Kombat may cry.

I OWN NOTHING EXCEPT MY CHARACTERS(i would not be opposed to owning these franchises but i digress) This is my first fic so REVIEW!

The god Raiden was distraught, not only had his chosen warriors failed, they didn't even slow Shao Kahn down or kill one of his minions, Sonya and Jax joined up with him in their efforts to destroy the Black Dragon Clan and kill every one of their members. The warrior known as Kenshi, after killing Shang Tsung, left them to become a spy for MI6, or CIA or something. All of the old warriors had either disbanded or died, it was time to call in the reserve.

Meanwhile, in New York City in tony's pizza a strange man in a red leather jacket was holding up the joint pointing an M1911 at the clerk.

"I don't care what my tab is, I want my frakking pizza!"

"Sir, I know you want the pizza, but your tab is $5075.00. So unless you want to pull that money out of your gun magazine, get the frick out of my motherfrakking store unless you want some buckshot in your ass!"
Storming out of the pizza shop, the warrior went to a place called Mario's Pizza, and immediately ordered their largest all meat pizza and opened a tab... under the name Dante.

As these events were progressing; in the town of Derry, a certain red-haired clown was walking around, headed to the bookstore to look for the latest Stephen King novel. Pennywise was bored as hell. Those damn kids had taken him for everything after being beaten by them. The clown was walking down the street when he was accompanied by a man wearing some sort of rice hat thingy. The 2 beings started discussing things that were going on, when the one wearing the hat asked Pennywise if he wanted to be in a tournament to save this dimension. "HELL YES!" shouted Pennywise. Finally he would get a chance to show those kids up, I mean, saving the town is small potatoes compared to saving an entire dimension.

So it's not that bad of a start but not really good either, SOMEBODY REVIEW!