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Chapter 1: Moonlight Date

May sighed happily in the arms of her lover, Ash Ketchum. They've been secretly going out for years and the only people who knew about the relationship was their parents and Misty Waterflower who had walked in during a make out session. They were currently having a picnic at Lake Valor under the moonlight. Brock and Dawn thought she came by for a friendly visit, and were asleep, so they were safe for now. Pikachu and Eevee could be seen cuddling by the edge of the lake.

"Hey, Ash?" May asked softly.

"Yeah?" Ash replied, wiping away all remaining sandwich crumbs from his mouth.

"Have you noticed Dawn seemed a little...edgy when I hugged you?"

"Uh huh. I found it weird but I shrugged it off. Why?"

"It seems she doesn't like me hugging you. Do you think she likes you?"

"Maybe. She does seem a little clingy around me. But even if she does, you know I would never leave you."

May giggled.

"What? Is something on my face?" he asked, feeling confused.

"No, nothing's on your face. It's just that you sounded so sappy." May responded before starting to giggle again. A playful smile soon broke out on Ash's face. His girlfriend was soon silenced with a kiss. Her response was immediate. The kiss quickly progressed into a steamy make out session. Their moment was rudely interrupted by a beep sounding from May's Poketch. The couple groaned in annoyance.

"What now?" Ash said, unhappy with the interruption.

May snorted in disgust when she saw a message that was sent to her. It read:

Words can not comprehend how much I love you. Be my girlfriend? -Drew

"Don't worry. It's just Drew. Another request to be his girlfriend. Ugh, he just won't give up!" May huffed, crossing her arm feeling extremely irritated as she had been sent almost the same message several times.

"So...Can we continue?" her boyfriend asked hopefully.

"Sorry Ashy. This girl needs her beauty sleep. Good Luck cleaning up though!" she exclaimed before picking up a sleeping Eevee and Pikachu, and running off to the campsite giggling.

Ash chuckled softly at her antics, and started cleaning up the mess they made.

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