I began to itch, "Damn it, Sodapop!"

"Only a while longer, Sweet," he whispered, "and keep those legs crossed!"

I pursed my lips and adjusted my shades. I didn't understand how women wore dresses.

"…been so anxious to meet you." I heard Steve say as he opened the door.

"She's a blonde," Two-Bit began, "she loves Mickey, she loves beer, and she wants to meet me?"

"She's right over there by the window," Soda told him.

I kept my lips pursed and my shades on. Keep looking out that window!

He came over, clearing his throat, "Well, well, well. You wearing the shades 'cause you running from the law?"

I turned to him. I didn't say a word.

He pretended to be offended, "Am I that hideous? Sorry. I didn't comb my sideburns this morning."

I held in my laugh. I could actually imagine Two-Bit brushing and grooming his sideburns.

He sighed, "I could get to know you over a beer and some Mickey if you'd like," he shrugged, "but we can't go to the movie 'cause there's more tail over there I could chase after."

He laughed. I rolled my eyes as if I wasn't impressed.

He acknowledged his offensive humor, "I'm sorry. Look, this is my way of saying,"- he took my hand-"I would like you to be my Minnie."

He looked sincere. I swallowed to contain my laughter.

I put on my lady voice, "Ya like blondes, Two-Bit?"

He seemed relieved that I actually said something, "I'd be flirting with Kathy down the street if I didn't."

I took a moment so I wouldn't laugh, "Then why don't you check out that Sweet…SweetTooth, is it?"

Two-Bit looked shocked, "What are you-"

"Be careful who you prank, Mr. Mathews," I became more seductive, "'cause Sodapop Curtis doesn't like"-I removed my shades-"whoopee cushions during dates!"

Two-Bit jumped back, Soda and Steve entering the room laughing their asses off.

"We got you good, Two-Bit!" Steve cackled.

Soda put his hand on Two-Bit's shoulder, "You ain't ever gonna prank me again, ya hear?"

I wiped my lipstick away and made my way over to Two-Bit, "Well, how was I?"

He came at me playfully, "Now that I know you ain't a girl, Imma kick your, ass, SweetTooth!"

He wrestled me to the ground, me laughing too much to fight back. Besides, I deserved it.

Next thing I know, Two-Bit rolled off me, and finally giving me a chance to have that peppermint lollipop I had been meaning to have.

"Two-Bit, lay off!" I heard Darry yell. Then he spotted me, "…SweetTooth…?"

All of us laughed.

I stood, "Just putting in our two cents,"

"And a couple extra dimes!" Two-Bit chuckled as Soda quickly drew some lipstick on Darry's face.

Steve came over and slipped me a chocolate bar, "You've earned it."

I smiled and took off the dress, leaving me in my underwear and heels, "Thanks, man."

Darry wiped the lipstick off, "Har, har, very funny. Now, Steve and Soda, you better get work."

I kicked off the heels and pulled on my pants and Two-Bit punched my shoulder as Soda left, Darry lifting Steve and carrying him angrily out the door.

"C'mon, Two-Bit! It's all in good fun, man." I grabbed my shirt.

"Yeah," he sighed, "but ya'll still gon' pay!"