way. " Yuri said. His pummel his palm hand together.

" Take them away. " Mayor said. The thieves leave with one of the large men. Mayor and another large men turned looking at us. " Thank you for catching the thieves! You have our sincerest gratitude. "

" Really, you all were a big help! " Large man gratitude them.

" It was nothing, Mayor! We've glad to help and find the stolen stuff and defeat the thieves as well. " Kanonno happily. We agree what she said.

Mayor turned his head at Large man. " Let's look at what they stole. " He nodded. They walk over to the first treasure chest. Mayor open it and found the Mayor's precious urn.

" Mayor... Isn't that your family's urn? " Large men said. Mayor is happily found his urn back.

" My precious urn has been returned. " He said. Large men look another chest and kicks open it. It's a gold statue.

" Hey, that belong in the... They stole from our Sanctum? Those monsters! " He mean the thieves.

Now, Mayor was relieved that all stolen treasure has been returned. " The town treasures... They're back at last. " Large men saw another chest.

" Mayor, we found another chest over here, you see? " Everyone saw that too. It must be Master Hammet's Rod. Mayor know that Ivan are finding the Rod.

" Ivan, isn't that what you were looking for? Now, you can return to Master Hammet! " Everyone was happy even Ivan too. " That's right! I heard Master Hammet was seen heading toward Lunpa! " Now, it changed into alarm memory that Lunpa is a thieves hideout or village.

" Oh no... Dodonpa wouldn't miss an opportunity like that... " Ivan panicked.

" I'm certain that your master has been kinapped. " Mayor said.

" How can I rescue Master Hammet? " Ivan questioned him.

" No one can enter once the gates are closed. " Mayor replied. Everyone heard that now we can't get inside Lunpa and rescue Hammet.

" What will happen to Master Hammet? " Ivan panicked to know the answered.

" Calm down, Ivan. Master Hammet is probably still alive and unharmed. " Everyone confused why Hammet probably alive and unharmed. We don't know what kind of village of Lunpa is. " Dodonpa knows that he can use Hammet to extort a ransom from Kalay. We can't do much until Dodonpa makes his move, but at least we know Hammet's safe... for now. " For now? You got to be kidding me. We have no choice until we can make some move. I thought. Mayor is looking at me. " Your name is Issac, right? " I nodded then he is now looking at Garet and others. " And you all are... "

" It's Garet. " He introducte. As everyone too introduce themselves, Kudo Jack, Yuri Lowell, Kanonno Grassvalley and Asbel Lhant. Mayor understand their name for introducing.

" Thank you all of them. You have my deepest gratitute. Well, let's go then. " As they about to leave, Mayor thought of something and realized what he will repay them. " Before you leave town, please come see me. I have something for you. " Now they gone now.

The silence had begun and Garet decided to broke the silence. " What a mess. We finally get the rod back, and now this. " Ivan getting depressed by listen what just Mayor said. " I wish I could cheer you up... You look so depressed... "

" I just want to rescue Master Hammet... That's all... But I couldn't ask you two to help me. " Now that have no idea what he's talking about. " You have a very... important mission, right? " We know the mission right now and forgot about it. " That's right. I saw it in your minds. I had no idea that the volcano's eruption held such a secret! " Ivan said.

" Yes, we have to find Felix and his gang, or we'll all be in trouble. " Garet said.

" Then, I suppose this is good-bye, then. " Ivan said.

" I don't want to say good-bye to you. We can help saving Master Hammet for you, right, Yuri? " Jack said.

Yuri nod. " That's right. We can accept the request a mission. But we cannot disagree the request for people sake and the world too. Just like our guild used to be. " He said.

Ivan shook his head. " No, you've already done so much for me. I couldn't impose on you any further. " He walk to the last treasure and open it. Grab the Shaman's Rod and regroup it. Suddenly, a light coming from Yuri and other. Their whole body are going to vanish from bottom to upper.

" Yuri, Kanonno, Asbel. What's going on? What's with the light? " Jack said.

" I guess the threat is over and we're going back to report it. " Yuri said.

" Don't worry, Jack. The others were coming to find you and help you all as well. But we can't meet you at the same group. It may take a while to see you again. " Kanonno said.

" That's right. You're going to love meeting our friend in the guild member. Even thought, we've never see you again but the others will assist you. " Asbel said.

" Ad Libitum second group will be there. Always there. You're not alone, Jack. " Yuri said. They disappearing and return to their guild.

We'll all in moment of silence but Ivan broke the quiet. " Well, they gone now. But don't worry, they be back someday or sometimes and I shall never forget this town's hospitality... I wish you all the best. " He said and leaves the party.

" Well, looks like us to get going, too. " Garet said.

" Before we leave the town, let's go to the mayor house and find out first what mayor want us. " Jack said. We're almost to the mayor house and went inside meeting the mayor.

" You were such a great help, Issac. Allow us to show us our gratitude, like we promised. " Mayor gave me a Water of Life. " Are you heading out beyond the Goma Range, by any chance? " He said.

" Well, we don't have anywhere to go since that bridge had been destroyed. " I said.

" You three came right from the information. Look for a cave in the mountains of the Goma Range, northeast of us. Once you've passed it, you'll reach Bilibin. " Mayor said.

" Thanks, Mayor! " Jack said. We're all outside and our next destination is Bilibin. " Let's call for a day. I'm so tired to keep on going. " I nodded.

" Yeah, fighting monster and thieves, meeting Yuri, Kanonno and Asbel too. " I said. Heading to the Inn and rest for a day.

Night - Vault

Jack's pov

Today, is gonna be a long journey. I'm not gonna give up and saving the world and get my memories back. Before my last memories vanishing, who was that pink-haired girl? The only one I meet was Kanonno. Was she's the one from my memories? I'm gonna find out first to get my memories. Come to think of it, when Kanonno is hugging me, I feel my hearts warming and pumping. But what is feeling I got? I shook my head. I thinking too much and question myself too. I close my eyes and went back sleeping.