With this money Ponyboy and Darry planned to move to Maryland for his college, with the possibility of Darry going back to school himself.

He planned the celebration as a 'Goodbye Steve and Evie' and an, 'Eat that, Socs!' kinda thing.

Basically, it was a party.

I personally invited Marcia and I tried to make sure no one mentioned it to Terry.

"Next Friday?" she clarified.

"Yeah," I said, "and don't tell no other Socs, you hear?"

"Promised," she said, "'sides, I don't want to see anymore blood spill, even though it would be the highlight of the evening."

I smiled. Her humor and Two-Bit's was so alike.

As I began walking to the Curtis' I spotted Steve and Evie loading up a car.

"You guys staying for your own goodbye party?" I walked over.

"We'll be leaving right after," Evie said, "since a house is on a bidding war we need to win."

I nodded as Steve came up and patted my back, "So, SweetTooth, what you plannin' for my bachelor party, huh? Girls, booze? Stompin' Socs."

"Why not all of the above?" I asked. He cackled in approval.

Evie came over, grease all over her gloves and jacket, "Babe, there's somethin' in the hood. I tried to get it out with the wrench but I think it needs your strength."

Steve kissed her, "Or maybe my car just likes my hands."

She playfully smacked his shoulder as he went to the hood, making me smile. They were so cute together. Evie knew a lot about cars from her dad, since he'd always be fixing his, but for someone her size I don't blame her for needing a little help.

Before I left she took off her gloves and tossed me a Tootsie Roll and I caught it with me left hand.

Waving goodbye she nodded at me, Steve soon coming up from behind and swiping her off her feet.

I headed over to the Curtis' house where I saw Pony and Two-Bit looking at the college brochure.

"Can't believe you're leaving us, Ponyboy," Two-Bit sighed, "Wish I could be your personal bodyguard up in happy, jolly Merryland."

"It's Maryland," Pony grinned, "'sides, maybe I'll inspire you to get a real job, move out your mom's a-"

"Where's Dally? He still looking for a way to travel?" Two-Bit began to look out the window.

I laughed, "I can't believe it either, Ponyboy. I just can't."

He shrugged, "It's all for the better."

"Where's Darry?" I asked, sitting on the couch.

"Making some calls about possible jobs and houses," he answered, "and selling this one. He had to do it at the lawyer's, though. Dally actually is buying plane tickets so he can head back to New York. Bet he has some friends up there who can help him out, I guess."

The phone rang and Two-Bit answered.

"Hello, this is God's office," he joked, "…Ponyboy Curtis? Naw, you'll have to speak to my brother, Satin. He's downstairs…We don't sell cherries around here, little girl…Two-Bit Mathews? Oh, he's in the lounge watching Mickey. Yes, unlike Pony he's a good man. Dallas is up here too-"

"Gimme the phone, Two-Bit!" Pony snatched it after a period of struggling to grab it.

Two-Bit made a face at Pony, "God don't like it when you don't let Two-Bit prank your girlfriend."

Pony rolled his eyes and proceeded to talk to Cherry.

I went to the kitchen and pulled out the chocolate cake, not in the mood to get any plate for it.

Once Two-Bit spotted the cake he took the plate from my hands and plopped down on the couch with his beer.

I sat next to him as he turned on the TV to see Goofy with stars over his head.

Pony stood after hanging up the phone, "I'm going to see Cherry. Don't burn the house down."

"Tell her God said 'hey', will ya?" Two-Bit took a bite of cake.

"Tell her Satin does too." I told him.

Pony smirked and headed out the door.

We watched Mickey and ate cake for what seemed like hours, but neither of us wanted to stop.

Soon, though, the program changed to some other show, Two-Bit angrily dinking more into the couch and turning off the TV.

He looked at me making an obnoxiously angered face and I made it back.

At that point exactly I fully understood what Ms. Mathews was talking about.

It wasn't just the perfection. It was the pure and simple fact that I didn't want to look away from his smile. I didn't want to leave his presence.

I didn't want to leave him

I swallowed, "Two-Bit?"

He drank his beer and looked back at the blank TV screen, "Mm-hm?"

I sighed, "My stomach hurts."

He wiped his mouth, "You ate too much cake, Sweet."

I placed his hand under his chin, lightly making him turn to me, "It' more like my gut."

He paused, "Funny. So does mine…" he shrugged, "I ain't a doctor, so how we gon' fix it?"

"I don't think," I placed my finger on the corner of his lips, "you need a medical degree for this cure…"

And this is the first time in my life I made a decision I was sure about.

I leaned my lips into his, the feeling of moist beer and chocolate moving from his to mine.

Everything felt right, and even though his lack of movement begged to differ, Two-Bit kissed me back.

It may have been wrong, it may have been immoral, Hell, it could've been against the damn law.

But I didn't give a rat's ass.

I love Two-Bit Mathews, and no one's gonna change that.

When I opened my eyes after we separated his were still closed and he was smiling.

"You're right, you don't need no degree," he slowly opened his eyes, "Feel better?"

I smiled, "Do you?"

He blushed ever so slightly, making me chuckle.

He shrugged, "What can I say? I like blondes."

This made me blush.

He felt my forehead, "I don't think you're fully cured, Sweet."

I cocked an eyebrow, "Oh, really?"

He got closer to me, "No, you need…something more…"

Expecting another kiss I played along, "Like what?"

He grazed my shirt, "Where does it hurt?"

"Oh shit!" I yelped, but it was too late.

Two-Bit was blowing on my belly.

I lost my mind.

I managed to push him on the floor, holding his arms down as I blew on his stomach.

He picked me up and flipped me over his shoulder, mercilessly ticking my feet before he wrestled me to the floor as I got him under the pits.

From this I knew something. Something I may have claimed I knew before, but now I was certain.


Everything's in place.

But this is just the beginning…

…and who knows what's coming next?