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Chapter 8: And The Chaos Ensues

The next morning at the Veilstone Pokémon Center, breakfast was quiet in the cafeteria. Strangers gave Charmaine strange looks, and her friends often looked at her worriedly. She hadn't said a single word and ignored everyone.

"I'm going to train." she announced in a monotone, when she finished a bowl of chocolate cereal (they had no idea where that came from). She left calmly, still ignoring the weird looks shot at her.

"What's up with her?" Ash asked.

Everyone shrugged. Well, almost everyone.

Paul looked relieved. And surprisingly had the tiniest of smiles tugging at his lips.

"Why do you look so happy?" May asked him.

The rest of the group looked at him. Then Ash started screaming.

"Ahhh! It's the end of the world! Paul is SMILING! Duck and take cover!"

He then hid under the table with people now looking at him. Brock, Dawn, May, and Paul sweatdropped.

"I'm not smiling." the purple haired teen snapped.

The auburn eyed boy hiding under the table sighed in relief before plopping back onto his seat.

"No need to worry. Everything is now fine."

The rest went back to their food with Dawn was mentally squealing with joy that her 'future husband' used her catchphrase. But May kept her eyes on her boyfriend as she examined him carefully.

"Ash," she said with a steely tone. "have you been watching horror movies at midnight again?"

They all stared at the two incredulously as the question caught their raven haired boy shrank at the stares.

"Uh, um...yes?" he squeaked out.

"Hand it over!" she demanded fiercely, her arm stretched out.

"But-" he stammered.

"Now." she growled.

He sighed before handing her her a silver tablet with loads of movies downloaded in it. They all gaped at the teen.

"Thank you." she said sweetly.

Her reply was him banging his head on the table wailing, "Why?"

"So, Paul" the sapphire eyed girl turned to the onyx eyed boy."You didn't answer my question."

"It's nothing. Just happy that CC is back to normal."

They looked at him weirdly. "Back to-"

"May?" Ash suddenly asked.


"How long-"

"I'm keeping your movies until you stop letting it get to your head." May decided.

"Noooooooo!" Thwack! "YOWWW!"

"Ugh, who did that?" he asked rubbing his head.

"I did." and yet another familiar said. They all turned around.


And there the redhead was, standing behind her former traveling partner, who happened to be resting his head on the table. Until May knocked it off.

She wore shorts that went above her knees, a white tank top, a yellow hoody, and sneakers. And of course, the trademark side ponytail.

She flashed them a smile. "So wassup?"

-After a bunch of group hugs, introductions and lots of catching up-

"May, how did you know Ash was movies at night?" Brock questioned the girl.

"Back then we were still traveling together I couldn't sleep without hearing 'No! Behind you! It's right behind you!'"

Ash turned scarlet with embarrassment because that was exactly what he said that time.

"By the way, where's Pikachu?" Misty turned to him, ignoring his red face.

"Sleeping with his beloved." he answered with a knowing smirk. Only the ones who knew of his and May's relationship knew the inside joke. Everyone else just thought the little yellow mouse was sleeping with a bottle of ketchup. Which was partly true.

A red flash appeared coming from Dawn's bag, and out came a yellow and brown rabbit. Who happened to have steam coming out of her ears, face redder than Pikachu's ketchup.

Ash, Misty, and May cringed at the 'catfight' that was about to take place as Eevee and a certain yellow mouse that was just mentioned pranced into the cafeteria at that very moment.

"Buneary?" Dawn asked, a tone of uncertainty in her voice.

"You little bitch!" the brown bunny screeched in pokéspeech.

The electric mouse stood in front of its respective mate. "Don't you dare call her that!" he shouted defensively, as the little brown fox's fur bristled in anger.

"Who the hell are you?" Eevee demanded, seething with rage at the insult.

Buneary gave her a mocking grin. "I'm Pikachu's girlfriend! And you're the slut who's trying to steal him from me!"

"Get away you fucking hoe!" the usually sweet little fox shrieked.

"WHY YOU LITTLE-" the crazily obsessed rabbit was interrupted by a Shadow Ball.

"I take it she's the weirdo who has an obsessive crush on you?" Eevee asked her mate, dodging ice beams while the male stared at them helplessly.

"Yup." he sighed.

Ironically, almost the same thing was happening to their human trainers.

"Ash, do you think we could step outside and have a" a blunette asked in a sickly sweet voice(at least to May it is) while batting her eyelashes.

"Um...I-uh" the black haired boy stuttered, feeling creeped out by the beanie wearing girl.

'Oh no you don't!' the boy's girlfriend growled in her mind, knowing fully well what the young girl's intentions were."Sorry," she returned with the same sickly sweet tone, making her cringe mentally as she sounded so conceited. "but Ash and I were gonna train for the Grand Festival then get some ice cream."

The said boy let out an audible sigh of relief. He knew all about Dawn's little crush and didn't want to hurt his friend's feelings, but Arceus knows what she would do just to be with him!

"Uh, no, he was going to say yes, weren't you?" Dawn directed the question at the nervous auburn eyed boy.

"No, he wasn't. So LEAVE US ALONE!" the frustrated brunette yelled.

The talk soon led to a verbal fight. And if looks could kill, the two teenage girls would've dropped dead in less than a second.

"Looks like we'll be here awhile." Paul remarked. Misty sighed. "Tell me about it." she groaned.

"Oh dear." a certain pink haired nurse said. "It seems like I'll have to refurnish the cafeteria soon." she murmured to Chansey as the place got damaged, ignoring a squinty eyed breeder who was flirting with her.

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