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Tiberium Eclipse

Every human in the room was silent on not only Kane being alive but since he supposedly died 3 times and come back alive to start a war repeatedly almost everyone is convinced Kane is alive no matter how many GDI officials say other wise but most of them is wondering how he got inside the Citadel tower taking Captain Anderson's side and that he hasn't aged a day since his 'ascension' in the Scrin Tower. Director Knight ordered her Commandos to stand down and let him speak.

"As I said before the Scrin are not only a threat to GDI but to the galaxy as a whole. Their energy weapons make Kinetic barriers useless and their Tiberium ammunition can seal the fate of a planet by just using it on the battlefield and could very well kill the planet in the matter of months." Kane explained dangers of the Scrin.

"And let us not forget that they have a rogue Spectre that once had access to all Citadel top secret files and an army of cybernetic soldier that can make more of themselves by the day. Right now Saren's army a combination of numerical Rachni and near indestructible Krogan with access and knowledge of Citadel tactics and strategies and would have already developed counter-strategies to decimate the entire Citadel army." Kane explained further about the geth and the rogue. While the Councilors are getting worried as Kane tells them what a wall Saren and his allies are.

"Councilors, right now we should focus our resources against Saren and his armies rather than a potential ally that know and possess the means and the knowledge to eliminate 1 of Saren's powerful ally and disable another. Now are you more concerned about embarrassing a rival or the safety of the galaxy?" Kane continued.

"Wouldn't you agree Director?" Kane asked Director Knight.

"I never thought I'd say this in my life time, but Kane is right. Right now, there is a threat out there that either the Council or GDI can handle alone. GDI can use our sonic weaponry to eliminate Scrin organisms while our EMP weapon systems could momentarily disable the geth hardware and our EVA's could engage geth software slowing them down enough to disable them. What we need is the Council races' cooperation in resources and numerical advantage. We have to cooperate so we can remove this threat and ensure the safety of the galaxy." The Director said.

"We shall continue this discussion momentarily." Tevos said as the Councilors shut down their microphones as all other ambassadors began to talk between themselves.

"Well said Director, I'm surprised you haven't send your guard dogs after me." Kane said in that arrogant voice he used without a tinge of fear of the 2 killing machines held back by mere discipline alone.

"Since you help us save the rock in which we once live I'll give you a temporary pardon. But if you so show your face in-front of GDI again you don't know the hell that would rain down on you." The Director warned.

"Understood, Director." Kane said with a smug grin as he paid attention to the Council members and ignoring the glare Director Knight is sending him.

"After much consideration, we believe Spectre Nihlus and the Citadel military would not be enough to stop Saren and his army. So, we allow GDI military liaisons free roam on Citadel space in 1 frigate should be enough for us to work efficiently." Councilor Tevos said.

"We accept this opportunity for cooperation; we will discuss the details for choosing the representative on a later time." Ambassador Udina quickly said as the Council shut off their microphones and descended from their podium.

While Udina said this Kane is already making his exit. Shepard spotted Kane heading for the exit and decided that they need to talk, followed him. An elcor blocked his view of Kane for a few seconds but spotted him heading for the towers back rooms. Kane is currently walking through a deserted hallway, just a twist of the neck and the galaxy's most infamous mass murderer is dead. But a small gut feeling tells him that something is a miss. He watched as Kane walked further towards that elevator before something caught his eye. Kane just... flickered?

Putting on his helmet, he scanned Kane before his silhouette becomes static and disappearing. He scanned his surroundings before he identified 4 distortions in around him which reveal themselves to be... Nod Shadows.

Nod Shadows are Nod's version of specialized units. They can kill before the target even know they're dead. While they are no match for a commando... there are 4 of them, they are armed with silenced machine pistols, and Shepard is surrounded. He only has his Bayonet blade for CQC(Close-Quarter Combat), ICS combat suit jump-pack, and 2 years of commando training. But he knew his limitations, while he can take 2 of them out or if he was lucky 3 but 4... no, he isn't that good.

"Commander Shepard, I'm surprised that you didn't pursue my holographic friend there." A familiar voice behind him said. Shepard turned his head but he didn't see anyone until Kane materialized right in front of him thanks to his personal cloaking device.

"Kane." Shepard's helmet made his voice sound like a machhine is talking.

Kane have a smile on his face and said "What is it do you want?"

"I want answers." Shepard replied.

I will answer 3 of your questions as truthfully as I can but can't divulge information about the Brotherhood of Nod or me." Kane replied with cold expression that would send chills to a glecier.

"That's it?" Shepard asked.

"I wouldn't offer any GDI lackey this opportunity and the information I am sharing with you is the truth as far as I know. I choose you because I am a great judge of character and when I read your file, I knew you would do whatever it takes to get the job done while limiting saving as many lives as much as possible. Oh, and you have 2 questions left." Kane said with a smug grin.

"Fine, what do you know about the Tacitus incident on Eden Prime?" Shepard begrudgingly asked again.

"Yes, in fact if Saren hadn't attacked Eden Prime, the Tacitus would be in our possession since the initial confusion was caused by us. But the Tacitus being a Protean Beacon isn't that far from the truth. The Tacitus acts as a data storage device for the Proteans and the Tacitus on Earth have the same design as the Tacitus on Eden Prime due to reports from archaeologist on the site about the Tacitus that we discover striking similarities between the Eden Prime's Tacitus and the our Earth's Tacitus but in a different dialect. And I believe that the Tacitus was created by the Proteans warning us about something but it wasn't the Scrin like we originally thought. While the Scrin is a valid threat, the Proteans are warning us of something bigger." Kane explained.

"We were about to steal the Tacitus to study it further but Saren seemed to got wind of our plans and used it to his advantage. And from hacking a medical report from your GDS Normandy you have experienced the Tacitus' failsafe dump." Kane paused as Shepard gave him a confused look.

"Every single piece of information on the Tacitus is currently locked up inside your mind. If I wanted to I would have them knocked you out, pick the lock on your brain, and extract the information on the Tacitus myself. But I won't do that because by the time I finish it would have been too late anyways and your time would be more well spent stopping Saren and his plans. Also, since human brain is not made to store such vast amounts of unreadable information, you also run the risk of being either mentally unstable unless the excess information is transferred somewhere or else the brain overloads and start either deleting the information,which cannot happen or even worse case scenario turns your brain into jelly and the information is lost forever thanks to your lucky shot." Kane finished his explanation.

"Ok, what should I do now?" Shepard asked.

"There is a C-Sec officer named Garrus Vakarian investigating the murders of 3 Quarians on Zakera ward that somehow got a hold of Saren's plans through hacking the information from a geth and there is also an Asari Prothean Researcher named Liara T'Soni she could help you in understanding more about the Proteans and possibly know how to safely extract that data in your brain, she is currently on Therum in an archaeological dig." Kane said as he started to leave. "Good luck Shepard, I hope you don't need it." As Kane said that he and his team of shadows disappeared in a flash of red light.

EVA Files: GDI Commandoes

GDI Commandos are the best of the best of the best in the GDI military. Instructors use a combination of training methods from British SAS, Russian Spetsnaz, Israeli SF, American Navy SEALs, Secret Service Agents, Green Berets, and est. GDI Commando training lasted for 3 years and to be invited into the Commando program is the greatest honor that would need a recommendation from a superior officer that is absolutely confident that the participant could handle the program and to even willingly accept the training program is needed because of the 8% fatality rate and 87% drop out rate could discourage some people and the program requires the trainees to be 100% to even reach the end of the program. While most of the deaths are caused by the SAS instructors' insistence of using live ammunition during training and Spetsnaz instructors' aggresiveness in combat training and their insistence on not having protective gear in combat training that may rival Batarian commando's training methods in brutality to the trainees also contribute to fatalities.

Before the actual training to be GDI Commandos even start, each trainee is put through a combination of challenges and exercises from every successful human Special Forces agencies in history and extra training regimes on a variaty of martial arts to test the trainee's mental and physical skills frequently called by commandos as Hell Year (since 1 year is the only way I can imagine combining every successful Special Forces training program into 1 training regime). Hell Year is 1 year of mental and physical tests, exercises, and challenges created from methods of different styles from the few successful Human Special Forces teams in Human history combined to form the harshest training un-imaginable which only allowed a total of 4 hours of sleep each week for a year. Throughout Hell Year, instructors continually remind candidates that they can "Drop-On-Request" (DOR) any time they feel they can't go on by simply ringing a shiny brass bell that hangs prominently within the camp for all to see.

"The belief that Hell Year is about physical strength is a common misconception. Actually, it's 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical," said a US Navy SEAL instructor at the facility. "(Students) just decide that they are too cold, too dirty, too sore or too wet to go on. It's their minds that give up on them, not their bodies." If the trainee doesn't have the mental toughness to continue then they are not good enough to be a GDI Commando. Most of the trainees drop out by either quitting before Hell year finishes or failing the required challenges twice, the trainees that quit or failed can try again in the same location at the next course and GDI commando training bases are so top secret that they drug the trainees until they reach the training base to keep its location secret.

2 of the training methods that few Commandos have voluntarily disclosed is called 'Drown Proofing' and '2 Minutes in Heaven'. Drown Proofing is a test in which trainees are put in diving gear as instructors actively try to drown the trainee until they quit, pass, or fail. It was said to be a 21st century American Navy SEAL training test. 2 Minutes in Heaven is an exercise where the instructors put both of the recruits legs in knee bars and both of their arms in arm bars while the arm bar also chokes the student and they have to hold for 2 minutes. This is a Russian Sambo exercise.

The trainees who passed Hell Year is put into the 6 different classes the instructors think is the most appropriate class for each specific trainee from their historical and medical records and the results of Hell Year itself as each class need different skills and requirements. The rest of the training is highly classified but after 2 year of specialized training the remaining trainees graduate to become Commando Operatives.

Commandos are equipped with the very latest in GDI technology like the new ICS with a few tried, tested, and improved equipment. Like the Ion grenade (which saturates and area with charged ions before detonating the very air itself) or a variety of mono-molecular blade designs like the standard Swiss Army knives for engineers or the exotic Balisong/Butterfly Knife for Elite knife users. Some even uses archaic designs in melee weapons like a tomahawk axe, a samurai sword, or a keris poison blade who wants to keep several of those weapon alive as tradition and while old fashioned still gets the job done. Commandos are skilled in hand-to-hand combat in Israeli Krav-maga, Russian Spetsnaz Sambo, US MCMAP (Marine Corp Martial Arts Program) and several CQC techniques that would make GDI commandos are nearly invincible in close quarter combat because of the different variety in style each commando has and mastered.

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